The Day Their Limbs Will Testify Against Them

Zahir Mahmood


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I imagine they will be these people on the Day of Judgment when they will be given their books.

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The books are mentioning everything and they will still say no to Allah didn't do you know, you know, you know the students you know, get their student you see with I know I didn't do it.

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Now I didn't do it. So even on that day in front of Allah, they will be those group of people who will say, Allah, I didn't do it.

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Allah will say, Yeah, Allah was it, okay? It's gonna be like a court readiness. You know, when you call you bring one witness, then you bring another witness and you bring the next witness. So Allah will say, Okay, I'm going to bring a witness. So the narration mentioned, they will think who is this witness? Because when I did the things, there was nobody there. So maybe they chose those things. Okay. Who is this witness?

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Allah we put a seal upon the mouth.

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A Yeoman Optimo Allah wa him. Allah says, Allah would put a seal upon their mouth.

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And this is the witness and any part of the limb,

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that committed that sin on that day will speak.

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In a narration, the Messenger of Allah said, the first thing that would speak on that day is your left thigh.

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Your hands will speak,

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your feet will speak.

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Your eyes will speak. Your ears will speak your private part will speak everything will will give a witness against you.

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And when Allah removes the seed from his mouth, then he will say to that limb

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He will say to that limb, he said why did you do this? We were gonna we both gonna go down. He said, What can I do? Allah commanded me