Taraweeh Reminder #05 – Be Happy and dispel your worries

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah and he also me woman, wala, my dears, the Solomonic Muhammad sallahu wa barakato. And today, we're talking about something which is very important to every human, whether they are Muslim or not. So they they believe in God or not. And that is the whole topic of happiness, happiness. Or another word for that is content. And content really is a more fuller word, because that's what it implies. It implies that you have that satisfaction, you have that fullness within you, you feel

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that you have enough. And so it's important for every person in this life, to search for not just any happiness, but true happiness, happiness, which can,

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can really give that person energy can give them pleasure can give them satisfaction, and can make them altogether pleasant.

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Now, Islam.

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And Islam teaches us the importance of this, we have the whole concept in Islam of aside, and shall be someone who is happy, and someone who's wretched, miserable. The concept of being

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delighted and feeling that satisfaction, you have to ask yourself a question you have to relate yourself to this bigger question is, which is where do you find that happiness? Where should that happiness come from?

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A lot of the time, we are led to believe, through advertising and so on, that happiness is something that can be bought, you have money, you have wealth, you can buy a nice house, can have a nice car, you can have all these nice gadgets,

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and so on. And that will make you happy. Got all this money disband, going on nice, luxurious holidays, and so on and so forth.

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Sometimes we are led to believe that happiness is about

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having the right people who we associate with friends and family, having a nice family having a nice friends, but is that really true happiness? Because if you think about it in a very simple context, if you removed all that material away,

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or if you remove those family away from the friends away, will the happiness still be there?

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If you've linked yourself to something material, then by default, when that material goes, you're no longer going to feel the content and the pleasure and the happiness inside. And that's why it's important for us that our happiness has to be internal has to be within us has to emanate in our has to be and reside in our heart.

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And what the beautiful saying of Tamia Rahim Allah,

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he said, an agenda to my

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own agenda, to be fair here may in America, my agenda, which is the expression of happiness, you know, we always talk about agenda as a, as the as the, the next hereafter goal. So that's the agenda is the ultimate success, if you like the ultimate happiness. So you say my agenda is inside me, it's in my heart. So wherever I go, my agenda is with me. And here's the beautiful meaning of the realization that your happiness your content is with you has to be inside. So whatever scenario you put in, whatever situation you put in, you will be happy. And that's why today I mean, we see some people obviously upset by the whole concept of not going to the massage the massage the clothes, all

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kinds of drama, what is it?

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So, the question that a person has to ask themselves as well, is my happiness in the bag that I'm doing? Is it related to the physical sport that I'm going to Is it because it's in a Masjid? I'm happy? Is it because I see people in the masjid and people see me that makes me happy?

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Or is it that I am standing in front of Allah subhanaw taala that makes me happy that I'm standing in a bed that I'm denying myself some rest after a hard day's fasting. That's I'm denying myself food during the day and drink and so is that where is the happiness? Because a lot of the time we might link those happens even in our ambassador, even in our work.

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We link them to material things. So we are happy when people see us in the front row. We are happy when people see us acting righteous and pious. And that is the happiness for some people. And again, this is a false happiness. Because their happiness has to be about you, being happy wherever you are, even and I contend to have the lockdown, well, your happiness is with Allah Subhana Allah so even though you're locked down in your home, you still have your prayer mat or even if you don't have a prayer mat, you have your place where you stand before our last hand down, you feel the happiness. And that's why the people of the past and even some people over the presidency they used

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to have their the the climax of their happiness was to stand before a loss to stand in the night Even though they are by themselves. Not that anybody else see them.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said lisel Gina and Kathy lava in the marina in enough's the richness that a person has is not how much you have, not what you have accumulated. But rather it is the richness or the enrichment of the soul.

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If your soul is rich and satisfied, then that is the true richness. And obviously, that will be the happiness that results from that.

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Secondly, and importantly relating to happiness as well. So we talked about a being internal, but secondly, it's also that a person when they are really linked to a loss of Hanover.

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They feel happiness when they enact what we spoke about right at the beginning form of these reminders. And that is being a slave of Allah, being associated with

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being one who submits to Allah, all those things would make a person happy as well.

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And that's why when we break our fast, that's a moment of joy. It's a moment of happiness. We've managed to fast the day we've managed to do another day of a bad some people are happy. Many people are happy that they're breaking the fast they can eat now, their their happiness is in the food, you know, Okay, I'm gonna eat now that's my happiness. But the reality is that the happiness should not be that okay, I've just finished another but it's the happiness is that I've accomplished a bad I've managed to link myself to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I think that is what should be our goal. And that's why in the past they used to say, and meno tesoro, who hi Senato

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were to see all the believers always happy and feels rejoice with his good deeds, and he feels upsets, and down by his bad deeds. And so if you can get into that state of mind, you can feel a different experience altogether as you come closer to our last panel.

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And if you really go further and further in climbing the ladder of happiness and content with a loss of Hannah Tyler, you will be so happy no matter what happens to you.

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whatever life throws a view, and we say life throws at you in quotation marks, because obviously, life isn't something that throws at you. But in the term of the material world, they say life throws at you is a lot a lot is putting on your in your path. Whatever comes to you, you will be happy.

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Hearts, hardships, illness, difficulty, whatever, it will be happy. And that's why some of the righteous people they say, when I ask Allah when I make dua to Allah,

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and he gives me

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he gives me then I'm happy, a one one type of happiness or one unit of happiness. But when I make dua to Allah, I ask him something, and he doesn't give me that. Then I have nine units of happiness, and I'm nine times more happy when Allah doesn't give me what I asked for. They said, How come What has this? He said, he said, because when I'm asking for something, and I'm given is my choice, but when I'm not giving it, it is a large choice. And I am more happy that Allah is choosing for me not to have that thing that I want to see that kind of content that happens and the kind of pleasure that happens when you tap into the true level of happiness. So whatever harm comes to you, whatever

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whatever tragedy, you will know that this is actually a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's a great thing from Allah. And in it, there are so many opportunities for us to reap. And so it's not different. Now the scenario that we're in today, this virus that has called

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Many people to mean locked down,

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not able to go out of things. It's very easy for a person who understands this, to transform this into happiness, that they feel that the loss pantalla is giving them other options to think about life. To think about family to spend spending time with, with loved ones, and so on so forth. And inshallah

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we'll be talking later on about a DA, which is very much the antidote to two sides, sadness and worry, which will bring about happiness and shall