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similar three, he just finished his three solar panels which we talked about yesterday. So, then he ended up talking about the low power loan, as I mentioned briefly yesterday a car loan, who was the cousin of Musa, imagine he was Moses cousin. And he was pretty, you know, he was very ambitious, although he was very, you know, he was not a rich man. But he was very ambitious and then he got so close to failure. And then he made him so wealthy, so much so that he forgot about the favors of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And he said at the end, you know, that whatever I got, it is because of me and because of my effort he attributed.

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He attributed his he's all doing to him whereas today, man and insulin get attributed, you know, that blessing that Allah has blessed him with and his power to Allah azza wa jal, but I want he attributed that to himself. Allah has destroyed him before the eyes of the people. So today inshallah today I'm going to cover some ankle boots on the web. So I'm covered under saw alone, and then solid Lockman. Beautiful source, especially Look man, so So uncovered the web. It is Mickey Sora and it has 69. Now we're going into very small from now on the two swords will be shorter and shorter. It's only 6969 versus

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69 versus some Mickey Sawa except one verse in 10 and 11, which are readily Allah subhanaw taala says starting with verse number one

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do you

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mean easy Weezy

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Allah did not say Adam we don't say we say anything I mean these are the Come on

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I just want to throw candy right? So I didn't I've never done the last panel. This is a house event national at

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all. Can you focus with me I'm here. I only have about eight minutes and Charlottetown Allah Subhana Allah says I have about what people think that will be left out saying that the organ even without being tested without being trialed. Allah has tried to people before us, and He will try us Subhanallah it's a test. This is a Sunnah of Allah subhana wa jal in this universe to put people under under trial enter under empty that we call an empty that for what reason? Why would Allah azza wa jal discuss what would his panel what the other three of us for many reasons one of the reasons is to raise our ranks in gender. Another reason is for Allah subhanaw taala to wipe out our sins

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Subhan Allah Tala when you're the person gets sick, when a person's you know goes to even even the Prophet says I should be the only moment how wonderful are the affairs of the morphine, when he is hit by some calamity he shows patience, and Allah subhanaw taala will work something good above it for him. So

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Allah azza wa jal, this is so an O Allah as soon as you execute your sins and Allah will make you it will make you closer to him some kind of by virtue of that which that hardship that you will go into and Allah subhanaw taala says verse number eight, all the youth right here all the kids Everybody listen up. Hola tengo Genesis, what was playing out in Santa? Fe here snap?

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ready to sneak Habima the Celica

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Houma ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says,

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We decreed what was sign of insanity Why did they hit first now Allah azza wa jal is given you know men women insert bydd Allah azza wa jal is reminded us about our parents and the duties towards our parents. This was revealed because of the what happened in the this this the hobby by the name of

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Simon nebula suddenly were passed. He was very very dutiful to his mother when he embraced Islam.

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When he embraced Islam, his mother she says, either you revert back to Kosovo, or I'm not going to eat nor drink after I die. And he did not know what to do but he was very dutiful was known in Medina in Makkah that he was so faithful to his mother, but his mother said she played me through this, you know, it's like a test you choose. Either you revert leave Islam or I'm going to starve to death. And then you know, And subhanAllah he was so strong he told his mother after she was becoming weak, he says, Yeah, only listen, listen. You can if you have more than one soul,

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and I see them coming out one after another. For me to give a stamp. I will not leave is done. Here's food you want to eat. If you don't want to eat, don't eat. It's up to you. If you have more

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No one saw no one you want more than one so as the number of hair in your head and I see them coming out one after another, I will not use them. So when the mother saw how adamant he was about Islam, she ate, right so you are able to the parents you honor them but if they were to ask you to make sure

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you don't always see this in verse number eight and then verse number 69, whatever the nature has been

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those who struggle towards us Allah subhanho wa Taala shall guide them and you don't just say oh my God, Allah guide me and you don't do nothing for guidance. Stay for that which is wrong first and then the other big guy didn't wake up and come and play football and then the RB make me shallow to stick to slack. You can just be sleeping crmp Guide me for my guys Mashallah. Well I got me to Patricia Patricia Nava, Xhosa, and then ask now because on that Allah will guide you, but if you don't want guidance, Allah shall not guide you. That's what uncouple

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the Romans sort of rule of Romans, it has 6060 verses Allah subhana wa Tada revealed this idea or the surah because there was this conflict between the Romans and the Persians, and the Muslims, they started with the Romans.

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weren't Christians you because

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not yours.

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Because they were from the people of the book. So the Muslims sided with the Christians and Allah panda revealed. And the Prophet told them, they will lose the battle because there was a battle conflict between Persia and between Rome, and then the Prophet ISIS and told them that Rome will, the Romans will lose but they will be victorious and Allah azza wa jal revealed that the Surah or the holy battle, Rome has been defeated, but they shall be victorious. And then Allah, especially when he makes a promise he keeps it's a kind of it's a verse number six, why don't love the love

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that when Allah makes a promise, Allah does not break his promise to cannibal what the other if Allah says that he would provide you his Allah would provide you some panel we're gonna put your trust in Him so and then, and then who's married? I know who's married

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who's married

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who's single?

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Who's happy

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who's that who's married again? Who's single who's happy.

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Everybody's happy.

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Verse number 21, Allah subhana sisters, you want to listen to this one?

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Allah subhanho says, What mean? He

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was he come as well. And amongst his signs are under the Polly's are reciting they are they are reciting right verses Allah says what mean it as a monk field from amongst the sides the son of Allah and father alphas income as well as that he has created amongst you your mates as well as your spouse make cheese I hear from Agatha. I always say you have to respect your spell just like your respect. Because if your wife is ever show respect to your spouse's so unless panel dialysis and hello hello and welcome as well as your why Allah has treated you okay

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good to see you're

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scared of us

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physical as well as why Allah has created these as much from amongst Allah he says liter scone Oh.

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So you may find tranquility Sakina you know you'll find Secada in your in your spouse. And then Allah Subhana Allah says that this was your either been in a coma

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and he has put amongst you affection and mercy, affection, my word that sisters

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What is the name of Allah that we can derive from all that is derived from our demo and that comes from what name of allah inonotus sisters, what name of Allah?

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Muhammad that comes from what name of Allah

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give her give her give her two three, give her give her talk with the most affectionate Allah did not call himself boob. We have my phone here. But Allah he's not come himself. Allah from himself and we're dude, there's difference between and would hope is a feeling but what is when you translate those feelings into actions? And there's an answer you use this name of Allah Allah you will lose your spouse you will lose your kids you lose your friends use translate your feelings show them some people they say I you know they love that tell them tell them tell them that you love them. Touch them hug them this is good. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions that you know in soldiers

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number 21 Look man, the very last guy up look man

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verb it has 34 Very short but very powerful look man whose look man he was not a prophet. Look man is a very righteous or very actually why smell is when we say Look man and again look man the wise he was not a prophet but he used to live in the era of the woods and he stood up and he was already in the air and he said um some people don't know that now and he was potty so much so that what happened all we know from Lachman is the advice he gave to his son

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the whole salah the beginning of it talking Look man, a father talking to his son giving him advice give me the more are given him a donation he says, Why is our look man when he Well who is who who? Yeah, born a first and foremost when you give advice to your son, you call him in although Veta Betty good do that heavy Yama*a and you know, donate Yeah, when I owe my beloved son first of all, you call him with his beautiful name on my blog site and then you give the advice. Don't call him that name you this you this you that no, call this beautiful name, attract his attention. And then he says, yeah.

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Let the very first advice, learn to Shinnick

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inner Shilka Lavon, Avi, Jersey are all gems by the way, don't make or don't associate anyone with ALLAH. And then after that, he says, a father giving advice to his son was saying that incidentally, what he did here was to get one more time a father give advice to his son about the obedience and honoring of the parents. Take care of your parents. If your parents are blind if I were you, I wish my parents

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I wish my password. If your parents are with you go to new every day every night kiss them and ask them for the hug. Hug them and ask them for that. Because that could be the vehicle that can drive you to wonder after my mother well wonder are coming from you don't know what that means. Because you don't want because you better stay with you. But they're not there. You say I wish so his Walkman telling his son about the honoring of the parents. And then he says something really, really beautiful. You're gonna you're in a hurry to commit. Now he's teaching you about happiness. He says if it is a mustard seed, whether it is hidden in the earth in the sky and the rock, Allah knows

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about it, yeah. Oh my son, Allah knows everything that you do. Be careful because Allah is watching you to do what we talked about the name of Allah, Allah p but the watchful in during the hour lecture today between us and we talked about this beautiful name of UCLA. He's telling him Allah is watching you and the very end he says here one of your attorneys saga. Oh, my son activist Salah sisters, I have a question yet. When are your arcanist salah? What Amala Bill Mahalo for one handed holy cow. Oh, my son established the prayer and He says enjoin good and forbid evil. And then he says was well, I don't know. If I can be patient. Here's the question. Why won't he told him

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establish the prayer and enjoy good and forbid evil and be patient? What does patient have to do with prayer and enjoying good or forbidding evil?

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For the sisters

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what is the question? The question Allah is saying here Look, man, he said to his son, oh, my son established the prayer enjoying good I'm a good mouth one hand and forbid evil and be patient Why Is that him to the patient?

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Oh, yeah, is that what she said? She's right, give her because without what what do you enjoy and good and evil? It is not easy. It is not easy to to talk to people like yourselves and you know, you want to use this money on a piece despite what it is this boy you want to know and enjoy good people. Someone will say that he shut up and sit down with someone who say No, I disagree with you or someone will say no, you're wrong. Or it is not an easy task to do, you know, enjoin good and forbid evil and be patient. This is what we need, you know, with our children or friends to be patient, with people in sha Allah Jota haga with this one we take from a look man and at the end he

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told him to watch what you say, lower your voice and be humble when you walk humbleness, to be humble to be down to earth as Allah the Prophet Muhammad Allah Sam says, Whosoever humble himself down Allah would elevate the ranks in Jana Dawa mothers and sisters Be humble be down to earth. This is what wouldn't burn love of people towards you Inshallah, is that going to lie about a coffee come? Oh, I have to give the run through I have to give this away. I have to give this away. I have to give this away. One question. One question, what do we want to burn into submission?

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I have to split this into two.

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The sisters to almost

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