Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L259E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the idea that women are secure in their roles and rewarded with sex as long as sex is not a fearless place of comfort. They also emphasize the importance of avoiding fear in achieving goals and the value of gender in society. The success of the agenda being saved from hellfire is discussed, along with the use of phone and computer to write and read, as well as the importance of preparing for it. The speakers stress the importance of good deeds and the use of "immature" words in Arabic language to make something suitable and appropriate. They also mention waiting for something to overcome and encourage people to be patient.
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inomata Tina, indeed the righteous female calm and I mean, they will be in a secure place. The righteous, those who are careful, those who are humble, those who submitted those who are concerned, those who are fearful of Allah, they will be where female calm in a mean in a place that is very secure in a place that is very peaceful, where they will suffer from no fear, no that no pain, no problems, no discomfort, no calamity, safe from that save from sickness, save from the fear of ever leaving gender in the Pina female column in a new

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Fijian nurten What will you learn within gardens and springs, gardens and spring so peaceful? This is in direct contrast to the state of disbelievers, the state of disbelievers. How is it the trio's of boiling hot water over here, Jen Nat orchards and loon springs. And these springs, as we learned in the Quran, have different different tasty drinks. Yoruba soon, I mean, soon the same. What is doubled up in motorcar believe, wearing garments of fine silk and brocade facing each other.

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On one side, we learned in the surah the gardens, The Loon, the macom in Kenya, Kareem that fit

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that the people of the near head, isn't it so but what happened to all of those Jeanette Ryun, macom and Kareem canoes, nama what happened to all of that? They left, they left.

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Come tarraco how many of these the left behind and on the other hand, are the gardens and springs and orchards and the blessings which Allah subhanaw taala has promised in the year after, and this Allah subhanaw taala describes as

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a place that is secure, a place that is safe, because if you think about it, Indonesia, no matter what a person has, he always has this fear. What if I lose it? Isn't it? What if this happens, what if that happens, but gender is a place of peace?

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And unfortunately, people seek this piece where in history, but this piece has nothing destiny, this among the security, the safety, it is only in the hereafter It is only in paradise. The yellow bus hood, I'm in Sanderson, wearing garments of Sunda sunglasses, find silk, find silk and Estabrook is thick silk.

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And silk Why does a person weird or when can you wear when he is wealthy when he has enough and also silk a person wears when he's extremely comfortable when he doesn't have work to do. Because if you're wearing silk and you have to serve other people, then your clothes will get ruined. If you have to go stand in the kitchen, if you have to go sweep the floor, your clothes are going to get ruined. Silk you can only wear when you are enjoying when you don't have any work to do. Yet versona min soon doesn't work. It's a sign of luxury. It's a sign of enjoyment of comfort.

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motorcar believe, facing each other, not hating one another, not running away from one another. No motorcar. valene facing one another engine.

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No graduates, no ill feelings in their hearts for each other, no awkwardness, but rather they'll be relaxed, inside out.

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Inside Out, they'll be relaxed. When can you face the other person easily, comfortably when there is no awkwardness between the two of you. And if there's even a slight awkwardness, like what they said before what you didn't like, or what you did before, which they didn't like, then does it let you face them? It doesn't.

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You may be sitting in the same gathering but you feel extremely awkward. We see that in general, people will have no discomfort, even the slightest discomfort, whether it's physical or emotional or mental in any way, yet vasudevan soon does in what is doubled up in with a cabine

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canonica Thus, this is how it will be this is how they will be rewarded was a word you know whom behold and read. And we will join them with who beholding him with who, who are also in

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the words of Virgina is from their own factories. They well gee,

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the weather user we do this week, and this week, it basically means extra one to join to join two things together to make a pair of two things

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To make a pair of two things,

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they were separate, but you join them together. So now they are a pair. So was originally when we will join them, we will couple them with who? Behold and

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who is the plural of the word hello. And who are

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the women of gender?

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And who've literally, how law is used for a woman whose eyes are extremely beautiful.

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How are they beautiful,

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that the white part is extremely white and clear.

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And the black part is extremely dark.

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You understand?

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so clear, beautiful, lovely ice.

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You understand? The black part is extremely black. The white part is extremely white and clear. And green is a plural of arena and arena is a woman who has large, beautiful eyes, attractively wide eyed woman.

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So the women of general who are the hood and read Soca Danica was a word you know who behold in rain?

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Yeah, the una Fie her, they will call in a meeting in general, they will ask for because of the fact he had every kind of fruit, every kind of fruit they will ask for. I mean, as ones were peaceful and secure. Why is that many mentioned again, that when they ask for something, when they ask for a particular faqir, they will never have this fear. What if it's finished now? What if it's gone bad now? What if it's not fresh anymore? Or what if it causes harm? Because sometimes when you're enjoying your food a lot you ask for? One more thing, one more plate. One more of something you always have this fear? Am I over stuffing myself? What if I feel sick later? What if I have a

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stomach upset later, you always have this fear. But we see that in general, people will ask for every factor without having any fear of being overstuffed. or feeling sick. Later. People have desserts, and they keep counting the calories. No, no fear. You're the owner he had because he hated me.

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And notice how I'm on security piece this is mentioned over and over again.

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This is a major feature of gender. Because even if a person has made this dunya paradise for himself, he cannot be saved from fear. He cannot get a man. He always has fear of losing something or the other. If he has the best of whatever. He has his fear of getting stolen, getting outdated, getting spoiled, get indicated. But in general, there is absolutely no fear. And this is what people dream off. A good place. Good friends, good company. No fears, no worries, good food. And Allah subhanaw taala has placed this in the after for who? For who? Those who have

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layers una de volta, they will not taste that they're in

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layers una de la Mota. They will not taste death over them in general. There is no death.

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Because this is the greatest fear that a person hasn't done you, isn't it? That's what if I die? No. What if I die tomorrow? What if I die this month? What if I die when I'm young, I still haven't done that. I still haven't enjoyed that. But in general, no fear of that layer, the Kona vehicle mode in motel owner, except for the first step being the first step that they suffered at the end of the life of dunia. That's the only debt that they have experienced after that no more than 11 Motorola? Well, we'll call him a double G and he will save them from the punishment of the blazing hellfire.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, death will be brought forth in the image of Iran and it will be made to stand between paradise and *. And people have gender and health I will be called and what will happen that gram will be slaughtered. It will be said oh people of paradise. It is eternal. No more. That's your agenda. This is for eternity now and all people have held it is eternal Nevada. law you una de Haan Mota in LA Mota del oola. Well, we'll call him favela Mila as bounty from your Lord. What is this follow from Allah, eternity and gentlemen, know that being saved from hellfire.

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What is mentioned in the previous ayah that lay the hoonah fuel motor oil and motor oola will will come right over to him. This is further from Allah

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and from

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This one, something that is not mandatory on the given ticket. It's an extra favor.

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It's an extra favor. So eternity agenda being saved from Hellfire, all of the blessings in general, this is all an extra favor bounty from Allah.

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Because no person can attain gender, just with his deeds.

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No person can go and purchase paradise. No person can take paradise as an exchange for something. No. When a person is admitted, in general, this is exclusively exclusively the favor of

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this is why the prophets are allowed to sort of set it remote, who was what do you do? What are you what are level and I had a lady Heller, who I'm a Louisiana, work and strive heart, and know that no one will enter Paradise by virtue of his deeds, work, strive, to do as best as you can. But remember that no person can enter agenda just because of his deeds.

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So how about us, not even you a messenger of Allah. He said, Well,

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not even me. unless Allah showers me with his mercy and grace.

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Problem middle of big vaniqa who unfolded Arlene, that is the supreme success, supreme achievement. This is a greatest achievement that a person can attain what entry into gender being saved from Hellfire, being worthy of the struggle from Allah. Because gender is such a place that even if a person struggles for his entire life, his efforts are not enough. Just think about it. What is described of gender? Can we purchase it? Can we can we put a price tag on it? We got

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it. There's some things that are so elite, so exclusive, so special, that because they're so a little exclusive, they become more and more expensive, isn't it?

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And you wonder sometimes, is this bag really worth $5,000? really worth $3,000? Yes, yes. Is this house even worth this much money? Just the other day somebody was telling me about a house that is neighborhood going for $1.3 million. And we're wondering, is it really worth $1.3 million?

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You know, you wonder, why is that 1.3 million? Why is a bag so expensive, because the more elite something is, the more expensive it becomes.

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But we see that gender and its blessings, they're eternal. They're so special. They're so elite, that you can't even put a price tag.

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You can't even buy it. You can't even purchase it with your needs.

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There are some services and there's lunia, which you can go and buy yourself. There. So elite that they're only offered to you.

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Somebody was telling me about this particular credit card, which you can just go in, get yourself. They offer you if you want to have it, they offer you. And the minimum that you have to spend in a year is about $100,000 or perhaps even more. So when something is more elite. You can't even get it yourself. It's offered. It's given to you this is dunya How can we think then, that Jenna can be attained through just your deeds? Just your deeds? No. Does not mean that we were little deeds no deeds are very important. But we have to realize how special jetpacks This is why the profits are the loudest that upset intermodal. So they do Akari boo, boo, boo, and

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Do as best as you can prepare, however, know that your needs are not enough. To never be proud about your deeds. That's the main thing.

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Never think that just because you have done a certain amount of good deeds or certain types of good deeds that is sufficient.

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Because your good deeds are never enough. Never enough. Jenna is that elite? It's so special.

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So keep doing keep preparing, and keep hoping Allah subhanaw taala He is merciful velyka who will frozen early that is a supreme success.

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For in America, Sumner hillbillies. sonica And indeed We have ease the Quran in your language y la la homea further karoun that they might be reminded.

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This Quran which was mentioned at the beginning of the surah is mentioned again at the end of the soul, that Allah subhanaw taala says we have made it easy. So now who How have we made it easy, really sonica by revealing it in your language, because if it was in another language, it would be difficult for people to understand. The Quran has been revealed in the Arabic language that people find it

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easy to understand Lumia carone so that they can take a lesson? Yes. So now we'll be sonica. Now,

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the word Yes, sir. It's translated as ease. But it's not easy as in simple. When we think of something that is easy, what do we think? It's very simple. But they see use does not necessarily mean simple.

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They see it means possible.

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What does it mean? possible? It's made possible

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when something is possible, it may be difficult, but what does it mean? You can do it, isn't it? It may be difficult, it may be challenging, it may require some effort from you, maybe a lot of effort, but it is possible. This is what they see. So they see is to make something suitable,

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to make something appropriate in everywhere, so that the purpose can be fulfilled, the purpose can be achieved.

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And understand it's appropriate, it's suitable in every way. So that whatever work you want to take out of it, you can do it. It's possible it's achievable.

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It is said yes, someone photos a little Cuckoo. For us, what is a forest? horse? The horse has been Yes, sir. For the purpose of ruku for the purpose of writing, what does it mean? That the horse is trained, the saddle is there, the rains are there, the syrup is there, everything is ready, it's prepared. That doesn't mean the horse will start writing itself and you have to do nothing. What does it mean? You have to know how to ride the horse. You have to have the courage to go sit on the horse, you have to be able to guide the horse you have to do your part. But remember that the horse is fit for the purpose.

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You want to ride a horse this horse prepared ready fit for the purpose, you have to do your part. This is what they see this. So Allah subhanaw taala tell us about the Quran over here that yes sir. No, we have facilitated it. We have made it easy, very sanika in your language la lomita.

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So the Quran is such that a person is able to take a lesson from is able to understand the Quran is not complicated. It's not difficult. It's not confusing. No. It's in a clear Arabic language. It's clear in its message. It's full of warning and advice. It's ready. It's up to you. Do you take a lesson? Or

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do you put in the effort

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for in pneumonia, Sumner hillbillies, Anika, la lomita, Cameroon. So the Quran it's most suitable, for what purpose for the purpose of taking lesson for the purpose of taking admonition?

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And if a person does not take lesson from this Hold on, then what can he take lesson?

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If a person does not obtain guidance through this kuranda from what can he obtain guidance from? Despite the fact that it's so plain, it's so clear. It's fit for taking less than just perfect for taking a lesson for understanding reality. Still, there are people who don't believe who remain stubborn. So Allah says to His Messenger consoling him, fucked up, so keep waiting. Wait in the homotopy bone indeed the two awaiting for a lot of the What does it mean? Do it delay and wait for something to anticipate wait for something to happen. So first of all, be on the lookout away Wait for what? Wait for there. And just as for our own and his people that were given a long time, a lot

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of panel data the miracles that he sent, were they open and clear, easy to understand. Of course, the message that Musa SNM gave Was it easy to understand very easy so far. But if it only listen, did he submit he didn't eventually what happened? Eventually What happened? He was destroyed. So part of it, you also we await their destruction. Wait and watch for Allah's mercy and help in the homeless document. Indeed the two are waiting who is waiting, those who display those who don't take benefit from the Quran even they're waiting. They're waiting and watching for their turn to overcome. So if they are so patient, you have to be more patient.

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Tina, female bombing me

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a bit.

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I shadow Atlanta Atlanta

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when I said I'm ready

Ad-Dukhan 1-59 Tafsir 51-59

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