Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 152D Tafsir Al-Kahf 50-53

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of the Hanah's mission to lead people astray is discussed, including actions such as killing neighbor's houses and causing conflict between two spouses. The speaker emphasizes the negative impact of shayates and shayates on people's lives and leads to war, and discusses the use of "medicals and shayates" as guidance or weapons. The importance of avoiding distraction and avoiding trouble is also emphasized. The use of a mobile barrier between two individuals is also discussed, and the potential for "medicals and shayates" to lead to destruction.
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Are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim lesson number 153 Surah Al Kev will begin from iron number 50.

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What is Khalil Mala? egotist Julie Adam, and mentioned when we said to the angels Prostrate to Adam or the Acela and when was that, after the creation of Adam early salah, Allah subhanaw taala commanded all of the angels that they should prostrate to him.

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And remember that this frustration was what kind. It was for the purpose of honor. And some have said that it was for greeting. Some have said that it was to show other artists and I'm superiority above the angels.

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And although sadhana is an act, that is exclusively for the sake of Allah subhanaw Varna over here when the angels are frustrating to Adam, even this frustration is an act of obedience to who? Allah subhanaw taala just as a bottle of a human being, it is not permissible, unless for a just cause.

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But we learned that Ibrahim alayhis salam was commanded that he had to kill his son, and he placed a knife over his son's neck even. But that act was in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala. So similarly, over here when the angels are prostrating to Adam, this is what an act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala

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for sogetsu so they're all frustrated. It is said that the people of knowledge they have said that Allah subhanaw taala has not created anything with his own hand except for them or in Islam. And Jana, these two Allah created with his own hand, because remember, Lima Holika, to be the year, it was said with regards to Adam or Usila. And also with regards to gender, we learned that Allah has created it with his own hand.

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And the Torah, Allah subhanaw taala wrote it with his own hand. So we can see the superiority of Adam or his sunnah, that Allah made him with his own hand. This is why he commanded the angels that prostrating

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for such a duel, so they all frustrated immediately, why? Because Allah had commanded them Illa IBLEES except a bliss, and who is bliss was the of the angels. No, Allah says, Can I mean a genie? He was off the gin. So why was he amongst the angels?

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Because of his apparent biology, because of his apparent righteousness and obedience, but when Allah subhanaw taala gave this command to this group of the angels and Iblees was included in that command, the reality of a bliss was exposed, and what was that reality that for farcical, so he transgressed on Unreal upbeat from the command of his Lord, FERS, aka literally means to come out of the limits. It is derived from Fussa convertable on Cuschieri, that the rot the date, it came out of its outer skin, when does that happen? When it becomes extremely ripe? So similarly, farcical is when a person comes out of the bounds of obedience, he disobeyed he does not care about the commands

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that have been given. So for foster care and ameobi, Allah commanded him that he should prostrate, but he left that command meaning he disobeyed. So Allah subhanaw taala questions as he questions the human being effort that does he do now? Who, then are you human beings? Do you all take him? Taiko Iblees, whether the Yetta who and his children earlier as friends may Dooney, besides me, instead of taking me as a Wali, Instead of obeying me, instead of befriending me, you choose the friendship of a bliss and his children.

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You choose to obey bliss and his children. When you know that a bliss hits you so much, that he refused to show any respect to your father. And he disobeyed the Command of Allah subhanaw taala still you obey Him. effort that does we don't know who we're there yet who Olia I mean Dooney. So we see that effort at the Hoonah who this is the firm it shows that how strange is that? How foolish can you be? How foolish can you be that you're taking your enemy as your friend?

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Now we see over here that the zoo Reja, the offspring, the children of iblees are mentioned.

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What does it mean by this?

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The RIA has been understood as literally the children, the offspring of a bliss, because that it is said that other Marisa is a boy

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Bashar and he believes according to some is a virgin. And Jen is a father of origin, according to some.

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So this shows that IBLEES does have the rear, he does have some offspring, he does have some children.

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Now one of the seller, he was once asked that does IBLEES have a wife as well? He said, I did not attend his wedding.

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I have no idea. I wasn't there at his Nikka. So I don't know, what's the point of saying that

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there is no benefit in knowing whether iblees has a wife for not believing in the angel. There's a part of Eman

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and believe in the jinn in the sense is also a part of human right because it pleases our enemy. If we say that No, no, there is no Shavon Nogent you're denying part of the Quran.

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But believing in IBLEES his wife is not necessary. It does not make a person movement or caffeine. It does not complete or incomplete a person's email, especially because we have not been informed. However, what we have been informed is that it believes does have the reader

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and what's the evidence of that? This idea. And also we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he told her mind are the learn who that do not be the first to go to the marketplace. Do not be the first to enter the mall.

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And do not be the last to exit Do not be the first to enter and do not be the last to exit because it is the place where shaitan lays his eggs and children. So what do we learn from the Hadith a chatbot lays eggs over there in the marketplace. And that's where he gives his children. So we learn from the Hadith and also from the Quran that Shavon does have progeny he does have some offspring. And this is the case with a lot of the creation that they reproduce they increase animals, birds, human beings, so shaytaan also IBLEES also the jinn also they reproduce the increase in their population

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and as a result of iblees what is their purpose? What do they do?

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They are the workforce of iblees IBLEES His mission is to lead people astray. And his Zuzia what do they do? They assist him in accomplishing that mission. They work for him.

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We learn from a hadith that is reported in Muslim, the Javid he reported that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said that IBLEES places his throne upon the water, he places his throne upon the water. And then he sends detachments for creating dissension for creating discord amongst people. So he sends groups or shayateen, of the evil Jin to the people to lead them astray. And the near to him in rank are those who are the most notorious in creating dissension. So who are those that are closest to Iblees, the worst amongst them, those who are most successful in leading people astray. And when he sets his throne, what happens? These Shayateen they come in, they report him as well, he

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sends them and they come back and they give him reports. So one of them comes and he says I did such and such, and he says you've done nothing. I'm not satisfied with this work that you've done. And then one amongst them. He comes and says I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of discord between a husband and a wife. I did not leave him. I did not leave her until I made sure that there was discord between the husband and the wife. So the shaitan Iblees. He goes near him. And he says You have done well, you have done well. So we see that at least he sends his Reja. He tells them what to do. Or he sends them to lead people astray. They come back and they report to him about

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their accomplishments. If it's something as making somebody committed sin is like okay, you haven't done something great. However, if a shaytaan has caused discord between a husband and wife, he has caused them to be separated. Then Iblis says you have done very well and are mushy, he said that IBLEES then embraces that particular shape.

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So this is how happy he is. So when a person is arguing with their spouse, when there's enmity and hatred that is growing between two spouses, between a husband and a wife who is getting happy

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shaitan so don't let your enemy be happy.

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So after that, we don't know who was the reata who Olia Are you taking them as friends? That you're obeying them and you're befriending them? When Dooney besides me, well hola como I do and on top of that, they are for you enemy. shaytaan and his Lulea are enemy to you. So how could you befriend them how

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How could you obey them? Bit cellularly Mina but Allah how evil is the exchange for those Alimi? What is better exchange substitute alternate meaning what an evil exchange? Does Lila mean? Have done? What an evil substitute they have taken for themselves. People are offered the friendship of who? Allah subhanaw taala befriend Him, obey Him, LISTEN to Him. But some people the loyally mean what do they do? Instead of taking Allah as their friend, they take Chevron as his friend. So what an evil substitute what an evil alternate.

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Think about it. If a person leaves one friend for another, and if that friend is better in some way, the new friend, then you say okay, it was a good choice. Perhaps if a person is a business partner with someone, he leaves him and he chooses another business partner. If he's better in some way, that's a good choice.

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However, if you're choosing someone who is your enemy, who is only going to bring harm to you, what an evil substitute what an evil exchange, what an evil alternate bit said is lonely Mina Bella, Mashhad to I did not make them witness, have a summer where it will add the creation of the heavens and the earth. Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that he did not make the shayateen a witness when he was creating the heavens and the earth. What does it mean by that? That Iblees and historia.

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Those whom you've taken as allies, you obey them, you listen to them, Allah does not give any value to them, to the point that he did not even make them witness the scene of creating the heavens and the earth.

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Why would someone make another a witness to the action that he's doing? Think about it, you're doing something and you have someone come and watch what you're doing? Why would you do that?

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So that they can have a share in it, so that perhaps they can guide you through it. Or perhaps they can assist. They can help you in some way. Or they can approve of what you're doing. So you would only call someone to witness your action when you give some kind of importance to them, isn't it? And if you don't give any important to someone, you don't even want to have them near you. When you're doing that action. Like for example, imagine you're cooking who will you call

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your mom? And if there's someone who's just comments and comments and does not let you do your work, what are you going to do? You're not even going to tell them you're standing in the kitchen or you're going to go at a time when they're not going to see you why because you do not give any importance to them. So the shayateen Allah does not give any importance to them. Mashhad don't call customer what you will.

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And it also shows that they have no right when it comes to the creation. When it comes to planning the creation. They have no right to Sheltie they have absolutely no shame they have no authority

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while a holocaust unforeseen him and nor the creation of themselves, they were not made to witness the creation of themselves themselves meaning the other Sheltie at least was not made to be present when the other Shayateen was were being created. No.

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So in other words, they have no share when it comes to creating when it comes to planning, and they have no power over their own creation as well. So when they are so powerless before Allah, how can you obey them? How can you give them more priority of Allah subhanaw taala

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What am I can do, and I am not McDuffie, the one who takes ill Molina, those who misguide I'll do that as assistant I'll Moby lien is a plural of mobile and who is Moodle? One who leads a straight one who misguides others.

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My Yadier level funair Moodle learner, the one whom Allah guides for Allah Malala there is no one who can misguide him. So millennial is one who misguides the other. So who are the MobileMe the shouting Iblees and his Surya you have taken them as your friends but in reality Who are they?

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Who are they in reality? Miss guiders they miss guide people.

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So such Miss guiders I do not take them as adult as an assistant.

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Who is an

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adult is from the rule cutters I am bought than an adult is primarily used for the upper arm, the upper arm, what is between the elbow and the shoulder, the mid fall and the Qatif what is between the elbow and the shoulder. So what is it? The upper arm

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and B

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will flex their biceps, why? To show their strength to show their power to show their might. Sir Albert is used for an assistant because your power, your strength is your assistant. So I do not take the Miss guiders as my assistants, meaning they do not help me when it comes to creating, they do not help me when it comes to guiding people. So when I don't take the help of shayateen so oh human being what is wrong with you? Why do you take their help? Why do you make them your assistance?

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If Allah does not make them

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any kind of assistance, then how can you take them as assistance? Allah does not require any assistance from anyone.

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But when he does give a task to someone, then it is a favor to them. Like, for example, the angels, they have been appointed to perform many tasks. But it's only the angels who are given those tasks. Are the shayateen given any of the tasks No. So when Allah does not give any kind of tasks to them, he does not take them as assistance, then why do you take them as assistance? Why do you follow them? Why do you listen to them? Why do you seek help from them, they will never benefit you, they will only harm you.

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Think about it. If you wish to go somewhere and you need a guide.

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You need a GPS, for example, you're given two kinds of GPS, one,

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it is have the latest model, or it has the latest maps in it. And it guarantees you guiding you to the destination and another GPS, it's like 10 years old, it doesn't even function properly. The battery's not there. And the maps are old. Which one are you going to choose the one that guarantees you the arrival to the destination? So if you don't do this with regards to dunya, then how can you take a mobile as your guide when it comes to the alpha?

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Now in this idea, there is a prohibition of taking chatline as a friend.

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But taking home, a mobile as a friend, someone will miss skies. And this is a lesson for us.

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In this is a prohibition of evil friends, those friends who lead you astray.

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It this is a prohibition of the companionship of a whole slew of those who commit sins of those who do evil. And that a person should be aware of such people, you should not spend time with them. You should not be in their companionship for long.

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Because if a person stays in the company of such people who are mostly lean, then what's going to happen, he's going to end up well, he's going to end up going astray. Because a person is on the religion of who his friend.

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So we're not going to tell you that Molina or Buddha, so you should not befriend such people. And we have learned earlier that was bitten off sick Mr. Medina, you're the owner of bombilla data with Archie and at the same time, whenever two men of color who are on the cleaner, why? Because your friend will take you to where he is going. So if you want to be on the straight path, then who should you befriend

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righteous people and if you want to be away from the misguided path, then you have to be away from misguided people.

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Well, yo maya Kulu. And on the day that he will say, who will say Allah who will say, now do Shoraka II call upon my Shoraka. On the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanaw taala will tell the wish to again, go ahead and call upon my partners, meaning those whom you assume to be my partners, Allah subhanaw taala calls them should occur, ie to intensify the rebuke that you claimed that they were my Shoraka go ahead and call upon them.

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And Medina xantham, those whom you claimed, whom you asserted that they were my Shoraka, or that they were your chauffeur.

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So what's going to happen for their own home, so they will actually call upon them, the people will call upon them for help for relief. But obviously, follow me yesterday Bula home, but they will not respond to them. Why? Why? Because they cannot, they are false. And even if they can hear at that time, they will not be able to respond.

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Instead, those who are worshipped besides Allah, the idols as well as the machine, both of them what will happen to them, they will be thrown into the Hellfire

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in total Ambia I 98 we learn in the cometa we gonna be doing in Lehi, how Cebu Johanna and Tula Hawaii doing indeed you and those whom you worship besides Allah, our fuel of hellfire. You all will be

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Made to enter into it

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what your hola Boehner home and we will make between them between who between the mushy cane and their Shoraka we will make between them mobile call a barrier a place of destruction.

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Mobility Malbec is isn't love and it's from the root address. Well they're off woowoo and woowoo is to perish to go to ruin. Oh you will be Kahuna primerica Cebu or he could destroy them because of what they have done.

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So what is destruction and what buck is used for prison. Why?

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Because when a person is in a prison, that's it is destroyed is finished.

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And Mobic is a place where there is destruction before in front and also in the rare

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it's such a McCombe, it's such a place, that if you move forward, there is destruction, if you retreat, there is destruction. So, a person is trapped, it is all this at that moment is a barrier behind which and before which there is only distraction.

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So, we will make between them a mobile a place of distraction. What does it mean by buying a home buying a home has been understood as amongst them, that this is what they will share a place of distraction and what is that the place of destruction is what Hellfire

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because it is surrounded with it is full of destruction. We have learned earlier that if a person will wish to escape, what will happen, he will be returned the salada the walls of the Hellfire. So it is a place that is surrounded with full of destruction. So buying a home amongst them, this is what they will share on mobile.

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And secondly, it has been said the Boehner who means dividing them

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that there will be a destructive barrier between the Mushrikeen and there shall occur.

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So even when they will call upon one another, they will not be able to help one another, they will not be able to respond to one another, they will not be able to assist one another. Because there is a barrier between them. And this barrier, if they dare to cross they will be destroyed. So because of that they stay where they are.

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Now just imagine if a person is with his friend somewhere. And all of a sudden there's a huge accident, there's a huge disaster. And because of that he is on one side and his friend is on the other side, perhaps there was an earthquake and the ground between them has been split. So one is on one side and the other is on the other side.

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Now your friend is calling you for help because perhaps he has fallen on the ground, he cannot get up or perhaps he's injured.

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But how can you go to him when there is a huge barrier between the two and imagine if that crack is filled with fire or it's huge will you be able to go you will not be able to go and if you are in trouble, will he be able to come he will not be able to come this is what a mobile is.

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So, this is how they will be separated. What did we learn earlier in sort of Abraham about a bliss that a bliss will say on the Day of Judgment manner be mostly frequent woman and timbi Mustafa? Yeah, I cannot respond to your call. And you cannot respond to my call, I cannot relieve you, you cannot relieve me, both of us are in trouble. We cannot assist one another.

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Similarly, they will be separated they will be divided. We learn in truth, Yunus is number 20. A way oh man I should call him Jamila and someone Akula Dina ash Rocco, McKenna come unto Musharaka UQAM physeal Nabina

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what do we learn from this idea, that the Chaloupka and then we should be keen, they will be separated physeal never you know, we will separate between them, they will not be able to come together.

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And this is a form of punishment.

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Because they will be told God upon your Gods call upon my Shoraka and they will do so. But they will not be able to respond

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and there is a mobile so they will not be able to meet one another. What does it show

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that any connection, any friendship in this dunya any relationship that was based on wrong that was based on disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala will be severed on the Day of Judgment.

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Because think about it, all those people who worship idols, they love them intensely. They love them.

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They will do anything for them. All those beings on the worship, but they will be

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seperated on the Day of Judgment.

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Similarly, if there are two people who befriend one another, but the basis is incorrect, then what will happen? They will be split from one another on the day of judgment as well

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into the zone of IO 67. We learn of Hilaire Uyama even borrow boom LIBOR when our

00:25:22 --> 00:25:32

close friends, close friends on that day, some of them will be enemies to others. Best friends will be enemies on that day. Why?

00:25:33 --> 00:25:47

Why? Because they lead one another astray. Walmart calm going to Metallian Molina I'll do that they took MobileMe as their friends and therefore, they will be separated on the Day of Judgment in line with the pain except those who have

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their friendship will continue. Their companionship will continue. What are almajiri Mona now and the criminals will see the fire falls on new so they will be certain unknown that indeed they the word one as you know means to assume but when it's followed by an it means to be certain. So there will be certain upon seeing the hellfire, that unknown wealthy rule that they're going to fall into it. That that's it. They're doomed they're about to fall into it. Welfare who was actually wealthy Runa Laurel off move out there and move out there is from the roof that was well off I mean, Walker Walker is to occur, but literally means to fall.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:52

So they will know that they will be falling into it. They will be thrown into it. They will be plunged into it. While I'm here do you do and they will not find unhook from it must refer any way elsewhere. They will not find any escape from the hellfire.

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So the Hellfire will be shown to them even before they're admitted. Why? To intensify their anxiety to intensify their distress. This is a part of punishment. And once they have entered what I'm here to do anonymously and even when they're seeing the Hellfire they will know that they cannot escape it. What is Muslim, Muslim for some truth address, South Rafa and solve is to turn to turn away so Muslim is a place from where you can turn away from something.

00:27:27 --> 00:27:54

The word muscle is also used for drainage for a dream for economic why? Because through it the water is turned away somewhere else. It is made to leave it is made to escape. So what I'm here to do anonymously via they will not be able to find from the Hellfire any way out. They will know that this is their ultimate end. Who the majority moon the criminals

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