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The internet is a complex structure that is constantly changing and has negative elements like false skip and misunderstandings. The presence of negative elements like a person who didn't deviate and the importance of understanding the structure for versability is discussed. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the use of idols and the use of a symbol to symbolize the culture. The importance of seeing in one's eyes and the associated emotions and thoughts is emphasized, along with the need for strong and confident opinions. The importance of understanding the Bible's meaning for men and women is also emphasized.

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Have you studied the universe? Have you studied science? How can you study science and believe in a God? How can you study science and believe in religion they're the ones asking the question and the fun thing is

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when Najimy the

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oneness if you become one of our

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wouldn't it be nice if there was a streaming service that brought you closer to the Quran? But you know TV strive to do just that with over 2000 hours of enlightening content centered on the Quran and Arabic make learning a habit tap now to get Bina TV for yourself today but I'm already

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out a little bit let him in a shape or analogy

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I've thought about eight or more. Well knows woman just a little frog. Hola como de Corona who

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didn't get even this metal weighs in here in

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some may two more.

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Two more.

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And Allah will be happening soon. Pauline II Debbie guna in one hour matter well,

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first one on Khadija

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Mila be him on who the rubbish actually somebody where Cindy Emery. Dr. Millis any of our colleagues, but hamdu lillah. Wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Early, he was a huge mine. And my bad once again, everybody is Somali, kumara Cotulla ricotta. So what I first want to do before we go to section two is we're going to take an overview of the structure and the organization of the IR one to 18. And I want to show you that by way of this, this presentation. So the first thing we read was ALLAH swore by the star, of course, the you know, a najem. And he said that there was also Selim is not lost in marvelous ikibu Komazawa and it's in new heights. It's a mighty revelation that's

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been given to him fine. The second subject was that the one who taught him is the mighty one. Should he do koa? The Moroccan and that he came close to him? Right from Medina. Kanika Cassini, Ohana at the HEMA.

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Then you see my cannibals who are do Mara his heart didn't lie. And are you doubting him? I thought to my Runa who Allah Maya, are you doubting him about what he saw? are you casting any any confusions about that? Then we saw that he's the second viewing remember? What was that? An Oprah endocytotic mantra and the agenda is Yakshas cedrat Yaksha. Then at the end, we see mazagan bazaruto Amata ha the I didn't deviate. It wasn't mistaken. It didn't get blurred. And he saw one of Allah's greatest signs. So these are the pieces of the material we've covered so far from iron number one tie and number 18. Now I colored this a certain way because I want to show you something. The

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beginning is he's two things. My oneness our Hebrew Bukom wa Hawa, he's not lost. He's not deviated. Two things are negated, two negative things are negated. And if you look at the very bottom, Nizar Han, bizarro wa Tada, the I didn't deviate and the I didn't cross limits. You see the perfection of those two things, meeting each other, the top and the bottom. And in the top. He said, He gave him what he in what you knew her. He gave him a mighty revelation. That didn't mean was giving athma and at the end, he said he showed him or he saw one of Allah's greatest signs. So what I'm saying is the opening first for ayat, have a really close connection to the last two ions. They're complementing

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each other. Now you notice the middle section is also the assembler color. Right? I colored it the same way. This is marketable, who add umara alpha to maluna, who Allah in my era, the heart didn't lie about what he saw. So now if you take the first section, the third section and the fifth section, it's all the negations together. What are they mild blooded Asahi buco mama Hawa first section, marketable Fuad O'Meara middles section Mazon, bustle one final section, one, three, and five. So the thing the pieces of this that are missing now are two and four. When you look at the second section, you will find he meets with the mighty angel, and he has this first meeting, and you

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look at the second one and section four, and that's the second meeting. So what I'm saying is in these 18 ayat, there's actually a really beautiful architecture. Okay, so

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If you if you labeled this as you know, A, B, C, D and E, it's like a and c and e are connected. And then b and d are connected, you see that. So you find similar and variations of structures in the Quran. And it really helps with a concept that will versatile and talk about this is, by the way, my own work. This is not from a Tafseer book. So if you come afterwards and say, Where did you get this from? I will answer you the way that my my daughter used to answer when I used to say, Why did you do that? And she used to say, from my brain that wasn't. So I have the same answer for you, I'm sorry. You know, this is this is my own work, I run it by my colleagues and discuss it with them.

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And this is a fascination of mine the structure of the arguments and the, the material in the Quran. And I do find that it has an intricate, remarkable structure anyway, so that was a quick brief comment, to give you an idea of what's happening in the first section of the surah. Now we're gonna get to the second section. And in this section, we're going to see an immediate connection with what happened before with the words of our item. But I'll talk about that at the end. Right now, in this 30 minute brief session before salah, I want to get through some quick Wikipedia facts. They're not from Wikipedia, what I'm saying just information that you just got to get just listen to it. You

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don't have to write everything down or take pictures or nothing. I'm just going to walk through it and you need to know something about three gods, three goddesses actually, that Allah will talk about that the Arabs believed in. Okay, those are not monad. And Rosa, this idea will have lat and Rosa and the third one Menards is going to be in the next aisle. Okay, so we don't know a lot about these idols, but there's a famous ancient book, Hashem will tell me is it will be capable of snom, the book of idols, where he actually did research, whatever he could find on every idol.

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There's some concern about the reliability of the information in it, because we're talking about pre Islamic Arabia. And we know that the Muslim is when Allah gave Islam victory, we destroyed the temples and all of that, right. So the ancient history of those religions, we have less and less of that information. So what little little information we have, I'm going to share with you some of those snippets. So the Kaaba was the main temple for idols, but the Arabs actually had temples all over Arabia. And so they kept idols usually in temples. And because they saw the Kaaba as the main idol, they used to either they used to actually no, I'll get to that later. Sometimes they will take

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the idol and make it into like a human form, like a person standing with a sword or a woman, you know, draped up or whatever, they would have these figures as idols. Or sometimes it would just be like a stone, like a large stone, like a cube shaped stone, or like a large tall stone, like Stonehenge type stuff, right? That would be the shape of the idol. Now

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they would put the idol, they had two possible choices, they will either put it in front of the Cava somewhere, or if they couldn't do that they would give it some other temple somewhere near their own location or pick, or even add multiple idols in like a different temple. So if this, this idol was for a certain goddess, but you know, construction is expensive, so can you roommate with this other Goddess, and you guys can both share, so they did that sort of thing.

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Your real estate was tough back then, too. Okay, so now, the classifications if they were just made of stone, and they were not carved up, like it wasn't like an amazing like a Buddha type looking thing or whatever, then they would call it unsolved. They would call it unsolved, but if they remote resembled a bird, a snake, a person or whatever, then they were called ofan, or a SNAM, which are both words that are used in the all three of these are used in the Quran, right? But that's the naming scheme that they used. Now, because they used to do fell off around the Kaaba. They figured that that's the right way to do any worship. So any temples they had in Arabia, they used to do

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throw off, they're too nice to go around it too. And because there was a sacrifice at the Kaaba, they used to also do sacrifices there. This is very important. He also argues that how did schicke start in Arabia, after it's my ego and Instagrams children became many, and their religion became dominant, they spread all over if there were too many pots there were too populated. They couldn't stay all in Makkah, so they spread all over Arabia, but when they spread all over Arabia, they missed the kava, because the Kaaba is associated with Ibrahim and Ismail. So they used to take pieces of the stone with them to their own village area and do towel off of it by themselves. Like

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they made their own tawaf ritual, missing the Kaaba, okay, and then later on idols were brought in from Syria and other places for different kinds of needs. Anyway,

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The point is, many of these pagan rituals were inspired by why

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the Kaaba corrupted versions of what Ibrahim Alayhi salaam used to do. Now look at the anthropological view, the secular view, the secular view is, oh, they, they're worshipping these temples, and they're going around them in circles. And the Muslims do it, too. They must have learned it from them. So what do they do? They reverse engineer it, they put the cart before the horse, right? We're saying, and what Allah has taught us is, so he came first and they corrupted into shirt. And they flip it and they say, Oh, you see, these people, they're doing two off here. But there was a lot going on near five. And it was going on near NASA. And it was going on there. So

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this was the kind of Arab thing. This is how the Western academic or the secularist, when they look at this history, they tried to look at it and reengineer it in this way. Anyway. So some things about each of these knots, and Erza. And then when not was actually not in Makkah, that was a lady in fives. And it was represented a lady or a guy. They were confused about that. But it was

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like a large cubic rock and the Quraysh even though this goddess was in five, they used to worship at two and you know how we have like a biller or outdoorsman, right? Or I'm not Allah and things like that we have names that are associated with Allah. So they used to have names associated with that. So they say team will that or they don't that they would name kids like that. So like we put Allah at the end, and even in or do we have like, you know, Allah data and whatever we have, we have these kinds of names. So the same way they used to name with the name of this goddess in it, okay. And in the Sierra later on after the conquest of Islam, the report is that those who say salam

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instructed movida been short but to destroyed and he burned her temple down in five. So that's, that's the few things we know. So we don't know a lot. We don't know a lot. We're going to come back to why we don't know a lot in a second is going to be important. Now, something more about knots are more fundamental. Like where does the where does that come from? Anyway? So they're like, well, us new low yet on be zenity fiddlerman. Lower ninang can yell guna Kikuna, then arriba Oh, yellowtop guna. Here to find the roof letters may be lamb Wow. And yeah, which means to lean. So they say they used to lean on it. They used to put put bow before it or they used to do throw off leaning in

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circles on it. Right? And that's why it's called that the thing you lean on or the thing you run around would be lots. So why do you worship not because it's this thing you lean on? That's why I lean on it. That that was their logic. Then other theory was originally alluded to so we will hedge Allah Hi, John Salama, Mata Agha Danny contagion, Angela, who was someone who be valid. They say there was a guy that used to when people used to go to HUD used to give them a lot of food and five on their way to hide, you would give them a lot of food. And when that guy died, he used to always be sitting by a rock when he would give them food. When that guy died. He disappeared. And they're

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like, oh, he went inside this rock and became a god. And since that guy's name was not, this became not and they worshiped. That's, that's a lot to deal with. But

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that's what they did. Anyway. Today is going to be a dad joke day just giving you a warning. Okay, frigid psyche who you are and who and the hula Mata color in the hula Miyamoto lucky now who doesn't a sutra. So I will do her for about an hour and they have a year 10 arbeiten actually, so we they said that he went in, he didn't die. He went inside the rock. So they started worshipping the rock of lads. Because the guy used to give them really delicious pizza. Anyway, so then we get to Arza. What is that? The more it's so Rosa is more recent than that. And monarchy. monarchy is older. That is older. So these two are the originals, the newest one. So there's a new kid on the block, okay.

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appears as a Theodoric element. I put the word Theo for it there. So you could feel like I'm really smart. I had to look it up too. So, this this material is taken from a research paper written by Sharif rondalla. You can look it up. He's done a paper on the you know, the ancient gods that are mentioned in the Quran, the false gods that are mentioned in the Quran. Anyway. So that means that what this simply means is you know, how they we say, Abdullah Abdul Rahman, and they said time will That's right. So Abdullah Rosa, are among those kinds of names came later on. They're not ancient names. And that tells you that it's not as ancient of a god. This was a newer development, it was

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like a 2.0 or 8.0. I don't know what version but that that's what it was an origins by the way, for those of you that are familiar with Arabic, Allah Rosa is the feminine form of as an as like, axon is persona and Akbar is called

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ra n is Rosa. That's where it was that comes from. Okay. So it's it's the female Mighty One the mightiest one. Okay. So that's that's how they think. And that's why the greatest goddess of the Quraysh was and Rosa, they dedicated Rivers and Ravines to her name. They also dedicated other places other than the Kaaba, this is US territory, there was this one area Colorado club. And they gave that dedicated that place as a sacred place for Oza. Until holiday Ben will eat came and said, We're done with that. And he was instructed to get rid of Rosa. Okay, that's the second goddess and then the third goddess monad is because monad comes alluded to many, and many amines, liquid or

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fluid. Sperm is also called money, but even blood dripping can be called money. And they said that she's called Menards. Because when women come near her, they start menstruating and they start bleeding and therefore our name became minute, wives. Okay, that's great. This is fantastic. Why do you believe in minutes? Let me tell you,

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this is why you should follow this religion. This is a really good reason. Okay. So a goddess this this was a goddess that was worshipped actually in yesterday, yesterday later on got called what? Medina so this was a goddess found in Medina, and they thought that hajj is incomplete until they go to Hajj and come back. And until they pay visit to Menards. Then the hedge wasn't complete. That's how much they revered minutes. Okay. Now

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get to the point that we have a lot of information about these are little. When you ask the question, what is the significance of large? What did large do for them? What is the origin story of that? I mean, I know the origin story for Thor and Odin. I know the origin story, you know, some kids who played god of war or whatever. They know the zoo story, at least the PlayStation version of it, not the Greek mythology version of it.

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What's the origin story of not what does he do? Why should you believe in him this what guidance does he gives you? Did he ever say anything that she rather ever say anything that was that teach you anything? Did you? What have you seen them do? Now the word seeing is really important because the previous passage

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was about the ultimate vision of who the Prophet SAW Salem, and that's what they were making fun of. Oh, he's he What did he see again? Oh, you're saying he saw Jerusalem and then he saw up in the heaven? And Allah turns that around and says, Okay, let's talk about what you see.

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So, have you seen that minute? And Arza afara a two lotta Palooza woman atta Sally and moneta teletype, the minute the third one that is further away. And okra, the other one because it was all the way in yesterday, right. So typhus close in yesterday before. So Manasa Thali, satin Austro. Farther away. Now, let me just, I want you to understand something, looking is two things, seeing as two things seeing as using my eyes and seeing is also understanding. Have you ever actually looked at this piece of stone? Like, just look at it? And do you see anything more than stone? Like really look at it?

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You know, you're questioning what the prophet sees and understands? Can you understand anything more than this?

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Have you ever? And the idea of seeing is to coming to believe coming to understand, you know, I've written here the question, do people think about these religions and then convert? Like, can you imagine somebody in ancient Arabia? So let me give you this, let me tell you about that. It's like a rock, right? And it's like, it's really big. And, like, you lean on it, want to go?

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I think you should convert, like, have they given compelling reasons. For any? No, they haven't. You know why people follow these religions, because they're born into families that follow these religions, because everybody else around them is following these religions. Is that because they see the truth in it for themselves? If they were told, don't ask questions, just do it. And the vast majority of people on this planet that follow any religion don't actually look into their own religion, including Muslims. Most Muslims on this planet are Muslims because they were born in a Muslim family. They actually don't know why they're Muslim. And in fact, the first exposure nowadays

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that they get to Islam is some kind of criticism of Islam, and they start questioning, why am I even Muslim? I never thought about it. Now that I'm thinking about it. I'm seeing a lot of issues. That's what happens to a lot of young people. Right? And then they go ask their parents, but their parents never looked into the religion themselves. They were committed to praying five times going to Hajj and all of that because that's what their parents told them to do. And that's what they did and they feel comfortable in it. They're in their comfort zone.

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So when they start getting asked questions that their son or daughter learned from Tik Tok from some famous atheist, then they're like

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Rukia Chai.

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So, the question Allah is asking afara item Have you seen means have you analyzed? Have you thought, have you looked at the evidences? And nowadays, atheists are asking that question, have you studied the universe? Have you studied science? How can you study science and believe in a God? How can you study science and believe in religion? They're the ones asking the question, and the fun thing is, Allah was asking this question before them.

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And Allah wasn't saying close your eyes, don't study the universe. Don't look at the signs. Don't look at, you know, he was saying, Ask, look, explore Sudafed, or some guru Kapha and hunk, go travel the world and find out how creation began. My God, this is a religion like no other religion. Even the religions of Arabia and other religions around the world tell you shut up and follow. That's what they tell you. And this religion says, Have you looked at what you're following? I want you to open your eyes and follow this religion not close your eyes and follow this religion. The rule of law here I love to see Latin I call to Allah with eyes open. That it's a revolution in religions.

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What religion tells you to study science? Now what is your thing? Religion is here sciences here.

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But this religion is telling you goes to this teaching you engineering, people of faith are like teaching how to build a wall like like, you know, Volker name is teaching engineering. You know,

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nowadays, anime is building you know, metallic like armor. They're crafting materials. Allah is telling you to travel and learn and explore, see rueful or traveling the land as and when you come across other religions, ask them questions. And you know what people do when they want to convert other people from their religion? You think some Christian that wants to convert people to Islam is going to come to me? Or is it going to come to like shifty acid or somebody more knowledgeable than myself or whoever, they're not going to come to them? When they look at you? They're like, looks like he doesn't know a lot about Islam. Let me tell him about Jesus.

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Because if because the idea is the less educated you are in your religion, the easier you will be to confuse, right?

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But you know, what the Quran did? The Quran said take these questions. Go ask the rabbis. Go ask the priests. Go ask the most knowledgeable people of other religions, these questions. Don't just go after the general public who doesn't know much go after the top

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and give them how to put Hana could bring your evidences, we'd like to see what's in your book to be talathi. But NUHA, bring the Torah and read it. Let's have this conversation. That's what the Quran is saying. The same thing he's doing here for a tabula rasa palsa from another 32nd, Oprah, you're comparing this. You don't even know where this comes from.

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You're comparing this and questioning what Allah has given to Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by way of Gibreel.

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Oh, but let me tell you the origin of your religions, all of your religions, instead of going into the origin story, I'll tell you the real origin, the real origin is a psychological origin. And that can move the Corolla Hold on. Oh, so you get, you only get sons. He only gets daughters. That's the origin of your genes. But this represents something much larger. This represents something about all other false religions. It represents something about all forms of shaped daughters were leveraged you, you follow a religion in which you have some kind of leverage. So the Catholic will say, Oh, Saint, whoever, right? And they'll have different kinds of saints. And then they were amulets of

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those saints. Right. But the saints I'm like, I mean, you guys downgraded even from Jesus, like one that just said Jesus amulet. No, because there's God and there's Jesus. And then there's the saints. But actually, after that, there's the disciples, and then there's the saints. Right? And so you're like four degrees down, but like I told you, you're not dealing with the principal, you're dealing with the teacher. Right? So they moved apartments down, and they deal with them. Why? Because this saint will have leverage will get my prayer answered. Right? They have some kind of leverage. And then sons were a strength and daughters were a weakness. So what a strong and preferable you want

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for yourself, and what is weak, you give to God. By the way, this translates into not just belief, but also into practice. So you can have people that when I was telling, like Allah says, the good things you won't achieve, goodness until you spend out of the things that you love, because love to people have to spend on the things that they don't love. Like, for example, in this country, when you donate, you can get a tax exemption, right? So it says

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tax deductible donation that you can give to 501 C threes, right? So registered nonprofits, etc. So you're like, well, this money was gonna go to tax anyway so

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we might go give it to Allah.

00:25:13--> 00:25:20

But what's the what's the IRS limit on deductions that will determine the limit of my donation to the message.

00:25:21--> 00:26:04

This is, this is a local vicar whether on fire nowadays, when you decide, oh, any more than this, this is beyond my comfort zone and under no, give Allah this is the version of daughters will keep the sons give him these funds are *ing Robert Campbell Bernie. Allah preferred for you to have sons with the 100 million melodica de Natha. And he took daughters from the angels I see. And Nikola Tesla Nikola Alima. Now the angels interestingly, because they were associated with daughters and they considered daughter's a weakness. The angels are being associated with weakness which directly contrast contrast what Allah says right before I nama WHO, WHAT

00:26:05--> 00:26:10

shahidul CoA. Now the thing is, let me ask the young men here,

00:26:11--> 00:26:18

if a young man who's working out strong, etc, and somebody passes by and says, How you doing girl?

00:26:21--> 00:26:29

If you if you call a tough guy or girl, what's gonna happen? You try that in a gym. If you ever go to a gym, and you see one of the biggest dudes, they're like, how's it going, girl?

00:26:31--> 00:26:35

What's gonna happen from there? I mean, nowadays, I don't know. I'm not sure what might happen. But

00:26:39--> 00:26:42

would they be offended? Yeah. Are you messing with man.

00:26:44--> 00:27:09

So when you call angels, females, and you associate them with weakness, and you're seeing all of these things, while Jabril on Instagram is actually around and the legions of angels are around? Do you even know who you're messing with? Like, is one that you're messing with Allah, that's already there. You're messing with Allah's Messenger sites on them. But you're also messing with the angels. Stupid. So it's

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like a it's a threat. It's actually a threat. And this is actually I told you about strands, right? Like each Surah has a strand, like the Quran strand in the beginning. This is a strand from selected board. So the tool Allah says, I'm lucky, I'm gonna hold Burnett, we're looking when when he's going to have daughters, you'll have sons, he asked the same question. Now he's bringing that strand up again. If we had more time in this week, I will show you the how that strand develops, like how was it talked about in that surah? And how was it talked about in this surah but I'm gonna let you do that the bar on that? Because that's kind of why you're here too. Right. So one more one last quick

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thing. Actually, it's not a quick thing, so I will not do it to do it. Now. I will stop here in Sharla and we will continue after the slot.

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section