Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P16 161D Tafsir Ta-Ha 95-104

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the theory that Jibreel's actions were part of a plan to save his success and the need for physical contact between individuals to avoid touching each other. The importance of acceptance of wrongdoings and avoiding sinful actions is emphasized, as well as the need for people to stay in their homes and avoid touching each other. The upcoming Day of Judgment is also discussed, with a focus on setting priorities and goals for the day.
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God, so Musa alayhis salam he realized how long was innocent? Who was the main guilty person samedi? So he addressed somebody he said from a horrible KSM. Video samedi, what is your case? What do you have to say? What were you thinking? What were you doing? Why did you do this? What was your motive?

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Follow? Simon, he said, bizarre to I saw Bhima that which led me up so they did not see. Notice the word bustle to sounds different right? Route is the same bell Sodre bizarre to see. It means to see and learn to observe.

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And how do you observe when you keep a close watch on something when you keep watching and keep looking at it? And then you observe it, you learn something out of it?

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Right? So for instance, if you want to learn about the behavior of children in a particular situation, you don't just look at them once and you pass a judgement. No, you do a proper study, you observe children, different children over and over again for a prolonged period of time. This is bustled to, right. So he said, bizarre to remind me. Absolutely. I saw something that others did not see. I observed something that others did not.

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I learned something that others did not.

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Fuck about too. So I took a handful.

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About two, I took a button, a handful of those, is that what you can take in your hand? So for example, they're sent all right, and you take a handful in your hand what is in your hand that is called Cobla.

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So he said, I took a handful of what have something men athletic Rasul from the track of the messenger.

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What does this mean? Some reports they tell us that samedi, he saw debris, right, he saw Angel debris. And this is something that's not difficult to accept, because Jibreel would come in the form of a human being even to the Prophet sallallahu. Where do you remember that time when he came in the form of a man and he was dressed in all white? All right, and he came, and he sat in front of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and he asked him questions, and then he left and the Sahaba were very, you know, surprised that first of all, who is this man and there are no traces of any travel on him? We don't know this guy. We've never seen him before. And look at the way he's asking the Prophet

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salallahu Salam, and when the prophets of Allah Islam gives him an answer, he says, You have spoken the truth. All right, so when he left, the Sahaba went, you know, they followed him to see where does he go, nowhere to be seen. So the prophets Allah was and told them that was Gibreel, who had come to teach you your religion,

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meaning he had come to teach you in this way. That these are the questions you ask him why he's asking questions, you learn the answers as well. So anyway, summary, at some point he saw Angel debris, right. This is something that is mentioned in reports in some narrations, and these narrations are mainly straw Ilia, meaning those versions that we have learned from the Christian and Jewish sources, so when he saw Gibreel, debris or horse or whatever, he he saw the track right in the sand. So samedi he had an idea, he said, You know what, let me take a handful of dust of sand from here.

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He's like, Oh Gibreel he stepped over here. Devine, you know, people also think like this. So for instance, somebody will say, Oh, this hair belongs to the prophets. Allah this hair of the Prophet said a lot of time and they will display it and people will travel from far and wide to just set their eyes on that hair. What proof do you have

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right? Or they will say different things about this is the shirt of the Prophet saw a lot of them are his turban, or they've displayed many things like that and they think these things are holy. So somebody he had a similar concept, he thought that sand would be very holy and it would have many amazing characteristics. So he said fuckable to cotton I took a handful of Gustin I saved it. Method of lawsuits which was soon as this messenger Do you believe? He said finibus to her and then I threw it through it were into the gold that was burning that was being heated which gold that the Bani Israel had dumped. All right.

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Why did I do this? Work at Valley Casa Willa cleanup, see, thus did my soul entice me? I just felt like it. I just had this idea and I wanted to do it, I did it. Now some scholars say that Simon, he made this up. Right? Because what he was saying was that the angel Jibreel wherever his horse stepped, you know that sand would turn into like us.

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lush green piece of land, it would have plants growing on it immediately.

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But come on life does not come from the footprints of Gabriel's horse, or does it?

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It doesn't. Who gives life? Allah subhanaw taala. Right. So basically somebody made this up in order to save his skin.

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He said, You know, I had an idea, you know, some people did talk in very philosophical terms. So he said, I had this idea. And I saw something that others didn't see. So I took a handful of dust, and I threw it in the gold and that gold turned into something living so that calf that I made it made a sound.

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And this is what people were impressed by. But it was a lie. It was all a lie. He made all of this up. Other scholars have said that what is mentioned over here is true. Meaning somebody did have this idea that others didn't have. He saw Gibreel and this was a test for samedi. This is just like the Bani Israel they were tested through how Rutan modeled. Remember how Roatan modeled the two angels who taught magic angels teaching magic and they will tell people that this is all a fitna.

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So this was a test for somebody that what would he do? And he led the people astray. A more recent contemporary opinion is that some scholars have said basalt to be male and you absolutely I saw something that people didn't see meaning I saw some problems in the teachings of Musa that others did not perceive for Kobato patata method results from the traces of the messenger meaning from his teachings. Yeah, I took a handful of teachings and I practice them for some time. But then I saw some problems in this theme finibus to her swipe through it. I threw this dino way and I made up my own calf. I made up my own idol I made up my own religion. What Cavalli Casa Willa clean up, see,

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and this is what I felt like doing. So I did it. Now, whatever happened? Allahu Arlin. What actually happened? All right, we see the excuses that the bunny is like you made and somebody made just to save their skin just to save themselves. But in reality, they had committed a serious error. What they were implying was, it just so happened, we didn't do it intentionally. The bunny is like you said we didn't do it intentionally. It just happened. We didn't do it deliberately. It happened. What a samedi saying, I had this idea.

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You know, my soul told me to my heart told me to so I just followed my heart. You understand? I mean, these are the excuses that we come up with as well, when we have done something wrong.

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Either we say, Oh, I didn't even realize. Or we say, I don't know, I just felt like, I just felt like, it just seemed like the right thing to do. You know, for example, somebody asks you, I'm in a lot of trouble. I am in a very deep relationship with a guy. Why? How did you get there? I don't know. It just so happened. I was like, I was pulled towards it. Notice if somebody was guiding me in that direction? Yeah, that was a pawn. And you just follow them.

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I realized this panel, if someone wants to be rightly guided the could we guide it? And it's all about us how much we want that guidance. And another thing I wanted to make a reflection on was first 94 proud when I listen, how he had so much patience, and was so gentle with Benny, so he had he act upon emotions, he would have divided that OMA and so much corruption could have came out of it. So it shows us the importance of Dawa nowadays, we live in a society where we're making Dawa and we would easily get mad, agitated, angry, or even our own fellow Muslims. Oh, she didn't do this house I gave up. But the cost of that can throw them away from Allah subhanaw taala, that every time

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they want to come closer to Allah, they will just remember you.

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important, because division is worse. Division is a much greater problem. So how old are they Saddam, his goal was to keep people together, keep them united. So anyway, the lessons that we learned over here from samedi and what the Bani Israel did was that, first of all, admit your mistake. You know, mistakes happen. And mistakes, such as worshipping the calf can also happen. You know, like the Sahaba, they had lived, practicing idolatry for a long period of their time. So there were times when they would say unintentionally, I swear by Latin or zoo, their idols.

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Why? Because Latin roots that was all that they would say before. So if they had to take an oath, I swear by Latin Erza Oh, what did I just say?

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You don't like if you have a bad habit, and you're consciously getting over it, but it takes time. Mistakes happen. Sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of a lack of a

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Tension whatever it may be, the prophets of Allah Islam told the Companions so when something like this happened, c'est la ilaha illa Allah.

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mistake happened. Now fix it. Right. So the first thing is accept it. Don't come up with false excuses with lame excuses. Don't blame your heart or blame something else. Take responsibility, the one who takes responsibility. He's the one who's doing Toba and the one who does Toba Allah who will guide him.

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The nothing we see over here is that I mean, samedi, you seems to be a different guy. All right, I mean, to be able to make a calf like that, and to be able to convince people to give him all their gold, right and turn it into a calf and shape it in a way that it produces a sound. He seemed very skillful. All right, and many people they have extraordinary talents that Allah subhanaw taala has given them and these talents must be put in the right direction, because if you don't put them in the right direction, these same talents will become your greatest fitna. They will misguide you, they will mislead you. You know, for instance, some people, they're really good at art, drawing

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stuff. Everybody can't do that. They're really good at it. And when you make something with your own hand, you know, for instance, a picture of a person or something. I mean, you're amazed by what you've done. You're impressed the whole world is impressed.

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But the same skill can be a source of misguidance and error and sin for you. Right, so you have to use the skill properly. You have to use the strength in the right way.

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Don't let it misguide you don't let it take you astray.

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Then another thing we see over here is that samedi he did what he thought of doing and people followed him blindly, without even thinking. So again, the same lesson we learn here is use your head. Another thing we see here is that somebody openly sidewalker daily Kosala cleanup. See my naps told me to do this. My heart told me I have followed my desires. I just followed my heart.

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So he followed his desire and when a person blindly follows his desires uncontrollably without setting any limits for himself that he cannot remain guided anymore. Carla Musala sallam said further go keep away from us. He said this to somebody, go keep away from us for in a liquor fill hayati, for indeed for you in this life and the cooler that you will say Lamesa us no contact misses from mass mass means to touch and Miss asphere all to touch one another physical contact, your punishment is that for as long as you will live, you will say no contact Don't touch me.

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Why would he say that? Why was he not allowed to have any physical contact as a punishment. So this could mean like there was complete social boycott, or he was in solitary confinement, nobody was allowed to touch him and he was not allowed to touch anybody, no contact. Or this could be understood in the physical sense that he developed some kind of disease or something that made him an untouchable, nobody wanted to touch him. And he did not want to be touched.

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He did not want to be touched. You see, as human beings, we need physical contact. It's a human need, you know, babies, they need to be touched, they need to be held, they need to be cuddled. And when babies are not held, they're not cuddled, it can actually have a very bad effect on them.

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It can develop many insecurities.

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Human beings, we need physical contact, we need to shake hands, we need a hug once in a while. It's something within us. But imagine a person who can have no physical contact with any human being. Any human being not even a handshake.

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Either was out of some disease or a low Arland what reason no physical contact, this is truly a punishment.

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But sometimes it happens that, you know at times a person's o'clock is so bad that people run away from them. They don't want to go near them. They don't want to touch them. They don't want to shake hands with them. They don't want to even hug them. And may Allah protect us from this. I have literally seen with my own eyes. A person who was treated like this. Nobody would touch them.

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Because of their o'clock.

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They were on good terms with nobody at all.

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Even the closest relatives.

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Now imagine you have a headache. You have a backache you want somebody to rub you, your sister, your brother, your son, somebody to rub you somebody

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sitting next to you, you know somebody whom you can just recline on just for fun, but nothing like that. And may Allah protect us. This is truly like you see over here. What happened to samedi

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and the cola lamb, he says, we're in the locomotory then and indeed for you is a promise meaning of punishment, learn to clarify that you will never be able to go against meaning this is just your punishment and the duniya lemma says, there is more to come in the law and that punishment you can never miss wonder and look Illa Illa Hector your God alidium Well, Darla here aquifer, that which you remained devoted to Walter.

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This means to continue to do something all day long, never stop. So you will remain dark, if to it an Urkel to be devoted. Look at this God that you made and you were so devoted to look at what we do to it, and then we're hurry. This is God, we're going to burn it. Some then Lenin Sefa, who we're going to scatter it's ashes were phillium me in the scene last fall with a blast scattering them completely known seen for NASA was to scatter Mustafa to blow something into dust, literally when something is blasted scattered away.

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How could this be your God. So we see that the calf it was burned and the ashes were scattered so that they remained nor remnants of it. Why because if they remain even few bits of it, it will call people to shake again. So this teaches us that if there's a calf in your life, something that is diverting you from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And each time you fail because of it, then you need to move away from it, you need to get rid of it. You need to remove it from your life. Because as long as it remains, it will be a fitna for you,

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out of sight, out of life. Anything that takes you away from Allah subhanaw taala. For instance, you know, music, for example, many people have a hard time getting over it, getting rid of it. And it doesn't just stop by telling yourself that's it, I'm not listening to it again, it stops. How by deleting all those playlists by throwing away. Now you don't even have CDs and tapes, right? You can just get anything anytime.

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Right? So for example, for me, one of my biggest fitness was television.

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Because I felt like it consumed a lot of my time. So 100 Allah, may Allah keep us firm on this, my husband and I, when we moved into our house, we decided that we were not going to get any kind of cable or anything like that. And if we do have a TV, then it's just for wheat. And it stays in the basement. It doesn't come upstairs because you have to go all the way down to play Wii and you have to be cold in the basement. So this is the only way.

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This is the only because you know what happens? You turn the TV on, let me see what happened on the news. Let me watch some news. Oh, yeah, there's an interesting documentary. And you know, it's okay to have fun. Sometimes it's good to know what's going on around the world. Yeah. So let me see what these people are watching. And let me see what's going on in the world. Let me see how people shop and how they dress up and how they treat their kids and one thing after the other consumes your life. So you have to

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eliminate for your own good, you have to discard it from your life, otherwise it will consume you. Allah says in Nima Illa, who come indeed your God is Allah. How could you forget him? Allah de la ilaha illa who, besides whom there is no God was the Arcola che in Elma and he has encompassed everything totally completely in his knowledge.

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What you need to know is, Who is Allah? How could you make an idol? Because you forgot Allah. So who is your God? Allah, he's the only God and he encompasses everything in knowledge.

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Because Allah Conoco, Swara Lake thus do We relate to you or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in unbury of the news, meaning we're telling you some news of what map Utsava of that which has passed of history, something you didn't know off. We're telling you, we're teaching you a lesson of history. What are the attina occur? And we have given you Mila Duna from us, Vic gras, a reminder and what is this reminder, the Quran because the Quran reminds you, and notice how it is the call, we have given you a reminder, because a reminder can be different given the time and the situation that you're in. So the story of Musa Lisanna it's a reminder, because in one situation of your life

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when you read it, it reminds you of one lesson five years later, teaches you something else two years later teaches you something else, man

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Oh hold on who? Whoever turns away from it meaning from this reminder that we have given an error while this to deliberately turn away whoever deliberately turns away from this Quran he doesn't believe in it doesn't follow it doesn't live by it for inner who then indeed he you may know he will carry yo ml pm on the Day of Judgment whizzes raw, a heavy burden, the heavy burden, wizard burden, meaning the burden of sin, but also the consequence of that sin. Allah has sent the Quran as a guidance for us, to remind us to teach us so that we can improve our lives we can fix our lives. And if we turn away from it, then who are we harming? Who are we harming ourselves? Because such a

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person will carry on the Day of Judgment, a heavy burden, holiday in a fee abiding eternally, they're in, in what in that burden. And in the consequence of that burden, that sin, that guilt of rejecting the Quran, and the consequences that it will bring? was Sir Allah home and terrible for them. yomo pm on the Day of Judgment, Himmler as the Lord meaning what a terrible load. What a terrible burden it is that they will carry.

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carrying a burden itself is embarrassing itself is a cause of pain. But this burden is not just referring to the burden of sin and guilt or rejecting the Quran, it's referring to the punishment that will result in rejecting the Quran in denying the words of God.

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And this is something serious. Holly Dena fee was salah, homeo multi Amity Shimla recitation all of Alma Foggo mocha yes

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all those to me man and me beef up on down to the bottom

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sell one at lean and see all

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whoa, whoa Eli,

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you can let me one genre yaki.

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was your leisure you

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come in

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can we do

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nothing with Pauly D Nephi. What's

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views 41 Moogerah AMI

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all get up off i Dunedain

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tomb Illa Shah national

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Luna body wanton tomb in

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So, with these verses, we reached the concluding part of pseudo Taha in surah Taha, we have studied, we learned the story of Musa alayhis salaam in great detail. And over here we are being taught lessons that we can learn from the story of surah Taha, and especially remember that sort of Doha was revealed in Makkah. At a time when the Prophet saw a lot Islam was facing a lot of persecution from his enemy. And in the story was great comfort for sort of loss of aloneness. And there's also great comfort for us. There were many lessons for him and there are also many lessons for us. So firstly, Allah subhanaw taala says in nama Illa, who como la who lady La ilaha illa, who was your

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Aquila, che in aroma, your true God is Allah Allah. It is not what your hands make. It is not the calf that samedi made. It is not something glittery of this dunya that attracts you that impresses you know, your god the one whom you should be striving towards? The one whom you should be living for is who

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Allah and He is the one who has complete knowledge. What's your color che in Elma? He has encompassed everything completely and totally in his knowledge because then he can acusa alaykum and Amber email called Subak wakad Taina, Camilla Duna, the crow over here stories of the people of the past have been related because in the story of Musa Arliss and it's not just the story of Musa we also learn about fit our own we also learn about samedi, we also learn about the mother of Musa RNA center, we learn about many people. So the people of the past why is it that Allah subhanaw taala tells us about them. Because in this is a lesson wakad attina Camilla Duna the Quran in this as a

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lesson you look at your history, you look at the past, you look at the people who went before you. What did they do? What right did they do? What wrong did they do? What mistakes did they make? And you learn a lesson from that? And this Quran, the entire Quran is a thick, it's a reminder, man out of iron who whoever turns away from it deliberately, meaning he deliberately leaves the book of Allah. He leaves this reminder, he gets busy with something else abandons the Quran and remember that turning away from the Quran is in several ways. You know, generally we think that turning away from the Quran means you reject it, you don't believe in it. That is one aspect. But there's many

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other ways of leaving the Quran. There is many other ways of deliberately turning away from the Quran. One way is disbelief. Another is that a person does not reflect on it. That these ayat Allah subhanaw taala has given to us not just for the purpose of memorization and recitation, but also for reflection. A reminder is not just to be read and reread and memorized, no a reminder needs to be benefited from So turning away from the Quran is also turning away from not learning from the Quran. Just reading, you know, studying and that's it stopping over there. The Quran was sent for guidance, it was sent as a reminder, and the reminder must be benefited from likewise another way of turning

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away from the Quran is not reciting it. The Quran was sent as a reminder as a guidance, but also so that it is recited the prophets of Allah Islam imagine he was to recite the Quran to the people. And sometimes the prophets all of a sudden would ask some of the companions recite the Quran. Recite for me, I recite to you now you recite to me, in Salah, the Imam has to recite the Quran out loud, and in other prayers, not just the UN, but every single person is supposed to recite the Quran silently for himself. Whether you're praying in congregation or you're praying yourself, recite the Quran. So the person who does not recite the Quran, what is he doing? He's turning away from the Quran. He's

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leaving the Quran. Another way of leaving the Quran is not using it for Shiva. Allah has sent us Quran as a cure, she thought, as a healing. And if we're sick, and we're fussing, Oh, I'm so sick. I'm so unwell. And the Quran is right there on our night table. But we're not reading it, we're not reciting it. Then we are turning away from the Quran even though it may be right next to us. If we're stressed out and the Quran is in our phone on a beautiful app, right? And we are stressed out because of what's going on in our life and we're tweeting about it and we're writing to the whole world about it. But we're not reading the Quran we are turning away from it. We are turning away

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from the Quran.

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Another way of turning away from the Quran is forgetting it that a person had memorized it. The person had learned its meanings, but then he forgot it. He abandoned it. He didn't apply it. He didn't review it. And over time he forgot it he got busy with other things. Other things became his priorities. And he neglected the Quran, man or Allah on who whoever turns away from the Quran. For inner who yeah Milou yo milk, Dr. Murthy wisdom, he will carry a burden heavy burden on the Day of Judgment. What is this heavy burden of sin of guilt. And remember that actions whether they're good or they're bad, they will take a physical form on the Day of Judgment. So the deeds which are being

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recorded in our records today, we don't see them, but they will take a physical form on the day of judgment. And this physical form of beads sins will be like a burden that a person will have to carry on himself. And good deeds on the other hand will carry a person your good deeds will carry you and your sins you have to carry them. So see what you want to carry. Man

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Hello Dawn Hofer in the WHO yami, Lujan milky Emirati withdrawal, Holly Dina fee abiding there in eternally, meaning the sin will be attached to the person forever. This guilt. You know, for instance, if you've made a mistake, a big mistake, then what happens even though you apologize. And even though you try to make amends, but what happens, stays with you for the rest of your life. Each time you think about it, this feeling of guilt and shame and regret and embarrassment overcomes you. But at least in this life, you can get busy with other things and forget about the mistakes that you've made. You know, you make settlement with your past, right, you come to some agreement, you

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try to get over it. But in the Hereafter, the sins that a person has committed, especially his neglect to the Quran, it will be attached to him forever. Our relationship with the Quran is a very serious relationship. It matters in this dunya and it matters even more in the even more. You see, there are certain things in our life, whether we give importance to them or we don't give importance to them, not a big deal. We take them lightly we take them seriously. Not a big deal. Certain people in our lives we give importance to them, we don't, okay, it will make some difference, not much. But when it comes to the Quran. When it comes to the Quran, remember there is a very serious

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relationship over here. This is something that cannot be taken lightly. Because this Quran is Allah's word, his message, his command, his gift, and if we take it the way it should be taken, this is a source of success for us. And if we turn away from it, and if we don't give it it's right, this is what will drive us to our eternal punishment. You know, like in the Hadith we learn Quran who Giotto laka our alayka this Quran has either an argument for you or it is an argument against you, there is no third option. There is no third option. It's either going to intercede for you and make you win make you succeed, or it's going to ruin you. So it's up to us what we want. If we want the

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Quran to bring the success, then we better pay attention to it now for our own good in this life and the next. And if a person turns away from the Quran, from its message from its guidance from its reminders, then he's only harming himself, man. Oh darn who for in the Huya Milou yo Malkia Matthew Wisla Holly Deena fee he was Sir Allah homeo milky Yamato Himmler, he, oh, my Yan fell off his soul the Day when the Trumpet will be blown. This day is near it certain it's coming. The day when Yun for who has sold a sword the trumpet? It will be blown by who by the angel is raffia? And what does that mark the beginning of the day of judgment, because the Trumpet will be blown how many times two

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times according to the majority opinion two times that the Trumpet will be blown. The first time that the Trumpet will be blown, what will happen? Death,

00:33:17 --> 00:33:19

death and destruction.

00:33:20 --> 00:34:02

You know in the Quran when we learn about the sun and the moon colliding and the sun losing its light and the seas the waters being set on fire. And we learn about 10 month pregnant she camels full term pregnancy camels being abandoned, meaning the most precious property even being abandoned. In Hadees, we learned that two people will be you know concluding their trade, their transaction one person is buying and the other is sending and they won't be able to conclude it they won't be able to finish it. So this is when when the Trumpet will be blown the first time all those were alive will die the mountains will be blown away. Everything will be destroyed. And then the second time

00:34:02 --> 00:34:36

the Trumpet will be blown. What will happen resurrection life all the dead will be brought back to life. So yo maroon for whoever's sorry, The Day when the Trumpet will be blown. We're not sure almajiri meaner and we will gather the criminals who was a criminal, someone who's guilty of a crime who's convicted, proven to be guilty. We're not sure oh my god Mina Yoma. In in on that day, how will they come? zuka they will come blue eyes.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:41

They will come with their eyes blue.

00:34:42 --> 00:34:56

The word zuka is the plural of the word as rock and as rock is someone who has blue eyes. What does it mean? Some have said that what it means by a blue eyes is that they will come blind

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

they will not be able to see

00:35:00 --> 00:35:33

Because the eye that is unable to see what happens, it loses its color. If you look at it any picture of a person whose eyes they don't work properly then what happens? They almost gray. Right? They lose color. And the white is not that clear either. Zuko so blind, gray and hazy. And this has mentioned elsewhere in the Quran as well. So to Israel is 97 When I showed him your will to mature Allah would you him early on? Well, boeckmann masama they will come blind, deaf and mute.

00:35:34 --> 00:36:28

Others have said that what it means by blue eyes is that they will be terrified and bewildered, terrified because of the horrors of that day. You know, for instance, when we say the term blues, blues, what does that mean? sad and depressed, right? There is no life. So Zuko, meaning their pupils faded out of the horrors of that day, extremely fearful, because the faces are also described in the Quran, right? The faces will be blackened, meaningful of gloom, sad, terrified, angry with themselves miserable in a miserable condition. So Yo Ma Yun Verhoeven sorry, when national moody Mina Yoma Eden, Zuko, they will come that day terrified, tormented. And also, if you think about it,

00:36:28 --> 00:37:03

the body when it's beaten, what happens to it does it turn blue? Yes, it turns blue, it's bruised. So their bodies, their eyes, their faces black and blue, bruised, as if the punishment has already begun for them. Yet the half a tuna Boehner whom they will murmur among themselves, they will whisper to each other. Yet the half a tuna from the word the half with half fat, and the half of it is to speak very quietly, very quietly,

00:37:04 --> 00:37:29

to whisper in such a way that you cannot be heard. You know, for instance, when you're talking to someone, you're whispering to them, sometimes your whisper is loud. You know, many times children are trying to whisper to each other. Right? They think they're whispering but they can be heard everywhere. Right? Or sometimes in class, what happens people are whispering to each other, but they still can be heard. The Halford is to whisper in such a way that you cannot even be heard.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:38

That only if somebody is looking at your mouth or they're really trying to listen to you, then they can tell that you're saying something.

00:37:39 --> 00:38:26

You don't in the Quran we learn well I have to have it be her in Salah when you're performing your Salah, don't perform it completely inaudible don't do the half in Salah. rather find a moderate way that don't be too loud and don't be completely silent. So yet the half a tuna Vayner home. They will try to talk to each other but they will be so afraid they won't even make a sound. They will whisper they will murmur. But they will be afraid to even make a sound yet the half a tonal Boehner home and what will they try to tell each other in Lubbock stone you did not stay meaning in the world enlarge ah, except 10 days. You only stayed in the world for how long 10 days,

00:38:27 --> 00:38:34

meaning the life of the world will seem so short to them, when they will see the horrors of that day.

00:38:35 --> 00:39:23

The horrors of the Day of Judgment will make them forget the long lives they have enjoyed the days and nights that they have spent in amusement, they will forget that the whole dunya the whole life will seem to them like 10 days such a short amount of time, meaning it will seem so insignificant. It will seem so little soul less compared to the eternity now that they will face in the hereafter in Lavista Illa Shah but what happens today? What happens today we think that we're not here for 10 days, we think that we are here for 10 millenniums. And that is how we live our lives. That is how we plan our days and we plan the temporary things and the temporary events of this life. But the

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

fact is that on the Day of Judgment, it will seem like just 10 days, Allah says now we are our Alam will be my opponent. We are most knowing of what they say. Meaning even when they're whispering to each other. In a very inaudible way. Still, Allah knows very well what they're saying to each other. If you're calling meaning they cannot hide from Allah. Nothing will be hidden. If you're Kulu when he will say who will say I'm selling home, the most exemplary of them. I'm selling from memes LM method.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

Example. And third most exemplary, meaning someone who cited as an example, someone who's taken as an example, someone who's taken as a role model someone whom you emulate. In other words, the best of them, the best of people, in what embodied in way, meaning in lifestyle. So in other words, the people who are the most elite, the most sophisticated of them, the most exemplary of them in culture, you know, people who are most successful in their worldly lives and who are such people generally were most successful. People were very knowledgeable, people who are very wealthy people who have a lot of experience, right? Such people even I imagined the big names that we learned in

00:40:45 --> 00:41:07

history, big, big names, people who have had great influence in how this world has been shaped and how societies have been shaped and how different countries you know they've been formed. Think about the big, big names. Allah says, if you go to M saloon, Thalia cotton, what will they say it love Islam in LA Yo Ma? No, you only stayed for a day.

00:41:09 --> 00:41:13

You didn't stay in the world for 10 days, you stayed only for one day.

00:41:14 --> 00:41:32

Now imagine if there are some days in your life in which you've had a lot of rich experiences. You saw many things you met many people you learned many things you affected many lives than those days you remember, isn't it? You remember them really well.

00:41:33 --> 00:42:03

But the days that you spent doing nothing? What does that seem to like? Like nothing? A few hours, a few moments. Now imagine people who have lived the most rich lives and I don't mean rich in terms of money, rich as enrich with experience with influence. Even their will say on the Day of Judgment that no no no, no use that only for one day. All their experiences will seem like a day.

00:42:04 --> 00:42:14

What is the value of this duniya then what is the value of this life then compared to the affair? How much is it that we worry about this one day?

00:42:15 --> 00:43:10

How much is it that we are concerned over this one day? We want to make this one day perfect. We shop for hours. We worry and we discuss and we read and we read reviews and we spend hours and hours going after this dunya but akhira which is eternal? How much time is being invested for that? Is the goal and Saloum Talia cotton Illa wisdom li OMA insalata Nazir I have 46 Allah subhanaw taala says unknown yo Morona La Miel Basu Illa i She yet and I'll do ha ha. That they will think that they remained in the world only for an evening, or a morning and evening or a morning not even one day, not even one day. This is how insignificant this world will seem on the Day of Judgment. So here we

00:43:10 --> 00:43:15

all need to ask ourselves, how much are we preparing for what is everlasting?

00:43:16 --> 00:43:39

And how much are we preparing for what is temporary? For that which will seem so insignificant, so meaningless. We need to set our priorities right. We need to really see what we want. What is more important Subhanak Allahumma Hambrick Nisha de la ilaha illa Anta Mustafa, Luca one or two boylee Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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