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The segment covers various topics related to the book "medallion," including the history of its recitation, the use of "has" and "has been" to describe the creation process, and the recitation of "has" and "has been" to describe the process of creation. The segment also touches on the upcoming competition for a title and a title.

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this medallion develops after semester lesson. Federal capitalism sisters welcome through the end gems session number two, episode number two. Yesterday we talked about a fancy hat and the little intro about a solid to Bukhara today inshallah Tada In fact, the coffee is today they will recite from page 27 Until page 51. I'm not going to choose a port every day for the for the next 10 days, I believe 15 days 10 days they will be reciting about issues and border so that they can complete the recitation of the Quran. And by the night of the 2017 Sean was right. So, similar to yesterday, I only briefly spoke about soil especially what is

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covered in the first use of Surat Al Baqarah. Bacara is number two and it has 286 verses and it is so hot.

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saw the Fatiha is Mattia, well I saw that Alberta is Melania which means it's been revealed in Medina. Well as Al Fatiha is revealed in Mecca. What do we say? And here's the gem for all of you please note down the gems because we're going to be in sha Allah to Allah testing, you got these gems 286 verses in solid Alba. So if you want to know how many Iraqis was and how many were the resource, you take solids as baccala 286 28 weapons and 86 Madani

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286 28 So us peace was at 86 of us our readiness was this I was in terms of the working and whether this was the prophet Muhammad that is says with regard to follow up, he says, Don't make your homes like the graveyard like the graves. So this is for the shape and yen from industry by info when based in topography history. For the State Bar, he runs away from the home and vice versa. It's been recited in any way.

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In fact, as soon as that you recite every three days as the Prophet Muhammad wrestles, who says in your own, and Shavon will not enter an approach your hope for that three days, every three days we recycle for those of you who don't know how to maybe you can put in some tape or some on your app or whatnot, and let it know that it resized selected on your behalf. The Prophet Muhammad also says with regards to sort of alcohol, he says he's salt now sold out. He said I hate to say that,

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if God was away, and he says if God was one of the resorts in Africa Baraka was in, in the harmonica, what are called hustle up one day is totally ruined, but Allah, we can say highly sophisticated, Muslim, Muslim, says, really so the optimal Gokarna for in the US the poor, if you were to take on it, if you were to recite it, adopted and uphold on it, it says it will be Binaca it will be Baraka in when we say Baraka, it's a blessing blessing in your life. Listen in the conversation with your children, listen at work all types of Baraka. And then he says what?

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If you were to neglect it, it will be a regret for you, because we have given up on so many goals, what are your stop the Rohan Bacala. And for the magicians, those who practice black magic, the the ran away from it, they cannot take it they cannot confront sort of the backdrop because the provenance is so is recited in your home. Approach your home. Yesterday, when we talked about the very first

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topics covered in South Africa, we said very first that Allah subhanho wa Taala he spoke about the multiverse. And then he spoke about the Cephalus. And then he spoke about the Illuminati, and that Allah Subhana Allah that he was talking about, he said, and the story of Adam and the creation of this universe, and then Allah has talked about Musa and when he was 14, and the story of the cow and historically that is the slogan of the cow. And here maybe the gem I would take from it is with regard to butters have been asking too many questions about the cow, this cow what color what kind of what size? You know, this is what can we take from this if you were to when the Prophet Muhammad,

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Allah uses this and then you start asking questions or doubting or asking for effect was or shopping. That was, this is something that can mimic in medicine.

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Do as Allah says, do as the Prophet Muhammad as soon says, Don't keep doing what better is or impede well by the order was was very, very transparent and very clear. In fact, what they were doing instead is they were repeating the orders of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Subhana Allah

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Pamela pop them out. Now, she was members to the client, he started with one of the most in fact, if our just to concentrate on this area, it will suffice when he says lady said fearful and one rule is that when you show up and pivot and

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when a kingdom builds on me,

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he says righteousness, ALLAH SubhanA His righteousness, it is not that you will face you know your your total drunken criminal. Yeah, it's somebody who may say, I pray, I'm good unrighteous, I'm here, I'm righteous, I gave some righteous, I volunteer I'm righteous.

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They said Bill and

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this is the bill is in fact, it's a comprehensive term that comprises all the above and we will be left with the option to be also equally yoked with the FDA we weren't allowed to give so many criterias with regard to what actually righteousness is met and then built. So this is another amazing gem that may take from this, the beginning of the second juice of Surah Al Baqarah. And then right after that Allah has also talks about Allah see, yeah, when Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, quick Eva la comida ha Hello Heather Cohen mode, and it had an impact on we'll see, as we write in all of trombone, I will say it is the wind. And today in fact, we personally I went to my lawyer and

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I had to renew my web and if you have not done so, please do and renew or at least have you ever seen before the Prophet Muhammad says, You cannot sleep at night entered and endless you have your will written you will will you will see your Salah, so she talks about it in sort of, in that setting she was and then Allah azza wa jal right after the last year he talks about as I mentioned, disciples and sisters I cannot give the hat to this for an ecologically perhaps a good translation because every point requires a football school series but here because it's called N gems I'm only summarizing and giving you the golden summary of what's been recited out what will be recited today

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inshallah to Allah so I ask Allah to forgive me and I asked you also to forgive me you know because I'm not giving the happen to this translation or to this literacy and then Allah subhana wa Tada right after Moses I'm talking about a cm No wonder I see I see I will

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also CM has been prescribed upon you when you go to a doctor he gives you a prescription and that prescription is mainly for a physical

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some physical health problem or whatnot. But here Allah subhanaw taala does is put you back in a coma cm cm has been prescribed upon you as has been prescribed on people before you what kind of prescription was cm is cm gives you a cup prescription here talking about not only physical issues, physical issues, mental health, physical health, spiritual health, all types of health it you will find the cure in ASEA because Allah subhanho wa Taala when he says also in the same solar in the same area was

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what is the energy of

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water so high

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and fasting is better for you if you want to go so as it talks about cm and then he says about the beauty or in fact what you get amongst the

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consult you may acquire self consciousness and self consciousness and then right after that no one has this is no coincidence here we were talking about Marcia wherever there was a toxic boss Yeah, and it's actually shocking oh my god, that was

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why Siyam what this is what we're doing here we're fasting insulin resistance of the Quran. Quran has been revoked revealed in the mouth of an elder right after that Allah subhanaw taala talks about this is exactly what is happening in Ramadan we make dua we fast with Allah is this is what he does set out a cookie that way that says I can be buried underneath the body but

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either way my servers ask you about Me Oh Mohammed I am near I answered the call of the needy. When I was a deputy that right after that, guess what a lot of talks about was ancestors

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from a fever or shape and diseases they also have chocolate today. Right after Ramadan comes another blessing month or best months with the s one is the month of the fasting and then after Ramadan comes in the other month and Eliza direct after that he talks about in the swamp. What is that month or the months?

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Not sure what

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was this headfirst has boosted everybody's heads because we saw the exam. Chocolate theory about has one has Zack who said his year? Nobody

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Are you sure

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I'm just this sisters if you sell has given them the chocolate as well. It will help now why has this is what we need Ramadan for in order to earn the spiritually the spiritual uplifting to get ready for Hajj ALLAH SubhanA wa Genesis again about how I think.

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And then he talks about the drought that some people are making. Here's another journal. Here's another one. He says feminineness in my opinion are better

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women are Mahamaya

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duniya has in Atlanta has now working at Urban now here's the beauty. Some of us when we make that dua Allah is teaching us what kind of dog to make and what kind of not to make, he says and for some of the people they serve, and if you do need some people, the only as the the matter of the dunya the beauty of the dunya the beauty of this world Walla Walla, find the wife you have one Oh ALLAH find me a wife

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Oh Allah grant me a husband. Oh Allah grant me a car Allah grant me this all the only the dunya but they forget about the African masala is saying they only get what they have asked for in the dunya. But ask for the dunya at the ashram, this is the best when he asked for the good of the dunya and the good of the Afra.

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Tanya, what?

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Allah, here's the beauty, you making the off with this dunya and also making the effort to save you from the punishment of Allah. So that's a gentleman.

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And that right after that Allah talks about gun, I'm almost done. 30 seconds, let's talk about chicken Rudy's lunians of

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Nikesh lunians Allah, the right after that talks about this kind of the gap and who to marry and who not to marry, marry my son I don't really like Lucy cat. And what happens with what's more important about Anika is actually what happens right after the guy. And then right after that Allah subhanaw taala talks about it again back to business law, and the study of Giroud. And how Allah azza wa jal talks about what he explains that the Messiah comes from Allah subhanho wa Taala for a moment we lack the victory comes from Allah azza wa jal, although the Muslims were outnumbered but Allah subhanho wa Taala says for has a moment or two general Hikmah well hello Malaysia so Allah subhanaw

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taala give the believers and Musa the victory and after that talks about going to

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the best

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the best area in small towns

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don't even know what to say because the YouTube okay

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here we go.

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I have to record see brothers and sisters why I get to go see. Why should you recite it in the morning when you should you recited before you speak Why should you recite it after every slide. The Prophet Muhammad says for those who recite the sight of KUSI after Abu Salah if that person was to die, nothing would prevent them from entering

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the islands.

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And then this is the end of the Jews that will be recycled in the Big Shot. I ask Allah to bless you to extend from you. We have three competitions happening sharper and fatter. This competition is about the miracle memorizing the names of Allah, which I'm about to have this month of Ramadan second competition, memorizing solar as

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too much on Monday.

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Everybody softwash man, number three, we have an athletic competition. So those of you who want to test their voices a shout out and come forth we will do that competition as well in sha Allah Who bought a coffee comes

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from right now