Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2023 – Reviving the Spirit #03

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran in Islam is the only time it occurs during the month of madness, and it is crucial for individuals to read and practice. It is also the only time Allah speaks during the month. Visitors are encouraged to read and practice the Quran, as it is the most important message ever. The holy month of madness is emphasized as it is the only time he speaks during that time. Visitors are encouraged to spend time with the Quran, as it is used as a means of understanding and expression.
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Fisher Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Allah has blessed us as being part of the ummah of the Quran Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are Allah Allah He was happy edge main. This month of Ramadan is not just the month of fasting it is the month of the Quran, SHA Ramadan and Mehdi Zilla feel or an Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah that the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. And that's the only time shout Ramadan is mentioned in the Quran in its name like that. And immediately after that Allah does not speak about the fasting but rather he speaks about the Quran. Now one of the things we need to realize is for

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Allah to give so much of importance to the Quran every single year, and to let this month come back every year, he could have said it's once every 10 years or like Hajj, once a lifetime you guys have to fast No, he said every year this month of Ramadan will keep coming back. And what you need to do is you need to read the Quran, understand it, put it into practice, correct your recitation, it is my book, I've sent it to you, I want you to give it importance. It's the most important book in existence. It's the most important message ever. It is the message of Allah. It is that which Allah wants you to know. It is what your maker whom you're going to return to what you'd like you to read,

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to go through to understand the context. You may for example, have questions you will get those questions answered, bearing in mind that the way you grew up, you might not see certain things as normal because of the way you grew up. Because of the way you were indoctrinated as you were little. But if you had seen other societies, other communities, other nations, other civilizations and the way they did things, you would probably realize you know what, we were actually wrong and backward. As much as we thought we were so civilized. Mashallah. So the criteria is the Quran That's why Allah says, Who the leanness you are bina 10 Min alHuda, one for con, Allah shows you the this is guidance

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for mankind. And at the same time, the signs of guidance and criterion criterion meaning, not only does the Quran show you what's right and wrong, but the Quran will give you or when you practice upon it, it gives you the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, because that ability is something that very few have, very few nations have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. And if you take it further down, very few people have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. If you'd like the divine ability

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of distinguishing between right and wrong, it is in Revelation,

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you will get that God given gift of looking at things and saying this is not right. For example, when it comes to acts of worship. As believers, we say we should worship our Maker alone. I don't want to render a single act of worship to anyone or for anyone besides my makeup.

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This is the month of Ramadan is the month of fasting but Allah is polishing our acts of worship, he's polishing on discipline, he's polishing for us so much more knowledge of who he is what his message is. He says it's important and for this reason, you see, over time, the scholars have taught us and our predecessors have taught us that you must try and cover the entire Quran at least once during this month of Ramadan. I know some people are weak, some people are slow. And it might take you to Ramadan, it might take you three Ramadan, but you need to cover it from the beginning to the end. And this is why in the month of Ramadan, most of the messages, most of the massages which is

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the plural of masjid or the houses of Allah, the places of worship, they would be reciting the Quran from different parts, many of them would love and they do cover from the beginning to the end the entire Quran in the night prayer. But the problem is many of us enjoy the melodious recitation, and we say, Oh, wow, this guy reads so well. Did you understand it? No, I didn't. But it was so lovely. The reading was absolutely stunning. Mashallah, it was but the question is the right of the Quran extends way beyond a melodious recitation. Are you going to make an effort to understand this Quran when Allah has given it to you? It's the guidance, the Book of guidance. That is the eternal Book of

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guidance Subhanallah Allah has given it to you have it

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It's there. It's like people telling me you know, I'm looking for this and this but you've got it right with you, no one else has it Subhanallah meaning you have it you're part of the Ummah the Ummah has it, the others, they don't even want to look at it Subhan Allah but members of the Ummah are not looking at it, what's going to happen? Allah subhanho wa Taala says a fella yet at the Barone Al Quran what a beautiful reminder blessing will they not ponder deeply over the verses of the Quran over the Quran? Subhan Allah, Allah says, We must ponder over it versus the whole reason why the Quran was revealed was in order for for the verses to be reflected upon.

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Bo D Wiley at that gala on

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a book that we revealed, speaking about the Quran,

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bless it, it's pleasant, you know, we say Ramadan is a Mobarak month Mubarak means bless it. Bless it. So Ramadan is a Mubarak month. Allah says this book is Mobarak. The Quran is Mobarak. Allah says that Mubarak on it is blessed it Lea de baru, it revealed it in order for its verses to be pondered over while he attacked Cara oil above and for it to be a reminder for those with sound intellect. So if you're really intelligent, really sharp, really, really intelligent, you will look at the Quran and let it be a means of you. achieving greater understanding and pondering over its verses and looking at what the Almighty has said. It's amazing, it cannot be wrong. That is the word of Allah,

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the Quran itself. Many people have some things to say about the Quran, meaning people who who are not Muslim, perhaps people who dislike the Quran or dislike the Muslims, they've tried to find fault in it by saying something or the other that seems negative. In all honesty, if you know the context in which verses were revealed, and you understand the verses, and you've learned how to adopt rulings from that, or you've seen, or you have learned rules that have been extracted from the Quran by the experts, you then begin to understand everything and it becomes clear. It is a book filled with goodness, with justice, with kindness, with high morals and with so much of benevolence. Allah

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Almighty has revealed these books over time, many of the books unfortunately, their authenticity is known to have been perhaps lost.

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But the Quran, one brother was asking me, How do you know the Quran is the correct book. And there are so many things I could say. But it needs a heart of a believer to understand this. And to be fair, and just to you name all the books that you believe were revealed by the Almighty name all of them. Take a look at one of them that has the least discrepancies according to the enemy. That's a good question. The one that has the least discrepancies according to the enemy. You know, in Arabic, there is a saying that true virtue is what the enemy has actually borne witness to. So if the enemy is bearing witness to something, and that is true virtue, at least the enemy will say that this the

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Quran has the least discrepancies from all the other books available. And we as believers will say, well, to us, it is no discrepancies SubhanAllah. So it's either one of the two, the believers say no discrepancies, those who don't like it, or who are enemies or who consider themselves, for example, not following it. They'll say look, we must admit, if we're fair, we must admit that this has the least discrepancy. So that's it, you're either following it because you believe that it's the best and there's no discrepancy, or you've got to admit that is a V book. So this is why we say it's the gift of Allah. And when Allah has gifted us to this degree, make use of that book, read it. Like I

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say, we need to put into practice what we read, and what we understand from that which we're supposed to be putting into practice and therefore it will change the way we think it will change the way we look at things. We become reliant on the maker himself. We don't become angry and agitated over anything and everything. You know, we know where to channel our energies. We know what to become upset with what not to we know the level and limit of say

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adness we know the level and limit of happiness. All this is from the Quran. Allah tells us not to be too attached to things that we find on Earth, we are attached to the maker, the giver of life, he gave life to everyone, he will take life away from everyone whenever he wishes. Those who don't have children, for example, pray to Allah for children. When they get those children, they say my children SubhanAllah. And that's not a bad thing. They are your children, but temporarily, ultimately, they belong to Allah. So Allah says, We gave them to you, we took them away, it was just a short span of time we entrusted you. With this, we allow you to enjoy and to say, my child and my

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son, an example are my daughter, and we allow you to mix and to enjoy and we gave you company while you're on Earth, live your life in such a way that you will have the best company in the hereafter. So the Quran, my brothers and sisters, how much effort are you making? How much effort are you making? To study it to learn it? To read it? Do you spend some time on a daily basis? Are you prepared to make some more time knowing that every letter you read, you're getting a reward and in Ramadan, you're getting a greater reward? And if you don't speak the Arabic language, yes, it is important, very important to read it in Arabic, but it is equally important to understand its

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meanings in the language that you know. So give it half half of your time. I'm going to spend half the time doing this and half the time doing that in that way, you will definitely achieve great success because if you don't make the time and discipline yourself, you're not going to achieve my brothers and sisters this Ramadan is Ramadan with a difference. I am going to spend much more time with the Quran and I invite you all to spend maximum time with the Quran and to promise Allah that even beyond Ramadan, I'm going to ensure that I use my time wisely and spend some time with your word your book in order to understand the message and enjoy it. A cold call we have a sallahu wa

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salam ala Nabina Muhammad Laila to call the

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The Quran: A Lifelong Companion and Guide

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