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The speakers discuss the flaws of traditional misogyny and the importance of pursuing advancements in one's path. They also touch on the use of words and phrases to describe experiences and emotions, and the importance of pursuing one's interests and one's own success. The segment also touches on the flaws of traditional misogyny and the importance of pursuing advancements in one's path.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was Hobie H Malyan or

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Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Ramadan mubarak. I pray that Allah accepts from all of us are good deeds, that Allah allows us to

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benefit from this Ramadan sees this beautiful and wonderful opportunity and worshiping and we asked him to make us among those who

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stand in prayer and fast we seek and recite His words. And to make us for among those who end up among the the winners at the end of of this month.

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And Sharla here at Ohio, we're going to have

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three sessions every week. And when we were thinking about the topic, or a specific topic for these, this kind of series Ramadan series

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after some thought, I decided to

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do some readings from a very, very beautiful book. It's not usually, I'm not sure for some reason it has not. I have not seen it. I've not noticed this. It's well known in the Western world, or among the English speaking Muslims. But in the Arabic language, the book is actually one of his like, it's more of a classic. And this book has a very like it has a story as to how it was written or why it was written. And it's why the famous Imam Ibn Kodama al Mcebisi, Abu Mohammed, remand, medical Kodama and Mcebisi. He's a great humbly scholar. He was born in Nablus in Palestine.

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And as a child, then his family moved to Damascus.

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His brother was ever his father was a scholar. His older brother was a great scholar as well who passed away before even Kodama himself.

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He studied in Baghdad for about four years and that's where he got his like solid profound, scholarly grounding. And then he returned to Damascus and became the Imam of Damascus, he became the Imam of the families in Damascus. And

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the scholars hold him in high esteem, he has a left a tremendous amount of books, very profound books.

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His book under a lamp along the field,

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which is a very basic introductory but very solid

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introductory work into the Henneberry film.

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And he also had the probably none other than the the book and move money, the famous book of a morning

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and it has been able to sit down with him a lot and one of the great Muslim scholars he said

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Malbec Neff Siebel, fatwah 11 by Dr. Natomas Hatim in

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alimony and only is is an insightful encyclopedic work when it comes to the field. And

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again at Lehman humble sorry Mercado and this is actually very well known for this. So I just want to

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even see me shuffle sound to me, I'll have a lot to add. He said about even call them and McCurdy see that no one into the sham or no scholar into the sham who's more knowledgeable. Or after that was it as an Imam, even Madonna. There's many, many other like other

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beautiful quotes about Him and praise for him from great scholars. So he was a scholar of the top class. He was called of the top class with Mr. Lovell to Allah.

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And he was known for his good character. So one of his characteristics was that he always smiled all the time. He smiled he wasn't a very sweet character, they said even he got into debates and he would just smile all the time. And this gave him a great advantage. So he was known for that. So this was one thing is company was beautiful people who spend time with him just fell in love with his beautiful with his beautiful character may Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon

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Man had been Kodama died, just want to make sure that I get the date right.

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Let me see, I think it is 600

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think as far as I remember 620 Yes, he actually died 620. Exactly. And it was the day of Adel fertile. It was the first day of the month of Shawwal, straight after all, on the day of Eid, he passed away, and he was buried in Mount casseon, which is obviously known in Damascus.

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So I don't want to spend a lot of time just speaking about dama although there's much to be said about him, may Allah have mercy upon him, he was upon as he said, The Henneberry school of thought went up. And in terms of Arcadia, he was known for his again, selfie Arcada for his

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his again, he was he was against what you were you could what we would school to speak which is

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likening law or comparing a lot His creation, which is on one extreme. On the other extreme, he was against, again,

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interpreting the literal meaning, or the direct meaning of the, of the texts and especially specifically speaking about the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he was upon the Salafi authority or data in general.

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So what's the story of this book? And

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so I want to actually because Kodama himself in the introduction, he himself actually tells the story of this book, so I'm going to leave it for him. And, and the way we will go with this book, Inshallah, to Allah is that I will be reading from the book, specific sections that I find to be most useful and most relevant, and they're very unusual, there's a lot of unusual things you will you will notice, especially his advice, his practical advice is very unusual, but very helpful, extremely helpful. And this is a beautiful perspective that we lack in these days that we really need. So this is why I thought it was it was a suitable choice for this Ramadan and it's, it's again

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it catches the spirit of Ramadan, the spirit of worship, because he talks about worship and once we start talking about the story of the book, you will know you know how this book actually can help us

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come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and and maybe inshallah make this a very good Ramadan. So he starts with praising the last panel to Allah, which I'm going to skip because callers love to do this in a very rhyming fashion. And sometimes again, it's just we can summarize summarize it in the sense that it's praising the last ones starting with his name, and sending Peace and blessings upon Oh Prophet Muhammad SAW lives and so when I skip this, and I'm gonna get into his first statements afterwards, he says, we're about to do for iniquity contour off to moderate and Allah Kitab Minh had your Casa de initiation enamel animal had generally been YBNL Josie

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clean, so he says, I in the past, I came across, or I saw the book or I read the book, which is called manhandle pasady in the path of those who are seeking the last panel to Hana by a chef, the Great Chef, the unique chef, demanded the IGNOU Josie even though Josie is a very famous humbly scholar, obviously he's known for many books, and he was a very prolific scholar you wrote in so many sciences

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one of his famous books is in mobile ads the the fabricated Hadith, and it was, it was a turning point in his time because

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a lot of fabricated and weak Hadith specifically fabricated Hadith was circulated even among unfortunately learned people and scholars that would use them because they did not pay good attention to the science of Hadith. So they would just take whatever Hadith they were in the books and without scrutinizing them. So when Imam had been Josie was was a hadith and also fapy and was while someone a very good in reminders, and

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his works actually attest to this, so unlimited Josie is not even a team okay, it's not even a human Josie yet some people mix both and Elaine came later on in the Josie came before him

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About probably around maybe 200 years, roughly 200 years before if not a year. So it's important to differentiate between these two.

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For example, one of the famous books of

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of eminent Josie is seydel harder, you know, hunting passing thoughts and I say this is a very literal translation it's very beautiful profound and very, as a sharp book, it shows you the intelligence of this man and the beautiful mind that he had.

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So one of his books was min had uric acid in the path of those who are seeking Allah causes the one who's searching or the one who is actually

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who has identified a goal or a destination and is walking or advancing towards this, this is a concept so ascidians the plural so those who are on the path to Allah span renders the name of this halacha is actually the path is called the path.

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So he says

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and by the way, when hydroxyzine by eminent Josie is a summary, not properly, it's a summary and some sort of a purified, refined version of the overly memorization is book here. alumi Dean, okay, which is a classic, very famous book,

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huge work

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very encyclopedic and it shows the, the depth and breadth of the knowledge of of Azeri, but also had a lot of points of criticism, a lot of serious flaws that so I'm not claiming decided to refine it, purify it, and summarize it. So he and the product was been has you'll pass it in. Now, even odana actually came to the abridged version, and he abridged it further and purified it further. So he's gonna tell us the story. So he says, I came across the book of an agile Cassadine by email Josie

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for a to whom in urgent need to be working very hard. I found it to be among the best books and the most beneficial work 30 half hour, it has a lot a lot of benefits and tips and practical

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practical points for hustler there NDB Mocha, and actually, like it sort of secured a good place in my heart. Well, I have to feed sad he will not I love it. So I sought to get a copy of the book and to read it, for that matter, molto Thani. And when I

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contemplated the book, I started the book a second time as well. Was it to folk Americana fi NFC, I found that the book is actually even greater or have more value than I

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recognized in the first time, like an array to keytab suit on via but I found it to be a bit lengthy, but to know only caminhada mozzarella, the tower that actually my kasidy agenda demo he met here with our ad. So I loved to

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make an abridgment of the book, which would capture the majority the vast majority of its intent and its points and benefits.

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And the most important ones, see why am I look at our any human Mr. Lavoie, he'll get into dialogue will follow with the exception of some the beginning of the book

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that spoke about, again, the branches and these were specifically about rulings about specific rulings about acts of worship, etc. For in how much volatile if you could only 15 was difficulty being a nurse, it can make sure the middle key Saudi Arabia ironic, because these issues are very well known, very documented in the books of course they are available, everyone has access to those books, so they can go to them. And these, again, detailed explanations about 50 jurisprudence matters. They were not the point behind the book in the first place. So again, I you know, excluded them from my abridgement. When I'm elitism thinking we'll have our trilateral TV where the Creole

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fell the EBI uni, and I did not commit to keeping the order of the topics or the benefits in the book or even preserving its very wordings but the color tobacco herbal manifesto leftist, but I

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preserve the meaning.

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Like my point was to make it as like shorter than the original. What Obama the catastrophe had Ethan O'Shea and ucln Monroe up in Canada. I'm gonna ask him like who

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Sometimes I quote a Hadith from myself, like Hadith that is not in the original book, or something else, which is outside the book. When I see it actually fits in that spot. And Allah knows best of Allah, Allah.

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So it's telling us about his story with the book but without referring so thus far to the book of Elvis Alaba he's going to make a reference to that. He says, what's an online Kadima? And then finally, we have a woman who sent me her home and the owner of OLOFI he says, and I ask Allah the Most Generous to benefit us from this book, and benefit whoever reads it or hears it all looks into it, one each other while it's on the big one Yachty Mallanna behavior. And I ask Allah to make it sincere, make it a work that is sincere for his face alone. And that's important. That was important. To write to author a book is an act of worship is a great deed if it's done for the sake

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of Allah subhanaw taala but if it's not done for the sake of Allah, it becomes very problematic.

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So he says, One 50 million and behind and that Allah subhanaw taala gives us a good end, we will flip on and in my abdominal polio will Amelie one ne yo en us me Hannah Haydock Celia now Tiffany Elena and that Allah is gonna guide us to what he loves what he's pleased with, in terms of actions in terms of speech in terms of intentions.

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When you send me Hanafi tuxedo now with a fitna and that Allah forgives our shortcomings in our flows. Well, are you feeling well a Akela? Well, a Akela Anna either unforeseen up over time and that Allah does not leave us to ourselves. Even for a blink of an eye well either hadn't been healthy, he now has worn out when am I lucky and not to leave us to any of his creation. Allah is sufficient for us and he's the best disposal of efforts.

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Then he says another introduction here and my bad over India, a two or a 2k U. L. Marino saw that will ask him on jasm. He says, I've seen you use sincere seeker of Allah, who has strong grill and decisive decision. But what Ponton EFSA galette, the holy involuted dunya Sharia, that you have trained yourself, you have conditioned yourself to leave the unnecessary parts of this world of this worldly life that that is very distracting distract that is distracting. Why zoom to adilyn clipper Elan Ashleigh and that you have decided to detach from this world as much as possible and connect and prepare yourself for the accurate for the next life. Amen Minca and mahalo total holiday to

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Jupiter cleared being aware that mixing or too much mixing with humans with people, it's going to again you know, sort of

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affect the purity of your pursuit compromise or dilute the the

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the your goal and your your aspiration were a man in a hospital in FC assoluta fleet and that neglecting to hold yourself accountable. You have come to note to notice that and neglecting accountability self accountability and self check is actually the reason why

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the affairs sort of get out of hand there are fears of a person get out of hand when they're in them you stood like a drug A Whole Foods and that if a person does not take their life their lifespan their time here in this world seriously. It soon it would be lost and go to waste. When the model hidden and fancy just a little bit rocky lemons it will melt and that the stages of breathing he's saying that breathing taking a breath in and out is actually these are stages of your trip of your of your journey in this life. And they are

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hastily taking you to the stage or to the place of death meaning every second in your life leads you to death for Nevada a year and he's in Mineral County be tested mineral code will be tested a Mojave holodeck and you were looking for a book that you would take as a friend as a companion in you know this time of seclusion the time that you keep to yourself with a standard overview head or something and that you seek the knowledge or the words or the speaking the conversation of the spoke when you are in a state of silence for either untitled zero Kitab here illuminate Dean but I noticed that you are giving preference to the book of here or to Medina which means reviving the sciences of the

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religion. What is wrong with er the hoof agency and that you claim that this is one of its kind when a faster to goofy NFC and that

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It is

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innately or intrinsically very precious and valuable book. So he says farlam and if you could Tabby yeah he fit in a little room and he says know that in the book of an area which is here on demand Rosalie, there are

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F fat, these are fat means flaws.

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And it also means ailments or diseases that are cannot be known except by scholars who are a little Hadith about a little more due to one more call for and the least of these flaws are the

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false Hadith or the fabricated Hadith

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and interactions that are ascribed to again companions which are being that are not authentic. What a jerk aka John Muhammad for Buddy but he referred them to the Prophet sorcerer now we're in no mana Paula character Ohana and now after he here he's giving an excuse to as a member of as early and he just, he says it was early, just collected these books, these Hadith from the books and these narrations from the books not that he made them up. But there were there in the books and he took them

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well I am very taboo to be Hadith and mobo it and it is,

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it should not like

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so they should all the Hadith the fabricated Hadith should not be used in worship or for worship, what after all, all of them must know and you should not again be deceived or get carried away with a narration that is actually made up. What can you tell the laka and to Solea Salawat a yummy Malayali Howery Sofia Kennametal kala Allah so Allah is also known, and how do you expect me to be pleased or to be happy or to accept for you, that you pray the prayers of the days and the nights and in these prayers are about them? There is not the words that were used or they were practiced by the prophet saws on them. What kafer overthrow and yet Roca some Ackerman Columbian Matassa with

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Attila the GEMA whenever by either MLBB manner, hasta la Amin al Kalam, Phil Fenner equally because he says, and how do you expect me to really like, prefer that you keep hearing these words from the motorcycle with us some of the mistakes that he has early collected in his book, and he recommended that you work upon them, when there is actually no true benefit from them, like speaking about Alpha net and alpha nap well, because so here is the concept of alpha net specifically.

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So this is a spiritual state or a spiritual practice.

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And it's about losing completely losing one sense of self losing perception of oneself and everything else. And that nothing remains in your perception or new experience. But Allah subhanho wa Taala it's pretty much something similar to what is being taught these days in certain practices of meditation and awareness.

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Well, Emily Bishop that will do and recommending, in our starvation, that you actually starve yourself as a form of purification, spiritual purification and worship. And this is not fasting. This is just, you know, long term starvation for spiritual reasons. Well, horology ataxia has if you really had it, and that you travel around, and you leave your home or country without proper luck without a genuine need, just as a spiritual practice, but the Holy fill fella to believe that and to go into, for example, like a desert or an open land where there is no connections, there is no facilities, there is no people, you go there without proper food, you don't take the food that you

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need. And again, this was a practice of that I trust Allah. So I'm just going to throw myself I'm just going to travel through the desert or go into this terrain where there's no people, there's no towns, no cities, no humans, no food, nothing, because I trust a las Panama data. So this was some sort of a practice by some mistakes in our area that you can market to Chef cook chef to unknown where he if he Kitabi, and most importantly, Visa Iblees and other practices or other things that I exposed

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in my book, which is called TILBY. So at least that's another famous book by

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iminent Josie so sorry, this was actually this was the introduction of ignorance. Josie, Adnan Josie. This was his introduction on his book mean agile caecilian and he's explaining why he summarized the book of Allah

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Zadie obviously the middle Josie has this famous book there'll be so please one of his most famous book about the deception of shaper and the ways shape on deceives specifically worshipers and good people was the actual bowler khaki turban

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just need to lug

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the laptop before I lose power. So bear with me please

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good now, yes

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so this was again even a doozy speaking

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so we have three levels first the book of here along with Dean vile bizarrely, which was abridged and summarized and purified by eminent Josie, because he criticized had, like genuine concerns about the book. And then the summary Bible and Josie was also summarized and refined by Ibn Kodama. So we're going to deal with the third one in this series inshallah. But this is just the introduction. From England, Josie says was asked to go Lakita NYCLU and mythos Ed, he.

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So he says, and I'm going to write a book for you that is void of all of these flaws and issues. What are you up for why Ed, and it captures the same benefits. So it has holds the same value, because he recognizes that there is there's good stuff in the book here along with Dean, but there are flaws. So he says, I'm going to take out the flaws and offer you something that still retains the value and the benefits of the book at me to fee even an old will also have a shop, and I depend on the narrations or utilize the generations that are

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most authentic, and that are well known. Wamena manner and better. Well, Eduardo, and among the meanings, I choose the ones that are most correct, and the best, even the best quality of meanings, why are they for my asthma are hurtful, and I would remove or discard whatever you know, is, is better to not be that not to be there as a domain. So I knew that and I would add for myself what I see to be beneficial or to fit in that place. For makalah Derek again, then he said afterwards, this is going to be Josie speaking still, what if God saw her as mocha Islanders, Latina, Stiva, a healthy and help them in a neffs. And he says,

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and since your intention, or your determination,

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to again seclude yourself

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and not mix, again, more than necessary with people this because this the word Islamic scholars is different. You have to help them in enough so that you can derive the right of Allah subhanaw taala was of help from

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your neffs from yourself. So you want to give Allah subhanaw taala his rights, his rights upon you.

00:28:53--> 00:29:39

When after the idea and that you want to hold yourself accountable and put it in its right place, then you can work here locally and let your deputy or let your assistant to be there. Or the tool if you like a very loose translation. Let that be knowledge. Again, it's important if you want to worship you need knowledge. That's this is how this scholars and how the worship is really proper worship has approached the whole concept of worship, spiritual development and devotion and letters of the heart that the most the most central tool that you have, or methodology is knowledge because without knowledge, there's a lot of problems. We'll come back with an undercoat at Hawa and be

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you know Search carefully

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even the most minut or what seems to be the smallest of your desires and the flaws of your knifes you need to be need to go into details when it comes to treating the ailments of yourself that are lacking.

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test them hopefully you would be safe from its evils weather, severe hydrology rain and you know make sure you avoid these two paths or these two examples of people and even adults and you then if you thought he worked in IBD acity I will never talk about FSI if you have the mentality, I will sacrifice wah wah for a year called a Yuna Sheva KT he.

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Okay, so.

00:30:28--> 00:30:42

So he's mentioning two examples of people that should be avoided. This is again, still ignorant Josie speaking. He says a knowledgeable person that has mastered debates, discussion principles, even in

00:30:43--> 00:30:55

and he's content with himself being in this position of authority that he's become an authority. He's a he's a leader, his expert, top expert.

00:30:57--> 00:31:09

Okay, so this person is content with that status that he has arrived at, based on his knowledge of FERC. And his capacity for debate. And for, again, his eloquence.

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Or he reached a high level in terms of in the position of a judge. And he's obviously he's occupying this high status in the society or even in the government, or someone who has become very well spoken and soft spoken in terms of reminders. So he's, again, like the famous that I used today that are very attractive, very eloquent, and they mesmerize people with their speech. And

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for him, that's it. That's the point. Like that's the that's the ultimate goal. So it's basically position, some success in what you do, whether it's knowledge, or it's reminders, or it's in the position of being a judge. So this is the first example that he warns against a second example I was there he then he had a level the rocky hill fallacy the future ality he went to a court of law will be tagged to be the Yeti he, what is it about it he? Well, yeah, I'm going to be Hawaii doing I shall Allah He was at. The second type of example that he wants against is that a person who seems to be a worshiper, leaving this dunya, etcetera, leaving the path of mysticism. But again,

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he's moving here and there based on his ignorance, his opinion is based on ignorance. There's no knowledge, it's not based on knowledge. It's just, you know, whatever he is learnt or picked up from here or there, whatever he feels good, instead of whatever he likes, were tolerable, better to be the and again, he's again, this means is basically, he seeks nearness, or he seeks an advancement with kissing hands. So it's either he is kissing the hands of his teachers, or his superiors in this path, his masters, right.

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So he's seeking advancement in this path, by pleasing or by being very appeasing to the masters.

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Or, he himself has reached a high level in this, let's say mystic order. And he's just enjoying, you know, his followers giving him this high status and that they all seek to please Him is like his pleasure becoming it becomes an end in itself. Well, I call the baraka T and again, believing in the innate blessings and value of either himself or his master, right? Where I'm going to be our and he's working based on again, what he likes what he feels his desires, but not on the legislative legislation from Allah and the path of the prophets lives. So this is for her Ernie, the learning and Manhattan's salaam, he says these two people have taken a path other than the path of

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correctness mocked any any book we're sure they are Maddie and hydrosol, Luba, these people are so content with the appearance of things, but not the reality, not the essence of of this path. So they just hold on to the formalities, the folklore, the artifacts of this, but not the real essence, how they actually looked at the inner beloved Minnesota and they are deceiving. These two examples are deceiving beginners who are getting into this path or trying to practice them with very glittery kind of miraj they're giving them an illusion. It's not a real thing. What are you oh man, the magazine and Sunnah in itself Assad had their path is a way is different from the path of the early

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generations, and lady who agenda to list the karma which you

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is actually the right and correct path or parippu Sena and the way of safety was so odd like if he hadn't Kitabi insha Allah Minh Athleta him Mayor de la vida Atari and that will include in this book in sha Allah

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narrations are stories from the early generations that will point to the real path and the real practice. What Kitab when I had a really human day, this book of ours is needed by those in an advanced state, can I have a little teddy and also it is beneficial or the beginner needs it needs it as well needs this book, The NFE has slowly but that because we mentioned in it the secrets of

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acts of worship what the hell year

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with the human effort in one minute, and warning against the flaws the pitfalls of again, treading the path towards a loss pinata Anna waka Giada Hoon masani for Arbat alga and the author have made it or made it into four sections. He's referring here because this classification, these four sections are actually from here alone within the book well as early as a one robbery by that the first section is the quarter of worship or acts of worship with any arugula that the second section is the quarter on

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habits or practices or dealings with fairly thromboembolic acts, and the third section or quarter is on the pitfalls are the dangerous that destroy your religion or destroy your heart? Or why we are overwhelmed yet the fourth section or quarter is on these things that can save you things that can save you on this path. We're Kahlua headed seminary like salmon, Alba, your stem EAGALA, KHUDOBIN, word for soul from an axon or Robin a word, okay? And he says each one of those sections includes

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smaller, smaller sections subsections. And

00:37:08--> 00:37:13

again, titles, headings, etc. So he starts with the first

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he starts with the first section, which is Ro And EBA. That, so, okay, I think this is so we're going to start in sha Allah and maybe I think that's enough for today as an introduction, I don't want it to be too long.

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We're going to start with a section of the act of worship of worship itself and the concept of worship.

00:37:38--> 00:37:41

And, again, as I said, we will be very selective

00:37:43--> 00:37:50

with try to choose the parts of the segments, and the paragraph and paragraphs or sections that are

00:37:53--> 00:38:34

at least in my personal estimate, that are most beneficial and relevant to our times, and to, again, our attempts to worship Allah subhanaw taala and grow spiritually in lay to Allah. So again, I would say, Ramadan Mubarak, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us, May Allah guide us and help us to fast in a way that pleases him for his own sake with sincerity, and to worship Him to recite the Quran and do the code and to stand up at night in prayer. And to please Him and to stay away from sin. And I know these are tough times, a lot of restrictions for praying in the masjid, etc.

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But again, you know,

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we worship Allah's Pantanal regardless whether we are with people or we are alone, whether the masajid are open or closed, whether there's a lockdown, or we are able to get together to worship, we worship las Panatela with whatever he makes available to us.

00:38:56--> 00:39:32

That's very important to keep in mind. And Allah does not require from us more than what we can do. So whatever is available to us, we seize that we do it, and we try to, again, enjoy these acts of worship because enjoying these acts of worship actually makes them more sustainable. So these are blessed nights, important times, we should not miss out on. So I encourage each one of you to do your best. And feel the connection to Allah subhanaw taala make sure you're doing these things not for your own pleasure, but that you're doing them.

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For Allah to manage Allah because Allah loves that you worship Him, because this is out of his way he created us so ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us all Sophia and guidance in doing all of that, and in sha Allah. See you Anna.

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See you Thursday. Yes in a couple of days in sha Allah with Halaqaat number two as we continue with the book of immunodominant this year, Rahim Allah to Allah which is

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called mazzaro in Hajj and Cassadine, which is basically an abridgment of the path, the path of the secrets and hence, this halophytes called the path and I pray to Allah that you will find it beneficial and helpful as you are seeking to come closer to Allah Subhan Allah to Allah. So see you then Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato