Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 Boost 19 – Countdown to the Last 10 Nights

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The upcoming season of Islam is a time for everyone to fulfill obligations and bring others to the fore. The importance of finding ways to be aware of the negative impact of the virus on one's bodies and making better efforts is emphasized. The conversation shifts to making changes to one's clothing and behavior, including changing one's clothing and behavior. The importance of avoiding offhanded and immoral words and practicing daily prayer is emphasized. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of taking time in a semi-custom approach to forgiveness and seeking forgiveness and sending blessings and expectations on behalf of Islam.
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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah heywire Allah Allah He was happy hedge mind My beloved brothers and sisters, what a beautiful month of Ramadan. We thank Allah that at least this year, were able in most cases to do a little bit more than what we did last year in terms of accessing the masjid in terms of meeting the people in terms of reaching out to people and so much more. So thanks is due to Allah Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Vic countdown to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. What is the big deal? That's a question the answer is it's a massive deal. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease within these 10 nights. There is one night that is more in terms of value than 1000 months which is 84 odd years. And Allah speaks about this. Laila twill poder de hoy

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el facia, The Night of Decree is better than 1000 months. That's Allah subhanho wa Taala. Speaking about it so when is this Night of Decree? Well, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says to her wrote a letter at the field with three mina lashley aware he remained Ravana search for the night of other or the Night of Decree in one of the odd nights from among the last 10 nights of this month of Ramadan. So that would mean that I need to kick off from the very first of those 10 nights, which is the 21st the 21st Mashallah the eve of the 21st and the 21st. Fast now Subhanallah we're taught so many things regarding this particular season. It is one of the best seasons that you can have the

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primary aim is to achieve the forgiveness of Allah. Now, how do I prepare for meeting these last 10 nights? Number one is do you know there are many people who sin in the month of Ramadan, become conscious of this and abstain from it and seek the forgiveness of Allah for it? People send sin sometimes major sin in the month of Ramadan. I was asked a question too by someone to say I committed adultery in Ramadan in the night. And that is unacceptable. My brothers and sisters even outside the month of Ramadan, it's not to be so in the month of Ramadan, it's even worse. Now if someone has done that, is there hope for them during Ramadan? The answer is, well if you're going to

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repent to Allah, it is the season of repentance. It is the season of forgiveness. So you must still repent to seek the forgiveness of Allah. ask Allah for forgiveness and change your ways. Promise Allah not to do that again. And Allah will forgive you because this is the season of forgiveness. Now my brothers and sisters, we need to quit sin. Number one. also work on your bad habits to welcome the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Make sure that you have eradicated your bad habits, people have bad habits. I mean, smoking is a bad habit to give it up completely. It's better for you with the number of people being affected by this virus. It's important for us to ensure that we look

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after our health and our bodies and so on. So my brothers and sisters make that resolution here I am inviting you to do better for your own body. How can you say I'm wrong? How can you look at me and say, Well, I will never quit smoking so can Allah please do that not just for the sake of Allah, but even for your own sake. And there are so many other bad habits people are on drugs, we need to welcome these last 10 nights of Ramadan by promising that that's it, it's over our our entire relationship with that which was wrong is going to be cut. And you will do yourself a favor because we're going to meet Allah one day, and we must make sure that we've done the right things. We are

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human we falter sometimes we may fall but get up this these are the gifts of Allah. Allah has kept the value of the last 10 more than the first and second 10 although every single night of Ramadan is valuable. Now my brothers and sisters, we seek the forgiveness of Allah. We made sure that we fulfill the duties unto Allah many people don't pray during Ramadan. I mean, what's the point? Subhan Allah, well, how can you not pray? How can you miss your prayers during the month of Ramadan? This is a blessed month where Allah wants us to be disciplined. He wants us to gain closeness to him. Let Allah come that upon we've heard that. So Allah once that for us, it's important that we

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fulfill our duties unto Allah. Allah believes that he will Jalan subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters. Remember that you

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must fulfill your obligations unto Allah, especially your Salah. Also, let's welcome the last 10 nights with Allah He my brothers and my sisters by becoming better in the way we dress in the way we dress, we need to cover appropriately and then we should try and ensure, according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we were slightly looser clothing, that we use a material that is not so thin or see through and all these steps towards improvement in our modesty. It's very important because you're not supposed to display your finger in public, male or female you're not supposed to intentionally, you know, seek that attention upon your body as a

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believer that's the teaching of Islam. So, yes, you can dress in the most beautiful way but let it be elegant on one hand and at the same time, let it be that which is acceptable in the eyes of Allah. Surely we love Allah does Allah want you to expose yourself show your body parts, you know, try and display what you've been endowed with? May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us more conscious of the so this is a time to revisit the entire wardrobe and see where we can change it for the pleasure of Allah or if you have that which is Mashallah you know, really hot and sexy, make sure that you wearing it at the appropriate times, you know, with your spouse and so on. And if you're going to be

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displeasing Allah, it's not worth it. It's really not worth it. And to be honest with you, we must make those changes for the pleasure of Allah What do we gain these are the organs we are taught that the organs themselves will be bearing witness for us or against us on the Day of Judgment. And this is why the tongue will speak the feet will speak the hands will speak. Listen to what Allah says. Yo mustache had while I him elsina, to whom we add him more on Jojo.

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Malone, or ACCION, Allah says on that day, their hands, their tongues, their hands, their feet, will be a witness regarding what they earned or what they did.

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Now, why would we like those organs to bear witness against us when it was quite easy for us to use the organs in the right direction and to also make sure that they were covered in a way that Allah wanted? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us true liberation, I mean, I mean, they are big. So in the run up to the last 10 nights the count down, we need to make these changes one after the other. You know, it reminds me of a drag race. I don't know if any of the young out there are probably interested in drag racing or racing with your cars. Before the big day you fixing your vehicle, you ensuring you have your your tables in place, you're free flows in place, the type of fuel the type

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of oil, the type of spark plugs, the type of engine, the type of automation, the type of gears, that everything before the race, you're preparing everything one by one by one, making sure that everything will help you to win the race. And so you're putting it in place, the same would apply you you want to win that race, you probably will if you've worked very hard on your motor vehicle, or at least you break a record with that particular vehicle. So the same would apply to us. Similarly, when you are preparing for the big race, the grand final 100 meters, you know, you have a relate of say four by 100. We've done that since we were young, and you run the 100 meaning the

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baton is passed on the second 100 the third 100. The final stretch, you know, the homestretch is something that is very important. That's where all the excitement is. same would apply to a football match. All the excitement is packed in the last 10 minutes, or the last 1015 minutes of that match, because we know that people have done as well as they could and this can change anything and everything with Ramadan. Obviously it's an act of worship. It's not a game, but similarly the homestretch towards the end is where you must make sure you've got everything in place. Did I seek forgiveness? Yes, I quit my sins. Yes, if I've sinned in Ramadan, I still ask Allah for forgiveness.

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It's not too late. I'm going to change my way of dress. I'm going to change my way of speech. My brothers and sisters will lie here we're lacking.

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we're lacking when it comes to the way we speak. We are believers. We should speak with beautiful words. Stay away from swear words, bad words, immodest immoral words that which is unacceptable in the eyes of Allah. Don't use those words. It doesn't cost you a thing. Stay away from these words. I promise you recently on social media. There is

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An increase of these bad words young Muslim boys and girls who believe in Allah sometimes they're dressed so well there, they look like blessed people and then you hear them lip synching or using words that are terrible lip synching a song that has in it some unacceptable words and in public and, and posting it and you know, more or less immortalizing this sin majan after you die all that's gonna still be online, and people will be, you know, getting a kick out of listening to you saying the wrong things or wearing and doing the wrong things. I mean, think about that, you know, we talk about sadaqa jariya people who are giving a charity that's going to last for long There is even a

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sin that would be jharia. That would be lasting long. Because we do it in a way that it continues even after we've died. Don't do that. delete those things. It's not worth it. Use it for something moral, something good. When you die. You will be proud when you meet with Allah. Oh Allah. This is what I did on tik tok. This is what I did on social media on Instagram. This is what I did on Facebook. This is what I did with my WhatsApp with my phones. These are the videos I made. This is what I were going to meet with Allah be conscious of it. This is the run up to the countdown to the most blessed days. within the year perhaps in terms of the month it's Ramadan. And in terms of the

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nights, it's definitely the nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Now, one might ask well, which are more blessings? Is it the first 10 days of the hedger or these ones? Those are two different things in good hedger, the first 10 days have the most value from all the days of the year, right. In terms of a season, those are 10 days in a row. Here, it's the night that we're being spoken about the last 10 nights. So we say the countdown to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Now, imagine when we meet with Allah, we're going to be presenting our deeds, and it's for ourselves and Allah is there. And it's going to be quite embarrassing. If we have deeds that are unacceptable. What did you gain

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by all of that? I mean, people might have said, oh, wow, you might have got a million views. That's even worse. Do you know that on Tick tock, you have to really do something very silly or * or immoral in order to get the views and the likes?

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And did you know that that is exactly the opposite of what a believer should be doing? So if you were to do something immoral to get the likes and the views, you need to realize that

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what happened there is actually getting sins and piling them up. SubhanAllah

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I'd rather not have done that. I mean for people to say, wow, what were they saying wow, about something sinful. So you spread it, and you actually beamed it. And these platforms can be used for some real good and they are people using them for some real good stuff. May Allah bless all of you and all of us. I mean, but my brothers and sisters be a little bit more conscious of it. Imagine doing something so much in the displeasure of Allah, to get the pleasure of the people to get them to say Yay. And people become immoral, wasting, meaning they're going to comment about you, your body, the way you move it the words that were said and all the dirt and all the filth, what did you

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gain from it? Did it really help you in your life? To achieve something meaningful? did help you get married to the right person? Did you gain happiness? Did you have the children that Allah, you know, would bless you with? Was it a blessing? Did you look after them and so on. There is a lot that we can talk about. But when I'm talking of the countdown to the last 10

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nights of Ramadan, become conscious of what you're doing. What you're saying? Do you read the Quran? Do you fulfill your five daily prayer start that this is the preparation of your vehicle for the main day of the race, right? So my Salah needs to be in order my dress needs to be in order. My recitation of the Quran needs to be in order. My relationships need to be in order to seek the forgiveness of Allah even prior to these 10 days. And then even during these 10 days we will continue to seek the forgiveness of Allah and there is a beautiful quality that Allah loves. When you forgive others. Allah will forgive you. When you forgive others, Allah will forgive you. So if I

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can readily forgive others, Allah will readily forgive me. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us not to hold things in our hearts and to forgive people. I mean, one might ask, Well, I can forgive them but I don't want to actually forget this. Yes, no problem. You don't forget

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Get it. We should never forget what some people have done against us. But what's very important is for us to forgive them. So you don't want to be bitten from the same hole twice. But you definitely don't mind what you know, forgiving them. So I forgiven but I don't want to rekindle a relationship. That's fine. I don't want to visit this person again. I don't want to interact with them much again. salaam aleikum wa Alaykum wa sallam That's it, maybe How are you? I'm fine. You don't need to have anything more to do with them no matter who they are. Because if they have bitten you quite badly, you're just a human. It's not going to be easy to forget things. And you shouldn't, you know, if

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they've worked on the relationship for a long time, it will automatically be forgotten. But if you don't have to forget things because sometimes it might happen again. And if you were not conscious of it, you're going to tell yourself How could I have had this thing happening to me twice, from the same person. So my brothers and sisters, you want to achieve the forgiveness of Allah, Allah will forgive you when you forgive people, but at times, Allah may forgive you even if you haven't forgiven someone because he knows you are wrong, then you're just a human and you're holding it. So seek the forgiveness of Allah always for everything. So then as we entering the last 10 nights of

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Ramadan, the prophets are seldom used to take them seriously. He used to actually wake his family up at night in order to pray the tahajjud and pm and he used to spend the night in a bada and he's taught us at caf in the masjid. So to spend those last 10 nights in the masjid is a very great deed. I know what the virus it may not be possible in many massage, but wherever it is, with all the precautions in place, let's try to live in that too. It's something good. And it really is amazing. Nowadays, people take their phones and everything else inside which is okay. But make sure you don't waste your time. The idea is to spend those 10 days and 10 nights in a semi seclusion where you're

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you're just you and Allah and you're engaging in worship, you're you're thanking Him, you're praising him, you're reading the Quran, and you cut off the rest of the world. It's a meditation and it's a beautiful time of reflection and a bad primarily worship and you will gain gain the goodness and the taqwa by the will of Allah if your intentions are right and you do it the proper way. So as we're entering these last 10 nights, take them seriously now for everyone. Let's talk about a few practical things that you could do. Number one, you can increase your recitation of the Quran and make it every single night. A portion of the day and a portion of the night 10 minutes in the day

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and perhaps 20 minutes at night with the Quran. That's nothing for the month of Ramadan. That's actually very little. Similarly your car, praise Allah La Isla in the LA whiter hola Cherie Keller, hula, hula, hula, hula hamdu lillahi wa you meet wahoo Allah Konishi in Padilla, a beautiful praise of Allah, where if you were to repeat it 100 times you have a massive, massive, massive reward. Similarly, some random of car that you may learn remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah, He will be handy Subhana Allah laveen no fixed time to repeat that. But you can repeat it, you can say it, you declare it and so many other words of praise. Now, my brothers and sisters with that, as we're

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preparing for the last 10 nights of Ramadan, like I said, we increase our power and we increase our victory, we must increase our prayer as well, especially the voluntary prayer in both quality and quantity. So make sure your plan is in place. Make sure that you have

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in mind all the time you're conscious of him, make sure that you're standing in prayer, that's the pm is good. You know you don't you take your time in sujood in the frustration in the bowing, you're in the standing in the listening of the Quran, and you enjoy it in a beautiful way.

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So when you've increased that, you know at night you you've got the units of prayer you've you can add to them, you can get up for the head job and you read a little bit more you seek the forgiveness of Allah. Sometimes if you're a working class person, very busy, you can do two more units. You can do two units of the 100. You know it's not necessary that you do eight or 12 that's perhaps there are recommendations but you can do two you can do four in sets of two. So liven up that night, at least a little bit. And then there is a prayer that we're taught Allahumma inaka 412 hibbeler 4510 Allah you are forgiving you love to forgive so forgive me, when I shall the Allahu anhu asked the

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prophets Allah

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam that if I were to witness this Night of Decree or and and this night of power,

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what should I say? He says, say, Oh Allah you are most forgiving you love to forgive so forgive me and Allah will forgive and Allah definitely will forgive, because he loves to forgive. Imagine. So every night from these nights spend the time of the night saying that da Allah home my inaka 412 hibbeler F word for an ni, O Allah, you are most forgiving, you love to forgive so forgive me. Repeat that every single night a few times. There is no fixed number mentioned in the Hadith. You can repeat it as many times as you want or even say at once. But if you repeat it throughout the night, genuinely seeking Allah's forgiveness, it is better for you because when you witness that

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Night of Decree, you will definitely learn the forgiveness of Allah. And you ask Allah to accept your forgiveness. May Allah grant us all goodness and accept our do and similarly. We have our needs, we have things we want to get done. We have problems globally, we have problems nationally, perhaps. But you know, we have problems within our own circles, communities, families and within ourselves. Pray for all of that the goodness how you pray is you seek the forgiveness of Allah, you send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad peace be upon him, you praise Allah, you seek the forgiveness of Allah, and then you ask Allah what you want, then you send blessings and salutations

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upon Mohammed Salah Salem, and your dua or supplication, is completed. And you can do that in any language whatsoever. So keep asking Allah for these needs. And don't only ask for yourself, ask for others as well. It's something really amazing, Allah will bless you and grant you the goodness and He will give you because that is him he is he gives to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So these are some ways of preparing for these last 10 nights, make sure every night you listen to the forum as well listen to it, it's beautiful. Did you know that the easiest way to memorize the Quran is through repeatedly listening to this to the verses

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constantly. So you repeatedly listen to the verses, it's the easiest way to memorize the Quran. There's no easier way than that, to listen repeatedly, you won't even make mistakes thereafter, listen to the same reciter of the same verses again and again and again. And you will never go wrong. That is the easiest way to memorize the Quran, according to my experience. And also when you repeatedly read it, that's the next way of learning it. So number one, according to me, method of learning the Quran, by heart or memorizing it is to take a portion at a time and repeatedly listen to it and then read along with it and then read it yourself. Subhan Allah and I know people who've

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done this even without looking into the Quran, but it's good to look in the Quran because then when you read later on in life, you can actually see the pages in your mind of the Quran. That's amazing. To this day, I can see when I read I know which part of the page the recital is and so on, some people are much stronger than I am. They can give you which line it is and which you know, they can give you all the details of the verse. I'm not yet on that level, where I can give you some detail, but perhaps not every single detail. But Alhamdulillah at least we memorize the Quran and we repeat it every single day, a portion of it. My brothers and sisters, let's become better this year. This

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Ramadan. Many people have lost their lives, think of them, pray for them. And when we pray for those who have passed away, the idea is also to be prepared for the day we're going to go. So May Allah grant us all paradise, make it easy for all of us. I've spoken for 25 minutes, and this is the countdown to the last 10 nights of Ramadan. The most powerful of These Nights, we're going to be fasting we're going to be praying we're going to be conscious of Allah, we're going to improve ourselves the way we speak the dress code, we're going to improve our character solve your problems. Don't make someone else's life difficult. Remember that. Do not make someone else's life difficult

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because if you do, Allah will create someone who's going to make your life difficult at some point in your life. Remember that. So don't give all these

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you know don't lend people don't lend people a bad loan. lend them a good loan so it comes back to you in goodness.

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May Allah forgive all of us Apollo probably have our sal Allahu Allah been

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Muhammad was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa cat.

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