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The transcript describes the use of the title "Art of the Lord" by the speaker, who claims to have authority over everything. The title is a reference to the book "God's bounty" and the speaker discusses the use of the title in various media. The title is also used to describe the use of the speaker's signs and symbols for identification with the creator.

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Sinhala was sending me back I learned to be in a Muhammad while early he was here Jemaine and my bad. What was recited in the first record was from the chapter of raffia.

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Where Allah subhanaw taala talks about his, his rule will be, as we talked last night, and we say Yara Yara, we're saying oh the Lord, our Lord, our Lord. And one of the main reasons we say that is because when we say Yara, we asked him for anything because he is the rub. So we're calling on a name and they were asking Him for His bounty based on that beautiful name, that he has authority and control over everything. And scholars call this the Tawheed over will be oneness and Allah subhanho wa Taala in His Lordship, and he has ultimate authority over everything and control over it. So Allah subhanaw taala says in this beautiful verse, after its origin, Allahu Allah de Hola Hola Hola

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Hola. Hola como an AMA

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when it comes I was so narrow salami and comedy coming home and because it's not a common human American student and yet to be at

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a law lady job and a common law now. Allah Allah the job as an admin job as an amateur Colombina

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now, he says Hola Hola, the jolly jolly hola como un Amelie toward caribou. minhang woman heads up Kowloon. Allah subhanaw taala gives an example with some of his creation. He says Allah is the one that made for you or brought for you the unarmed the cattle, the livestock.

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The tuck the talkable men had to ride it and from it you eat well a comfy ham and airfare and for you is other benefits when it comes to ham and African when he took a look where I lay her handwritten feasibility come for other for you as other benefits from it took a little while they had to reach your particular destination wherever need that you have. So you write on it. Why they have an appointment while full key to Milan and upon the ships as well. You will be carried being the ships that you go from one destination to another on ship on the water. Well you read it for a Atilla he turned it on and he shows you continuously His signs for a delay tonkean From which of his

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signs Will you deny or you belittle or will you not acknowledge? What's beautiful here is that Allah subhanaw taala mentions the UN the cattle and livestock Do you ride them on sea or on sea or on land

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on land so we're talking about an if we're talking about your Bentley or Toyota where your motorcycle whatever it is teboho la hija that you reach your destination but in our minds and come in now nowadays we talk about a car are you able to cut the car and use it for something else

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like take the parked car parts and use it for another benefit a totally other total other benefit to where some metal unless you're going to war or something like that. Right? But the Anam Allah subhanaw taala gives some examples

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talkable minute woman had to Cologne with the livestock you can ride the camel, and if you get hungry, what

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you can eat it and you can drink from it with what it's milk. Soy with Allah subhanho wa Taala when you think of the quote unquote days of old, it was much more refined when you think about it. Because what they use to get to their destination. They also use to feed themselves into supply themselves. Also with eating you can have it as a coat as well. Shoes as well as shoes are made from leather. So from all of this contemplation just with the Anam Allah gives us example and then we make the ass upon that we make analogies upon that based on that. And then he says a full look, the ship ship rides on what watches so a lot covers a bar while bar, he covers the water and the land to

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let you know that wherever you may go, whatever destination Allah is a creator of all of those things that you indulge upon. And then he ends it by saying he shows you all of his signs for which of his signs Will you deny? So if you just sit and think about that, that Allah is a rub next time you say yeah, Rob Cullen, Allah subhanaw taala remember, he is a creator, sustainer and maintainer of all things, and that is the reason that we ultimately rely on him. But relying on him in hardship should not be the only time it should be in times of ease but in the light to either. So my last point out and make us of those that recognize his greatness, recognize a manifestation of His power

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of His lordship of his honor and strength in creation, maintenance of creation and also demise of creation if he will. subhanho wa Taala radical ofical In the holy vedika or Salah was cinema vertical and venum Hamid nada Eddie he was Army