Ismail Kamdar – Making Eid special for children

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of eating in terms of discipline and religious celebrations, including annual religious festivals and annual religious festivals. They also emphasize the use of "has been" in context of celebrations, as it refers to a day where they are doing something for fun and pleasure. The segment explores the importance of creating a day that is special for children and connects them with their younger generation, while warning of mistakes made by parents and advising them to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. The segment also emphasizes the importance of avoiding mistakes made by parents and staying true to Islam.
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So bureau one look we know we hear the word casually when I mean Cerulean patina, forming CRD, Nina mejor de la for la medalla. For me You knew for the Hardy Allah, Ababa, all praises for Allah and peace and blessings be upon the final prophet, Muhammad bin Abdullah sama la de he was setting up, and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the end of time.

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We are just a few days away from people fitter. And we are in the final stretch of Ramadan. We have about three more odd nights left, just three more chances of catching Lego model. And then the first of the two leads of this year will be upon us.

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And I want to share a few words today

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about the importance and significance of it.

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Well, I want to talk more about eat from a parenting perspective, because I think this is a sign of eat that often last.

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We generally talk about eat in terms of the stroller in terms of discipline that acts in terms of ensuring that our acts of worship continue after Ramadan. All of this is important to ensure I'm sure all of us already noticed and we already working on this. But I want us to look at it also as a time to connect with our children, and is a time to connect our children's hearts to Islam.

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In the early days of Medina, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam noticed that there was a day in which the unserved were having festivities initially unsolved were having like a holiday. And so we asked them about this thing. And they explained that it was one of the qualities of genelia one of the holidays from the times of ignorance. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah has given us to eat, he has given us to religious festivals. Right? He will Peter and he will.

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And so in this Hadees

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is restricting our two days of religious festivals to evil, evil.

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No, this does not include cultural or family festivals. Right? If you have a family tradition, or a cultural tradition of enjoying certain days, you know, for whatever reason, somebody graduated high school, somebody completed the hills, whatever it is, nothing wrong with celebrating that. We talked about the annual religious festival, right when you make something part of the religion in this way, the only two that's part of our religion, either, it will fit. But there's a point about this, at least that many people may have not made up think about, and that is the proper solution did not say that it's wrong to enjoy the festival. He simply said that enjoyment should come on the day of in

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another Hadees. It is narrated that some young girls were singing and playing with the drum. And they were singing about the Wars of the past and normally had no Fatah entered upon the room and he heard the scene and he was angry. And he said What is this? And how can you be singing like this in front of Rasulullah sallallahu? I think he was and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam told him Oh, oma, let them be almost let him continue. let people see the ladies relaxation in our Legion. let people see the sun ease and fun and relaxation in this religion.

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Another narration is reported, but I shall argue that on the day of need, some young girls came to a home and they were singing and playing with the drums and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was lying down nearby covered in a blanket. And a robocall entered into the house. And he was angry to hear the sound of singing and drums. And he asked What is this? Why is this happening in the house to perform the love? So the love wedding was so loving? And the profits are like Sam said, let him be in let them do it is he let them do what they want to do for fun.

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And so this lady's continued, the young girls continue to sing, and they continue to enjoy the end. And then the narration continues. Then Ayesha rajala she says that in the masjid, they were young amazonians who were doing like a tribal dance with the spears you enjoying some festivities with their spears. And she wanted to watch this and show Rasulullah sois and took her outside into the masjid to watch the festivities on the day of eat. And everybody was gathered around to watch the facilities and Rasulullah saw some stood there as long as Ayesha wanted to stand there until she had enjoyed the festivities. So why am I bringing up all of these innovations? I bring up regeneration

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because it is clear that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made in a day of joy the day of fun. It is clear that he made it a day of celebration and this is something that has been

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Last in our time

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now, many times we wonder why do young people want to celebrate Christmas? Why do they want to celebrate Easter? Why do they, you look at things like Halloween and Diwali and wish we had something like that. And the multiple reasons One reason may be an inferiority complex towards other nations. But another reason being that we honestly don't make enough effort to make our celebration special in many Muslim homes, is simply a matter of going for a local budget, going for slavery, and the deposit goes back to work. And that's it. There's nothing more to it is nothing special for the children. There's nothing here to make it feel like a day of festivities, and they have excitement,

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they have joy.

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This is the wrong attitude to have towards being. This is the day that we should make special. This is the day that our children should love. This is a day our children should remember, this is a day to connect our children's hearts with us to connect our children's hearts with Allah to make our children fall in love with Islam. And we can only do that if we go out of our way to make it something special and something memorable. And this year especially, it is so important that we go out of our way to make it special children. Because many of us may not realize this, but the younger generation are growing up in a situation that is beyond anything we would have imagined when we were

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young. I mean, think about this a few years ago, we would sit back and say, you know, when we were young, we could play outside. We don't have to worry about crime. We need to worry about getting kidnapped, we could play outside, we could play outside. Now, the younger generation, they can't play outside not only because of crime, but we call it the pandemic. They have double the amount of problems preventing them from enjoying the life outside. And they are living through a really stressful time. They are having a childhood during a pandemic. Most of us are adults, we are dealing with this pandemic, with the maturity and experience of adults and still it gets to us. still being

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in lockdown gets to us being cut off from our friends gets to us being in our homes gets to us. Now imagine being a child. Imagine being a child in lockdown. Imagine being a child who is cut off from his friends. Imagine being a child who has no social life. Measuring a child, every time you leave the house, you have to wear a mask. And by the way, there are young children amongst us who are like three or four or five years old, who when when this pandemic is over, you will be surprised to be seeing people outmatched, because it'd be something they don't remember, the only memories of people is what the situation we are in. So their lives are currently not easy. Even those who are more

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privileged backgrounds are still dealing with a type of difficulty that we didn't have to deal with as children. So the least we can do as parents is to make some things easy for them. Last year, we did not have the opportunity to make it special. Last year, we were at a level five lockdown, and we weren't even allowed to visit our family members and everybody was in their own homes. And you know if you could make a nice special in your own home.

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But if you could not do that many people it didn't feel like he so many people I spoke to this last year he didn't feel like he because he remember he got Ramadan last year, it's just just went by without being able to remember anything that happened this year, we have an opportunity to make him better

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understand that our religion is not as strict as many people in this community tried to make it out to be you know, we live in a place where for some reason we landed up with a hashed version of version of Islam.

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Really, you know, people come to other countries in the visitors like what what kind of Islam? Do you guys have you This is scary. This is harsh. How do you evaluate this because the way Islam is practiced here is not the same as the rest of the world. You just harsh in this district is that you don't have one you don't celebrate you don't sing you don't play. This is not Islam, go to a Muslim country see it go and experience eating turkey or eating Malaysia or even eat in Palestine, even eat in Palestine with all the oppression and or everything they are going through. It is still a day of fun. It is still a day of joy. They still make it special. But here for some reason. You know, we

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think that having fun is hard. And we think that children smiling is a bad thing. And we think that being serious and mean and strict is our religion. This is not Islam. This is not Islam. This is some kind of bit it was invented many, many generations later. This is not the Islam of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, the prophet who was always smiling, the man who said that people see these black station how religion the man who allowed the young girls in his house in his room to be singing and playing with the drums. So why do we make our religion unnecessarily strict? So my message to every parent, make it special for your children. If you can afford to take off from work,

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take off from work. spend quality time with your children. organize some activities that will be fun, organize them

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activities that will be memorable. visit family. Spend time with family, connect with your family. Don't just make it special for your own children but for your nephews, for your nieces for the broader family as well. Let it be a day that the children look forward to every single year. Let it be a day that is special. A day full of machine a day full of joy, a day of happiness, a day full of gifts. Let it be something special that connects the Heartless religion and lets the younger generation know that in this religion there is ease in this religion is relaxation in his religion, there is room for holiday.

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So let's go out of our way to ensure that we are making sure that we are making sure either is something that our children look forward to enter the next generation look forward to and that this evening. inshallah, despite everything that's going on, despite the fact that we are in a pandemic, despite the fact that we are social distancing, despite the fact that we are one despite all the crime in this country. Despite all of that he remains a special and memorable occasion for the younger generation. Although Africa has guided the correct understanding of Islam and removed from our hearts any misunderstanding that this religion, so behind Robin is at the mercy rune was

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allowed. In 100 Leila Ramadan

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hamdulillah he wasn't there was Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah abbiamo Abadi for inner circle hadiza Bala Wahhabi * Mohammad in Salalah alayhi wa sallam, Rochelle Romani.

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More pull up again dolla dolla dolla now,

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regarding eat, there are certain mistakes that we make, there are certain things that we do wrong that end up

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ruining the reward of it or ruining the spirit of from amongst the things that we do wrong on the day of evil is that we choose it to be the day where we start this will be

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so many of us may be righteous for 29 days, but on that day, we fall into sin. Now of course, if someone falls into sin because of human error, which is required matoba Allah will help you get back to the street. What was the choose to eat a day of sin? That what have you learned for Ramadan? What have we gained from Ramadan, so many sisters may observe a job in Ramadan. Mashallah excellent, but they choose to be the day when they start exposing their aura again, don't do that. Don't do that continue with the job alone.

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Many brothers may choose Ramadan to be the time when they give up smoking and putting these drugs and these evil things into their bodies. And then they spend the day of each celebrating by getting high and fooling the body with these chemicals. Don't do that. Avoid these things for the rest of your life. These things are evil, they will destroy you in this world in the news. Some people may pray five times a day in the month of Ramadan. On the day of IE they sleep through the holidays you

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know maintain your lifestyle for the rest of your life. That is the minimum that is required as far as eba is concerned. Now this doesn't mean that we are expected to be on the same level throughout the year as we are in Ramadan. Ramadan is a special time and Ramadan we have an even higher Ramadan we all know different level. But there should be some boundaries and limits can be maintained outside of Ramadan. in Ramadan, you are praying to hydrated you're praying tarawih and you're praying all these extra Salah outside of Ramadan and these maintain the fight in the sauna. In the month of Ramadan you are avoiding every evil outside of Ramadan, try your best to avoid as much evil

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as possible.

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So this is the first mistake that many people make on the day of eating. And that is that they choose it to be a day of service. A second mistake that many people make on the day of eating is that they do not go for the eat salad. And unfortunately, again, your the harshness of the fear of our community needs to be addressed. Because we live in a community where people say only the men must go for insula. But Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Everybody must go for himself. He said everybody must go for each other. The woman asked what about if you know on a monthly cycles, the progress was even there. You sit in the back and you listen to the lecture, but you

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don't pay yourself but you still you still come in so

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us one day and people today are telling us the opposite. Okay, this is innovation This is changing the religion. This is going against the Sunnah. So each Salah is important. Understandably we are in a pandemic, if somebody chooses not to come because of health or safety reasons. Insha Allah will accept that from them. But if they either it's Allah with his social distancing, where you can sit and not be worried about your health, in our the college, every man and woman and child who attended and when the pandemic is over, they just go back to celebrating it not in the way you celebrated year but you

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We celebrate across the globe. Because if you go to any Muslim country, you will find each Salah celebrated by everybody. The entire community goes all out for himself. Everybody is present at the startup, we need to revive the consultant that needs to become the new standard and the new norm in South Africa. We cannot continue with the strange idea that it is only for the men, there was never the practice of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was never the practice of the Sahaba to enable the practice of the early generations, there was innovated many, many generations later, we must revive the sooner of even being a family solo.

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A third mistake that people make regarding EDI is that they think that this is the end that this is the end of being a good listener. And also we have people you know which you know colloquial people call it Ramadan Muslims, so they will they will be a practicing Muslim, the Ramadan and once it is over, you don't see them again for the next 11 months. Don't do that. Don't do that. Islam is a way of life. And yes, we cannot maintain the same level outside of Ramadan that we do inside inside of Ramadan. We must maintain something. We must not be Ramadan, Muslims, we must be muslims for life. We must be muslims for life and at least try our best to obey Allah, we try your best of level for

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us. So he is less than a week away. inshallah We ask Allah to allow us to reach the day because life is short. And Allah knows how long we have. And to make this special for us and to make this thing memorable and to accept our ibadah in the month of Ramadan and to make this Ramadan immediate mouthfeel for us and to accept our worship on an upcoming eat and to allow us to continue worshiping Allah for the rest of our life.

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The Hebrew alphabet for under under

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the Hebrew

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hygiene of Indonesia has been a whopping 100 years now what we know now

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is not in the Siena or Radhika now that definitely Alina is

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amin commelina robina will

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be one, what we learn 100 Ghana consumed Allah

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Subhana Allah is that the most important was Allah Allah mousseline will hamdulillahi Rabbil, alameen, Africa

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