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Saramonic Muhammad Allah He or barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa after but to

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learn Allah the mean or should do Allah, Allah in Allahu Allahu la sharika hula hula Valina Allah He didn't know what she's doing in the Vienna Muhammad Abdul Hora sudo Mustafa Amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi Cora sadaqa Muhammad Ali he or Samia dream, and my bad. Welcome to another episode of Earthseed page by page and inshallah to Allah today we are upon page 51 of the Quran, which is the second page of Surah Al Imran, in the previous episode, we began with the two zero Surah algorithm one and opening passage of the surah speaks about a number of important issues from them is the importance of believing in Allah subhanaw taala and believing in the Revelation, and

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from those important points is accepting the revelation all of it in its entirety. And to understand that the verses are out, there are clear, and the verses that are slightly ambiguous, ambiguous verses are taken back to the clear ones. So therefore, that a person was always sure. And it's always certain that by Allah's permission there upon guidance, that they're understanding the Quran in the way that it's meant to be understood, as the scholars of Islam, from the times of the companions of the Allahu animoji Marine and the subsequent generations who follow them. They were upon their methodology and their paths. And Allah subhanaw taala tells us that this is the way of

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the people of knowledge that they believe in all of the Quran that all of it is from Allah azza wa jal that they ask Allah subhanaw taala that he keeps them firm upon this religion that he doesn't mistake them after guidance has come to them, and that they acknowledge that they will stand before Allah subhanaw taala and human piano and that Allah azza wa jal will hold them to account. In today's episode, we begin therefore with verse number 10. And the statement of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, Rhoda bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In De La Vina Cafaro la Tonia and a man whom Allah Allah, Allah he she will Iike who moku now, neither there possessions Allah says no other children

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will be any use to the disbelievers against Allah indeed, the disbelievers will be the fuel of the fire. Allah subhanaw taala after administering, as we said in the previous episode, those verses about the people of knowledge, and the believers and the way that they follow all of the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala and they make those who asked Allah azza wa jal for steadfastness and that Allah subhanaw taala protects them in this life and the next, Allah azza wa jal then mentions the other group of people. And those are the disbelievers. Those are the people who reject the book of Allah azza wa jal, they reject the revelation, they reject the prophets and messengers of Allah Azza

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wa Salatu was Salam, and Allah subhanaw taala that says that their reality will be there on the day of judgment, and nothing that they accumulated of this dunya from wealth or from children will benefit them in any way. So often, the mindset, therefore, of the believer, and the disbelieve is very different. For the believer, the mindset should be, what is it that we're going to keep maintain? Or what is it that we're going to be able to benefit from in the next world on the Day of Judgment? What will give us salvation on that day. And so that's why the focus of our religion is Eman and righteous deeds, because those are the only two things that you can take with you into the

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next life. As for what you have in the dunya in terms of your property, your land, your wealth, your children, all of these things. They don't benefit you necessarily, unless they're used in those two ways that we mentioned, there is Eman in them. And there is a level of righteous deeds that are associated with them. You have a child, it can benefit you in the next life. So long as that person is a believer, they have Eman and so long as they do righteous deeds, and they make dua for you, that you benefit from. You have wealth, if you're a believer, and you spend that wealth as a righteous deed in the way of Allah subhanaw taala that Watson benefits you. But otherwise, as an as

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an of themselves in and of themselves, those materialistic things of the dunya don't benefit. That is the mindset of the believer. The mindset of the disbeliever is not the dunya dunya dunya How can I get more and more and more by hook or by crook, I just need to accumulate and they don't really pay any mind or attention to what expense after death. So that devoid of Eman and they're devoid therefore of righteous deeds because one of the conditions of righteous deeds what makes them righteous is the aspect of belief in Allah azza wa jal and Eman so Allah subhanaw taala therefore emphasizes this reality in this verse in verse number 10. And he says, that, indeed those who

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disbelieve neither the wealth nor the

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Children will profit or benefit them in the sight of Allah azza wa jal in any way. Indeed, instead they will be from the fuel of the fire as Allah azza wa jal mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, that the fire of hell its fuel will be men and stones people, humans and stones. And those are the two things that Allah azza wa jal will, will cause the fire to be fueled with in verse number 11. Allah subhanaw taala then tells us that this was the way of those people of disbelief who came before that be different or whatever Lavina Amin Corbally him because there will be area Tina for her father whom Allah who we don't know about him, when Allah Who shut the door.

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Just as pharaohs, people in their predecessors denied our revelations, and Allah punish them for their sins. Indeed, Allah is Severe in punishing Allah azza wa jal says that just as this happened, although these people will not benefit from the wealth, and from the tune numeral two Yama, then it's exactly the same as feral. What did Pharaoh have? Do they have palaces and armies, didn't have wealth and gold and silver, didn't have all of the trappings and the dominance of the dunya? Did they benefit him? Did he benefit the people who came before him the nations of the likes of hood, and solid and loot and Ibrahim and all of the prophets of Allah Azza wa salatu salam did it benefit

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them that they accumulated so much of the dunya but ignored the era. So Allah subhanaw taala says can be early for around just as these people will be punished, it will be like those who came before them, like the people of Pharaoh and those who preceded them as well because they will be Tina. They rejected the nine hour verses of revelations for our father whom Allah who we don't obey Him. So Allah punish them for their sins. Allah punish them for the disbelief and the sins indeed Allah is Severe and punishment Wallah who should leave the club do not think therefore, that Allah's punishment is something which is like something that should be taken lightly or dismissed lightly.

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Rather, it is something which is extremely severe and worse number 10. Allah subhanaw taala then continues and he says, Only loving Inaka photos.

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Sharona Elijah Hun, sell me heard, say to the disbelievers, you will be defeated and driven together in how and indeed it is a final resting place. This is something which Allah azza wa jal causes, again, of the reality of the people of the fire. Because often the people of disbelief think that they have the strength and the power to do as they please, that their wealth, and their status and their fame and so on these things give them a sense of entitlement, or a right, that they should be saved or that they should be prosperous. And so Allah subhanaw taala says to them, tell them that the reality is that they will be defeated. And that defeat can take place in this life or it can be

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placed in their next life, or don't show them that you love them. And even if it is a defeat in this life, then in the next life, they will be thrown and driven towards the fire and that is an evil resting place. Allah subhanaw taala in verse number 13 He then continues and says, For the cannula comb area to fee fee attainable Takata we attune to God you know fee shall be the law you owe Kurata Pharaoh to me your owner whom myth lay him lie in one low UAE Adobe Nasai mean Yasha in Nephi, radical liberal attorney only nervous Are you already have a sign or you have already seen a sign in the two armies that met in the battle.

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One was fighting for Allah's Cause, and the other made up of disbelievers with their own eyes. The former saw the latter to be twice the number, but Allah helps him so ever he wills. This truly is a lesson in those who have the ability to see, I have insight. Allah subhanaw taala says, this mindset that we just mentioned the mindset of the believer, as opposed to the mindset of the disbeliever. The reality of the situation, that the believer is the one who focuses on the athlete on knowing that Allah azza wa jal will then give them the blessings of both the dunya and akhira. Whereas the disbeliever only works for the dunya and as a result, they are found or faced with defeat in this

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life and the next Allah subhanaw taala says that you have already seen this happen plainly before your eyes addressing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Companions who lived with him at the time of the Allah Who imaginary Allah subhanaw taala says, but can only come if there was already assigned for you in this reality. Fifi a teenager Takata in the two armies that met in the battle and we are referring here to the first battle of Islam the Battle of battle. So this surah is a Surah that's going to speak in more detail as we progress inshallah Tirana is going to speak in more detail concerning the battle apart. But Allah azza wa jal mentions here that before the battle

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or had you already saw this as a sign that two mindsets, and the way that this believes and the repercussions of each one of them is something which is

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all play out on the battlefield of budder fear to cut through visa vie de la, one of those two armies, meaning the Muslim army under the leadership of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was an army that was fighting for the sake of Allah azza wa jal whoa Hora cafetera. And the other one was a disbelieving army, the Quraysh and the and the disbelievers of Mecca. Your owner who myth lay him wrote your line, when the believers the Muslims looked at towards the Kurashiki army. They saw them as double the number. And we know that they were at least double the number because the integrations that we have concerning the Battle of Bible says that the Muslims on that day will some

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300 odd, whereas the non Muslims or the disbelievers of Quraysh were nearly 1000 or around 1000 in number that is literally tripled the number of the Muslims, Allah azza wa jal says just from plain sight, without even having to count you could see that they vastly outnumbered you that they will double your number in size. And that is usually something when you come an army find itself faced by double the number meaning for every two enemy soldiers, that is only one of you. That's something which would naturally cast fear and a level of trepidation within the heart. But Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Allah who you are, you do not see him in your shot. But Allah azza wa jal gives

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his assistance is divine help to him so ever he was as we know, he did subhanaw taala on the day of the Battle of Baba, when Allah azza wa jal sent down all of the angels in their armies to come and give assistance to the believers on that day, in every vertical or a brothel, the only Apsara indeed in that there is a lesson for those with a true eyesight or insight to see, there is one sight which is just that you see what is visible in front of you plain sight, just what you can see. But there is insight, can you see what is behind what is visible to the naked eye, when you see the signs of Allah subhanaw taala. And the believer is always told to be of the second type of person, both of

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them see, both of them use their eyes, but the first one is the one who only looks at the apparent and that is the disbelief, they only see the dunya they only see what is apparent, whereas the the one who is truly a believer in Allah azza wa jal, they have insight, they see beyond what is just the parent site, and they see beyond that to what is the signs of Allah subhanaw taala so the believer is the one who when they travel, when they come across people, when they in different situations, they're able to link their back to the religion of Allah subhanaw taala and the man in Allah azza wa jal,

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Allah subhanaw taala in verse number 14,

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He then tells us the reason as to why people are like this, those people of disbelief, who spend their lives worshiping other than Allah azza wa jal, and who are deceived by the adornments and the beautification of the dunya, Allah subhanaw taala. Now in verse number 14 tells us this reality tells us what it is that causes a person to be taken away from Allah azza wa jal, and this is a warning for the believers, because we as Muslims are not are not, are not impervious to this. We don't have some type of shield around us that stops the dunya from penetrating our hearts, or the desires of this dunya from penetrating our hearts and weakening our iman and our resolve. We don't

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have some type of special powers, just as it happens to all Muslims, it can happen to a Muslim, just as they are affected by the dunya many Muslims all of us are affected by the dunya. And so Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to be aware of this reality, because it is extremely difficult to see, it is extremely difficult to receive the temptations of the dunya and our desires, wanting those temptations and then be able to have the self discipline to ward them off, to have the patience and the steadfastness to ignore them and to continue upon the journey to Allah subhanaw taala that is something which requires a level of Eman and requires a level of rebirth and turning to Allah azza

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wa jal constantly and continuously in remembrance to Allah Allah subhanaw taala. So Allah azza wa jal tells us in verse number 14,

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the urinal in nursing home bushwa team in a nice evil bunny in our locker now he will Malcolm Bharati Mina, the heavy World Football Weill Cornell clearly the most thorough team in the heavy oil field but one crazy deal Musa Warmoth you want an army will have that he Kamata will hayati dunya wala who the horsnell

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the love of desirable things is made alluring for men. From those things is women and children gold and silver treasures pile the pipe, horses with fine markings livestock and farmland. These may be the joys of the life but to Allah azza wa jal is the best place to return. These are the dominance of the dunya all of these things are Allah azza wa jal mentions here, whether it's people of the opposite gender, children, gold and silver, horses, livestock farmland, in and of themselves, none of them is haram, in our religion, none of these things are

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Wrong. In fact, they are MOBA they are permissible for you to take them in join it and sometimes they can actually be means of coming closer to Allah azza wa jal and good deeds, getting married, having children, having months that you spend in the way of Allah subhanaw taala providing for your family, having those things that benefit you in this dunya and therefore allow you to worship Allah azza wa jal better, these things that are permissible can be used in ways and means that are pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, things that can bring you greater reward and greater nearness to Allah subhanaw taala. But be warned at the same time, there are beautification, governments, just as

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they can lead, the one whose mind is firmly of heart is firmly grounded in the man. And their mind is constantly aware of these traps, just as they can be used for them to find ways to come closer to Allah azza wa jal, they can be used or not used in ways that are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala by those whose minds are not firmly grasping the reality of these issues, whose hearts are weak, and Iman who's who's who are people who are deceived easily by the trappings of the dunya. So therefore, these people have the opposite gender, our own children, gold, silver, the property that we own, the enjoyment of the dunya, from cars and from all of the gadgets and the trappings of the dunya that

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are available to us, they can lead the person to street as well. They can blindfold them or color their vision, they can make them not understand or be able to see what is the reality of the dunya and that they are quickly going towards their death in the grave. And will students soon stand before Allah azza wa jal to be accounted for. They can make them forget about all of these realities and instead work just for what is the here and now. Today I have one car, but I need to get a better car, should I have money, but I need more money. And I just want this money just to continue to immerse myself in what is this dunya and that is where Allah azza wa jal says that he can metabolize

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hayati dunya, these are the joys of this life. And so, some of those drugs are permissible or if they use in a way that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal that is harder initially is permissible, but that is a very fine line. And many people are unable to keep to that fine line because because of a of a lack of Eman and a lack of understanding and knowledge of their religion, they often overstep the boundary that ALLAH SubhanA data has set. And that is where Allah azza wa jal concludes this verse and he says, Well Allah who are in the hospital lab, but Allah azza wa jal has the best place to return to.

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So even though these things are halal and permissible, and can be used for means that are good, and reward, that is good, Allah subhanaw taala says that the mindset of the Muslim is different, because if your mindset is the akhirah, you will use the dunya in order to help you for the Acura but if your mindset is for the dunya then even if you do something for the Acura it will be few and far between and that is why Allah azza wa jal says in verse number 15 owner Bo can be hiring mean that he can be Lavina took over in the rub beam Janna to the Jedi New Deal and her record ENFP Holly Deena fi house as well Jomo Hara to read one minute Allah will Allah who will see you room Guillory

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bad. Allah subhanaw taala says, See, would you like me to tell you all those things that are better than all of these better than the dunya with all of its trappings and all of its all of its property and wealth, shall not tell you of something that is better than all of this. The Lord who will give to those who are mindful gardens graced with flowing streams, where they will stay with pure spouses and Allah azza wa jal treasure they will attain. Indeed, Allah is fully aware of what his servants do.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, Shall I tell you what is better than all of these trappings of the dunya? What is better than this is the you live a life of taqwa, Linda Vina taco that you have Taqwa. If you're constantly mindful of Allah azza wa jal working for the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that is reward working for the aphylla then Allah azza wa jal says that you will have all of these trappings of the dunya a million times better, you will have the dunya and everything in it multiple times more and in a far better way, and you will be able to enjoy it with with eternal bliss and with full happiness and joy and Allah azza wa jal will make your life one of eternal bliss. That is

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what the believer works towards, they will have these Gardens under which rivers flow a bite the rain forever with pure spouses and waited in all of this they will have the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada. So on the next page, page number 52, we will take the first two verses because they are linked to this this particular issue that Allah azza wa jal is mentioning, and that is Allah subhanaw taala. then goes on to mention how the believers respond. Allah azza wa jal has told us reality of the dunya with this trappings, and then the way that the believer is, so what is the believer do Allah azza wa jal says in verse number 16 alladhina yaku Luna Rob

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Finland, the Nobel Winner or them and those who say, Our Lord, we believe so forgive us our sins and protect us from the suffering of the fire. That is the body of the people of Eman, the people of the Eman of those who now that they understand this reality they work towards it. They work towards the Earth era. They understand that this dunya is finite is temporary is soon going to finish and we need to work for what is eternal and permanent and what is more pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Azza and says UPCA it is better and more lasting. And so they make this to our Allah, forgive us for our sins, save us from the punishment of the fire. In verse number 17 Allah subhanaw taala

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mentions a number of attributes of these people, those people who work towards that reality of the Alpha work towards seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal gives us a number of their amazing attributes and I want you to listen to this attentively. Allah azza wa jal says a saw beauty in our saw the cleaner Well, Connie Tina will move up in will move up you know what Mr. Feeny and as how those who are steadfast, truthful, truly devout, who spent in Allah's Cause, and the makers still far before the dawn?

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Allah azza wa jal says that these are the people of Sabah because in order to stay away from the trappings of the dunya, you need to have patience. You need to have self discipline, you need to have a level of perseverance and they are truthful, truthful in their belief in Allah azza wa jal, truthful in their love for the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam truthful in their belief in the Quran, and so therefore, in whatever situation they're in, they're always a true believer, and a true servant of Allah subhanaw taala Garni team, devout meaning people of worship, people have prayer people have sadaqa people have of fasting people, pilgrimage people, general remembrance of

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, Ullman, Philippine, those who spend in the way of Allah azza wa jal, because they know the reality of the dunya. And so they give some of that wealth that is so precious to them, that they spent so much time working so hard for they give it in the path of Allah azza wa jal, and then they make a stick fall and they seek Allah's forgiveness, especially in the time before dawn before Fajr because they know that this is the time that Allah azza wa jal is close to them and more likely to forgive them for their sins. And they acknowledge that despite their best efforts, they are still human, they sin, they make mistakes, they have shortcomings, they do certain

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things that are acts of disobedience, they fall short and fulfilling some of the obligations and the rights and responsibilities that are upon them. And so they tend to Allah azza wa jal making stuff out. And if they do this and they tend to Allah azza wa jal and they behave like this and have these attributes then Allah subhanaw taala will forgive them for the shortcomings and Allah azza wa jal will increase the reward and Allah subhanaw taala will grant them that eternal bliss in the next life may Allah azza wa jal makers form amongst those people BarakAllahu fecal masala while interviewing him Muhammad Ali he will remain

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