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AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam in achieving healthy environments and achieving political concessions is discussed. The moral system is crucial to achieving these goals, and individuals should not be saddened by behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of fulfilling agreements between Islam and the people, avoiding false assumptions, and maintaining political concessions. The return of the false false message and return of the false false message to Prophet Muhammad saw are also highlighted. upcoming talks about Surah Al Anon and the summit in Alexandra Lachlan are also mentioned.
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Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine or minister Nebuchadnezzar II worked with Allah Illa Yomi Deen further ado, welcome to the Friday Halaqaat in which we did with the Quran trying to take a thematic approach to the surah in the Quran. And last week we dealt with the story of the sons of Adam, have Elan kabhi or Abel and Cain. And we try to take some lessons

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from it.

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I want to connect the story to the central theme of the solar we said the the main theme and the solar revolves around

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remaining true to one's agreements, observing and preserving one's agreements and that this is a very important aspect of the divine message to humans actually, it's an underlying

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principle of adhering to the truth because the relationship between humans and Allah is one of agreement is one of adherence to the agreement that humans made with Allah subhanaw taala prior to coming into this world, and then humans sort of reengage with that agreement or

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activate and revitalize that agreement. When a person commits to, to Islam and they take their shahada, they pronounced their shahada, which is actually an agreement and they are supposed to remain true to it throughout their, their, their lifetime. And the the act of

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Cain or Kobe, when he killed his brother was actually a clear violation to his agreement with Allah subhanaw taala. And the agreement to the last month, Allah again, reveals itself and manifests itself through many angles.

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The foundational one is what we have in the Revelation, which is the Quran and the Sunnah. And we've been given the seed of this, which is in our fitrah. And which, if we, if we really dig deep down and reach its essence, the fitrah it's actually it's, it's the pure human nature without any external influences. So

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so the story shows is actually a clear demonstration of how humans can violate and can go against can break their agreement with Allah subhanho wa taala. And throughout the Surah, you will find that Allah, everything, almost everything is addressed through the lens of observing the agreements remaining true to them, and not breaking from them. So we find the surah moves to another reference towards

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Benny sloth here. But then Allah subhanaw taala talks about certain aspects in the human experience. And this is basically spreading corruption. Like, for example,

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robbers and burglars, people who

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basically jeopardize the safety of a society by breaking into people's houses, or by

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engaging in robbery or highway robbery.

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People who frighten others, people who steal people who commit this kind of these kinds of, of,

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of crimes against humanity, Allah Fantana specifies here what should be should be their punishment, and this punishment, punishment obviously should be conducted by the governing body by the government itself. Otherwise, if everyone takes the law in their own hands, it would be chaos and people are, it's people's like people are very biased. So this is why it has to be done by the authority that is appointed to govern that state or that that nation.

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And Allah mentions this, in the context of seeking Allah subhanaw taala. So we'll find in verse number 35, a very beautiful verse where Allah says, Yeah, you already know it. Allah Weber tell me he was here was that he do feasability healer Allah come to flee home. Are you who believe, have Taqwa be conscious of Allah be mindful of Allah, whatever he was here and seek the means that will bring you to Allah that will lead you to Allah and strive in that path, so that you may be among the successful

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and then Allah mentions for example, Allah here talks about the punishment of thefts.

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Again, it just follows the same principle because again, robbery theft, frightening people, jeopardizing people's lives spreading corruption, mischief in the land.

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Becoming a threat to society is a violent

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Shin of the agreement between humanity and ALLAH because ALLAH placed humanity on earth to, again live in the best way possible. And they have been given the means to do that. And they are required to abide by that. And this is what the test of life is actually about that how truthful and loyal they will remain to this beautiful principle and this ethical, moral

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life code that is built in them. And that is also given to them through divine instruction. So Allah shows here that these crimes that are committed and the reason why there is punishment, there are punishments for them is that these are grades active violation, and violation means betrayal. And betrayal is very dangerous. And it leaks into many aspects of life. So if a person develops an attitude of betrayal towards agreements, so basically, this is going to show itself or manifest itself, sometimes in robbery, sometimes in fifth, sometimes in cheating, sometimes in murder. And this is why you will find criminals will commit different types of crimes. Why because once you

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develop this inequality, of

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freeing yourself from the moral commitment,

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then again, you have no reason you have no preventive

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aspect, or you have no preventive

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elements within you that will hold you back from violating other people's rights, if an opportunity arises, so if it's theft, if it's murder, if it's cheating, if it's taking advantage of situations if it's monopoly,

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if it's abuse, etc. So this is why in Islam, you will find that these punishments because there are people who have this moral judgment within them, they have this natural commitment, but not everyone has this and not everyone remains true to that.

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So, you still need for a society or for a nation to function in a healthy way to be prosperous to grow, so that people can fulfill the purpose behind their creation, you will need these kinds of parameters and this is why governments have prisons they have legal system, they have the court system and they hold people accountable. It is their attempts to bring order and keep things stable in a society. Otherwise, if there is chaos, if if if there is no safety, if people don't feel it safe for themselves and safe for their wealth and their property, then in our civilization becomes an impossibility. But again, there is nothing better than the law, the Divine Law of the creator of

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humanity, who really knows how you how you can handle how you can best handle this

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human nature when it goes

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out of when it when it goes out of order, when when when it starts transgressing the limits.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala turns the attention of the prophets of Salaam and the Muslims here to

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a very clear example of people who violated their agreements with Allah. And this is the people of the book. So the last one that it says to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Do not be saddened by the people who rush to disbelief, they rushed to reject you and reject your message, although in their books in the Scripture, the divine Scriptures that had been given to them.

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They have they had clear evidence about your arrival about your message and about your book, and about your instruction and the fact that they should remain truthful to these books. And these books, command them to follow the final messenger and be obedient to Him and FOLLOW the guidance the divine guidance that will be that would be sent down to him. So Allah Subhan Allah says to the problem, do not says do not be saddened by that. It is their problem. It is their betrayal to Allah subhanaw taala as the as the last month unassisted, the Prophet SAW I said, for in, in normally you'll get the bone Aquila, Kenan Latina volume will be a huge one.

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They're not rejecting you. They're not disbelieving in you. That's not the reality. Although it seems like this is the case. Their reality is that they are denying the signs the clear signs of Allah subhanaw taala. So it's not about you don't don't take it in a don't take it personally.

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Then Allah starts exposing many manifestations of how they betrayed their agreements with Allah and their covenants with Allah. Allah mentions many details like how, for example, they cheat people and they take money that doesn't belong to them in many ways. they resort to a lot of

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means trickery, cheating, etc.

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And then Allah shows that Allah gave them the Torah and there they were, they were supposed to remain truthful to it, but they actually changed it and they did not.

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They did not adhere to its pure essence and to true message. And this is where Allah Subhan Allah says verse number 44 woman, let me compliment Anza La La como casual and those people who do not judge by what Allah revealed these people, they are the disbelievers, meaning these are committing disbelief.

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and then Allah in other verses, Allah smart Allah says, Those who do not judge by what Allah revealed, those are the wrongdoers of volume. These are the oppressors. Why again, because what Allah revealed is the agreement that we have an agreement with a lot of follow that to live according to that. And when you refuse to judge by that you have betrayed your agreement, obviously, to various to, to varying extents. So every time a person commits a sin, they have actually strayed from that agreement. But that doesn't mean they become disbelievers, just become it just means they have transgressed against themselves and against their agreements with Allah subhanaw taala. And

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they can fix that and come back. But if a person takes the way of life, as to, in a way to just completely turn away from the guidance of Allah from the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala, then these people are obviously you know, they are living in disbelief. And and then Allah Subhana Allah says, verse number 47, a woman let me call me man's Allah for will a common facet on the people, those who do not judge by what Allah revealed. These are all facets. one facet means someone who diverged from the path people who left the right path.

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And Allah subhanaw taala just says that the prophets of salaam you hold on to what Allah revealed to you this verse number 48, and the subsequent verses

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and Allah says in verse number 50, as a manager, Haley at airborne woman asset Amin, Allah have mercy on me, you told me you're going to they want the judgment and the rules of ignorance of, of people of ignorance, people have misunderstanding, who is better than the Allah in terms of judgment for people who truly have faith and certainty in meeting a las Panatela. And it shows why we are supposed to be committed to our agreements with ALLAH SubhanA, that this is the best agreement, this is the best way of life. It's not like Allah made an agreement to make us feel bad, or to ruin our lives. It's just this agreement is in our best interest. It was designed it was made for us. And the

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irony is that we are the ones who turn away from it. And then Allah also addresses the whole concept of dealing with the people of the book here. And there is

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there are parameters here, or there is instructions from Allah subhanaw taala, as to how to handle the People of the Book, do not take them as your close allies. And again, sometimes people want to see this in a sectarian way. But again, this is based on the principle of the soul, which is people who have betrayed the divine message that has come to them, they've changed it, they tampered with it, they have selectively chosen different parts to follow certain parts and ignore other parts and change other parts. This kind of attitude, you don't want to take someone like that as your closest ally, especially if you are on a mission to worship Allah subhanaw taala and to, to, to act out

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justice in your life. Why because when you rub shoulders with people like that, and they become your closest allies, they become the closest people to you.

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In this attitude of this will rub off on you.

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So this is something to be not to be taken lightly. And, and also since they and Allah says don't take them as close allies because when you have allies, basically you have a mutual defense a mutual defense agreements with them, you have a sense of trust towards them, people who betrayed Allah, their Creator subhanaw taala Don't you think betrayal has become a personal trait of theirs? So you should be careful. You should be aware. And this is why Allah Subhan Allah says about the many times in the Quran that when they give an agreement they go about to break it later on

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Yeah, under the law says that they take your religion as in mockery, they basically they start mocking your religion making fun of your religion. Again, that shows the sense and the attitude of betrayal. So you need to be in it to be very careful and intelligent as to how you deal with these with these people. It's not just like blind instructions here from Allah subhanaw taala on the

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Contrary, there is a if you like, and I'm using the word loosely, there is some kind of a philosophy. There's some kind of clear mindset hit here with all the logic behind it.

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Then Allah shows how they say, you know,

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things that are inappropriate about Allah subhanaw taala, like in verse number 64, Allah says how they say that Allah acts miserly or Allah is miserly, or will they will, like Allah is not generous. Basically, Allah doesn't want to spend time or Allah doesn't want to spend on his creation because Allah fears poverty, something like that. This these are blasphemous words, right?

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And Allah says, Even prior to that, in verse number 6162, you will see that Allah says many of them, they actually they're very quick to go to two sins, to evil acts, and two acts of oppression are the one and two, eating other people's rights taking other people's rights.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says, you know, had these people remain true to their, their books, the book, that was the divine revelation that was given to them, we would have provided them with so much we would have blessed them from above them from underneath them. And Allah says, some of them are people who remain to minimum Matamata. So then verse number 66, and salted Amida

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some of them remain minimally truthful, to do the divine revelation, but most of them have, you know, things have gone away have come straight away from it. Then Allah Subhanallah reminds the prophets of salaam to remain true to his mission in verse numbers. 67 law says yeah, you have to obey the law of mountains either in a camera Rebecca in mtef, alpha Lefteris, Allah, Allah we are Similkameen, a nurse in the Lila, Hadeel, coma, caffeine, or messenger, convey what was revealed to you from your Lord. That's your agreement with Allah, that's your mission, you are supposed to remain truthful to that agreement, you're supposed to fulfill that mission. If you don't do that,

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then you have not fulfilled your mission. And Allah protects you from people meaning here Allah protects you from from being murdered by people until you obviously fulfill your mission. So in the course of fulfilling your mission, you are protected by Allah subhanaw taala, from being murdered.

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Then Allah addresses the People of the Book, Allah says to the, to the Muslims to address the people of the book that you are upon nothing until you establish the Revelation, the book that was given to you from Allah.

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Yeah, so Allah still talks about how they

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did not

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fulfill and they fail to remain true to their agreements with Allah subhanaw taala and how they actually not only that, but they introduced

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inappropriate things, to what is supposed to be divine revelation

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by by claiming that Allah is at the mercy been Meriam by Audible, that Jesus is Allah, older Billa

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or that there is the Trinity that Allah the nature of Allah is of three, you know, facets or three dimensions or whatever.

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Allah shows this within the context that this is a departure from their agreement. It's a fundamental departure from their agreement with Allah subhanaw taala and their obligations towards Allah subhana wa salam addresses these issues, but also Allah shows some nuances here in how he treats them.

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Allah shows who among the People of the Book will show the most enmity and who among them will show some leniency and some tendency towards the truth?

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You will find this in verses number 82.

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To V, verse number 85.

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And then Allah Subhan, Allah addresses the believers, the Muslims here themselves, Allah says do not make haram do not make impermissible what Allah made lawful for you. And this is an act of transgression against the against the law of Allah subhanaw taala it shows again, you remain true to Allah by obeying him. Yeah, you enter the formula code, the first verse in the Surah O you who believe remain truthful to your agreements, to your covenants, to your promises.

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Then Allah talks about the concept of oath or swearing by Allah if you say well Allah He I will do this or I will do that, that yours this is an agreement and you are supposed to be true to it. And then here it is in these verses were Allah's ones that actually talks about the prohibition of drink

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intoxicants are consuming intoxicants, and gambling and costing the lots and other other other prohibited deeds.

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And the law says Shavon uses these things in order to

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bring about enmity among you. So Allah says, since you are obligated to obey Allah subhanaw taala. And you have this agreement with Allah, Allah says these things are prohibited for you. Then Allah also explains for for Muslims, why these things are prohibited because she brings about enmity and hatred among people by means of these things. And we know how much you know how many problems are generated by the consumption of intoxicants and by gambling, and how much destruction is brought into people's lives through all of these things and how ultimately these things takes you away from the remembrance of Allah. So it takes you away from your mission takes you away, these things take

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you away, they basically jeopardize your capacity or your ability to fulfill your agreements with Allah subhanho wa taala. Then Allah here addresses the concept of Hajj and Umrah where a person enters into a state of Islam, which actually was mentioned early in the Surah. And the early in the early few few verses of the surah. But here Allah shows that this is an agreement between you and Allah when you are in a state of Islam, you're not supposed to hunt.

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And this is an agreement between you and Allah and you're supposed to observe it.

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Allah talks about the Kaaba in verse number 97. And why Allah spent Allah made the cabinet where Allah established the Kaaba, that it is actually a place for humans to worship Allah. And also it's a means for them to flourish.

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There are beautiful principles here like in verse number one, Allah says gulyas That will be through a placebo without agenda, throttle, Hadith, you know, the good, and the filthy, the good and the evil, they are not equal, and they will never be equal. Even if the evil seems to be more abundant, or seems to have the upper hand or seems to have power or seems to have wealth, they're not equal, because the truth has intrinsic value, whereas evil intrinsically lacks value. So no matter how many people are upon evil, or how much wealth they have, or how much power they have, it doesn't make evil equal to good or to the truth. So the truth Truth has its its intrinsic value. So this is some,

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so Allah takes us away. Now a lot takes away from the immediate reality which sometimes could give us the impression that when something is more powerful than it's more evident, or it is coveted and respected, but Allah says not sometimes you need to zoom out of this immediate reality and see the bigger picture. Even if evil seems to have the upper hand it seems to have powers who seems to have more abundance and more resources. It doesn't mean it's better It doesn't mean it is going to prevail. The reality is evil and good are never equal.

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Good will always have the upper hand good will always be better.

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So you when you take sides you take side sides with good because that's where your agreements with Allah subhanaw taala is so don't let you know what happens in life apparently like don't let that alter your skills and make you make the wrong choices

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Yeah, so there's some reference again to certain practices that were among

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the Arabs who were supposedly following the religion of Ibrahim and Ismaila Lima salaam, but they actually departed they did not remain true to these things.

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Eventually Allah so I'm gonna call and think we can close today we can close actually today the sore so let's admit either. Allah subhanaw taala shows what's going to happen to people who remain true to their covenants with our last panel data. And what happens to those people who have violated this agreement with Allah subhanaw taala Allah says, starting with number verse 109,

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your management Hola Hola. Hola, Farah automata? Or do you become quite older in Milena in Atlanta, Alabama. When Allah gathers all the messengers, and Allah would say to them, how were you received by your people? They would say, Oh Allah, we don't know. You are the one who knows everything. And you know the unseen because prophets have them. They didn't know exactly what happened after their departure as well. So they would say Oh Allah, you are the one aware of everything.

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So Allah Subhan Allah is asking them Did you convey so Allah is holding the messengers accountable? Now did you convey my

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Message, did you fulfill your agreement with me? And how did your people respond?

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Then Allah subhanaw taala here shows that he addresses Prophet Isa Ali's sinner, Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon him, Allah will say to him, remember My favor upon you.

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And upon your mother, that I supported you with

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Gibreel, the angel,

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that you spoke to people when you were

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a little baby soon when you were an infant, or gave you the capacity and the ability to speak, and even the capacity to speak later on as an older person, and that's obviously with the return of new Sally. So now towards the end of time, and I taught you the book, and I taught you wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospels in Jean.

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And I made you able to shape from clay, to shape birds, and to blow the soul into them so that they come to life with my permission. So are more that means Allah creates through realities,

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and that I gave you the capacity to heal different illnesses, diseases, and I even gave you the capacity to bring some of the dead to life. And I protected you from the harm of many Israelite when, when you brought the truth to them when you brought my science to them. And they said, This is magic.

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And then I'm the one who inspired your disciples to follow you and believe in Allah and believe in you.

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And then Allah mentions the story of when the when the disciples of a mercy had a son and they asked for a meal to be given to them to descend upon them from from the heavens. And essentially Salam made that

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made that appeal to Allah and the last parameter Allah sent down some sort of

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a feast for them Allah sent it down to them as some sort of covenant and agreement that this is a sign from Allah so that you believe firmly and you remain firm upon the truth. And then Allah subhanaw taala eventually says in verse number

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one 116

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What if called Allah we are a seven Imodium and Alltel in Nasik. If you don't want me in a human doing Allah and Allah says to ISA and he's Salam. Did you tell the people to take you and your mother as gods besides Allah? He said he said I would say Subhana Allah Subhanak Glory be to your Allah may accordingly and Akula Manisha Libya, how could I say something that I have no right to say? Something I'm not met. I'm not meant to say it's not even true.

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Had I?

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If I said it, you would know it.

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And obviously Allah knows all about this. But this is a conversation for people to listen to on the Day of Judgment. So the truth is clearly stated in front of them.

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You know, what's in myself and I don't know what's in yourself. You are the one who knows everything. I only told them what you

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had instructed me with Michael to the home Ilana and Martha Navy and Agudo enable doula to be one of the only told them what you had commanded me that worship Allah my Lord and your Lord.

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So eventually Allah Subhana Allah says in verse number 119, all Allahu how they all mourn for outside the ugliness of Allah says, This is the day on which the truthful will be benefited by the truthfulness, those will remain true to their covenant with a lot to that Fatah, to the message that came to them through the messengers, those who remain true to that, they will reap the fruits of that truthfulness. They would get paradise they would get guidance under net under which rivers flow they would dwell there forever.

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Allah will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with Allah. And this is the ultimate success.

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Then Allah says, Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth and everything in them. And Allah is capable of everything. So this sort of seals the surah beautifully. And it shows and the soil was was one of the latest sewers to be revealed. Actually, some of the verses were Allah says, today I've completed my favorite upon you and chosen Islam for you as your religion.

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It's actually this towards the end of the life of the prophet. And there was even some discussion among some scholars that this could be the last verse ever revealed to Prophet Muhammad saw some of them but most likely, it's probably the one before the last. So what what this shows that sort of remained there was revealed at a later stage in the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu sallam, and it shows up frames Islam, the relationship between us and Allah

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and frames, even the state of the People of the Book and the state of all other people, all of humanity within the frame of agreement that this life is really about an agreement is about the fulfillment of an agreement between us and Allah subhanaw taala and a reference to that agreement will appear Inshallah, in Surah Tila are off that we will come to be in Allah.

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So, so everything about our relationship with Allah Subhana Allah is about fulfilling an agreement is about being truthful. And that shows the ethical dimension of this whole thing of adhering to Islam and remaining true to Allah Subhanallah it's a warning for the people, to the people of the book, that they are meant to be true to the scripture that was truly sent to them, before it was changed before it was tampered with. And this basically sort of again, frames everything

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about our relationship with Allah subhana wa Jalla. With this we have sort of taken a thematic approach to certain Magadha Inshallah, next week, we will move on to start talking about Surah Al Anon, which is a very profound surah and talks heavily about Abida. The summit talks about Allah subhanaw taala helps us know more about last panel, which is inshallah we were going to start with this next week in the late Alexandra Lachlan for joining us. And see you next week we have now Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh