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When I

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11 I'm Simone

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Beauvoir service manager

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in the

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see that

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he has an uncanny MOBA kalavati

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money brothers and sisters first and foremost I'd like to greet you

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on behalf of of the foundation about this beautiful blessed month. The month of Ramadan already almost a week has gone from Ramadan. But still

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I'd like to greet you on this opportunity and tell you Ramadan Mubarak

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Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless into this your families, I ask Allah subhana wa tada to grant you tofik to fest this month.

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As the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has instructed us to fast it I asked Allah subhanaw taala to accept from all of you.

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My brothers and sisters have a sub shadow

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shadow is really a blessing not only a blessing, it is a special month and I'm sure the premium before me they have spoken about you know the blessings of Ramadan whatnot, gonna take a little bit of a twist to talk about a very important element within Ramadan.

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First and foremost, you will have to understand the merits of this month, the merits and what are the merits of the month of Ramadan? Why do we fast? What do we get out of fasting? Now, a lot of us you know, when we go to work our kids when they go to school, they ask them that question the famous question, why you people fast? And then some of us we answer because it's Ramadan. But why do we fast? Because Allah told us so why do you fast? Because we need to feel what the poor people are feeling. How the poor No, it's good. It's good answers but there's another essence of why do we fast Ramadan? It is so you know, and maybe Of course, Mashallah, you know, it is the only month mentioned

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by name in the app. It is the only month went by all the divine scriptures

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was revealed in this month. A Torah was revealed in this month, and in G was living in this month. So, Ibrahim reading on this month, as a co author of the Divine scriptures were revealed in the month of Ramadan, including the Shahada, Mohan levy.

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The mother, her mother, was revealed in his shadow,

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shadow and the mother of the end, but there are treasures this mother is filled with some secrets, the secrets of Ramadan. Why do we fast?

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Question number one, question number two, there are some people who have been fasting. But do know that Allah zildjian has not accepted any of the

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very dangerous question. Some people have fasted this omega so far this week, less than 2018 2017 2016 assertion has not accepted any of their interest in why I with him. First and foremost, what are some of the virtues or the merits of this business?

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Do you know that the Prophet Mohammed and his circumstances was the Medina health

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protection, protection from not any evil protection from all types of evil, the protection of In fact, you know, some people they say I'm detoxing, detoxing of water and even some non Muslim doctors nowadays. There is one actually a family doctor in Germany he opened a clinic. He called it Ramadan clinic. People are coming in

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And his only treatment is fasting, fasting

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and the guy has become a millionaire. So now some non Muslim doctors they say you have to go to some sort of detox was detox any they give you certain times where you have to fast Ramadan? is a protection, protection from all types of evil, including the detoxication that sometimes Yeah, and he that would tend to absorb on a daily basis. The fasting cleans your system, it cleans your home, it cleans the diseases and the poisons of the hearts. number one number two sisters and brothers, you know that that car will come to intercede on our behalf on the Day of Judgment.

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Do you know that Allah subhana wa sallam when he says in swap and has yo method Hello, hello?

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What are the aku that have been handed?

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Up woman visoko

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they want a mom who's you know, been pregnant, she can drop her baby, a second mother she will jump her baby. Even the promise that they would say nipsey nipsey that they will just when everybody's scared. everybody's thinking fine. People they need some help people they need some support. Yo Ma Ma Oh man, he will only be a busy woman he liquidity may mean

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that they want a man will flee from his own brother from his own spouse from his own children. Nobody cared about nobody else.

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Who will come to your rescue that day, a car or

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a car would come to intercede on your behalf yada

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yada yapi I have prevented him or preclude him from eating from drinking yalobusha for anything.

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The beauty and the merits of Ramadan, but brothers and sisters, something very, very critical. Some people are fasting like I mentioned, but the fasting does not go up beyond their nose. What does that mean? There is something that we have to understand CRM will harness the mo button. When Allah Subhana Allah says pretty radical cmo come up with

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Taku cm has been prescribed upon you as it has been prescribed on people before you so she may attain taqwa. And when the Prophet Mohammed.

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taqwa he says right here, didn't he? He pointed with his finger.

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And he says

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what it means attack was in the heart. This is why I say today my brothers and sisters and please forgive me for saying that the CEO of the heart before the CFO of the baby. What does that mean the CMO of the heart before the CEO of the baby, the CM is not just you abstain from food and water and intimacy, there is something beyond that, which is the CMO of the heart. What's the point of your pain? Well as your heart is filled with what with cancer, what kind of cancer,

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cancerous and poisonous diseases what kind of cancerous and poisonous diseases. Some of us have been fasting for years. But their hearts is filled with hatred and resentments. They have not spoken to one another for years. You see the point? You have not spoken to your brother, you have not spoken to your cousin, you have a have some problems with your family. Yeah, for months or years. And you want allies except your cm, who says the Prophet Mohammed

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man has

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emphasized so much that the

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whosoever you know he'll pass on the one who has some, let's say, some problems, issues with a relative of friends for more than three days for

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your match is 72 hours. I'm talking to those who have not been talking with each other for you know, months or weeks or years. Priority has given you the deadline. 72 hour three days man has forgotten

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beyond three days from

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the perfect quality of services and then he dies after the fire.

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Tell me but

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Jimmy, my old brother, my cousin, and my my my uncle, my friend. You don't know what they say. I tell you

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Now I'm sorry to say I don't care. I care about you. I care about you. I care about your entry, gentlemen. So I don't care about what happened between you two, I care about your entry in general, why the prophets of Allah Islam says.

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And you all know this case,

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law that are being elevated to Allah subhanho wa Taala. every Monday and Thursday,

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as you notice, every Monday and Thursday for your,

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for your allies, what forgive the AMA as it gets invaded Allah subhanho wa Taala, every Mondays and Thursdays, all these admin, you know, almost kind of the property consortium says that a man shall be forgiven, except those who have any, any, any association with Allah subhanho wa Taala, except those who can check. And then the prophets have some says, except two men have

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been homeless. Between them, there is some sort of, you know, problems and they stop talking with one another for your

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vision would say, Wait, hold on.

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Hold on, even until the men the heights. Yeah, and you'll see an example, this year of 2018. If you have anybody that you have not been speaking to from your own family, or friends, regardless of whose fault is it, that you have not, you know, in our hearts wait for more than three days, maybe a month, maybe two, maybe even maybe three? Yeah, and the short the facet of us. And the one before and the one before they have not been accepted yet. Until human hearts happy? Yes.

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The professor says Hector, yes. So now my brothers and sisters, before you plan, who shall I invite?

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What should I cook? Where should I go? My fridge is empty and into the summer shopping this weekend from Costco. Before you plan on that plan, if you have any problems with somebody from your own family, that you have not spoken to for weeks, or days or months, go and mend the hearts before it's too late, you're happy, your car will not be accepted. And my that's not my word. That is the word of God.

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In fact, they gave you an app on

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your iPhone.

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So that's Mohammed, verse number 22.

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I say

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interview later, and to see

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the court

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says you don't want

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that, you know, you cause harm and you cause evil on earth.

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And you

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have meaning that you suffer your relationship, the kinship you suffer that that that link between your kinship is a very chicastic those Allah Subhana Allah Allah says on their behalf with

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Allah subhanaw taala

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so my brothers and sisters even if they have wronged you, and I'm saying this because this is still the beginning of Ramadan, we still have time because you don't want to come for eight and people are saying you know cable back well I tell you now by all means, and again by all with all due respect from today

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I'm offering my condolences on this.

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Your mother is on hold until you fix your situation with your brother and sister go first you go to the end because the professor says the best amongst them is don't go see Sarah first.

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Hi Mama.

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Hello. And then

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I love you all for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and good for you business sisters. But please today before tomorrow, go and mend the hearts with your family members if you have any issues with them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala can accept your first thing

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and then we can start planning for Milan in Sharma hotel. Imagine if the engine of that has to come from that door today. Imagine if the engine of that comes to that door today. And he says are you hardness? Are you people Ramadan 2019 with the muscle

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if medical would come to the door today and he says are you on us Ramadan

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2019 is your worst Ramadan How will you live this Ramadan?

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How would you practice? The English omocha? Wouldn't you? Maybe Chica from today? Oh, why? Because this is why I want this on inshallah

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the most outstanding Ramadan, Ramadan 2019 because Allah knows whether I'm gonna be able to be able to survive. Whether I'm gonna, you know, a witness of a woman on 2020, who knows that nobody knows. Well, let me let you know there are people in the grave today.

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Just few weeks ago, I was in the UK. And I used to print this metric called Islam, the mosque, the biggest mosque in the UK, after every local select, they have solid agendas.

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If you go to Genesis, and then

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with some people, and then as you know,

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after every server, what do they do? So

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those people who have died, they have a wish. I'm sure all of them have wishes. I wish to be able to fetch this i'm sure before they died,

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but a must have

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took their souls Allah subhana wa sallam he came today because he used to say

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sooner rather than later

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to say people say so and so has died so someone died maybe tomorrow people will say oh man has died and I say to myself people they say no son son died and maybe today maybe today maybe tomorrow people will say the God was as he has done

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nobody knows if our to know what what is.

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This Ramadan shall be the best ever in my life. Why? I will

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see I'm already fasting. I will.

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I will stay 2020 don't pray. I'm gonna stay.

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I'm gonna stay

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every day. Every day when I have money

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and gifts. Am I gonna do

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our live in the magic?

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hour? I would cry. This is my

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this is my last Ramadan. So in Charlotte autonomie alambic you're witnessing more and more.

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Make it as if this is your last moment ever. But before my brothers and sisters, please remember the advice what advice go and mend the hearts. You have any issues with a brother which you have not been speaking to your sister, your cousin, whatever, you know that you have some chance that we'll go and fix that problem.

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You don't need fixing the problem that

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they may say they hung up the phone on me

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and then as you call them, you go and visit them.

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Mr. Kumar if somebody accused my mother, your mother, my mother, somebody accused my mother

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How would I feel? Some people accused our mother of Xena isn't it Now, some people accused the accused

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in Xena

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issue she was accused of her chastity

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and then Allah said on behalf of the accuser

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for the for the aspiring, let them forgive. Don't you want a lot of review? So I'm telling you today inshallah tada for the sake of Allah forgive, forgive them, forgive them for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah

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only have two minutes left so sisters I'm sure you all have some plans to shave myself

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and surely have shared with you something about my plan. So me and

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the holding me and me and me and and Bill leak. So you have to have a plan for everything shut alone. Don't just like give it away first as it

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was and sisters, please have mercy on your wives.

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Have mercy on your wives on your sisters and your mothers and children is not only for you, but also for them. Myskina the whole day she's in the kitchen, cooking and whatnot, she has to feed the spirit of our mothers as well have a quick thing he shot well. You don't have to cook every day. You may want to cook some time and then freeze or whatnot and then have a plan. Come to them as it is during the weekend. They really come and have a fun weekend but have some support for your mother's for your wife and shout out to those who spent a lot of time in the kitchen.

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A month of the content. So in short, you have to have a plan to decide on every day every day, at least at least those of you who are so fluent in Arabic, at least have one half the list is 100 per day. If not have two if not have three. If not, do not let the day go and listen after you open the book of Allah.

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the day pass by your opening the book of Allah subhana wa tada

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you know the

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American others. They used to live in America used to live teaching in Oman. Normal detention only only only during the morning of

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hotma during the day and the evening, not

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one during the day and one during the night.

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Lazarus has plenty of time. Allah has busy time Don't let the day go without you. You know

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the Prophet Muhammad Allah in this month used to be so generous because the hand was set up what

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the the blowing wind what does that mean the blowing wind he wouldn't give today he wouldn't give tomorrow he wouldn't give yesterday he will not say I gave yesterday I won't give today tomorrow

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it blows it does not mean right left to center it just

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encompasses everything is how the profit was so low. So when it comes to Ramadan, he used to give a lot more than that which he did not give other than normal yeah and in the month of Ramadan he would give a lot

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and brothers and sisters please today inshallah Tada. We need to practice that if the left today before tomorrow, the left and inshallah tada after Salah. I'm going to request five minutes if you have time to sit with us. I know some of you have to go to work they can leave in sha Allah but those who can spare five to seven minutes of their time wishing chocolate because they will have less of

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this you must have handled with it and delete your status. May Allah cmet this one may Allah subhanho wa Taala admitted to gender from the gate of

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the gate of iron only those who used to fast would get to enter format I ask Allah Subhana Allah not honor you, you and your loved ones in sha Allah, may Allah protect your kids may Allah protect them must protect your loved ones must protect your family may Allah

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May Allah give you all see the fiscal possible engine May Allah Subhana Allah

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give me this blessing in a disclosure of seeing the face of Allah May Allah Subhana Allah make it nifty trick from the Hansel hospital but in general

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a lot

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a lot

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a lot of money that's

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been out a lot better than anything

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that would have happened when he left the hospital. What are the what are

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what are

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what are you doing after that? You know,

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a lot of muscle muscle

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know a lot more

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of our homeless.

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A lot more.

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A lot more.

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reoccurring. yada, yada. yada. yada.

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yada. We have a winner. You're gonna you're gonna you're gonna

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olive oil. Yeah, what do

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we have a lot like