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An-Naml 27-44 Translation 27-44

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem Robert firoozeh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem rubbish

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at Embry riddle better melissani of koko de poppin as in our in Lesson number 197 surah two number is number 27 to 44 Translation

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Allah He said Sanam Lu, soon we will see. So, Dakota Have you spoken true? Did you speak the truth? Um or contact you are men from lKb been the liars if helped go be kita be with my letter Heather this for lt, then cast it then deliver it la him to them so much. Then the one you turn away you leave on home from them from the den look, Mother, what is that? You have your own they return

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pilots? She said Yeah. Are you her or Alma the Chiefs in me indeed I opia it was delivered La Jolla to me Peter Boone, a rich aerating karimun noble inner who indeed it men from Suleiman Suleiman were in the who and indeed it vizlly with me a lot of a lot of rushman the Entirely Merciful of Rahim the Especially Merciful unless that not that Aloo you all exalt aleja against me, what to me, and you all come to me muslimeen as Muslims, Allah, she said, Yeah, Are you her or Amanda, the chiefs of Tony you all give me verdict. You all give me opinion. She in Emery matter, man not going to I am all clear item. One who got

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Omron a matter had the until dusche whodunnit, you all are present?

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Or do the set national we will do possessors, who within of power. What Oulu and possessors that sing of might shed even severe while ago, and the command he like is to you from Dory. So you look my other watch is that that Marina, you ordered on it? She said in indeed, Elmo, Luca, the Kings either when the Hulu they entered earlier than a town I've said to her, they corrupt it. They spoiled it. Watch our loo and they may or is

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mighty ones

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of its people. A Villa once loading worker Danica and thus yes or don't they do what in me and indeed I morcilla tune one who sends in a him to them be heavier with a gift. For now we are done. So one who looks Bhima with what y'all do? He returns almost alone. The messengers. fellow man then when he came, Sulaiman Sulayman

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partner he said to me do any Do you all extend to me? Do you all provide me the man with wealth firmer so that which attorney he gave me Allahu Allah hi Ron is better. me man from what calm? He has given you

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been rather unknown you all be Heidi yet econ with your gift? Therefore shown you all rejoice. Lj return la him to them felanitx Deanna home unknown, so surely we will definitely come to them.

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Did you know them with armies lair not de Bella.

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Any power

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any ability

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or any ability to encounter the home for them be here with it well enough regenda home and surely we will definitely expel them main her from the Latin as one disgraced, were home while they saw their own ones who are belittled Allah He said yeah you her or Alma the chips are Yukon which of you yet Dini he will come to me. They're all she had with her throne. Avila before and that yet dooney they come to me muslimeen as Muslims corner he said if return briefly powerful one men from Elgin the gym and I Attica one who comes to you, be he with it? Oh, Bella before and that Tacoma Euston men from Mako myka your position were in me and indeed I I lay upon it. Luckily Yun surely one powerful

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strong amine on trustworthy Arla, he said and lady who in the who with him, Aleman knowledge men from Al Khattab, the book and I Attica one who comes to you, be he with it? Or Bella before? And that you're that it returns a Laker Do you bought your site? Your glands? fell on man so when

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he saw it, Mr. patron, one stationary firmly settled in the hole near him. Honor he said, Heather this men from photo bounty Robbie of my rub, Leah blue and he so he made us me, Ash guru, whether I am grateful

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or thankful I am ungrateful woman and whoever Shackleton he was grateful for innama then indeed not but yes guru. He is grateful. Lena FCV for himself, woman and whoever cafaro he was ungrateful. For in then indeed. Robbie, Myra Vani young one who is rich one who is free from want Gary one noble, generous corner he said, Nakuru, you all alter you will disguise the hair for her. I'll show her her throne

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number we will see at that study, whether she is guided

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or the coup she is made from an levena those who learn not yesterday, they obtain guidance. Furthermore, so when

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she came Taylor it was said a hacker there is this like that?

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Is her this girl like the that? I shook your throne.

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Carla, she said, Come on now Who is it? who it is? What? Oh, Tina, and we were given an element the knowledge men from probably hair before her? Well, couldna and we were muslimeen Muslims ones who submit was hurt their hair and it prevented her man What can it she was darboux she worships men from doing other than Allah. Allah in the hair. Indeed she cannot she was mean from town people gaffing want to disbelieve Lila it was at the her for her. Oh the holy you enter of Sir have the pilots firmer than when

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she saw it has the bathroom. She thought it legit in a pool of water worker Chevette and she unveiled she removed I'm from selfie her her two legs. Her two shins. Corner he said in the who indeed a surgeon attalus

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Why don't one that is cluster one that is the main from our evil crystals. Glass pilot? She said, Robbie O'Meara in me. Indeed I want them to. I have wronged Neff see myself. Well, Islam do and I have submitted my with sulaimani Sulayman lillah for Allah, Robbie anatomy of the wounds. That's basically recitation of these verses.

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To be heavy.

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Tony muslimeen ordinary three

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La Nina.

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Nina kita.

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carry on?

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Whoa, whoa, whoa

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