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Never despair from the mercy of Allah

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Riad Ouarzazi

Channel: Riad Ouarzazi

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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And then the story when she opened his chin up, but she took deliver, and then she tried to swallow it but it was so bitter that she spread it out.

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He says, I want to become

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a guarantor guarantee that

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once you become a Muslim,

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Allah forgive the sins he says no.

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He said this is all this is generic, I want something specific.

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Press against themselves. Do not despair, from the mercy of Allah. I love. That is the key word, golden word.

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My parents,

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committed adultery, all the things.

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All the things, I was bad to my spouse.

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I was so bad to my wife, to my mother, to my parents, to my kids, all the sense all the things never despair from the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all the sense

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of the word.

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All these names

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that Allah will have to say we sinners

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never disappear from the