War Against Riba

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Again, when it comes to other aspects of our life, Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, establishes hazard zones when it comes to money. And here's the principle. Money is a good servant, but a bad master. Money is a means for an end.

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A lot did not create us to make money we can make money melodica cannot make us weaker. You can buy everything with money, right?

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So Allah subhana wa Taala told us certain things when it comes to money again, the hazard zones, first of all, to not deal with ribbon. Allah subhanaw taala said, Yeah, Allah Dena Amano, la kulu Reba of alpha muda throat deal with interest. So here's a hazard zone don't go there. But some people still insist and then go beyond this. even further, I said

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Meaning if you claim to be true believers stop dealing with labor. If I don't stop if I transgress the limits, what's going to happen? So

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don't be mean a lot.

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We are fighting a lot His Messenger and we're complaining you know Allah blessing my money. Allah blessing my marriage. Allah blessing my house. Why? Because you're dealing with River. Very simple. Go back to the iron. Stop what Allah said stop, do not proceed beyond that point.