Reda Bedeir – Communication is Key

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of maintaining a positive relationship with one or more spouse, even if it means being dressed the best and smell the best. They stress the need to write down statements before claiming rights and perform duties to avoid confusion. The speaker also mentions President Obama's comments about women being treated withasing and respect.
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Communication is a key to the success of any marriage. You know how many times you know, there is almost like a complaint, you know, and it's usually from the side of the sister or the wife. Why? Because as I told you before, the way to the woman's heart passes through her ears. So you should know that she's expecting you to say nice words.

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Even though the puffs Salaam said, lying is permissible in three scenarios, one of them is in the emotional talk between the two spouses.

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And I'm saying it again, because some people will misquote me the emotional talk only.

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Meaning, like, you know, you go back home and your wife is receiving you, you know, with her uniform in the kitchen with the garlic and the onion. And, and, and also the same thing, like on your side, like you always like, you know, sit with her in the Bahamas for the last 25 years, you never change them. You know, look, we do it both, like it goes, it goes both ways. It's like, you know, it's not one one, you know, one way traffic.

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So, when when we sit with each other, we have to make sure that, you know, we are dressed the best, we smell the best. And we choose the best words to communicate with each other.

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And listen carefully. This is if you want to maintain happiness and peace in your house, as a married couple, write down the statement before you claim your rights, perform your duties.

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Before you claim your rights, perform your duties

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out of like almost 20 years working with you know family problems. You know, I would definitely tell you any problem in a manager's because of this. One of the two spouses is asked him for his rights and he's not or she's not performing her duties.

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Like you know, she's not dressed well. What about you? I am demand so what

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you know, she doesn't speak to me what she doesn't respect me. What about you? I am demand so what? She should be respected, respectful, and you shouldn't should be dressed the best and smell the best and he shouldn't

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you see what I'm saying? So it goes both ways.

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Sometimes, like one time they sew up the life now President Obama, he was like, you know, taking care of his appearance and he was combing his hair. And like, you know, it's like a bass. What are you doing? This is the business of woman. Is it the law? Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah Hoon, Mr. de la de la Hannibal maroof they are entitled, they are entitled Exactly. to whatever is being asked from them in kindness or with kindness. If you want your wife to look the best he should look the best isn't to being too.

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If you want her to smell the best, you should also smell the best.

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If you want her to receive you with the best, you know, attire, you know, go and get rid of that pajamas. buy a new one

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