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The speaker discusses a recent email from his wife about her husband's death and how he is trying to continue his work. He reminds himself of his family and their past experiences with the virus. The speaker also talks about the importance of being on the father's the door for anyone who has died and asks for forgiveness.

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Hello, I'm

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Dr. Phil MBA when once a while it was heavy. But

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yesterday I

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got an email

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from the wife of a person whose name was Maggie diamond

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We live in Canada.

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And I remember the last time I met him was when I went to the house of major house, there was a function there.

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And I will give a talk and Milan was was wasn't that functional

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medicine was to send a lot of Islamic emails to various people on different subjects.

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Last night, I got an email from his wife, saying that on the 26th of May, my husband, pastor

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and inshallah I will try to continue to do what he used to do, because there's a service area for him

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26 minutes, 10 days ago, my grandmother was 40 years old.

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Two small sons.

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student and I got that mail, I needed the mail and I thought this is some mail about me after I have died.

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Because somebody will write a gela to say that you have a big passed away, and we will try to continue his work

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a lot give support to that family. She's obviously a woman of great courage, and will provide that kind of a meal after 10 days after her husband died.

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And even We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give

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the highest stations in Ghana, and to forgive his sin, accept his work in Sharla.

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The reason I'm saying this is to remind myself that this day will come

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on me and it will come on all of us.

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My dad was sick only for three days.

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He came home complained of a headache. They took him to the hospital. They said he has meningitis 30 or

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40 years old.

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Well as the man is fine, nothing wrong with it.

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Nothing wrong with

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just like that.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the time to make our before we die and we ask Allah to accept our power before we die and to forgive us after we die.

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The thing I want to remind myself and you is that what counts in this life is the karma.

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And that's right that when levena Carlota buena la somos de la, la, la, la la, la la. And that's it those who say, Allah is my rock, and they stay on that with the comet. With steadfastness. There is no fear for them and there is no sadness for them. In another place, Allah Allah Edwin la Vina Carlota buena la Suma de Cabo de la la

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la la journal Abu will deliver to I don't know Leah, Phil dounia

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while Akuma does he own well Akuma their own nose Oh

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ALLAH says about those people who say they love and who stay on that Allah tala child the law said at the time when they are dying unless

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you ask Allah makers among them

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he would

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come and come down

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and they will say to them, Allah how

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to do not fear and do not have sadness. Now Leah COVID has done our Villa we were your earlier we were your friends in this dunya and we will stay with you through this journey to grok Allah.

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Allah Shiro will continue to Adam we have come to you with a bizarre agenda from Allah.

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Before the man is dying, he's dying in that in that state of Nevada.

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In the Stella How shall we call this the state of the person at that time the bottles are the water is somebody in whose presence those he was waiting for have arrived.

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The people What? am waiting for somebody that person has come? Who are we waiting for? We're waiting for mobile phones. Whether we like it or not, we are all waiting for monokuma and one day we will be in the state of

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being mortal.

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When the angels will come, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make those angels the angels of his muffler of his arm Angela

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I'm sure to be gender Tila people not only are confident as a junior what we have here, one of

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the own

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is gender whatever you wish for unless master was given

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and then Jesus beautiful and then they said no so long when a foreigner has

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this issue this is the welcome beginning min of oral Rahim is Bashara is only the opening the beginning after this inshallah they will be very sad

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not for Allah subhana wa tada and the

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US made all of this

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right all of this as our cover in our pockets.

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But for that we shot this Robin Allahu sama sama and Tara Birla does not mean simply saying up your lotto, it means living a life understanding with the consciousness that Allah subhanaw taala is

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so I asked nobody else for any help, I worship nobody other than law, I obey nobody law whenever there is a hunger Allah subhanho wa Taala and something else that something else is delete CTRL ALT L

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and this is what I will do the hokum owners random salad The only thing which I have

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nothing in opposition to the hook of Allah subhanho wa Taala and follow the Sunnah Mohammed Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Allah was under. So that was that when the time come for us today, this will be the state in which we

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will inshallah open the doors for us. And we ask that as well as that it opened the doors of mercy. We ask Allah to forgive all those who have died, were gone before us and May Allah subhanho wa Taala fill the void with his note and with his Baraka And may Allah Allah make the managing of the accurate easy for them. And may Allah subhanaw taala make all of this also in our favor, when it is our time to go and make it easy for us to be on his Deen which is the karma inshallah mustad to be steadfast swatara bigger village that

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was Allah Allah masa de in our