Why did Allah send Prophets?

Waleed Basyouni


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So one of the reasons that Allison messengers and prophets to teach humanity justice, Allah said that when he created human being, the way we were created, part of the nature of human being, that human beings transgress, in sanella, humans transgress human, always want more human always can cross the line,

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and can be greedy, and can

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treat people

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based on his own special interest, and always happen and possible. And this normal for human being, in order for this human, to set a balance, to be just a last person, this messenger and prophets with books with teaching to stablish, this justice in earth, yes, we tried to be just today.

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But look at humans in general, through the course of the history of humanity, you will find that Allah subhanaw taala try to protect human from human.

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And I once read an article, read an article about the number of people who were killed by human versus the number of people who die in natural disaster.

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And the number is way higher when it comes to human how they kill other humans, way more than any number that you can think of or die in natural disasters, just look at World War Two, how many people die in this war?

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Or one, or look at the Civil War, like, for example, the United States, as I'm familiar with,

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look at the history of those people who have done injustice to others, unbelievable. Allah, Allah sin messenger to protect human actually from humans, from humans, and teach them what the rules and said the rules that bring justice to him. And I remember one time, and just as it means to put things where it belongs,

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justice, it put things where it belongs. One reporter once asked me a question.

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In the time of the Danish cartoons, she said, Do you believe in freedom of speech? I said, he said, then she said, So? Are you mad about the cartoons? I would assume? Yes. Your Muslim said, Yes, I am. She said, don't you think that they have the right to express their

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views of your profits and your messenger?

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I said to her, I mean, everybody can say whatever he wants, but not on the expense of life, not on the expense of changing the facts and deceiving people. These images and pictures did not represent my profit on my messenger

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out of the absurd efforts, even though I wouldn't agree with the way it's written as a cartoon. But the problem for me is not just the drawing the problem is the message of this drawing that this is like this is fooling people. And I think that's not right. And I think that freedom of speech here need to be stopped, because this is deceiving people

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isn't illegal, for example, at least as they know, we are in that states if you are in the future. And he said fire.

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You know what? I thought? I want to say fire.

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No, but this is cause trouble, that will lead people to run out of the theater, and they might hurt one another and can cause damage.

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I said no, and friends the past the slow. If I deny the existence of the existence of the mass killing of the arms by the hand of the Turk, I will go to jail. And if you deny the Holocaust, for example, you go to jail. That's right. She said Yes, that's right. I said, even though I believe it is a historical fact that this has happened. That masculine to that Jewish and to the Armand in the history. But this is just a historical fact. But if somebody stood up in Europe today in France, and said I deny the existence of God.

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What would happen to him?

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What is more factual, a historical event of the existence of the Almighty, the one who created the heavens on Earth.

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I said, Where do we draw the line?

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Then she's you told me

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the key point you told me I said I can tell you very

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Easily for me it's done deal. Said How's that? I since for me I draw the line with my Lord, tell me to draw the line.

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For me, it's easy. I don't need to be confused like you.

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You have to figure out this is a problem you created. Not me. For me as a Muslim. I tell you, the prophet and messenger for all believers told us that's the line you cannot cross. Okay, fine. That's easy. I cannot work in my promises.

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The messengers came to us to draw this line to know where it's considered justice and where it will be unjust and not fair. Where it will be right and when it will be wrong. Where is my freedom stuff and where is my friend came to how far it can reach.

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And you know what, I'm very happy with that line, because it was drawn and it will put by the almighty not by a bunch of just happened to be elected people.

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And a lot doesn't deal with us in details in general through his messages. He gives us a guidelines and he always gives a room for human to come up with their own rules and regulations. That's fine, but in the end, the guidelines it's given by the almighty the Lord subhana wa tada Allah to Magellan.