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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala has a BA Babu sullied Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah who Allah He was ever salam to Sleeman Kathira Cassia.

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From Abbado, Maryland sisters,

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one of the most important thing is Florida, Wisconsin, Absa absolutely number one.

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It is not a do or a don't. And that don't is never debate with anybody bodyslam in public,

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never debate in public.

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First of all, is not the Sona

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did not debate in public, he,

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he has the best of our knowledge, he never debated what he did was present Islam.

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And he did that. He presented Islam to people, both in public and private. But

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if there was an argument, if there was something that he had to the equal and over debate, he always did that individually person to person.

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public debates put the other person on the spot.

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Number one, that's why it is wrong because it makes the other person feel cornered.

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In a corner, even a rat will fight. So you're not going to win that person or what yourself you are going to make that person very insecure when very afraid,

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in a corner desperate, and that person is only going to fight back.

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Second thing is that in a public debate, your ego will destroy your restless. And let me assure you this will happen. There is nobody in the world who can say to me that they are able to keep their ego under control. And even in a public debate that is last is supreme, and they are doing it only to please Allah, I would say that they are the world's biggest liars. This is psychologically impossible. There is no way that your ego will not destroy your atlas, your sincerity. So that is a second big reason not to do that. Third thing is very simple. What is a debate, a debate is me versus you. It's a win lose situation. When you go into a debate, you're not going there with an

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open mind to say I want to know the truth. You're going in there to convince the other person you already know the truth, you're going there to convince the other person. Now in your case, you might say, well, that is a fact. I'm not going there to change my mind about Islam, I'm going there to convince the other person

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do that, but not in public.

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Because in a win lose situation, both people are only thinking of one thing, which is how can I win? How can I make the other person loose. So this makes it extremely difficult for the other person to accept the truth, even if they recognize it, you do not want to the whole point of

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of presenting Islam is you make it easy for the other person to accept it.

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You make it easy for them. If you make it difficult, then you lose because the more difficult it is for them to accept it, they will not accept it. And if your purpose is to convince them you are going to you will you already know where

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you went in a public debate. That person's cost is too high.

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Especially for public figures. So if you're talking to somebody who was famous,

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their supporters, their disciples, their students, whoever will be in the in the crowd,

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they will watch that. And that person will feel very afraid of changing their stats, because they would lose it lose their popularity, they are afraid of bad reaction from their own people. So you raise their costs, the cost is too high. Second thing is that if they lose that debate, then you as the so called winner, have not only lost that person, but you've lost all their supporters at the same time. Because nobody likes to see their

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their champion, lose. Nobody likes to see their leader insulted or on losing an argument. So if they lose, you have lost them, as well as all the supporters. And if they win, then you lost yourself. So it's a very

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it's a very negative thing to do public debates because then on the other hand, if you speak to them privately, and you keep the tone to a dialogue instead of a debate, the chances of convincing the other four

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Listen, his chance is much higher.

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Because inner dialogue, the person not feeling threatened it just one on one closed room, there's nobody watching that person can change their mind, they can change their mind, they can become Muslim, and they can still hide their identity until the time is right for them to declare it. And this is permissible in Islam. There's no problem with that. So

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if but that will happen only in a private place, it cannot happen in a public place. Because as I said, the cost is too high. For that person to agree to you to agree with what you're saying is too high, they will not do that. Nobody will do that.

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Really, if you asked me, the bottom line is to ask yourself this question, do you want to win the debate? Or do you want to win the person? If you want to win the person? Debating is the worst thing that you can do? Absolutely the worst. If you want to win the debate, go ahead, win the debate. You've lost the person when you got nothing.

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So public debates are? Absolutely no no, no, don't do that. Talk to people one on one. Remember always that we come from a place of love. Islamic Dawa is from a place of love. So when you are coming from a place of love, you have to love the other person you have to.

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You have to you can hit their their position, right? If the person is going to make sure they are worshipping idols or whatever, then you don't dislike their action, that action was wrong. But you don't dislike the individual. If you if you particularly if you hated the individual, then what would you want for them, you would want for them to burn the hellfire, thereby get them down in the first place. You don't hit the individual view, love the individual enough to want the best for them. This is like looking at whether you want a friend who was a alcoholic, or was a

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drug addict. Or you want them to break that habit you want them to get out of their addiction. You don't like them as they are, you don't like their behavior, but you will go out of the way you will, you know, put up with a lot of nonsense from them, because you want them to be cured. So that is the same day. Same thing if you want people to leave

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false beliefs and come to Islam. You have to love them. And you have to go to them from a place of love, which is patience and calmness and which is

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not reacting to anything. They never react never never get offended, never React. Let people say whatever they want to say. But you be calm, don't don't.

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Don't respond to rudeness with rudeness. It doesn't it doesn't serve any purpose.

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The most beautiful value about this issue of

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of not debating, and instead doing things which are beneficial for people is when the salah Salem, send ma bingeable or Delano to Yemen as the governor of the Kazi.

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And to prove that Islam Yemen was a Christian country. Yeah, but even at that time was ruled by a locals ruler who was a tributary to the Kisara

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of Persia. But he himself was a Christian so so even though Yemen was

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a tributary state and beholden to Persia to Iran, which was fire worshippers, but they were themselves we the Christian countries are concerned I remember my bingeable of Iran who was one of the greatest scholars of Islam. He was a he was a, you know, one of the you one of the young

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Sahaba off from Medina, one of the salsa and a favorite rock. So Soros has

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held the bridle of his horse modvigil was riding on the horse and as he was taking what a very beautiful Hadees I won't go into the whole detail of it. But ressourcer sallam

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said to him,

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he said present to them La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, which is the basic fundamental Aveda of Islam, the Torah of Allah subhanaw taala and the The rissalah offers

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present to them that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. And that Muhammad Salah Salem is the messenger of Allah the last and final of them. Lila Hello vamos then he said, If they accept they made it, he didn't say convince them argue with them fight to the present to them. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, if they accept, then teach them salah.

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Because Allah is the physical manifestation of Nyla had

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Hello, so is it teach them Salah if they accept them Salah and he said once they start praying

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get them to give, explain to them Sokka take zakat from their wealthy and give it to their poor.

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And when you take the cat don't take the best from what they have something they love, don't take the best. Now, see the beauty beautiful advice. He's saying he's not saying he didn't say you are a scholar of Islam and I will make dua for you go there. challenge their bishops to a public debate and own them on the stage and destroy them and and humiliate their false ideology. He didn't say that. Right. He didn't say any of them. He could have said that. Debating was so naive, it was not dishonor. He said go present Islam to them in the most beautiful way. Slider heilala Muhammad Rasul Allah, if they accept show them salah, teach them to pray and once they start praying

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he didn't say the exact words from them and send it to Valina he didn't say the exact path and you build up there's no he said take a card from their rich, they're wealthy and give it to their poor they're poor right there then and then and they're there in Yemen itself. Take it from their wealthy people and give it to their poor people.

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And on top of that, he says don't take the best from their possession meaning if you go to a wealthy person and he's got this fabulous table of horses and say no and your stud stallion

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No, no don't do that. Make sure you take their goods up but not their best don't let it become a issue of their heart don't make it a challenge for them to obey the the tenets of Islam.

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So think about that many other lessons in this hadith i We don't have time for that yet. But think about this. So it's not about debating. Never debate. Beautiful o'clock. In private. Explain. Answer questions. Spirit of dialogue, not of debate. Protect your own class, protect your own sincerity and make the offer the best because Allah Allah will kill him while he was

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