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My brother,

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my brother and sisters.

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What is the meaning of Islam?

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who is a Muslim?

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One submit the one who submits is incorrect.

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The iconic idea concerning this is what Allah subhanaw taala said about divine Melissa, where he said with Karla Hora boo Muslim or Islam.

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He said As Rob said to submit his or her have submitted

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no arguments you did not say I let me think about it. I will do it tomorrow.

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I will do it if it makes sense.

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As long as Cara, the verb was slim

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the reason I'm saying this is because today, the society we live in

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is the exact opposite of this complete

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180 degrees opposite of this.

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Today's society and societal values are literally the manifestation of something else which also Allah subhanaw taala described in the Quran.

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In surah, Furqan Allah has it and also in another place

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or eita money saga Illa who Hawa?

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Manila who? Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Who eonni has course

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colo boom. Al Hawa,

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well rewired motorists

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has haywire ill health

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earlier Rula.

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Carlos Rana Okada, arrivata. Monitor Hala ILAHA of under the guru Allah he will kill

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so Allah's rather describe,

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describe evil, there is literally I can say to the society where he said, have you seen those who have taken their own desire as their God,

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they worship their desires. So who are the who are the gods or god of such people, their own desires,

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their hearts are filled with desire different different kinds of desires, and they worship your desire and ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla said, do not

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because the way the ayat is,

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is constructed is asked as a question but the meaning of the question is, this is a Nephi Allah saying don't do it.

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Unless Are you going to be their advocate? Are you going to meaning what? Don't do it? Right.

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how does it apply to us?

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It applies to us by the fact that we received this gene

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by what method?

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How did come to you?

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Resources or sell them he came and talk to you?

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No, I'm not Yeah, of course. I wish

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we were gonna win. You are praying here, right? You just prayed, but it's not the monetary three rocket and the first struggle you started with like with arriba, whose results with infatti had and some other surah and so on. So how did you get this?

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Seriously, think about it. How did you get this?

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How did it come to you?

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How did it come to you was

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exactly right. It came to you, through your teacher, through that teacher through that teacher through that teacher going back in history. 1400 years, all the way to rasool Allah Azza wa sallam who got it from Allah subhanaw taala. Yes. So we got this Dean, thanks to a Silsila thanks, do a complete chain of teachers

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going back over 1400 years.

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Yes. So now somebody I come to you and I say,

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look, forget all this.

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I'm not

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interest and believe me, these are statements where people have spoken to me in front of me so I'm not exaggerating.

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I'm not interested in all this. Who is Nevers?

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Who's our Hanifa?

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Who Is Buhari who is Malik who is humble Be humble. They are human beings like me

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so what's so great about them let's even their buses understanding my understanding

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so I got the service

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and I will do this

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the problem is even the logic ality of it doesn't strike because the when the mind goes bad is good but because you are saying you got the Hadees Okay, so you want to deny everyone and trash everyone including him Buhari and everyone so you got Daddy's from Where

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gibril came to you versus someone came to you

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you got the address on the same bakary You trashed

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so how can you trash Buhari and you got that is from Buhari

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how to lie to him

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please understand, just because today we stand here on this member

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and we give a hotbar does not mean that we are actually fit to stand I remind myself every single time was John Deere

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every single I stand here and I say Allah you put me here

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I don't want to be here

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and Allah is Witness in my entire life. I never ever asked anyone

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I want to speak to

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people like I'm just not a witness in this video for me Never in my life

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and I will never do it until the day I die inshallah.

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Amigo ICDL I'm standing here because you put me here so take care of me.

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Protect my tongue

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so don't believe just because you stand here make a hole about something or somebody tells you need Zara when you are some? No Nothing, nothing.

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We all have been without exaggeration. We owe the deed to this long chain of people who gave this the new protected the deed with integrity. They kept it

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the sacrifice for it. Bella had been hammered out de la la

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in the time of Moto Zim, and before that his two brothers

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he was tortured. He was beaten He was whipped until a piece of flesh came out of his back they said they used to dress him and then that hand of the person dressing would go into the wound that wound was so deep.

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Because the Khalifa

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wanted him to do a fatwa to say that the Quran Al Karim is a is Buffalo is a creature created thing.

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And the mother has said no. This is Kalam Allah

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this is not a creative thing.

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There were a bunch of people at that time called the Moto Zilla

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who said

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Allah He was awesome.

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So we will believe whatever comes into our arsenal whatever my intelligence and my logic understands is true.

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What my logic does not understand I do not accept it

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so the Quran is low. And the point being that if it is Muslim that it can be changed.

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It has to be it has a genuine time

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and imagine how Allah subhanaw taala strengthen that takes work from people in the whole of the and this is the time of bazooka which is you know, it's 15 million square miles of land that that's the extent of the halibut was huge.

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It was one man

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who stood against the might of the believer of Islam

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once again

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has a beautiful story. Because when the halophytic declared so the his ministers

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They said to him, Look, you can say what you want you are the king but nobody will believe you. People believe that man in Medina who's that I'm a bit humble.

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If I had been humbled side with you, you are successful, nobody will. But if he does not reside with you, you can say what you want nothing will ever.

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So it was that simple call him.

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They sent troops.

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They came to Athena, they took my humble

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as a beautiful story, when they came out of Medina into the desert.

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And before that story, let me tell you, the Imam has been humble used to make dua, when all this finished and so on, used to make dua and his son.

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He says My father used to make dua for a man who was known to be a bandit. He was a very famous bandits, famous Highway Robber.

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He's been governor yella Gouda.

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So he's there as my father one day when who what you are making, or this man who's a criminal, I mean, is known in the whole of the of the ages that this virus

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was said when they were taking me out.

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And they went into the desert. He said, A man came out of the desert and he held the

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bridle on my camel and he stopped me.

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And he said, Yeah,

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hit the hula.

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Is it fear Allah?

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So, Amazon, he said, I started crying. He said, I fear Allah.

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He said, If you're Allah

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the answer I know why they're calling

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for fear Allah.

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Don't say anything which is other than the truth.

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Speak the truth.

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Then, so I said to him, he said, I will speak the truth. But he said, I am an old man.

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And he said, I'm afraid of pain.

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What will happen if they

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whipped me if the last day of the beat me?

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He said the turn around, he lifted up his shirt. And he said, I saw his back. He said, I've never seen a bad like that in my life.

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His back was like a mesh of welds of healed scars

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of beatings.

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He said, The man said he doesn't matter. And he says, he said, he said to me, yeah, only the first one hurts

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only the first one.

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After that, you won't feel anything.

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And then he said,

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he said, listen, he said with all this beating, they could not stop me from disobeying Allah.

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Why did they beat me with our right? Why did they beat me because I'm an hour. He said, with all this beating, I still was rather I didn't stop. He said with all this beating, they could not stop me from disobeying Allah, you are telling me that with BT, you will stop obeying Allah.

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If they beat you, you will disobey Allah

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will have said

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to all the bed

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I got strength from this man's words

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that is why we prefer

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the reason I'm saying this is today, this is trend

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and may Allah forgive us. This trend is even in people who are interested in the

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many people I know very interested in they they study they write and they do read and so on. But because they do not do that in a systematic way, this is a trend on my harddrive for the law two series, the importance of approaching DNA in a systematic manner.

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If you don't do that, you fall into this trap of arrogance. This is this this Gibbon

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and what is the door have given what is written on the door in my opinion?

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Anytime you've heard these you here's what in my opinion, run.

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Just get up and run away.

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Don't listen.

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In my opinion,

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socialism Zed.

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tafsir. Whereby that is me giving a meaning of the Quran.

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Where I forgot that, in my opinion, he said You are wrong even if you are right.

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You are wrong, even if you're right. Because you have no right to do that. You have no authority

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we all Dean because of these people, these people and all their sacrifices I just told you about where I'm at one person, I can tell you any number of such people.

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They gave their lives they gave their blood they spent their entire lives studying the Dean protecting it, preserving it and passing it on

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anyone who denies them, anyone who trashes them is trusting himself

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with him,

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because without the sincera of the Sahaba, the terrain, the terrain, all the classical scholars and so on, we have no deed

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right from the law or via

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the language of Arabic, right from there.

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Today, there are the first reading of the Quran. For example, if they have to

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understand a particular word or a particular phrase, what is in the do they go back to the sahaba? They said, How did the Sahaba understand this?

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They don't look at it. Bill.

00:16:38--> 00:16:42

Masuria. Surya Falana, voila, no.

00:16:43--> 00:16:52

So go back to how did they learn from the language itself or the grammar itself? How did they understand this? That is the correct interpretation.

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It's not just a matter of picking up bodies. This head is how was it practiced? How did the Sahaba what the Saba do with this are these remember? Anyone mentioned in their hobbies? Today, we mentioned the name for them, they knew the person.

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I'll end with one final one. There's a famous artist of this hobby. This lady. Her name was Omaha.

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Omaha Omar caradonna. Her family immediate family winning our moms. She was the one who knew the most Quran and she was the one who knew the deen the most these early early days. Others didn't know.

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And she lived and they lived away from the masjid

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in another part of the place. So she asked us what was our salary or Salah we have to pray and so on and so forth. So

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can I lead Salah for them because nobody nobody knows what to do. They don't know anything.

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Nobody's perfect Pavitra this will get to that.

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Today there are people who say women can lead Salah women can do Salah can do football Gemma

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and the men and women can be behind there are massages here in this country in many places in the world where men and women play a complete mango mod. Everyone's together.

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Bring behind a woman, her team and this woman her team. She is giving this the lead of this hadith.

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The classic case of nonsense. That's where I began. What is the meaning of Islam submission? There's no submission in this this is me. And I need in my opinion, here's the Hadith

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what is the correct way of approaching this? Yes how this is true. But how did the Sahaba treat this hadith

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if women could lead salah, who was more qualified to lead Salah than Omona Aisha said this or they allowed

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a woman about home the gem horn of the Muslims of all the scholars they say we owe 25% One quarter of this deal we owe to ISIS rather than

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a woman for whom Allah revealed caught Am I absorbed nor came for HRC

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the daughter our worker acidic Nadia la No. Sunday Votto rasool Allah Azza wa Jalla the only one who had that title after from Southern our Hatha Mitiga mirror woven in but our city is not his khalifa to Rasulullah

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Hey, his daughter,

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for whom Allah they will Quran Sahaba a big exam I used to go to her for fourth hour. Her fatwas are there in every book of it.

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Did she ever read Salah

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not even novel Salah

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there is one narration to say that in our house sometimes you would fall in Ramadan she would have to have malaria and she would get there was one of the slaves who used to who was a harvest Quran and she would get him to lead Salah and that we will be premiered

00:20:26--> 00:20:35

on Madonna garaga Alana was a great body that she used to give lots of Hadith she would sit on the memory of Mr. Salah give the Saudis and men would be in the front and women would be behind.

00:20:37--> 00:20:39

And at times of Salah

00:20:40--> 00:20:48

Abdul Malik bin miroir, who was the Khalifa he would come and he would lead Salah now here is this poster that

00:20:50--> 00:21:02

she has just been good teaching you Hadith you're sitting here listening to her taking his or her so when type of Salah come by country Dusa

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so who understood the Hadees of Coonawarra Sabetta

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Omada Omona Asia or the Allah Allah or you and me

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because they knew who's more today for me and you name

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is the name but for them they knew the person

00:21:30--> 00:21:31

know they knew who the person is

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so how come they didn't do that? How come there's another Of course now Michelle Salah has allowed Allahu Akbar Lana behind me is those that they will no no no. They understood that is they understood the issue that in cases where as soon as asylum specifically gave somebody a permission, that applied only to that individual that was not something to be taken to the home for the job for everybody. They understood the principle

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so please be interested in deal please learn the deal. But please understand like anything else, whether it is medicine, whether it is surgery, whether it is whatever it is right. Whether it's driving a car, there is a system

00:22:23--> 00:22:27

exercising in the gym, there's a system just go grab weights and your you have a broken back

00:22:32--> 00:22:33

there is a system follow the system.

00:22:35--> 00:22:36

Don't go outside the system.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do things which are beneficial for us and others and to save us from that which does not benefit us. Was Allah Allah Allah will carry malaria. He was a member of