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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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while Allah He was a human, voila, you still love me?

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Even though I'm criticizing you give me charity. I'm not fundraising. 27 is not here yet. Okay? Give me a smile.

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Okay? It doesn't mean that you're not going to give like $100 before we leave, you know?

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Yesterday, we stopped at

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a question that you should be doing your research, did you do your homework? I said Yusuf alayhi salam, when his brothers came from Palestine to Egypt, okay. And now he is the ISIS of Egypt, right here who denies them, but they did not recognize him. Why? Because when they throw him in the well, he was almost six, seven years old. But they were adults. And when you're six, seven years old, by now you're 40 something Of course, you have changed. So they could not realize him, but he recognized them. It will take you back to the beginning of the song. When they throw him in the world. What did Allah Allah say to him?

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They had a consensus agreement amongst themselves that they're going to throw him in the world. What does Allah subhanaw taala do?

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Well, hyena

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What does the law say to him? He said, Allah

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inspired use of it was not revealing because he was still a kid.

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A lot in his spare time, meaning he put in his heart, that there will come a day and you will remind them of what happened. Be and bury him either were homeless or own. At that point. They would not know you, but you will have the upper hand, but they wouldn't realize you. That's the time. But that was not my question. My question was felon magic has a home butcher has it?

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What does he ask them? When he gave him the measure? color? Tony? Lachman abiku. I want you to bring with me with you next time. A brother who's not full brother to you, but of course, his own full brother that's Binyamin. pinjaman.

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Nobody question him.

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Nobody said like, How did he know? But somehow, you know, what is the answer? continued? ayah. Allah Corona, Annie woofing, Kayla Anna hieromonk z.

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Don't you see that when I give a measure, I give a full measure. And I'm the best hosts? Where's the answer? Now? He hosted them when they arrived. Because that was like weird 10 brothers.

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They could be spies or something coming all together. So he will come then privately. And he hosted them while hiral moons in in the cause the hotel in the Arabic language newsroom, a place where you stay. So he offered them food. And he chatted with them. Where are you from? From Palestine?

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And who's your dad or that is a prophet. His name is Yahoo.

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Do you have any other brothers? Yeah, we have two.

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One is young and the other one died?

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Who's the one who died?

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Holla Holla.

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You know, one day he died in the desert? Who did that to him? You know? So he knows that these are his brothers, but that they know him.

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So he said, Okay, what happened to your brother? It's like he's home.

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Is your full brother? No. He's the only full brother to the other one who passed away.

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I said okay. So when he said to them, bring me your other brother. This is why they never asked. Is that clear? Now, let's move on to today's reminder. In the same surah

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if you stop at is where you suffer, so number 12. Number 53. There was a dialogue between the wife of Al Aziz and the king.

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And she said Why am I over NFC in enough Salah amaratunga. So

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So today's reminder is we have three types of knifes.

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And I want you to present yourselves and recognize and identify ourselves.

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Are you amongst these three? And I wish that all of us inshallah we'll make it to the best one. Say me.

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Okay, in service of. So number 12 number 53. Allah mentioned the worst type of enough's enough, sir. The rotten bisou. Listen carefully. He didn't say the mirror to me soon, because if I lost it, Middleton bisou it means it's the nuts that will command you to do something even one time. But the loss of a Mara, I know isn't it for Ireland, meaning it's in a constant state of commanding you to do evil. Give me an example. Some people, when they are alone at home, the only thing that will come to their mind. What are you going to do? They said if you are alone and imaginary, our motto, if you don't do that our shoe shoe will make the hour she will come away. We'll come right I'm gonna say,

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Okay, what shall we do now?

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There is a cron on top of the TV, but you won't see it. Because you've never seen a Mara signal, say, let's watch a movie. In Sharla.

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Watch a movie in Sharla you see the man in the language Mashallah. And after you watch a movie, let's play some cards.

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But the most have is there.

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You know, one of your kids walks in and he has his Quran on stop that why because you're nuts. doesn't accept that because it will make you feel guilty.

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If you hear like, in a nutshell, American business, I don't want to hear this.

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So this is America. So all the time, you know, you start something even you go to something evil, you go to another thing which is evil, and you forget totally about Allah.

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The kitty.

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Whoever stays away from the members of me, he will have a very constricted and tight life. I know a brother who's a billionaire. And he keeps inviting me. I want you to come I want to sit with you for one hour, two hours. I said Why? He said when we talk, I feel very peaceful. I said why did you did you ever ask yourself why? Because we'll talk about Allah. We'll talk about the Quran. We'll talk about the sooner but his life is all business is all done here. And when it's all done, yeah, you're fighting you have what you need more and more and more. I will have

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you been so busy with asking for more and more and more. Even though you have enough.

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macabre all of a sudden eat everything and you go to the grave. Allah didn't say you're gonna stay in the grave Hata accom to average the period that you can stay in the grave Allah for the GR when you visit someone, how long does it take? It's a short period of time, could be hundreds of years, could be 1000s of years. Anyway, let's move to the second type of knifes Surah Al qiyamah surat al Khaimah number 75. And number two, Allah says in the first law Cosimo Bo milk, and the next day said, while

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that's the second type of laughs, again, a lot didn't say enough. Scylla. Enough. Scylla means your nerves that will blame you one time for doing something wrong. And you want to go back and do something right? So Allah said, No, it's in a constant state of blaming.

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You do something wrong, and you want to get up again and do something good. You feel again, and you come back. Every time you commit a sin, you feel bad, you come back to Allah, every time you come back to Allah, Allah will accept you.

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He can say,

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No, when it comes to Allah, He will continuously forgive you even. He didn't say a word. He said,

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If you were to go to work to go back to Allah, even one time and you feel bad, and then you try to get up every time you go, man, except you have a question comes here. Somebody might say, every time I do Toba, and then I go back and I do talk about I go back, does the past come back? No. allies, the old merciful whatever Allah forgives him

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Never bring it back again. But you need to be to work not tired. So enough Scylla wanna you develop from an Epson America so now you became better it became better than an Epson a mirage. So, is there an EFS which is the best? Yes, let's move to the best knifes and this is unsorted. So, number 89 and number 27.

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further Holy

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all amongst that knifes and neffs in that nafs that will have the peace of the heart and the peace of the mind. You're not worried about anything the dunya comes, it doesn't make a difference that dunya goes away It doesn't make a difference because it's just dunya all your main concern is

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Is that clear? And this is the person who in the Quran is on is going to say please shake up the law. Don't stop, keep going. I'm enjoying the connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala I wish that the Salah will never end.

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This is done in a lady

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of Allah you have that peace. Let me conclude with the cliffhanger inshallah. Ready.

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Did I put you to sleep or

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even forget the cliffhanger? Subhanallah it goes a lot motivating your brother came to me before so I said, Can you tell them that Ramadan is the month of being active and energetic? Because some people back home they say Ramadan comes we take leave especially in the last 10 days of Ramadan because not gonna be very hard. No, it's the month of production. It's the month where many of the major battles of Islam happened.

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So you need to be you know, careful about this. It's not the month of laziness. We should show Allah subhanaw taala we're not a lazy Omar act of oma. I totally forgot the cliffhanger. I'm trying to remember. But you know what, can I leave you with a cliffhanger tonight?

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I can do it. I can do it. Okay, here you go.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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mentioned to is in the Quran.

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The beginning of the ayah is the same but the ending of the is different. I mentioned this in the halaqa but not everybody was here. So chefs might just ignore this because you heard that before.

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One if the ship is gonna decide very soon inshallah and soften the hell, but before that he is today and so I brought him so I brought him so number 14 and number 35. Allah Subhana Allah says,

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Allah has given you listen carefully, men, not all men coolie myself. So whatever you have now, all these pictures of dunya is just part of what you ask, what everything that you ask. And then he says.

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if you were to try to enumerate the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala you cannot because there are countless, the ending is a lot better said in Santa Monica far. Indeed man is always in a constant state of loan which means injustice and oppression and

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a loss of muscle illumine kuffaar kuffaar means he is always in a constant state of denial and in gratitude,

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yet the ion sorting, so number 16, and number 18, the sheer size so and I want to remember this when you start so so I think you're gonna remember inshallah, Allah said, Wayne tondonia Matala, a lot of saw the same exact beginning. If you were to try to enumerate and count the blessings of Allah, you cannot Why?

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Because there are countless but the ending is different. He said, in Allah, Allah for

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Rahim. Indeed Allah is the old forgiving, he's in a constant state of forgiveness and is the constant state of Rama. What is the difference between the two is? Why did Allah Subhana Allah say in the first one, the lumen kuffaar Why did they say in the source

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in the La la foto Rahim Do you want to know the answer? You know the answer inshallah tomorrow