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going on at the low barakaatuh Alhamdulillah Bellarmine. So Allah wa salam Baraka, Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to Sleeman Kathira to mama bad. We welcome you back to our classes from the book of ma'am even Kodama, Mr. Lo data matassa Menaggio Cassadine. Tonight we are discussing section three from the voluntary fast somewhat somewhat totowa the secrets for some auto When you fast, voluntary fast, how should you observe that what kind of intention and spirit you should have with you when you do that fast so let's finish off. Kodama insha, Allah with the Borgata.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu.

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Salam Salam, the author, amen even though the law says voluntary fast Salmo to work as for the voluntary pass so

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then know that preference for fasting established in certain virtual stays a yam of thought father Alhamdulillah Valentina salah, and Amina Muhammad Mubarak Imam Abu Kodama Rahim Allah he says as far as volunteer differ sama totowa what does it mean exactly when it says someone toto so we have multiple categories of fasting right? We have someone someone for either the obligatory fast, which is such as what is your ma Ramadan, right? What is considered some that is considered also obligatory fast.

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Alcohol when you make up that day, there's also considered obligatory fast and there's a third category.

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Calafat expansion of sins, when you break it out, for example, that required to make up that faster becomes obligatory for us. So what's the meaning of saying something that is obligatory, obligatory that means you have to fulfill it, and you get reward for doing it. And you considered sinful if you don't. So there is punishment for abandoning, what is Roger what is obligatory, and there is absolutely an award winning fulfill that. Now in regard to the NFL, NFL auto and disregard, is now you get reward for doing it. You get reward for doing it, but there is no sin. And there is no liability if you don't. That's the major difference right now between what is wajib? And what is Mr.

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Hub, so any fast that is required for me to do, which means if you do it, you get reward for it. And if you don't, you'll be considered sinful. That's why but any other fast that if you do it, you get reward. And if you don't, there's no liability on you. That's considered totowa. So he says Rahim Allah that over here, that as for this fast totowa farlam unless they have a soulmate, I could have an IML formula that is actually becomes more desirable, more rewarding, when the season for it is actually is also special. Like there are virtuous days. There are virtuous days around the year, consider a special a special fast, and now the reward for them even intensify and magnify. So he

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explained that to us right now, what is it saying? Some of these days occur annually, such as fasting the first six days of the month of show well for Ramadan, fasting the day or the day of Ashura and the 10 days of haram. Okay, so there's actually the mistranslation over here and this and the text when he said what hookah hookah Denis translation in

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the first six days of Chawan, it doesn't have to be it first, instead of showing the Arabic text in forum, it says actually, God Casiano sit at the IMM and show one bad Ramadan, such as fasting six days of Chawan after the month of Ramadan, so if you'd like to kind of like point that out that the word first is not in the Arabic text here, at least not in this actual version of the book. Because the Sunnah of fasting is six days of Shabbat does not have to be back to back and don't have to be the first six days of Shabbat can be any days of the month itself. As long as you fulfill the six days, you will be financial louder, they will get the reward for doing it, and inshallah there is no

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liability if you don't do this six days. However, some alumni, they say it's better to do it as soon as possible, spread the word right after it. And in this case, they prefer maybe the first six days of Shabbat but there is no obligation you to do the first six days of Chawan. And as we know, since the show, and how many how often do they happen around the year?

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Once like how many six out of Shaohua you're required to fast every year once so that's one he says some of these virtuous days, they come annually like successive Chawan and

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some of them occurred monthly set, you know, before they do say alpha and Ashura.

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Okay, so we said citizens instead of Chawan, that's one. Then we have the dev alpha, which is what day of the year is that demand turned to the Hijri calendar?

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Ninth of the hedger, then other than that alpha, which is a day right before of course, the Hijaz they go to Mecca and perform all the rituals of fulfilling their had glowworm Ashura, Ashura is the what is that of the year? The 10th of Muharram. Then another one Muhammad was two months ago, so the 10th of Muharram. And then why should the hijab washer, the hijab, when I say Asha the hijab doesn't mean that 10 Day of the hijab doesn't mean this. It didn't used to be 10 days of the hijab.

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They could pick

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As they cannot be attended to Paja why is that as a man?

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Because you can't fast read them.

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You can't fast the reader. So when they say 10 of the hedger that's kind of a collectively 10 days, but they mean by that nine days only with the hedger, there is a split among the dilemma in terms of is it virtuous to fast days, nine days, all of them, or some of them, part of them is a specific, even need to fast him at all. So this dispute among the dilemma, however, when the Prophet saw some said, There is nothing better to be done in terms of good deeds around the year, except in these days. So that's why the element is a part of the good deeds and these days will be also fasting. So if you fast some of these days, if none of the none of the Hijjah will be great, especially

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especially the ninth of the Hedgehog, which is the Day of Arafah itself. And then he said, Well, Muharram and we explained that if you remember Muharram, as well, we say that would come to a Mahara near the sacred month. Allah subhana wa taala, sort of the Toba, he prescribed four months of the lunar calendar to be considered a luxury from the Muharram month, back in the days before Islam, even these months were considered sacred months. So the Arabs would not fight in these months. Why? Because these were the months when people prepared to go to Hajj and obviously have to go to Hajj, you need to have safety. So everybody agrees religiously, these months, you can't find in these

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months. So people no matter how much you know, blood there any kind of like between them, they will still have to allow them to go and pass through because they're going on a sacred journey. Now of course they used to manipulate these months based on their own demands, obviously back in the days, but when Islam came ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for some time sanction these months as well too, as been ushered home as well. And so the question is, when the prophets Assam says Allah Muharram the fast on a Muharram does it mean too fast and muharram itself, which is the first month of the lunar calendar, or fasting and Mohammed means the month of Muharram in general, and these are four months,

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three of them are consecutive, and one of them is separate. The three consecutive ones are what determine

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the Altera,

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the Hedgehog, and Mahara and then one that is separate is Roger. So Roger, is a separate module, the seventh month in the normal calendar, but we have then we have the law, Canada, the hedger and then an Muharram. So the 11th and 12, and the first of the year, and then we have the seventh month of the puja. So I mean of the calendar that Roger, so based on that the reward for fasting obviously in this month, whether it's an Muharram itself as the month of the first month of the lunar calendar, or generally speaking in the second month, there's two interpretations many of them are they say actually, it's Muharram itself, which is the first month of the lunar calendar. But there's an

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opinion obviously it's no no it's not that specific month, but any of the sacred months you should make some time to fast and shallow Tabata Kotara none so he'll speak right now about the month that the virtuous days that come annually once a year now next is going to speak about some of them occurred monthly such as the first part of the month the middle part of it and the last part of it so we're fast the first part of the month the middle part of it and the last part of it then he has done well and it is better to fast these three in these three in the days of the white knights a yam will be none so he says that look some of the days come out come monthly like if you first part of

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the month from the beginning the middle and the end there'll be great like if that's maybe a few days at the beginning days in the middle few days at the end there'll be good he said but if you had to do what is better than that if you maintain fast and the three middle months, the three middle middle days and these are the 13th 14th 15th and the comes it comes to the to the most accurate opinion the 13th 14th 15th of every lunar month they are called I'll aim will be why they call it a Yamaha

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Why did they call it MLB the white days because the moon is full so the moon is full so the night usually looks like the daylight obviously for us living in this society in this time we can see that beauty because we live in in the middle of the city and the light pollution will obscure unfortunately that beautiful sight for us. So we cannot see the beauty of the of the calendar and the on the moon itself. Some of the LMR they said they used to read the history their books, and some they used to write under the light of the full moon.

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Like Wow, can you imagine how bright that could be a Gemma like they were able to read Subhanallah beautiful light nowadays even if you go out right now you know in the light of the flashlights that we have outside and all the parka lights still you're unable maybe to live properly. But still these days were called Allah Yama with why they call them a yam even though the night is the bright one, but that's an Arabic language is actually allowed. Sometimes they speak about the days as night and sometimes the night the night as they

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as well too, so basically the three middle days of every month, so can I fast, maybe one of them don't have to fast them all, all three of them. I mean, if you'd like to get the four reward you fast the three together 1314 15. But if you couldn't find the three of them, then at least fast one or two of these days, and you can add another day afterwards, insha Allah, Allah, Allah Now,

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some fast occur every week, and there every Monday and Thursday, every Monday and Thursday, that's every week. And the Prophet says amuses that you used to do that a lot. When he was asked about it. He said, those are the days when the records of deeds will go up the records of deeds, they go up, like what does that mean? The angels who are counting all your hasard and say, what you say what you do, they count in everything right now. They keep this in records. And then at the end of the of their of their shift for the week, angels come to relieve them from above. And those angels, they take their scrolls with them and they go up to Allah subhanho wa Taala to present and document these

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books. Here's the thing, because you might someday we're going to talk about later in the next session, the shallow tunnel.

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As long as these angels are still on Earth,

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before they take these records up, you have a chance to erase what you've done wrong.

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But if you if you allow these angels to take these records up, and they get documented up there, now your chances become less and less.

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So it's always better. Always better for people to have the still regularly seeking forgiveness and Taliban ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive them and reconcile with other people if you're on anyone as long as you do that regularly, your chances for forgiveness Alhamdulillah for this not to become permanent on you is there but if you let it go and they take them up Allah Mustang May Allah forgive us. So Salah is Salah Salem he was asked about this he says I love when the angels exchange and and take shifts and they take my deeds up to Allah subhana wa Tada he says I love when they take my deeds Abdullah has chosen to be in a state of fasting. Like I want to be the sort of riguarda What

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better Aveda than fasting because we learned earlier that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said about that Allah Subhana Allah the Almighty he says about fasting for in the holy war energy, all the all the amount of the son of Adam belongs to them, except for fasting. He does that for me and I shall reward him for that. So that's something we do do it on on weekly basis. If you cannot do weekly Mondays and Thursdays, then at least choose the three middle days of every lunar month 1314 15 If you couldn't do that, then look for these virtuous days of the year. So you don't miss any virtual shallow Tana So we have annual fast monthly fast weekly fast. Is there a daily fast

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let's see good.

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The most virtuous of the voluntary fast so motor is the fast of profit double dahlias he would fast one day and break his fast the next day. So the best type of faster the professor and describe all of those cm cm. The best type of fast is that with Allison unstressed he alternated is he fast one day and break his fast another day fast one day favored another so every other day he is fasting Alistar to Salem, who can do that agenda?

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And if so, for how long?

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Maybe in the winter for us here in Texas right? Was one of the summer comes in. Oh lord. We've seen the summer this year was different summer Subhanallah brutal, but still, the more hardship you endure, the more reward you will get for that hardship that you do the better to do shallow TANF, even even Kodama Rahim Allah, he's going to explain why the sightless em of the fast of that would every other day is the most virtuous. What's so special about it? There's three qualities here. Now, this combines the following three objectives.

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One, the sole neffs is given its share on the day of the fastest broken and on the day of fasting, it completes its worship in full, this combines its right and duty, and that is the just way. So the first thing he says this, this format is fair, unjust for the nurse. So the nurse has a day to rest and relax and a day too fast. So the nurse also enjoys the Ibadah the spiritual acts Ayurveda of fasting, and enjoys the moment of breaking the fast as well too. So this is justice because it's even every other day. The second objective, the days of eating are days of thankfulness, sugar, and the days of fasting or days of patience, some and faith Amen consists of two halves thankfulness and

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patience. This is something symbolic about fasting he says, look there is there there represent what the resemble what, what is a man for us Eman is one of two things whether you will be grateful or being patient. You're grateful for what you have your patient against what

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You're missing out what's what's hard. So when you do that kind of alternate, alternate fast, one day you exercise sugar by doing what? Eating and drinking indulging and the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala and one day you exercise patience by abstaining away from of course you know from

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from eating and drinking during those days are too fast. So he says look these days because this this fast becomes more of like a testimony of your faith and your iman because you are between being grateful or being patient number three, it is the most difficult struggle Mujahidin for the soul. This is because every time the soul gets accustomed to a certain condition, it transfers itself to that Subhanallah so this is now he said, Look, this is now a chakra and I've said Phil Masada why so it goes because you can't let your nerves settle on one condition one situation every time you have feels comfortable with eating and drinking What do you do you break that comfort for it? Hey, you

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fasting tomorrow?

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And then when your naps now settles with fasting and adjusting to that level of patience and as an abstinence What do you do? You break this no you need now to be grateful an unbreakable fast. So you keep educating and training your knifes between restraining your NASS and let go of it rested on your nerves to let go of it. If you keep doing that with food, well then get the result of that will be worth the GEMA hopefully control of everything else in your life. If you can restrain your nerves in regards to the food and drinking on these days, then hopefully it will also help you out after that with everything else and this desires. So what am I what does that mean? Means you allow

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yourself to indulge in what is considered halal, but you easily become free to stray from what is haram. You allow yourself to do certain level for example of the halal but then when you realize you had more than enough then you restrained enough again, that kind of alternate fail fast. Keeps the NAPS always alert and awake. So doesn't settle with one way all the time. So these are the three objectives. Imam Kodama Rahim Allah is mentioning, number one, alternate fast, get a sense of justice, you give you enough sense of justice. One time you fast one time you break fast. The second thing is the resembling of the subject of faith and Eman because our Eman is between being grateful

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and being patient. So when you eat and drink, that's when you show your gratitude. And when you abstain. That's when you show your patience. And the third, he says, which is the most difficult, obviously, is you always train your nerves to be alert. It never never settles with one condition. Which means never ever be complacent basically when you slide in the slide and just kind of relax and drop your guards down. So every time you feel comfortable with eating, you break it with fasting. And every time that you start going with fast you break it with eating so you have to always control your nerves and train yourself at that level. May Allah Subhana Allah give us an

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ability to turn our natural Bananaman now

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as we're fasting every day so we'll do this then it has been reported by Muslim from the hadith of a Putana the Amara Leola one who asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam? What is the case if one were to fast every day? So he saw a long running Salam said he did not fast every day, nor did he break his fast every day, or he did not fast every day, and he did not break his fast every day. What does that mean over here? So this is basically the answer to that question. Is it permissible to fast every single day? We say that the best ask is who's who's faster

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than every other day? Is there something more virtuous meaning can you fast everyday and that will be okay? But then the question is if if every day doesn't mean every day of the year, or are we talking about some days that you did you have to break your fast for example, so here's what the answer is he said, Look, there's Hadith in Sahih Muslim in whichever Qatada asked us, he said, I'm gonna go Katara de la and Oba as the professor semirara sort of Allah. What do you think of someone fasting every single day? As Emma was suggesting? Is it okay if I fast every single day? So the Prophet size himself by last time I want to after? He goes, No, does not does not count? Does not a

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fast basically, that's not a fast for him, meaning you should not be doing that too fast every single day. So the ultimate is that what does that mean? When it says don't do that? So he's going to explain a card Well, hada Go ahead.

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This should be understood to refer to someone who fast continuously without a break, even on the days when fasting is forbidden. So if one breaks his fast for the two are huge, and fasting the days of streak, there is nothing wrong with that. So he said and he basically the days are forbidden to fast or what days, the two days and the three days of a tertiary which is the days following a DA you're not allowed to fast these days. So he says as long as this person still breaks his fast or her fast on these days, they're good. They're okay. They can start

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is all the other days of the year.

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Although again, although we know for the profit center the best fast is the first of that will Dallas center. So even though even though it might be permissible to fast everyday as long as the breaker fast and these virtual specific days and read, it is still better for you to practice the first thing of Dawood Ali Salam every other day. Now.

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It is narrated from Hashem even, that his father would fast continuously, I showed you love on how to use to do this, who is his father, by the way, in Ottawa,

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out of nowhere, and what was the where was the nephew of Aisha della Tirana? So he was basically saying that his father would fast continuously and Aisha, his aunt used to do that as well. But some of the other mothers say, when they used to do that, it wasn't it wasn't specifically every single day, like sometimes they will fast the whole month, almost said one or two days, and then take a break. And then if as for another 10 days, probably and then they break the festival one or two days and then continue like this. So it's not like continuously every single day, although we know from the Syrah that AMRAAM last, honorable asked, he asked the prophets that I sent the first every day

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and the professor refuse that for him. So don't do that. Because I also like, the fact that I can do more, you know, with fast, he says, No, don't do this. And then finally, he came down to Sandalwood every other day, he says, but it's better for you to make less as well. But I'm gonna Dylon because he was young at the time, he thought it was okay for him to do it. And he was much of a strong, so he started fasting every other day, in his old age, in his old age, he was regretting it.

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He says, I can't keep it fast anymore. Like I became too fragile. I can't. And I can't, you know, hold myself basically because it became too fragile. Rhodiola TerraNova. So sometimes, you know, I know that maybe in a moment of z that you think you can make more of this fast, but moderation is always the best. And the professor said the best fast is the fast food, then this is the maximum we could do. We could go now.

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And it's up to log our homestead after Allah's Messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, I will tell her Rhodiola running faster continuously for 40 years. Once again, that means that maybe breaking the fast under eight days or fasting frequently more than just you know every other day now know that the one who has been given intelligence fitna, I said it's

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not fitna which means

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sound mind and good. Understanding now, those the objective Matsu behind fasting, therefore, he burns himself to the extent that he will not be able to do that which is more beneficial than it. What does that mean? He says, Look, those who fasts should understand the meaning of fasting. Those of us that fitna, they should understand the meaning of fasting. It's not about torturing yourself.

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This is not about torture yourself. No, there's a hikma behind it. Which means it's supposed to be bring you know, to closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. So whatever of fast bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal practice this, some of us might say, I'll do some other citizens too much for them. So let's see, he gave, he gave us some examples from the Companions themselves, how much people fast and how much others actually practice something different now. Indeed, even Mr. rhodiola, one who would fast very little, and it is reported that he used to say, when I fast I grow weak in my prayer, and I prefer the prayer over the optional fast, some people that anybody that has Salah and

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they like to pray the hedges, they like to pray, for example, during the day and make their Salah long during the day, instead of making it very short. So if they fast, they feel very weak. So as a result, what do they prefer, they prefer actually breaking the fast to strengthen their body so they can pray longer Salam during the day and during the night on the lava Masaru was one of them. So his preference was for Salah over faster than others. Some of them the companions will weaken in the recitation of the Quran while fasting, thus they will succeed in breaking their fast ie by observing less optional fasts until they were able to balance the recitation. So some of us they love to do it

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for us. And for them when they first thing they can't focus. I get headaches, you know, I'm hungry, I can decide my voice. I feel thirsty, you know, my throat get dry. So if I fast too often, I will not be able to enjoy my recitation of Quran. So they break their fast more days, so they can engage in the recitation of the Quran. That's another example. And the last one, he says, Every individual is knowledgeable of his condition and what will rectify it. So basically, he leaves it for you. There is no one virtuous way of fasting. The purpose of fasting is to draw yourself closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. And if you can handle the best fast, which is the first of the food, then

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Bismillah do it.

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But if that facet of that route is going to weaken your body, so you're unable to do what you probably maybe do best such as reciting Quran standing and Salon tahajjud or making any other Ibadah then be it and the Sahaba della donna even with the same day not just about fasting by the way, and also other Ibadat like was up at the hedge fund. Not everybody really had time for 200 Now everybody was was half local and among the Sahaba just to let you know, and I know that we always think of the Sahaba mashallah, the Orca, the autorola ma they all scholars? No, they were not. Some of them were shepherds. You could barely put two words together. And some of them were just you know, farmers

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some they were fighters different different things, including harder than the leader of the ultra Norma carboline was known to be what a German General he's always on the back of those and the camera, always fighting for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala obviously, because of that did not have enough time like Abdullah Masaru to read the Quran from the beginning, or like, over even cat for example. So one day, he led his commanders in Salah and he made a mistake in the recitation of the Quran, or the Allah Allah. He made it he made a mistake when he finished Salah obviously he felt embarrassed a little bit, but he gave himself the exclusivos God Allah Allah kushana channel jihad

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to sebelah and Katana metadata Quran

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because unfortunately fighting for the sake of Allah took me far away from reciting the Quran. I don't even have time to read Quran Subhanallah and that's why I'm on top of the Allah to Allah he says Call to sell the land to sell oil because make sure to learn before we become leaders. Because once you become leader what happens

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you have no time for this. You can't open a book anymore honestly. and wallah it is true and sometimes as any man I wish the days are there when I can just sit there all day without having to worry about coming to the magic for for the Gemma, the the salah and the Muslim talk to just stay there, open the book and enjoy from the beginning to the end, just those moments. So if you have the privilege of doing that, did your majesty enjoy learning before your time comes to be called to read and shallow to Baraka with Anna? And like I said, if Omar evaluated

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Carla and he admitted that he said like I wasn't that that the professional recitation of the Quran. Other Sahaba were different. Were professionally started with the Quran. So each one of them has really one of their specialties. So you yourself, as we speak about the secret the Jeeva that ask yourself, what is my best form of Ayurveda? Am I among those who like to fast? Am I among those who like to pray? read Quran? What is it my best Ibadah that I can do with Allah subhanho wa Taala I would love to recommend for you brothers and sisters, if you can create somewhat what I like to call your secret riba with Allah has chosen your secret over something that you prefer to do between you

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and Allah subhana wa taala, no one else should know about.

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Some of us might say, look, honestly, I'm always busy, but Alhamdulillah I make good money. So the best form of provided for me is to give charity. So I'm giving every single day, every single day, may Allah bless you, then some of us might say, Well, for me now actually, I prefer to fast because I like to struggle and all this kind of, you know, challenge of fasting and understanding myself and so on. So Bismillah start with Mondays and Thursdays. Some of us might say I can't fast very much for maybe once every week probably, but I prefer to pray to have it at night. Some of us might have it at night is not for me. So I'd like to pray Salawat during the day, maybe dedicate one hour, two

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hours for the Quran, whichever webinar that you can perform. Make sure that you start with one inshallah to make this your own connection with Allah subhana wa Tala May Allah azza wa jal exit from all of you you're on an island will love

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this lesson, we're going to show a lot more to the book of mammoth project Rahimullah.

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This, so we're gonna start from

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it's gonna be a long reading by the way.

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hamdulillah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka, Vienna, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salatu salam, the Sleeman Kathira mama, but tonight inshallah we're going to continue from where we started last week when we discuss Hadith number 15.

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And now in the forehead has been our Mo data Hadith number 15 has three categories or three at least actually points that we thought we should

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really elaborate more on them. Have you heard of Delana Wardha and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Anna who call mankind immunobiological Yeoman Acker for local Chiron earlier this month. Women can rely heavily on Arthur for liquidum Jarrah, women can rely heavily on will anchor for Lucrin BIFA, Rod bucardo Muslim in translation or whatever the alarm torba narrated the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever has a man and Allah and the Last Day speak well or remain silent, that whoever has a man and Allah and the Last Day generously honor his neighbor, that whoever has Emmanuel Allah and Allah is de generously on our his guests are Bukhari and Muslim. Last

00:30:40--> 00:30:56

week we talked about the value and the importance of speaking good and also the the meaning of restraining your tongue and why it is so important. Today inshallah we're going to continue for more remember, Raja Ibrahim Allah Azza explanation on page 217.

00:30:59--> 00:31:01

What he says his words, page 217

00:31:02--> 00:31:06

Smilla Rahmanir Rahim o salat wa salam ala Rasulillah

00:31:07--> 00:31:46

Imam President Rahim Allah. He says his words sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, let him speak well or remain silent is a command to speak well, and to remain silent about anything besides it, there is that which is good. This shows that there is no speech which will eat which will equally be spoken or kept unsaid. Or on the contrary, either it is good. So it is commanded to say it or it is not good and it is commanded not to say it. So what does that mean? He says over here it says Rahim Allah there is no such something there is no such a statement that it's good or bad. Like it's good to say it or bad state to to remain silent from saying it at the same time. There is no one

00:31:46--> 00:31:53

statement that is considered good or bad at the same time. It's whether something good you need to say or something bad that you need to do it.

00:31:54--> 00:32:08

Stay quiet about that you don't talk. So there is no such thing again, the same statement that can be good or bad to say or not to say it. But there's something to say that is good. Something bad to say actually quite about. He's gonna explain now.

00:32:09--> 00:32:53

The hadith of Morocco and of Habiba show put this in a B dunya narrated the Hadees of morals and in his wording that is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam said to him, Mark Mayer wouldn't be beloved, beloved, have you? Do you see anything that it is reckoned to be in your favor or against you? Allah Exalted is He says before we get to the IR so in the Hadith ma that I'm happy with I remember how I'm happy, but came actually a few, maybe a few parts before. And it's a little bit above here, probably when she said, Here you go. So if you so look at the screen. Hi, I'm Habiba. The profits are some said the speech of the son of Adam is recommend against him and not in

00:32:53--> 00:33:33

his favor except for commanding the world recognize virtues in America maruf and forbidding the reprehensible vice alumni Animoca remember, of Allah they could Allah azza wa jal so as this hadith the Prophet Salman saying that nothing counts good for you, except these three things. Whether we make a dhikr of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and John good forbidding evil, I will say that's now making making the good speech very, very specific. We're gonna see it's a little bit more expanded inshallah Zildjian. As for Hadith, Maha that will just explain to us over here when the Prophet says I'm told Maha Maha watch what you say, Yamaha watch what you say. And mod is gonna like surprising

00:33:33--> 00:33:59

Cloudera, Salah Omaha Hindi moku we're gonna be held accountable for what we say. And the prophets are somewhat surprised that's came from mod at Yamaha como que Ahmad like my mother, you know, kind of like lose you just like when especially in dealing with men out of it by the so he said them? What are you talking about? What are your kupuna scenario and I will do Mila Hassan was in a team, what throws people in Jahannam on their faces more than the harvest of their tongues.

00:34:01--> 00:34:07

We say things we think it likely, but the evil of those words go beyond their mouths

00:34:08--> 00:34:52

go beyond and specific in our time with the Internet. Mashallah. Oh my Lord. It goes all over the world. So the evil and device of these words Subhanallah can be really detrimental to the person this dunya before the ACA. So he says watch what you say. And then he spoke spoke about Al Metallica and those who's actually the angels who write the Hassan and say yeah, this is very interesting actually discussion. Go ahead. Allah subhanho wa Taala says it is the Interlocal model of Korea and the only immediate one is shrimali Guide. Mayan Federman coding Illa de lokibot knotted and the two recording angels are recording sitting on the right and on the left. He does not utter a single word

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

without the watch of by him pen in hand. So what does that mean by the way? Are these angels sitting on your shoulders or not?

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

So is the age at the age of the right set in here and the age of the left sitting here?

00:35:07--> 00:35:08

Is that what it is?

00:35:09--> 00:35:11

I never saw them the cartoons.

00:35:12--> 00:35:23

But real life is not like cartoons. So they're, it's a metaphoric expression, like the age is one of them is on the right side and on the left side, the one on the right side responsible for what country has

00:35:24--> 00:35:27

the one on the left, this guy is counting what you see.

00:35:28--> 00:35:33

And they're both having their pens in their hand as Allah says in this IRA, waiting,

00:35:34--> 00:35:55

waiting for you to do and say, whatever comes out of your mouth, they document that whatever you do, they document that. So as if Allah is telling you what make sure what they document is something that you would be proud of something that you would like this to go after Allah subhanaw taala and be proud of what ALLAH SubhanA sees your good deeds he's gonna explain this model now.

00:35:56--> 00:36:06

Right acting first generations agreed unanimously that the one on the right records good actions, and the one on the left records wrong actions. By the way, when they say the right act and first generation What do you mean by that?

00:36:08--> 00:36:22

The right act and first generations, a self Rahim Allah Tala, and these are the generation of the Sahaba, the companion of the Sahaba and those who came after Nam. So the first regeneration, which is about 150 years of the first early generation of Islam, that's what it means and almost not.

00:36:25--> 00:37:05

The right actually, first generations agreed unanimously 10 to one on the right records, good actions and the one on the left records wrong actions. And that has also been narrated in Morocco, Hadith, in the hadith of Abu Omar, with a weak chain of transmission in the serie from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there is when any of you praise his holy intimate discourse with his Lord, and the angel is honest right now. Now, when we heard the word, Hadith marfo. And Swan explained that we only ever read again, the Hadith Marpha, the meaning of marfo morefor to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that's a technical expression and what we call it masala Hadith.

00:37:06--> 00:37:41

Masala is a sign of the science of the Hadith itself with these judging generations and judging the change of narrators. So when the Sahaba they report the Hadith, the report from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And then from the Sahaba, comes the tabby, the follower of the companions. And then that follower has heard his own students all the way until summer, like for example, Al Bukhari or a Muslim who document the Hadith. So when they document the Hadith, they take it from the teachers, who took it from his teacher to this teacher all the way until they got to the companion if the Hadith stopped at the companion, which meant that compared to not say the Prophet says, so

00:37:42--> 00:38:16

there becomes what it becomes our full dissent becomes malkuth They call it mocha which we stopped at paused at the companion. But when they say more for that means it was actually raised, it was raised to the highest level, that's what it means it was raised to the highest level, which means the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So when you ever hear the word, the word saying, Have you eaten more food in this hurry, there is more food, which means they attribute that directly to the profits of a lot. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and once it's from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has the highest authority. If it was from the from the companion, it's called malkuth. And the companion is

00:38:16--> 00:38:30

not of God doesn't have the same authority of the prophets of Allah Salah. So they might be disputable. But if it was marfo, as proven to be authentic, it's the highest authority. So he says that was Marfa but it's weak in iteration and transmission is considered weak narration now

00:38:32--> 00:38:35

it is narrated in Mr. formalities of the

00:38:37--> 00:39:11

on his right is the writer of good actions. So basically, this had it the the professor said, the answer is on the right side. And then the highest per day versus specifically the one on the right side writing what the good actions meaning the one on the left is writing accurate, the bad action now, there is disagreement as to whether everything that one says is recorded or whether only that for which there is reward or punishment is recorded. So if you want to ask yourself a question on this paragraph, the question would be What do these changes right? Anyway? Though, the right everything you say? Or the only right everything worth said or accurate accounting for punishment or

00:39:11--> 00:39:46

reward. So once again, though, the right everything you say, regardless what that is, let's say one day, you're sitting there, and all of a sudden you start chanting poetry, for example. Are they going to write that? Like, on this day, he was reciting this boom, boom, boom, write everything down. Or this is has no really, there is no punishment, there is no sin in saying this poetry. And there is no really specific reward for that because it's just neutral, natural, neutral words and statements. So that's what the argument is, and this is what he's asking the question about. So he says, basically, there's a disagreement among the Alama whether these answers are right, documenting

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

everything you say, or everything worth buying them for reward and punishment. Let's see what he says. Now. Heed him Allah. Allah says there are two famous positions. Kali had been a bit pull him

00:40:00--> 00:40:20

sent from Ibn Abbas. Everything he says of good and bad is recorded to such an extent. That is words such as I ate, I drank, I went hiking, or recorded it on Thursday, when all his words and deeds are shown, then everything for which there is a reward or punishment is confirmed and the rest is discarded.

00:40:21--> 00:40:24

Did you guys hear what that means? Read the ayah

00:40:25--> 00:40:29

that that is his words Exalted is He

00:40:31--> 00:41:00

Ium from Allahumma Ayesha who will use BitTorrent who will kita widespread Wonder Woman kita waste waste me to Window Oh Makita Allah subhanho wa Taala it is his whatever He wills or endorses it, the massive copy of the book is with him. So what does that mean? He says, Look, the end is the document everything. So the beginning the document everything when they're still here on Earth, right before they take it up, they go and they audit all these documents.

00:41:02--> 00:41:42

So whatever is worth keeping, they put it in their in their account. If it's good, they keep it if something bad, they will keep it but if you repented from something handlers, arrays or whatever documented, if you made your Tober would be a race before it documented. So you have a chance you have a chance between Mondays and Thursdays and Thursdays and Mondays. So eventually says that they document everything you say but before these documents go up to Allah subhana wa Donna, then they will be audited whatever is reused, whatever is considered useful, whatever is considered worth keeping, they will keep whatever it is not they will just erase so he says don't don't make this age

00:41:42--> 00:41:45

go tired. Keep auditing nonsense ajumma

00:41:46--> 00:41:49

try to keep everything useful and beneficiary shall.

00:41:52--> 00:42:35

Yeah been a big cathedral set. A man mounted his donkey and it tripped and fell with him. So he said, made a donkey perish. The angel on the right side said it is not a good action which I should write and the angel on the left side said it is not wrong action which I should write Allah subhanaw taala revealed to the angel on the left anything with the angel on the right leaves out the new record so that made the donkey perish was recorded as a wrong action. Interesting thing the question for this paragraph will be what constitutes a what qualifies a bad word? Not what qualifies a sin in that regard when you say something I mean when the man says you know in the Arabic language the word

00:42:35--> 00:43:11

is actually thyself Mr. Tyson hammer which means I've made this donkey perish like doing this donkey basically. So the angel have the right to just like that wasn't good. But yeah, and so I don't have to write it down. But the angel on the left is it but it's not a it's not even something wrong or haram that they have to count against him. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Coronavirus, His Majesty, he communicated to the angel on the left he says whatever the angel have the right the escapes, you are a dumb which means as if this is telling us everything you everything you say? Everything you say the standard of it is what?

00:43:12--> 00:43:14

Is it good or bad as your man

00:43:15--> 00:43:27

everything is supposed to be bad. Unless the angel on the right side documents that like the majority of what we say is gonna count as bad based on this now opinion. Let's continue what he says. Furthermore,

00:43:28--> 00:44:09

the output of this is that whatever is no good action is a wrong action. Even if it is not going to be punished for some wrong actions are not punished because they may be atoned for by the avoidance of great, wrong actions. But however, the person lost the time spent on them since it was spent in vain, so that he will be overtaken by regret and sorrow for that on the day of rising which is a type of punishment like what he says you might be saying things you might be saying to them or not concern you know, a big sin or a major or a sin in itself. However, the regret or the punishment for that maybe it was not going to be given to you in this dunya but the punishment for it will be in

00:44:09--> 00:44:23

the ACA in the form of word regret. Like for example, let's say you sat down watching TV two hours you didn't watch anything haram it was something neutral. Nothing that it's considered you know, haram or or,

00:44:24--> 00:44:57

or anything of that nature. Maybe just watch, let's say National Geographic you watch nature for two hours now isn't considered haram. It's not haram. But is that halal? Is that is that actually any rewarding if you watch it? I mean, if you're gonna sit there says of Han Allah, masha Allah, they get the word for that for those words, right? But he says, even though it's not considered the sons of Hashem to do as a Hassan and watching these two hours, but he says the punishment for these two hours, they are going to come to you on the Day of Judgment in the form of what regret

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

that you

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

regret. He says, Oh, my God, I wish I did better than that. Why? That's what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada called the Omo tianma, recorded demo, Dr. matava won the day of Taraba there's a whole store on the Concorde Taraba what does it mean exactly? A turban comes from joven which means the day of deceit. How's that conservative the seat because everybody on the Day of Judgment will feel that they were fooled. They were deceived, deceived, deceived with what those who do well, they wish that they have done better. And those who did bad there was they have done actually good. Everybody will feel they were deceived, that they haven't done good enough, no matter how good they did in the in this dunya.

00:45:38--> 00:45:53

So therefore, from this perspective, he says, even these little things that might not be necessarily punishable, you know, sins, but a moment will come in the future. Will you see the punishment come in the form of regret? May Allah subhana wa Tada as far as this moment era Bananaman now

00:45:55--> 00:46:35

imagine Mohammed Abu the road and unassign misery related, narrated a hadith of Abu Ferreira radula Allah know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, any people who stand up from a gathering in which they did not remember Allah subhanho wa Taala stand up from something like the corpse of a donkey, and it will be a source of regret for them. So that's what I was getting at him. Ah, we do a lot of socializing these days. We go together with family with friends, we go on parties, and we spend hours and hours and hours we eat, we drink, we talk, we laugh, we cry, whatever that is. And there's not even one word of dhikr happening that we either

00:46:36--> 00:47:14

not even started to Gemma. We skipped Salah sometimes even unfortunately. So the Prophet says Sam says in this hurry that if that happens to you, that magic is that gathering people will regret on that day. And when they get up from that gathering as if they get up from eating dzifa to him out, like the dead body of a donkey. This is how bad these gatherings can be. And subhanAllah we live in these times when people just want to kill time for the sake of recreation. But please please make sure whenever you go wherever you there with friends and family, in any gathering, make a lot of dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala as part of your gathering insha Allah azza wa jal May Allah Subhana

00:47:14--> 00:47:33

Allah protect us from the splendor of Bananaman llama cerca Farah de Vaca, Rama or Silla de when all the machete mafia theory or shadow Margarita be We ask Allah subhana wa Taala for safety from the swim and what was sent word and ask ALLAH SubhanA to give us the height of this when and what was sent to the urban island now, so don't worry the mother officials gonna be here to share mother

00:47:37--> 00:47:38


00:47:39--> 00:47:54

Can I pause for a second they might ask the parents inshallah to Allah if you guys make sure that you know where your kids are. I hope they're not outside. Because as you can hear the wind is actually blowing so strong. So make sure that your kids are where you can see them in shallow Tana please now.

00:47:56--> 00:48:31

Tell me the narrated and his word expose any people who sit in a gathering in which they did not remember Allah subhanaw taala and did not ask for blessings on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that it will be regarded as a defect for them. So that if He wills He will punish them and if He wills He will forgive them. So here as what in addition to the core of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he adds water this hadith Salawat upon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So whenever you make a Halaqaat or they could have gathering, make sure that you have the crew of Allah azza wa jal and also Sawatch upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah subhana wa Atomico, gatherings,

00:48:31--> 00:48:36

gardens of Hyderabad Alameen. If you can move inshallah to gel if you move to page, the next page.

00:48:39--> 00:48:42

What it says from her from this way now?

00:48:45--> 00:48:45


00:48:47--> 00:49:10

from this, we know that it is better to refrain from whatever speech is not good than to speak it, Oh Allah, except for that which necessity calls for and for which there is no escape? Now it is. So here he says that from all of that discussion that we've covered already says, we know right now that anything that is not good, it's better for you to stay quiet about.

00:49:11--> 00:49:41

And that's happens a lot today in the world of the internet. Many, many people they have, you know, WhatsApp groups, somebody forward something to you, and you get it, you start watching this or reading this and so on. So I'm just going to keep forwarding it and keep forwarding there, even if no one had say a word about it. But the thing is that anything that is not good for you to alter or speak, then you better stay quiet about and don't get yourself involved in that. Now.

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

It has been rated from Obama's rule that he said, Beware of acts of speech, that which will attain his needs is enough for a person now, so what's the meaning of the excess speech over here? So the next the next actually paragraph, he's going to speak about the dangers of just talking

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

I'm talking to some people Marshall, I want to talk they don't stop talking.

00:50:03--> 00:50:12

And they're honestly talking something haram. But just talk a lot can be dangerous. Why talking just too much can be dangerous. Let's see what he says.

00:50:14--> 00:50:22

And hurry said, people are destroyed because of extra unnecessary wealth and speech. So because of extra unnecessary wealth in speech,

00:50:23--> 00:51:05

also speaking a great deal without any need for it necessarily involves hardening of the heart, as in, as in a telemovie, in the majorities of Lebanon, do not speak a lot without remembrance of Allah. Because a great deal of talk with our remembrance of Allah hardens the heart, the people who are furthest from Allah and those with heart ours, may Allah Subhana Allah soften our hearts are a bit Alameen today in the women's program, we talked about the diseases of the heart, the diseases of the heart, and one of the things that we we realize is that Subhanallah the more the heart is attached and connected to Allah subhana wa Dyana, the softer it is, and the softer the heart is, the

00:51:05--> 00:51:42

more recipient the more appealing to it to capture the higher and the Dhikr of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the less we are connected to Allah azza wa jal, the harder it gets, and the harder it gets, the harder of course, of course, the photo to attach to the liquid of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So it's extremely important, extremely important in this dunya that you keep your hearts alive by the decree of Allah azza wa jal because indulgence in as he says here, too much talking excess speech, and excess wealth, having the money Subhan Allah give us a chance for indulgence in this dunya and the more we indulge in this dunya, the less likely we will attach ourselves to Allah

00:51:42--> 00:52:23

subhanho wa taala. What makes people stop going back to Allah azza wa jal, they're elusive, elusive, you know, belief or at least imagination, that they're in control of their lives. Wealth gives people that elusive control, because when someone hamdulillah they have enough money to buy whatever they want to go wherever they want to do whatever they want, because they can just spend money on it. That kind of, you know, attitude, makes the people feel that they're sufficient, self sufficient, they will need Allah subhanho wa taala. That's why even if you're wealthy and rich, you always need to show your poverty to Allah subhanho wa Taala so that your heart will be soft and not.

00:52:25--> 00:52:26

Humans radula

00:52:27--> 00:52:39

said, Whoever speaks a lot makes a great many mistakes. Whoever makes a great many mistakes commits a large number from actions, whoever commits a large number of wrong actions, then the fire is a more fitting aboard for him.

00:52:41--> 00:53:08

As you can see, there's a ripple effect over here. If you talk too much, what happens? You're going to make a lot of mistakes. If you make a lot of mistakes, some of them are going to be what sort of maybe sins, and He made a lot of this sense. Allama Stein, well, this person is gonna go, Jana, as Allah subhanaw taala Sophia, so it's extremely important to watch this dangle Gemma and what you say, by the way, in our time, what is equivalent to the tongue these days?

00:53:09--> 00:53:25

What is it going to the tongue typing, typing with your fingers? It's the same thing. We might say I'm sorry, I'm not saying anything but you're commenting. You putting a comment there, you're sharing something, you post something. So it's the same thing, whether actually you're writing it, or you're saying it now.

00:53:27--> 00:54:08

And OKd narrated the hadith of Ibn Omar as a man who are these with a V chain of transmission. Now, Muhammad ibn Arjuna said, there are only four types of speech that you remember Allah subhanaw taala, reciting the Quran, asked about knowledge, and then you are informed about it or that you speak about what concerns you in your worldly affairs Subhanallah that's not his understanding of speech. Because it has to be one of these four things. Whether you remember ALLAH, read Quran, ask a question about knowledge, so you can learn or if you need to ask something for this dunya like, hey, go to the market. How much is this? Do you have something like that? They have that.

00:54:10--> 00:54:33

If you look at our speech throughout the day, Gemma, how does it look like for us? We talk so much so much out of what is necessary. Now obviously, this isn't the most conservative way obviously, doesn't mean that the will is what we speak around, you know in our day is considered haram, but definitely a lot of it if you count really the quality of it. It might not be the best thing that you should be speaking about. Now.

00:54:34--> 00:55:00

A man said to Selma advised me he said do not talk. He said it is impossible for someone who lives amongst people not to talk he said then if you talk speak the truth or be quiet. They said look, here's the best advice I can give you just be quiet that's impossible. How can I be quiet when I'm people don't have to talk to them and because if you're gonna have to talk, the talk the truth is remain quiet. That's

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

Better for you now,

00:55:02--> 00:55:21

Abu Bakr Siddiq, Claudio allows us to take all of his tendency, this has led me along some routes. So workers are data workers, they hold his tongue. He said, Look, this is the one that is gonna grow on me. This is the one that will be your own. And he's talking about his tangradi a lot and all that now.

00:55:23--> 00:55:33

Gibbon Massoud set by Allah the one besides whom there is no God, there is nothing on earth that is more deserving of long imprisonment than the tang. Who have been,

00:55:34--> 00:55:51

will not be said, Why is people agree unanimously that the main part of wisdom is silence. Now the question is going to be what is better to be quiet or to speak? What do you guys think? He's going to explain that in the next chapter, and then it's actually part so if we move to the next page, we'll say this section

00:55:53--> 00:55:58

what so what is meant is that the Prophet saw some command speaker about good or the one should be

00:55:59--> 00:56:45

on page 2020. The first paragraph, the first paragraph, what is meant? What is meant is that the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam commanded speaking about good or that one should be silent rather than say what is not good. Mr. Mohammed and Eben Hibben narrated a hadith of Al Bara Eben Azzam, as that man said, messenger of Allah teach me an action which will make me enter the Garden, mentioned in the rest of the Hadith in which was, so feed the hungry, give the thirsty to drink commander will recognize virtues for victory, reprehensible vices, if you're not able to do that, then restrain your trunk from everything except that which is good. So if you look at all

00:56:45--> 00:57:21

these, these are the prophets or MA suggested, he says, feed the hungry, give to the thirsty, give water to the thirsty, and John good forbid evil, all these all these virtuous good deeds, equivalent to all of them. If a person just holds his tongue from speaking and that which has no knowledge of or has no higher in it, like if you remain quiet, you remain quiet when it comes to speaking bad or something that is actually is not of your knowledge, somehow that's better than all these good deeds that are the promises I mentioned. This how serious What To Watch what you say and how quiet you should be actually in that regard. Now,

00:57:23--> 00:57:59

speech is not absolutely commanded and neither is silence. Rather, one must speak about good and not speak about things which are bad. The right act in first generations very often used to praise remaining silent and not saying something evil and not saying war does not concern one because of the great difficulty in that for that because of the great difficulty in that for the human soul. Let me expand that and show the next few chapters in the next few paragraphs for the sake of time inshallah So John, what he says the next few paragraphs are the next mention in the next few paragraphs he's saying which is better? Is it to remain silent most of the time or to speak good

00:57:59--> 00:58:30

most of the time to remain silent most of the time or to speak good most of the time some of the setup they say remaining silent most of the time better for you. Because this case that hamdulillah you're not going to something that will that will be liable, you will be liable for other Allah medicinova speaking good is better for you. So some of the Allama they actually they answer the question like I'm around Razzies Rahim, Allah Tala, he mentioned he says, Look, speaking good is better than remaining silent. From from something bad. Why? Because if you remain silent,

00:58:31--> 00:58:52

that actually only benefit you. But if you speak good, it benefits other people. Say make sure the benefit yourself and other people in sha Allah with the water Kota Allah and Allah subhanaw taala protect you and your family, but Allah mean May Allah subhana makers among those who listen to the speech, and for the rest of it, your O'Brien will hamdulillah also Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

00:58:55--> 00:58:58

that a tornado alarm or siren

00:59:00--> 00:59:02

Well, that's what I decided. Okay,