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Heroes  of Islam night 1: The Prophet SAW called him the best of those people to come after the sahaba. He is of those that has their duahs always accepted. The Prophet SAW advised Umar RA  that if he were ever to meet this man Umar RA  should ask him to make duah for him!  He is Uwais Al Qarni.

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are we learning from the shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah Schopenhauer serene Sayidina Muhammad in whiner early he was so happy he married my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Oh praise mental last panel Allah was hamdulillah accepted us when you said Baba Luna Ramadan Allah grant us to reach Ramadan Allah has accepted that do all of us and you have reached Ramadan 2016 while hamdulillah you've made it while hamdulillah and we've said the Nia for fasting and we know that the Nia is something of the heart, but more importantly than the Nia or seeing the nia. It is about setting your Nia for this Ramadan and not just fasting. God was to mean understand that one Ramadan is enough to enter you into general one Ramadan is enough to get into you Jenna, no matter where you are in the race. No matter who you are, how far back you are in the race. Once accepted

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Ramadan is enough we see the beautiful Hadith in Juma that the reward of Ramadan is even greater than the reward of the Shaheed and that in this month there will be at least three opportunities where all of your sins can be forgiven, and that they will be alight in this month, where it is greater than 84 years of continuous Avada 30 days stand between you and Jenna 30 days stand between you and Jen and it begins tonight in sha Allah, think about it like that, every moment of this month you beginning it now, make the most of it and they say that Allah say that when you make Salah when you fast, fast and have the Tramadol and make Salah as if it is your final act of a vida, this is

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the last Ramadan that you're going to have. We don't know if we didn't have another Ramadan, how many of those faces that were there last year are not here today and lost a lot of ground in my place in general, and a forgiveness for the sins that have mercy upon them. So this couldn't be our last. And it's enough if you have one if you only had one Ramadan, it's enough of an opportunity to get into you into Jenna 30 days then between you and Jenna, let us make a grant us the strength to make the most of it too fast to worship you as you want us to do it. And am Allah grant us the best and the tofik at the end of this month, I mean, let us begin with our series this year. And the

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series that we've have installed for you in sha Allah this year is entitled, the heroes of Islam, the heroes of Islam, we know we're all in a superhero craze at the moment, Everywhere you look, they are superheroes and roll and people that you that you are set to aspire to be like and we need role models, we need people to look up to, we need to have people that we aspire to be like, and insha Allah. In this series, we will not be focusing on the great superheroes like the NBA, we did the NBA a few years ago. And we're not going to do the great superheroes of the Sahaba. We did them already. And we will look at more ordinary people that we have a dean of 1500 years and this Dean is standing

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through thick and thin through tough times through good times, this Dean is still standing. And it didn't just happen by ease, or by luck. It happened through the works and the efforts of great men and women. And I want us as we go through the series, for us to at least my objective is that you learn about new people that you've never heard about to understand how this Dean is here who brought it here. And that you might identify with somebody. So you might listen to the history of some person and says panela I have nothing like that person, that person who made so much salani better, that's not for me, but then they might be an inventor, they might be an architect, they might be a

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doctor, they might be a warrior and administrator that changed the world. And you say maybe I can be like him, or like her. And inshallah I hope in the series, you'll find someone that you will inspire to be like, and the point of this is not for us to become superheroes. But the point of it is that few of us will ever have the ability as individuals to change history. Not all of us will get that. And throughout history, only a few great people did that. But history changed through 1000s and 1000s of people doing small individual contributions. And that insha Allah makes you a hero, that little bit that you do that no one sees besides Allah, that is what changes history. So we sit in

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sha Allah, we are not focusing on the age of the Sahaba and abyssal Salaam, said, the base of people are my generation, meaning the generation of Sahaba. And then those who come after them, meaning the next generation, they are the next best in line and then the nation the generation after them. So we have three categories of people here. We have often in the time of Nagisa Salaam, we have the Sahaba those who saw him and those who made him those who had sort of a companionship with him, they are called the Sahaba. We all know this, and the base of them of the Sahaba abubaker of the a lot. Then the generation of the Sahaba are called the Tabby owner, the Tabby and those who follow

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Those who succeeded the Sahaba These are people who meet Sahaba but they never met nobody so seldom. And then we have the tabular, tabular in those who follow the terrain. They never meet Sahaba but they meet people who meet the Sahaba. And these are the three generations that are the base of generations. We want to only speak about these three generations. We'll even speak about heroes, like a hero that passed away algonkian Bahama and Mughal era, a person we can all learn from Pamela Lima log on to Brother genital Pharaoh DOS, I mean, that is someone that brought inspiration. So these are our heroes from the from the beginning till now Allah sends us people that we can aspire.

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So I want to begin and it is the sooner at Mercy Toronto Islam for us to give. Give a little bit of a prize as well. And I want to explain to you the quiz, the SIOP. So we will have spot prizes today there are two spot prizes will ask the floor and men and ladies who will give answers I don't really know what's inside the I think it's a mug or flask, it might be something else might be a million Rand in the Allah Allah. I don't know. I don't know what's really in the we just wrapped it in the office wrapped up nicely. So Alhamdulillah we'll see what's in them also. But then going forward, you all inshallah have been given a booklet called the quiz book. So this summarizes some of the

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questions and things we've learned over the past four or five years of Ramadan. And from the we will select questions each night, you'll get a card, you'll fill it out, and we'll keep a log going to see at the end of the month, and inshallah we can give a really good prize at the end of the month. So you go through those questions or those 300 statements, and we'll ask questions on that. And this was and I must apologize, it's my fault. But about us job, you'll find spelling mistakes, you might find a few little errors here and there. But you can tell me and we'll try to get the best we can, but inshallah, my job the gist of it is, is good. So from that we will base our questions. So now

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for spot price question. Who said the Taliban are the best of generations, the best of people often have been other sahaabah who is the leader of the Taliban who is the best of the tank, and we'll talk about him tonight. Like aboubaker is the senior Sahabi. And we have other great companions with him Who is the most legendary of the Tabby

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Salahuddin? So Tabby is someone who made the companion. Salahuddin did not meet the companions he's loved 1000 years ago. So how about 1500 years ago, there was some

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snobby salsa lamb In fact, just to introduce him. Now visa Salam tells us that there are some people who seem to the Sahaba there are some people they don't look like much well when you picture you know, when you picture muscles and you know, he looks the part it looks like a hero. He says there are people that don't look like much if they come in a gathering or they leave a gathering no one notices them that if they propose to someone no one accepts the proposal yet when they raise their hands into Allah does not reject them. So in Ibiza some tells the Sahaba you will meet a man who is the best of those after you if you see him, ask him to make dua for you. He tells a normal ask him

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to make dua for you because it's to us are not accepted or not rejected if one is to ask never rejected always accepted. What are we talking about for a spot price?

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Anyone? Oh, we talking about?

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A four

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oh my.

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Oh my man.

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Good, good. Good suggestion. We'll talk about him as well. But he's not mentioned in Howdy. This man is mentioned by name by Navy SEAL sallam. He never met an abyssal Salaam Nabisco never met him but now this is a man with this name from Yemen.

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We'll talk about him in sha Allah now. So no one got a prize. But I think all moving abdulazeez is the Yes. waste is always chef my chef man and so we will give

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will give the floss and the two of you can fight it out to see insha Allah

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always taught me this great man his name always Academy. Always Academy Rahim Allah died 657 in the history of the ad actually 657 in the Common Era. He was a Muslim resident of Quran in Yemen is from Quran that was called carnie came from a place in Yemen. And he lived during the time going to be so Salam. He lived in the time of Nagisa Salaam in Yemen. He heard about the Navy so solemn, but he never met the Navy so seldom, and his life was seen as insignificant. No one in his town said always on Courtney, this great person, like you won't share freely in his lifetime. People knew he was great and people honored him. No one knew about wasel corny.

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He was just an ordinary butter in the machine. ordinary guy. No one thought of him as anything special but in the resources

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Lamb gave a hadith about him. And he says to the Sahaba, a man called voice will come to you from Yemen is telling the Sahaba you'll meet him one day, and will ever amongst us able to meet him meet always then ask you to make dua. Allah forgives you. He's telling the Sahaba and telling the Sahaba this man was made to offer you and that indeed he is the base of followers after the companions and his name is always

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what did this men do to achieve this level? What did this man do to get the?

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Or give you a hint? What is the biggest door in general to intergender? So we know that there's a door special door of gender for fasting people called rayyan. And that do is wide open. In fact, all the doors of gender are wide open now in the month of Ramadan. But there is the biggest door of gender when when, when the recent speaks about the biggest door. He's talking about the door, which is the easiest door that you can get to Jenna, what is your biggest daughter, Jenna?

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Yes, your parents, the parents and pleasing your parents is the biggest door. The biggest way of getting into Jenna, as Neville says, Who ever gets his parents in old age and is unable to attain gender. And really, he is like a loser. Similarly, the one who gets Ramadan and is unable to get forgiveness in the daily he's like a loser. So the parents are the biggest door to gender. And this was the door that always helped me walk through. So he lived in Yemen. And his father passed away when he was a very young man. And he took care of his mother who became blind when he was a teenager. So his mother became blind when he was a teenager. And he devoted his life to caring for

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her and supporting her. And he explains how he became Muslim. He heard Sahaba now into Yemen as Islam spread. And Sahaba came into Yemen. He said I was once at in I would take my mother by the hand and I would guide her wherever she needed to go. Then a night came where they were like no stars and it was dark, and our fire went out and I couldn't see. And then my mother took me by the hand, and she guided me because she was used to the house in the dark. And when he heard the next day as a hobby reciting this ayah from Surah Noor.

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Those who are in dark, Allah says they are like darkness with with within an unfathomable sea which is covered by a wave. So Allah speaks about a person who has no Eman. He's in darkness, within unfeathered waves above him, upon which are more waves and upon those waves or clouds, darkness, some of them upon others layers of darkness. When one puts his hand out, he can hardly see it. And he to whom Allah has not granted light for him. There is no light meaning there's no guidance when he heard this idea the next day, and he knew that this was the truth, the lowest According to him, and he embraced Islam. So he embraced Islam in the time of Navy SEALs and Namibia was alive and he

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heard from the Sahaba the great Navy SEAL Salaam and he and you know if you meet Navy SEAL selling them even for five minutes, you become a Sahabi and you become in those is we also do a lot on what to do on that you place in general is almost guaranteed. And he longed to meet nobody so seldom. And his mother said there's a narration that says his mother allowed him to go you can go to Medina spend three days meeting Ibiza, Solomon, come back because I need you. And you went to Medina. And when he got to Medina, the reason was and he and he had to choose, do I wait a week to come back? Or do I blame my mother and he obeyed his mother and he gave up being a companion over obedience to

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obey to obey his mother. He did what was compulsively obeying my mother's compulsory, being a Sahaba is not compulsory, and he lived and he didn't meet the visa salam, even though this was his dream, also he in his lifetime. Allah subhanho wa Taala tested him with leprosy. And this shows you how his two hours accepted. He raised his hand so that time leprosy was like an incurable disease. He had leprosy, you basically have to go live on your own because there's nothing they could do for you. And he raised his hands and he made the law. And he asked Allah to cure him, except for one little portion the size of a coin on his shoulder, and his entire body was cured of leprosy except for that

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spot. So he could look at that spot every day and remind himself of a lot. And he spent his life devoted to looking after his mother, not even able to go for Hajj. So an abyssal Salam tells the Sahaba that you will meet this man. Eventually, the professor passed away. They say now bucha became the halifa. And he passed away and say nama became the halifa. And people now sought to Islam spread, and more and more people entered into Islam and they would come for Hajj. And when he would meet people from Yemen, he would ask them is there and always with you, is then always with you. And people said no, always. And in the last words the last year or two of his reign. So now over the

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last year or two that he was alive, he finally got to meet away. So Courtney, so he asked, this group of people from Yemen is there anyone

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So Courtney with you and they said, Yes. And Omar said, Is he from the town or the tribe of Murat and from current the city of currently serious, Omar, they said, was he once afflicted with leprosy? And he's now cured? And they said, Yes. And did you have a mother that was blind and looked after? And they said yes.

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So we'll say now of course, always on Courtney's you, you and me, you the halifa you are middle minion. They said, Yeah, he's that guy over the

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cinema was to speak to you. So say normal city, you always economy, the number one never said that Allah

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accepts you to us when you make the offer. So ask Allah to forgive me. Finally, your signature on what I should make to offer you and he insists, they don't say yes, I insist. Make dua Allah forgives me, and you may die and he said, Allah subhana wa Taala forgive you, and have mercy on you. And this is a hadith in Sahih Muslim. When I heard this Hadith, someone told me this, I did my thing, what she told me this, Heidi, I said, I can't believe this is true to Sahabi, like asking another man to make dua for him. And if we find it inside a Muslim, this is how I this methodology is, so say normal do until and I told him, where are you going to say I'm going to prefer to live in

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Iraq. So he said this, he writes a letter to the Government of Iraq to make sure he treats you well. So he said, No, please, I want to remain obscure. So no one knew who always caught him. wasel coordinate was he said, I only make dua for you on condition. You don't expose my identity. In the last year of sitting down with a man from Iraq comes and he asks a normal for advice. It's a normal says there is a man that lives under you, you the governor under you, there's a man called always Academy, make sure he makes to offer you because he's to us are not rejected. So this man made hij Anyway, back to cofa. And he found a way so corny, again, living obscure, no one knew who he was. It

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wasn't like the great, the great scholars or the great governors or the philosophers of the time, he was just an ordinary man. And the governor finds him out. And since they told me to make dua, you shouldn't know he first said you should make dua for me. So always will cognisance but you, you just came from hij rather make dua for me. So this is nine ways to make dua for me make to offer me so obviously you spoke to Omar didn't you? said yes, I spoke to Omar says, Okay, so I'm gonna give the secret away. I'll make it out for you. But now I have to leave Kufa, I don't want to live, I don't want to be known. And he leaves and he goes to Turkey. And then he passes away. It seems that these

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companies they in Turkey, a man that we don't know, when he was a great alum, how much they had to teammate how much fasting he made, all we know. And what we know from the Hadeeth, he got this high daraja, who's he looked after his mother,

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even adalja, that the companions asked him to make the law. And if your mother and father still alive, your two biggest doors of gender are still there. You're the biggest dose of gender views are still the man comes to the companion and he said,

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I proposed to a woman. And she rejected my proposal and married someone else. So I became envious and I killed her. Now I regret what can I do to get forgiveness? Can I be forgiven? Hubby said yes, you can say what can I do? So So hobby of the law of delayed upload, my boss said, Do you is your mother still alive? So he said no. So then after loving about it, make dua Allah will forgive you. And when they asked him why did you ask him his mother was still alive. So he said, I don't know a way a better way an easier way to get almost mercy except through pleasing your mother. That is the quickest way to gain or loss pleasure. The cycle of fade was a little sad, no Mohammed was

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serene. Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Salam Alikum