Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 23

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smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. While early he was often the woman who Allah. We stopped last night to eyes of the four on one in salt, Brahim. So number 14 and number 35. For the last part Allah says,

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When in doubt, do not matter law a lot of sohar if you were to count

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the blessings and the gifts of Allah subhanaw taala, you can never do because there are countless, but the end of the ayah Allah subhanaw taala said in Al insana love alone kuffaar. Indeed, man is in a state or an economist and state of full and Cofer vole means injustice and oppression. And co frere doesn't mean this believe it means Jehovah Namah it means denial, and in gratitude, Allah subhanaw taala give us everything but we always look for what's missing.

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And the other is number 16, and so on. And number 18, Allah subhanaw taala said the same exact beginning part of the ayah we're entitled to know mattala helado. So obatala ended by saying in the La hallak, a photo of him Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is in a constant state of accepting repentance and forgiving sense. And Allah subhanaw taala is in a constant state of showering his creation with mercy.

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So, the scholars have said, we go through stages in life. Maybe at the beginning of your life, you were in a state of oppression and injustice to yourself, to your family, to your neighbors, to a lot, every buddy who has a relationship that's on you. But then later on,

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you might be reminded, and you get a wake up call and you pick up the call and you go back to Allah says if I say, if you lived some part of your life, in a state of oppression, and in a state of denial, and you come back to me, you will find me showering you with my mercy, and accepting your repentance and forgiving your sense.

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Today's reminder, I was preparing something but I heard the shape of a sighting and throttle calf so number 18.

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Allah subhana wa Taala from Isaiah 22 and below he's talking about the people of the cave.

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And Allah sets coluna falletta Torah home calm that's a 22 way akuna calm come certain services from Cal boom Rajim and Bill, way akuna savato with aminomethyl boom, Cora be a data he may Allah Mohammed Luckily, sometimes in the Quran, Allah was tell us a story. The number doesn't count. The names do not count. But somehow some of us get stuck and say, What's the name of the company?

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If it's important allowed have told us

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where the people have the case 3456.

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Think about what did they do? What about the names? That's what the last pattern is drove our attention.

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So sometimes we get stuck about details that are not beneficial. But when a lot told us the story of the people of the cave, he said in our fifth year,

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Allah could have given us the names and the lumber, but that's not the problem. Allah said, focus on the action, the deeds. They lived all of the community because they all disbelieved that Allah. So they run away with their faith, even if they have to stay in a cave for 300 years. And nine, and somebody came to me and said, you have a mistake in the Quran. I said, Why? Is it because the same story is in the Torah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said it was 300 years. I say there is no difference, because we follow the lunar calendar, but they follow the solar calendar. So if you count the Hijri calendar, because we decide the beginning of the month and the end of the month by

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the birth of the moon.

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So our month are always either 29 or 30. But the other months are either 30 or 31 with the exception of February, so there is always a difference of 10 to live in days between the Hijri calendar and the Gregorian calendar. If you count this for 300 years, it will make a difference of nine years. Don't try to play games on the horizon.

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Quran is the word of Allah,

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another stop that I want it to stop

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Allah subhanaw taala is saying to the salon, do not ever say I will do something except that you put a condition which is inshallah, unfortunately today, we abused in sha Allah, when your son comes to you and say that you promised me 10 years ago, if I got an A plus in my report card, you will buy me the Bible, you say, inshallah.

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He said he said this, every single semester, when that insha Allah will come. So you make your kids do not believe in the meaning of inshallah

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nothing in the universe of Allah happens without his permission, and knowledge. Because when Java went to the market, and they said to him, what are you going to have? He said, I'm trying, I'm going to buy a cow. They said,

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Why don't you say inshallah? He said, Why? Have lots of money? And there are lots of cows in the market.

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She went to the market, and he came back, and they saw him with no car. This is Johan, where's the money? He said, the money has been stolen. inshallah.

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So is this the right thing? shala. That's what we do today. But we're laying brothers and sisters on a serious note. When you say I'm going next week,

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to Karachi to visit my cousin.

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Is that the end of the sentence, or is there something missing?

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inshallah, one time on a brother argued me said, Why? Why do you put the deal in everything? Yeah. What are you saying? How long? Is it like a cliche? I booked the ticket. And it's confirmed.

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And Subhanallah you know what happened?

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a snowstorm came?

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And he couldn't even take a taxi

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to the airport. As his brother, is the ticket confirmed.

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It said yes. I said, Did you make it to the airport? He said, No, inshallah.

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So you better learn when you say any shot a lot, it means Allah is in control of you. When you say I will visit that I could not be there on that day, which is you, you could die.

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who's in control of the weather?

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It's not the weather forecast. It's alarm. They predict how many times they tell you tomorrow's gonna be sunny and you go out loud on a hotel. Enjoy Ottawa, it's raining the whole day.

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A Mirage right? And sometimes like you know, lots of rain tomorrow you go with lots of layers. And you go out it's very sunny it's like a stuck for a while. These people are not telling the truth. So lesson control everything when you say insha Allah, you have to mean it. And feel it. And let's conclude. Who amongst you

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Oh, before I do this, I have some complaints from the sisters already again, shall I share them with the brothers protecting me inshallah.

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has to be with your canine Sharla not inshallah.

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Okay, so we talked about this before, no one can come early, and put their jackets or like their keys to say I'm opening this place to a special friend. This is the house of Allah. Okay, first come first serve. You come to the first line.

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Look, take your stuff away. You pray, get your spot and just like leave it. So we shouldn't be doing that. And this is for the brothers and for the sisters in sha Allah.

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And again, many times I say, please check your cell phone. Take a second. You know what we do? I'm confident and once the Salah starts, I find many calls coming from Trump to me, I don't talk to him. But why do I have so many calls.

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So make sure that you respect the house of Allah. Allah says mela caminata June Allahu Akbar, Allah if you are going into an embassy will do

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They do to you. Sometimes they take the phone from you.

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Right? You go to the White House or the black house or the brown house, what happens? They take the phone from you not even turn it off. What about the house of Allah?

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Please, please take a second now. Because it's really offensive and also distracting to your fellow brothers and sisters are praying. Everybody wants to have for sure.

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So when we say take a second, please take us. Here's the cliffhanger smile.

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I know you hate me now.

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But I love you ever lied. And will lie I'm sharing this because I love you. And I want the last patella to give us the best.

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Who would like to have you know you heard about car insurance, house insurance, life insurance who would like to have hallen life insurance.

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Not everyone is interested in what was deleted tomorrow on Sharla