Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 23

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. But

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other than this, there's one very important thing as far as ethical life is concerned, especially I'm saying word to God, because it will if we don't

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pay attention, this is one thing which has the potential of ruining the benefit of all.

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Good that we do. And that is a class of near the sincerity of the intention, and staying far away from RIA from showing off. So please understand this very clearly.

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You are making actigraph for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. To the extent possible, keep it secret. Don't tell people I will be unethical from so and so date to answer no.

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Your family of course, they will know because you are going but other than that, do not try as far as possible not to make this into a public statement.

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As far as your email and Zwaan is concerned, is put a regular vacation notice or something on it. That's more than enough. Don't talk about going for ethical, very important for this. Second important thing is what will you do with your phones, please shut them off, shut them off, have one time

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in the evening or something, or morning, whatever you like, where you will turn it on, and you will listen to whatever emergency messages they might be. They will be a million messages, don't respond to any of them. Do not respond to any of them.

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Put LSA put all in unnoticed so that people need they know you're not there. And only if there is an emergency message, then respond to that. Other than that, don't respond, no don't respond to emails, don't respond to your phone messages and so on. So I know it's difficult but that is the whole part of the detoxification process we all need it believe me, believe me we all need there's no one who is today free from this addiction to the to the phone to the media.

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And very, very importantly, do not even go near social media through that entire period of ethic if I have said this a million times get out of Facebook, get out of Facebook,

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no excuse just get out of Facebook remember there was a word very in the in the very recent past where there was no Facebook and the world lived very happy. So stay out and get out and don't get back into Facebook. But other than that, or even other things WhatsApp, this app whatnot

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through that entire ethical period don't touch it

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deal only with emergency messages, what you must do is of course in terms of as I said take notes and keep notes on your own spiritual

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development on what is happening to you spiritually do that. Now in some massages there may be

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lectures and so on they might be some other activity religious activity as a motif if it is purely a religious activity as in a religious lecture then you are permitted to take part in it but if it's anything else, you are you are not as a water give permitted to take part in that religious activity. So do not don't go don't go into that are so called is active for example, massages may have some some other you know,

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some some

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Iftar party or something or if they get together and whatnot. Stay out of that do not go into that because as a motor give you it is not permit permissible for you to participate in that you do your own Iftar in your in your ethical cubicle or by yourself but don't go to that. As far as the

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religious lecture. Yes, you can you can sit and listen to any discourse any wise and why with no problem in China, but stay out of everything else. You're not even in while you are renting if you are not even permitted to take part in a Serato janazah if it is outside the masjid because this is not it's affordable if it's not forced on you personally so even that you're not allowed to do so forget about anything else. Make sure that you do not contaminate your ethical life by doing things which are not permitted. And very important. The whole of the masjid make sure when you go there you ask people

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you asked the man with the budget, what is the hat what are the boundaries of the budget for ethnographer and stay inside that there should be no reason to water unless for example,

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The toilet is outside or something like that or you go outside to get some food other than that do leave the boundary of the GraphQL take off is broken. So please don't do that if you break out I think it will have to come back in a state of fasting and complete those days. So don't put yourself in that. We ask Allah, Allah Who to be pleased with us and I would be displeased with Alana Bill Curry while he was named after Galloway.

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