Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders What Is Your Brand

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is discussed, including the belief that Islam is a good thing to do and that people should not achieve their goals with their own actions. The "has been seen" label refers to people with certain status, while physical appearance is crucial to success in modern media. The importance of praying and not reading books is emphasized, along with the use of words to describe emotions and educating law. The SunGeneration of Islam is discussed as the best way to live in the world, and individuals are advised to practice it to become a part of the Eastern Development Plan.
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salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen Allah Allah He was happy he has made about to continue with what we were talking about yesterday,

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the signs of belonging,

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the symbols of belonging the color of Allah subhanaw taala

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and the benefits of belonging to the group, which Allah subhanaw taala said that this is a group which will be successful

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and which group is that? That group is the group,

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the head of which is Muhammad Rasul Allah Subhana Allah

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I remind you, myself and yourself

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that Allah subhanaw taala did not leave us in any doubt about this.

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Allah did not leave us to decide whether or not

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the example of a Solo Solo Solo is worth following.

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Allah subhanaw taala stated very categorically, where Allah subhanaw taala said lacob Kerala coup de su de la he was forgotten Hassan.

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Allah said that the good example for you to follow the best example for you to follow is in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu he lives for whom lemon Ghana year Jolla, Vallejo Manasa for the one who hopes for the meeting with Allah. And the day of judgment was a Corolla Kira, and who remembers Allah subhanaw taala a great deal.

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As I mentioned before,

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we need to reflect on the Quran.

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Why does Allah subhanaw taala Why does he say years Allah?

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Why does he hope to meet Allah? Because everybody would meet Allah. Whether you hope to wait a lie, we don't have to meet Allah makes no difference you will meet Allah.

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So why should I say hope to meet Allah? Because you hope only to meet the one you love.

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You hope for the thing, which is going to give you something good. Nobody hoped for the agenda. Nobody hopes for loss. Nobody hopes for disaster. You see you don't use don't sit in your car and say, I hope that I will crash nobody. I hope that I will have a safe journey. You may have a surgery or not have surgery. That's a different matter. But the hope is always for good. Yes.

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So when somebody is hoping for the meeting with Allah, what does it say? It means that his expectation for Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah was done And may Allah subhanaw taala make all of us among those, when we meet Allah subhanho wa Taala, this will be the best day of our life.

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A man made dua, and also also solemn was hearing and his band said Allah make the last of my deeds, the best of my deeds, and make the last day of my life, the best day of my life. And most of them said he made a very good boy

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because that is the last day I mean, if you think about it is the day we die is the

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should be in sha Allah and we ask Allah to make that for us the best day of our lives because I'm going to meet Allah, which is better than that.

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Today, if we get an invitation to meet some head of state or this or that, you feel so happy.

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Yesterday, I got an email from a friend of mine who was the Prime Minister of Ghana.

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So, I've been very happy with the Prime Minister his office, you get an email and he is talking about our friendship, you know, and we did this and that is I got a photograph of all of us on a boat ride in on the river and so on.

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The prime minister was volatile country in Georgia in South America, but

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you feel happy. What about the meeting with Allah?

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Now, how what how does one make this meeting something to hope for, by living according to the standard set by Saracen was was on Hashanah often available.

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If you live by that standard, then the meeting with Allah would be something that we can hope for inshallah.

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Now, therefore, for a Muslim

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to consider another standard

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other than the standard of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and when we say other, it means something which is different from right. Something which is the opposite of or different from, for a Muslim to consider a standard, different from the standard

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to be better than the standard of Nevis Allah, Allah Allah. Allah is something which if he is doing without knowledge, then we would say, the person is misguided. And the person is somebody who we should, you know, try to talk to if he saying this way

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With the knowledge and understanding, then Allah Allah he has left Islam because he has denied the Quran. He considers somebody else and somebody else's standard to be superior and better to the standard of Rosado, salaam, he has exited from Islam.

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It is as simple as that in today's episode of Salaam said for a habit of the Quran for somebody who knows the Quran and does not inshallah, this does not refer to somebody who is having the whole Quran whatever you know inshallah,

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the person who knows that and who envies somebody else for things of the dunya

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right, he has

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committed injustice will refer to

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why he knows the column of philosophy.

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And he is now looking at some old martial law no Look at his house, look at his car.

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This column of Allah will go with us to the grave and in the grave, and out of the grave and on the Day of Judgment, inshallah till Jenna,

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there is no other knowledge, which has that status.

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If somebody has memorized all the books of Hadith,

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and think, just to give an example, right, everything else comes after that, right? If somebody has all the books,

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and someone has memorized the Quran, who's superior.

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So what about somebody now, who is a doctor and an engineer and this and that and the other and he is feels very superior because we are not against medicine, we are not against any handle, all of these are required, and we should be number one top of the line in those things. There's nothing glorifying and nothing glorified about being a lousy doctor or a lousy engineer, right. So we have to do those things well, but in terms of which is superior.

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I'm giving you this example. To bring us back to the example of the life of Rasul Allah is Allah Subhana Allah compared to any other standard in the world.

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Today, we live in a world which runs on one principle and that principle is the principle of branding.

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Like, even the miswak is branded,

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same stick.

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Why is it branded? Because you will recall brand recall, you will ask for that particular thing.

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secret of success in today's world is branding.

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Yes. Now see what

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they told me Our Salah the Jews, they take off their shoes, to pray. Hassan said you pray in your shoes.

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Don't take off your shoes. Obviously, there has not been recovered to the massive issues between the outside somewhere and so on so forth. As long as your shoes are clean, and there's nothing dirty on it.

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It is better to pray with your shoes on to fulfill the sudarsan isn't up to

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the ambassador's activity were not really a method as they came to arrest them, or they thought they could do that. They came from Yemen and they were the people from sent by the kisara of of Iran.

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So when they came and they found that they came into His presence asaram looked at them and they had no beards. And they had big mustaches. You know, like we the the the iconic character, the stereotypical model of the British Colonel handlebar mustache, you know, big butts, right? The mustaches and they had no beards. And I said, Who asked you to have this to have a face like this? Who asked you to make your face like this? These are our Rob likes this face. They used to refer to the king as their

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Nebuchadnezzar is our solemn past his blessed hand over his blessed face and he said that my rub likes this fish. And then he specifically instructed

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the Sahaba who around him, specifically instructed them and he said, cut your mustache. did not say shave your mustache, said cut your moustache and grow your beard.

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And there are many such

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they given said to him Salas, Allah that the year hold the fast on the 10th of Mahatma Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam said

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you've asked on the ninth and 10th

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people also first on 10th and 11th. But it is most often superior to first on ninth and 10th because he specifically refer to ninth and 10th

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Now think about this wide what is the what is the big deal?

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branding, what sets you apart from everybody else?

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What is your distinguishing

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What is the brand recall? When you say Muslim? What do you mean?

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And I'm referring to some aspects of it. Obviously, as I said yesterday, everything does not start and end only with a physical appearance, there is a lot more, but at the same time, at the same time

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What do we say about the Russian

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you know, market, everything comes in a brown paper bag.

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Right, everything comes in a brown paper bag, is that the best way of presenting something. So preventability also has a huge importance.

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So let's not get sidetracked. So it's not that his physical appearance is very important. But obviously, physical appearance is not the only thing. But when we say physical appearance is not the only thing This does not mean that the physical appearance is not important. The packaging we know today in the in the world of branding,

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packaging is superior is supremely important.

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No matter how good the product is. The packaging is amazing. I mean, if you look at all for example, if you look at Apple products, right with the iPad, I bought what not? I was the packaging itself, you almost don't feel like opening the package, the packaging is so beautiful, right? That you almost feel like just leaving it you know, let me not open the package, it looks so nice.

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Why does they do all of that I ended the day the product is in there. And you know the product is whatever it is, you like it you don't like it, but the packaging itself because it is so critically important. So the external appearance is very critically important.

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Who's what's on offer serasa. So for the Muslim, logically, as well as internally in the heart, he must believe and understand that the way of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the most superior way.

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And that's what Allah subhanaw taala taught us I am not making that claim, Allah subhanaw taala made this claim. And that's the reason why. And tomorrow in the afternoon when we look at different aspects of this, but that's the reason why Allah subhanaw taala costs, all of the

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ways of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam, to be preserved with such integrity.

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Right? all the ways. And seriously, if you think about this, we don't even have to go back many generations.

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If I ask any of you, right? When your father used to drink tea,

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how was his hand?

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How many fingers did he hold the cup with?

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I can bet you that not one of you can answer that question.

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And not even talk about father was dead, I was alive.

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Let me go and see now what what it takes to live with you What does he do?

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There are descriptions of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam when he was in such that, what did the bottom of his foot look like the soul of his feet? How are they to see there are descriptions of that?

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Why did Allah subhanaw taala do this? Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala Cause every single little detail

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as the other day

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avanzada Mercado had come for a lecture here. And one of the things he mentioned he said if I asked you and tell you,

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your father or your grandfather,

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when he was when he died, how many hairs in his head had turned white?

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He said I bet not one of you can answer that question. But we have this in Hades. In China Timothy it is mentioned that the the hair of navasota Sallam there was not more than 20 of them which were white.

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So I'm just saying that think about our own parents who we are seeing on a daily basis.

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I haven't even gone to the grandparents. You don't even remember what parents what will you remember the grandparent? If asked you how do they fall asleep?

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How does your mother sleep?

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Right side left side where's the and where is the foot? What do they do?

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I bet not one of us can actually convert you might make some guesses you know I say I think know confidently if I tell you write it down and I'm going to take this description and when you fall asleep I'm going to check that not one of us can do that

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on purpose. But there is a complete description of of Nebuchadnezzar. How did he sleep?

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What did he look like when he was with Syed? What's this? The whole every single little detail of his life Allah subhanho wa Taala caused to be preserved.

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And you all know of Islam the people who understood the value of that understood why it was so important.

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Somebody went to a Malaga hunter lolly,

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you know Malika during the time when he was in Medina, there was a saying in the Muslim world.

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In the whole Muslim world, there was a saying and the thing was, that the Alma is to say, How can I give a fatwa when Malik is in Medina?

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He was an alum of such a caliber and, and people are, you know, so much respect for him. The people who say how can I make a fatwa when Malik is in Medina,

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when he wrote the Mata,

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Ohio came later to the whole Mata into

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the book of such

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authenticity, and so much of research and think went into it. When he was writing his book. Many other people started, they heard that Dr. Malik is writing his book called when calling it what and many people started writing and there was many waters, which were published and people came to America and they said, you know, you're taking so long with this book,

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that other people are publishing books by the same name and you know, your book, where will it be? My Malik said, Look, I have to do my work according to how I know according to please Allah subhanho wa Taala with the rigor that I know how to do it.

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And he said, whether a book is going to be read or not read whether it is going to remain or not remain is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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That's not my that's not my will, I will do my job to the best of my ability. And as Allah knows best today, there is only one more than

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one who was writing at that time, we don't even know the names of books are gone, the names are gone. What time Amelie,

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the Selma, Malik somebody came and told him

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that they said, Why don't you

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say to the halifa, who was one of the would qualify, and he, you know, he would have listened to that. He said, Why don't you tell the halifa that your way, which is your right, how do we pray? Is that everything? He said, Why don't you make this as the face of the entire Muslim world and say that this is the only correct way of doing anything.

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malakian for example, they play with their hands to the sides, they do not fold their hands said

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other things. So they said why don't you make this as the

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flick of the hole was the one right? Tell the clarify it will be imposed, your book will be the only book which is read.

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And in time this will happen this will happen.

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Imagine if somebody gives us that opportunity today, what will we do?

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But this is the difference

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between Allah who are real Allah, and people who pretend to be a llama,

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by name or by calling themselves share this or share that or molana is a one on that from this college, that college and people who really have to learn how

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to sign of an alum is Sasha of Allah subhanaw taala in the heart, not which degree he comes with

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a monograph today gave an answer, which is something that should be written in letters of gold.

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Mr. Malik said, If Allah subhana wa Taala wants to preserve every son of his dubby who is Moloch to say that only this is correct.

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As you imagine, obviously, the other thing for example, if you say if he's saying that the correct way of praying is to have the hand by the sides, he has a DeLisle Why are you saying that, whereas the other Imam Shafi and others, right? They said that the way of praying is to fold the hands now hanifa Anima Malik were contemporaries, Imam Shafi was a student over Malik, but JavaScript is different from romantics.

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He's already on a harmonic, but his little different romantic. Again, I'm not going into the discussion of that is a subject by itself and we should really study that the issue obviously lie between the alama and how beautifully they handled it.

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How beautifully they handled it. They did not feel hesitant about making a fatwa different from their own teacher. And the teacher did not condemn the student and the student did not condemn the teacher.

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Yet, there was a difference with proofs. But how was this different handled was it handled like how we handle difference? Hahaha, I don't know. Some something is very seriously wrong with the way we educate law.

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Hello, whatever Why don't we teach the other Bobby's tell us,

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which is one of the most critical subjects on the face of the earth today.

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But I don't want to go off from there from our subject to that, that. I'm just mentioning that in passing, but to stay with the subject, the issue of the Sunnah of Nebuchadnezzar to service Allah.

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So Islam and Eman and taqwa is to remember and believe

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that the method and the way of Muhammad Rasul Rasul Allah is the best way because Allah subhanho wa Taala said that and the one who follows that way can look forward to and hope with for further meeting with Islam

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that's the that's the promise of Allah subhanaw taala

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and tomorrow we'll look at another aspect of it. But for today, this is the message that I want to remind myself when you with that they also offer avisar service Allah is the best possible way for any human being to live

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in this world, there is no way that is superior to the Oh Swapna visa Salaam

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till the Day of Judgment

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and if we want to mold our lives on that OSHA then let us understand and remember that every single aspect of it has been preserved and it is available for us if I want to know how to clip My name is it is available in the book if I want to know how to brush my teeth. It is there in the book is I want to know how to enter the toilet how to be in the toilet, how to come out of the toilet it is there in the book. If I know what to do with it with respect to my relation with my wife, it is there. It is preserved in the books of reservoir so if I want to know how to eat my food what would I haven't even started eating? How do I sit when I eat my food? What do I do with my hand when I'm

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eating my food?

00:22:03 --> 00:22:16

I haven't even started eating it. What do I say before I eat my food? Everything is there what food to eat? How much to eat? What is the way of eating it is there in the book if I want to drink water

00:22:18 --> 00:22:24

and drinking water but if I drink water how must I hold the glass? What must I look at I'm haven't even started drinking it.

00:22:26 --> 00:22:32

See the degree of detail to which the Sunnah of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has been has been preserved.

00:22:33 --> 00:22:42

Every single thing in my life I want to put on my shoes. Which foot do I put into my shoe first, before I put on my shoes, what do I do the shoes?

00:22:44 --> 00:22:47

How to take off my shoes, which foot do I take off first?

00:22:49 --> 00:23:04

every single detail is preserved. So Allah subhanaw taala did not just tell us follow the way of pine Abbey. And then no care has been taken to preserve the weight of the Navy. So now when we come to say alright, I'm here ready?

00:23:06 --> 00:23:29

I want to follow the way of your Navy solidar is our center and then I find it's a blank I have no idea what was it's got lost people who deny these serious deadly, I don't know what is their minds and where is Jonathan come from. But think about this, Allah does not do that Allah subhanaw taala caused every detail to be preserved. I remind myself when you let us understand very clearly.

00:23:31 --> 00:23:40

Number one, this is the best way number two, that way is preserved. Number three, what requires is for us to learn.

00:23:41 --> 00:24:11

We must read we must listen, we must learn and we must start practicing. It is not necessary to learn every single thing before we start practice. You know one thing, practice that one thing, for example, one of the so now when we saw Salamis, before he was to put on his shoes, he would shake out the shoes, he would tell people shake the shoe out, lifted up, shake it, put it down, put your right foot in first, then your left foot when you are removing your shoes, remove the left foot first and then the right foot.

00:24:13 --> 00:24:25

The simple thing if we do it with the Nia of fulfilling the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that taking off and putting on shoes is a bar. Allah will reward us for that.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:34

inshallah, and that applies to everything in life. Think about that. What is the benefit of following

00:24:35 --> 00:24:40

your entire life becomes worship. entire life becomes worship.

00:24:42 --> 00:24:49

Is there is there anything better than that? And that is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala said yes to La Jolla Manasa.

00:24:50 --> 00:24:59

A person who has converted his whole life into worship obviously has a right to hope for the meeting with Allah because Allah will reward him for this

00:25:01 --> 00:25:02

If you follow those notices,

00:25:03 --> 00:25:33

we really become eligible to hope for the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us and to help us to learn and help us to practice and that is why we are here in Ramadan and inshallah from today we start our ethical life and inshallah we will try to practice as many of these things in our life and then to carry them forward in our lives till the last minute and the last breath in our bodies. gela masala Highlander will carry Milan he was savage me

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