Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 06

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Salam aleikum wa I'm going to lay work at

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salon de la salatu salam ala rasulillah salam, Salam

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ala Allah Allah, he was so happy Omen Wallah. We stopped yesterday at a man who came to Ibrahim,

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one of the righteous predecessors, and he asked him a question, he said, I want to disobey Allah subhana wa Taala. But I don't want that Angel on the left hand side, to write down what I do.

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And Ibrahim, Adam said, you have it.

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But there are five conditions. If you want to do this. And you don't want the ancient the left hand side to write down what you do. fulfill the five conditions basic Give me the first one.

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He said, try to find someone to provide for you other than Allah, then just obey him.

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Then he said, who

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is give me the second might be easier.

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He said, try to find another land

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that does not belong to Allah. And lindis obey him there.

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He said,

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Give me the third that might be easier.

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He says go to a place where Allah subhana wa tada cannot see you.

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Then disobey Him.

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He said,

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Give me the fourth, that might be easier.

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He says when the Angel of Death comes to you, tell him I'm not ready.

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Come later.

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He said How?

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Give me the fifth. It might be easier. He says When the angels of punishment come to you on the Day of Judgment, and they say come with us to hellfire. Tell them No, I'm not coming with you.

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Then the man said, they are impossible. He said then how dare you think about disobeyed Allah. And he's the one who provides for you.

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And how dare you that you in this obey Allah on earth and all the earth belongs to Allah.

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And when can you go on hide from alive? This awakened me can see you everywhere.

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And you know, you cannot say to the angel of death, when he comes to you go back, I'm not ready.

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And how do you

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think that when the angels of punishment will come to you to say come to geralyn? You can say to them No.

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So the man got sick for a month thinking about this, and he made terrible. And the last apana hautala sin the angel of death to take his soul after he made Toba. May Allah give us Toba before death. May Allah give us Shahada at the moment of death? May Allah Subhana Allah give us Jenna after death?

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I'll just conclude with an advice from the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam

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would you like an advice from the porcelain?

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But there is a condition

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would you work on it? Would you apply it?

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Say in sha Allah? May Allah give us the fillings Mashallah. But before that, the shake resetted an iron? That's really you know, sometimes you listen to the iron, but there is an iron that hits you. Shall I share it with you? I'm sure all of you are touched by his patient. May Allah subhanaw taala give him long life, good deeds, and good ending and all of us in sha Allah.

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I have 110 instead of either Mr.

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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yeah, Allah. Allah saying, You're the You're the best. Oh man. Look at the world.

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Using reagent as if Allah subhanaw taala is keeping us till the end of time. And you say it's your time, go out and do what? Do the work of the NBN? Because there is no prophet after Prophet Mohammed Salah.

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What is it that we need to do if we want to continue to be the best Omen three conditions? Amara della Han, whenever he cites this ayah he says, men are often highly reactive Vishal rota. If you want to be the Mr. oma, you have to fulfill the three conditions. What are they? Number one?

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What is this in our life today? Do we enjoy what's right? Starting from home? Do you do this with your children? Do you do this with your wife? Do the wives remind their you know, husbands before they go home, it's the

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with women today tell their husbands before they go to work, you know, be conscious of Allah, and make sure every single cent that you make is valid, because we can be patient when it comes to hunger. But we cannot be patient when it comes to hellfire.

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What do they tell them? We need to own a house,

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have a mortgage. We need to own a house, when children Oh, the house that you're gonna go to the grave, and you leave behind. And somehow it's a harm debt.

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So the problem is double. So fear alarm

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was the first condition tomorrow, tomorrow, you remind each other, enjoying What's good, not only at the level of the family, but at the level of the community, or you work wherever you go. You see lots of biases around you. Do you even feel bad at heart? Because sometimes when

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you stop What's wrong, you have an authority to change this within home. But you don't have authority to change this within the community. So at least when you see a drunk person around you in the street, do you even feel bad that this is something bad?

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aren't you supposed to be believers know that if you're not happy with your level of demand because you live or if a man goes up and down? So you always want to boost up man.

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And this is why you're coming here to pray get touched by the I listen to a reminder. So the advice of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam when a man came to me said give me advice. Yasser Allah. He said three things. Listen carefully and securely.

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Hold your tongue

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when he asaka

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spent quality time with your family.

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What can

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I remember your sins and dim the light in your room and start crying? Because you have the audacity at some point of time to transgress the limits of Allah. Wa Allahu Allahu Allah, you and I, when we pass a red light, what happens to your heart? Especially when you see a police car passing by?

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May Allah subhanaw taala make him blind? Yeah, Allah I wish he didn't take my plate number. Right? And you feel bad. Just a human being. But when we try to reach the limits of Allah, we don't care. That's dangerous.

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So the person said, Hold your tone. And what are

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our moral, ethical Amira? Salalah? Shall we be held accountable? as a prophet of Allah? Allah?

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Allah, Allah, so Hassan

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me Your mother Lucy, what are you talking about? You know, nothing will be the reason for people to be grabbed on their faces to janome except the harvest of their tongues brothers, sisters, this is Ramadan. Watch out. While Learning Ally you ally many times we're simply gonna say I don't know how to kill these two hours of killing yourself in slow motion. Your life is worth his time while us

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when you say I want to kill these two hours, it means you want to kill yourself. Say I want

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To invest these two hours, the profits are so I'm saying the best words after the words of Allah are so Panama will be La la la la la la cabeza woman. Yes, sir Luca Raja boom Vickery LA. Keep your tongue moist with the limits of Allah telling the

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coffee for attorney

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15 attorney

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man suparna law of your humbleness upon a line all the two statements that are very light on the tongue, but they're very heavy on the scale. And they're very loved to run sapan of lava handed Suppan de la la z. When you're lining up, waiting for something, keep your tongue going, because it will be written here multiplied many times.

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Well, the asaka way to spend quality time with your family. Many a time, people who come to me here for life coaching or counseling, you know, what's their main problem? There's no communication. Why? Because the husband's so busy. He's working two full time jobs. When he comes back home, what does he do? He uses the house as a great story as a hotel. He just eats and sleeps. That's it.

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Even if they spend some time, the sitting watching the TV, they're not talking to each other. And your wife says, I want to talk to you. It's like, Okay, go ahead. Go ahead.

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Right. That's what happens.

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And then, somehow, like little things start spiraling until it becomes a wall between you and your wife. And then there is a disconnection. And you know what, the sister comes to me, she said, will lie. If it were not for the kids, I wouldn't be living with him. And the brothers comes after I said, likewise, he or she likewise.

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So you feel like what's going on? They're not talking to each other. And every time she says, honey, I want to share something. I want to talk about the kids tomorrow inshallah. And you know what, that tomorrow never comes.

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Especially when you tell your son, I'm gonna buy you that car, I'm gonna buy you the thing. And you know, and you always say inshallah, so some will always say that, please don't say inshallah, because you never buy anything. When you say Allah, Allah, you abused in childhood, and you remind me of inshallah, in a sense by Jehovah, you know, when I was going to the market,

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and they told him, where are you going? JOHN says, I'm going to buy a car. They said, say Sharla. He said, Why? I have lots of money in my pocket. And there are lots of cars on the market.

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And then he went to the market and he came back and there was no coward him. This is Johan, Where's the car? He says the money has been stolen, inshallah.

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The money has been stolen Allah is this the right inshallah. So sometimes, this is the way we deal with our kids. So they disbelieve in inshallah, even in sha Allah. Allah is a very beautiful, it's very beautiful and meaning but we abuse it. So brothers and sisters, spend quality time with your family, talk with them, share with them, because when I asked the brother one time, I said When was the last time

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you texted the wife and said, I miss you said maybe I should

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have some shame.

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You want me to say to my wife, I miss you.

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I said, is it Haram

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is it haram brothers? I know some brothers okay.

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You know why? Because you never heard your dad doing this.

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I asked some younger generations. He's like, have you ever heard your dad saying to your mom, I love you. She

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was so stuck for life. He says to his wife, I love you. The prostitute I'm sitting in public in public.

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Would you like to know the story how the boxer Lampson does in public.

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I wish I have time today to warn him.