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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the Prophet's stance on women and men, including his wife and children, the importance of fair treatment, and the need for privacy in public. He also touches on the use of language and political asylum, as well as the loss of loved ones and the need for leadership in community for upcoming events. The importance of learning to go home with a message and leadership in community is also discussed.
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to couch

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similar hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Rasool Ullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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De loved him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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While early he was so happy Romano Allah we stopped yesterday at a story about

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the fact that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a public announcement that he loves his wife in our culture today. Sometimes

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people will be ashamed to say the name of their mother or their wife. This is culture, right? We know all the names of the wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, we know the name of the mother of the prophet SAW Selim.

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Right. So the way the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam used to treat the Sahaba when he stands in front of them, he looked at all of them and he will smile.

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Can you smile?

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And I'll tell you something, to make it small.

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There was a job vacancy in one of the Islamic centers and they made an announcement. And people apply that, you know, when you are attending an interview, what happens? You become nervous. Being a professor at the university, I love to see that in the eyes of the people who come in for the interview. They're so skinny, right? So

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they're lining up. And then they were asking, and they were waiting for the first one to come out to give them an idea what type of questions are being asked inside. So the first one comes in says they will ask you what's your name? If your name coincides with the name of a surah of the Quran, we can ask you to recite the surah. First one comes in, what's your name? My name is Ibrahim. You know, so number 14 in the Quran? Yes, go ahead, recite it out. Next. What's your name? My name is Mohammed. In Orissa number 47. Yeah, go ahead beside it.

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What's your name? Yunus. Okay, you know, so number 10. Go ahead. Last one, what's your name? He says My name is Yousef. But my mother calls me, counsel.

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Now, this is a genuine smile who can start now? Right? Okay. So

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the way the practice of selling is to treat the Sahaba he would look at everyone and smile, right? So everyone amongst the Sahaba thought that they are the most beloved one to his heart.

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Isn't this amazing? Do we do this at home?

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Are we even fair amongst our kids? You know, some of us may have three four monkeys, I mean, angels, okay. I corrected it. I said angels, okay. And sometimes one of them is more love to you than the others. Am I right? All right.

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Be honest, raise your hands. If you are doing that at all. Raise your hands. I'll do it myself. Right. Because one of them is nice to you. One of them is kind to, but Subhanallah we are ordered to be fair amongst all of them. If you buy a gift for one you have to buy for the others. Even when we come back from traveling, you know, sometimes you can hide it the one that you love, Hey, come here. You stay in your room.

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That's wrong. That's wrong. You have to be just in whatever you say whatever you do, keep what's in your heart in your heart. Because you have no control over your heart. Allah will not hold you accountable for the feelings inside. But Allah will hold you accountable for what you say or what you do. Because he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before he passed away he says a lot of my personality, my meaning Yala, I have been fed amongst all of my wives. Fernando hidden the female with him, Luke, but please don't hold me accountable for that which you have control over and have no control over Why? Because he loved Ayesha. More.

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Is that clear, but used to stay one night in each place? So anyway, back to the story. So the Sahaba all for that every one of them is the most belongs to the processor.

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Brother, can you eat the chocolate? Okay.

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Okay, so because it makes me like, you know, nervous.

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And still I have like half an hour to go so if you can bring it to your cell phones.

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you know, um, the loss of your loved one was called the he had a lot of he was very smart. So he went did an expedition expedition called sorry, or something little than a battle.

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When he came back, he was victorious.

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So he wanted to get this in front of everyone, you know, like we are different, you know, even even like your brothers or your sisters, you'll find one of them has some some ego, right. You know, when the elemental metoder is.

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Whoever enters like I say, right.

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Kava is part of matcha. Right, he said. But then he added something. When

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he was Abu Sufyan loves it, he gave it to him.

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It was like

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she wanted all the Sahaba to hear from the master cylinder. So he is coming back. He's victorious is a prophet of Allah manda. hamanasi. Like, who's the most loved one to have? Is to die. So

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that's what I was sharing with you. Who is Isaiah? First of all, he mentioned her name. And she's his wife. How many of the mothers can say this?

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Everybody's staring in the face or away

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there is a camera the sisters can see you. You want to go home safe.

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I can you can seek political asylum in my house, but for one light two lights, not the rest of Ramadan

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stuck for a while.

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Do you know that even lying is permissible in the original material, you and your wife

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will lie It's permissible. Lying is permissible in the emotional poverty line wife. So for example, your wife will see you Mashallah, you know, you look you know, you know, in Milan, you know what happens?

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And, and the brothers come to me in counseling, they say, Doctor, can you talk to my wife, because after delivering, she put some weight, and I'm staring at the brother's belly.

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And he's like, chair, why do

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I say brother? Do you look at the mirror?

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The problem is, when sisters get pregnant, I deliver. But when we mean when we get pregnant, we never deliver.

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Am I right? Right. And yet you are complaining to her to lose weight? Hey, bro, come on.

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So somehow

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when I'm Raja lavon said this, or me, let me continue this about you know, like, because, like, we need to learn something to go home with a message. Okay?

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You know, when your wife says to you, you're the most handsome man have ever seen despite that thing, you know?

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And she turn around and say

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this is permissible in Islam online. Okay, just to knowledge the love and continue you know, the marriage.

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And then also when she cooks you something

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and Paula had intention before she cooks. She wanted to make pasta.

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So I'm an effigy. Abdullah.

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Okay, his intention was was to make pasta, but she turns out to be a kid.

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You know, because they don't know when they put the macaroni like another pasta like, this should boil the water first. Put some salt and some you know, oil. You know that because we've been single for a long time. Right? Okay. And then. Anyway, so when you sit down to eat, she's gonna write labels on the plates. You know, be careful, this is pasta. Be careful. This is a dessert okay? What should you do? You eat and say, Mashallah, this is the best food ever. And then you turn around and say, Stop for a loss.

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Okay, so why is permissible here? Why is permissible here, okay. But don't misquote me because some brothers attended my Halloween time. And like his wife came to his like, you know, Chef, he told like is permissible. I said, Now what law he was conditioned. I said, in the emotional tone, because she said, my husband for the last month, he comes back home at two o'clock in the morning. And when I say what have you been? I said I was doing artica

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an alum, where's that article?

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Of course, the insinuation is doing that cash would mean the method which he was doing somewhere else anyway. Anyway. Okay, so let's go back. So here is

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saying to the prophets of Salaam, who's the most loved one to heart prophet of Allah? He says,

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so you got embarrassed?

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Isn't it? Like, I don't mean amongst the women? I mean amongst them and he said

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her father

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Subhanallah brothers and sisters, why didn't the professor Selim say abubaker?

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Somehow, coming from an linguistic background, I stopped deeply at that word because he wants to continue to talk about Earth. So it's not wrong, that you love your wife

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and you express that to her.

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And you express it to your in laws, inshallah.

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It's very important. Then I'm gonna continue, then whom? He said, Ahmed

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said, Okay, then he said.

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Then he said it. He said, I stopped asking.

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That's enough of embarrassment, because he's gonna come in number 20 something.

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Okay, talking about

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the message for today. Um, Ross was the head of an expedition again, an armada under him. Look, the professor is creating leadership that we need in our community today.

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Can you imagine all modafinil, hubbub is Under Armour have in the last.

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And then

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Ross walks up in the morning and wakes up in the morning. He had a dream. And when you had a weird dream, you have to take a shower you have to big muscle.

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But the water was very cold.

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So what happened?

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Amara decided he said I'm going to tell him

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and of course he is the leader appointed by whom? by the prophets of Salaam.

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So Omar was just like discussing with him, he said, Why don't you allow one of us he didn't say me to leave the salon because we are in a better position we have to do and you have to me.

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I said, Ahmad, I'm the leader appointed by the prophet, Oculus Allah, Allah, Allah He lived the salon.

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That they fight.

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Hello, auto talk to me, they fight. They disagree. Right. But the leader was was respected. Because when you have a group without a leader, if that head is not there, is going to be chaotic. he respected him, despite the fact that he disagreed with him. Is that clear?

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Then they went to the prophets, Allah La Jolla salah and when they went to the prophet SAW Selim, they explained the situation to him.

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second lesson to learn. When someone comes to you with a case what should you do? Listen to both sides of the story. Okay. So

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he said,

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What did you determine? He said prophets of Allah.

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He said, When I woke up in the morning, and I had a wet dream, I looked at the well, the water was frozen.

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If I were to take a shower there, I'm gonna die. So I remembered what Allah subhanaw taala said, when it comes

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to not in the killing yourself. And remember what Allah subhanaw taala said, when I tried to emphasize in Allah, how can I become rahima? Do not kill yourselves a Lost Planet, Allah is the old merciful. The President smiled, as if he's saying,

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You're right. And then he turned to Omar. What happened on Monday said prophet of Allah, he had the mo and we have Moodle. We are in a better position. The porcelain smiled, meaning you were right. And you're right. But still, they respected each other. Is that clear?

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that clear?

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Okay. The cliffhanger for tomorrow, Abubakar de la Juan was sitting with the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and there was a man sitting there, and he started cursing, insulting.

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And abubaker was silence. And he continued bashing him and above. So I'm sitting there, and Obama is very patient.

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But then all of a sudden abubaker did something. The prophet SAW Selim left the place and he was angry.

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Do you want to know what did abubaker do?

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Why did the professor left

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even when two minutes beyond my time? shall see you tomorrow. Zack Lefevre sloty

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Oh Robert Martin mercy you welcome Rama

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Murthy mercy