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The conversation discusses Jesus' actions during the holy month ofams, including his actions during the holy month ofams, and during the holy month ofams. The culture is emphasized, including fasting, staying in a home, and embracing Islam. Visitors are encouraged to be part of the culture, including a holy Adeleke celebration, a rally, and a dinner. Visitors are encouraged to be recognized as the creator of the household and the creator of the household is emphasized as the driver of everyone's behavior.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He or sabe as my my brothers and sisters in Islam as we approach the end of Ramadan, there are three things that are legislated and recommended for the servant to do. And these are matters in how we conclude our worship, and more specifically, how we conclude our Ramadan. Number one, we conclude the Ramadan with Ali still for seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. You see, the problem is that as we come to the end of Ramadan, no one would dare to say that his fasting was 100% as Allah azza wa jal wanted, who would say this? And who would say that his pm and his taraweeh and his diet was 100% What Allah azza

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wa jal wanted from the servants no one dares to say this as a result. We all acknowledge that our Ramadan was full of shortcomings and faults and flaws. So as a result at the end of this month, concluding Ramadan we are supposed to continuously engage in Allah is still for seeking Allah azza wa jal is forgiveness by seeing a Starfield Allah Tobu in a Estelle for Allah Tobu LA and this worship of Allah still for it was legislated for the end of every worship. You know how we pray and when we finish our Salah, the first thing we do is a stop for Allah stop for a lot of stuff that Allah Allah azza wa jal teaches us in the Quran that at the end of a hush at the end of the worship

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of an Housh we are also supposed to seek is still fought and seek Allah azza wa jal forgiveness Allah subhanahu wa Tada says, For either of two men out of 18 for the Quran, Allah and Allah Masha did haram your guru who can come in come to me and completely let me know ball lien he then said from a few boom in Haifa, FL bonus was double federal law. You can include an HMI with a list of hot when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the end of his life concluding his life, Allah azza wa jal commands him to make it still for the last complete Surah that was revealed to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sawed off the nozzle. And in solid the nozzle Allah azza wa jal He

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says, For some they haven't they are because they will feel Rahu in normal Gannett, the weather why it shouldn't be Allah one has she says that Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the last days of his life, he would see in his record and in his suit Subhanak Allahumma Abrahamic, a sterile field we'll get to the lake. So he used to make a list of fall at the end of his life. And so every worship it must be concluded with is still fault seeking Allah azza wa jal is forgiveness. Allah subhanahu wa taala he says, first the chemo la he was still the fuel for the chemo la Allah azza wa jal, he says adhere to these commands and stand upright to the commands of Allah. And then he said was still fuel

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and then seek his forgiveness. Because every law of Allah social that you implement in your life, there will definitely be shortcomings. No one could ever claim that he worship Allah the way Allah deserves. There is always shortcomings. So now you understand and you get the point, and it's still far needs to be an abundance on your tongue. Towards the end of this holy month, this blessed month of Ramadan, Ali stilvoll. Number two, my brothers and sisters in Islam, we conclude Ramadan by asking Allah azza wa jal to accept from us, our fasting and our solid and our dua, and our before and our support and all these worships that we did during this blessed month of Ramadan and our re

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citation of the Quran. Allah azza wa jal when he mentioned to us about Ibrahim and Ismail alayhi wa sallam, Ibrahim is Helene Allah, He is the friend of Allah and this is the highest form of friendship. Ibrahim alayhis salam, the friend of Allah, he builds the Kaaba, which is the house of Allah, by command from Allah. And at the end of it he says a little better the couple minutes in Mecca into semi rural Aleem. He asks Allah azza wa jal or our Lord except from us for verily you are a Samia and Eileen, you are the old hearing, the one who answers the call of the servants and Eileen, we all knowledgeable. So if if that's Ibrahim alayhis salam, asking Allah to accept the

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building of the Kaaba, which came after Allah had commanded him to build it, then also, this is us as well. We fasted Ramadan, by command of Allah azza wa jal. So now at the end of this month, we must humble ourself, and we have an element of fi in our hearts, that perhaps the entire month is rejected. So we stand with ourselves, and we say a little better at a couple minute. In Nikka, Anta Samir alim, and we continuously ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us was stellar for him at home Allah was Sahil

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However, they used to ask Allah six months before Ramadan, that he allowed them to reach Ramadan. And then they used us they would ask Allah azza wa jal six months after Ramadan for Allah azza wa jal to accept the Ramadan. So Allah Benatar, cobalamin indica and the semi or Aleem and finally my brothers and sisters in Islam, the last thing we conclude, Ramadan with is Zika to the fertile, very important, this is a worship it's an obligation upon everyone, the one who fasted and the one who didn't fast upon the meal and upon the female upon the free person and the sleeve upon the young and upon the old as an Ahmadi Allah who I know mentions in an Hadith that Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam teaches us so this is the cattle photo and the cattle photo. The best time for it to be paid would be straight after Salat al Fajr of the day of aid, as you're going out towards Salah till eight or perhaps we could also say the night of the night of eight which is Yanni the day before it the night before you go out. The kettle photo is approximately 2.5 to three kilograms of food that is stored at homes like rice, lentils, beans, it could be

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could be these things that people store corn for example, for example, food that is stored at home, this is the kettle football, it's best that you take it out 2.5 kilos three kilos and you pay it to the poor and the needy and the little amount to hammer home Allah have also mentioned that the permissible time to pay is a cattle photo is one or two days before allayed one or two days before you pay it. And if it's difficult to pack three kilograms of food and to give it to the poor and the needy or you don't know where to find them. Then also hammer home Allah have said it is permissible to pay it to an organization who then will buy these two, two kilos 2.5 kilos of food on your behalf

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and then they will give it to the port on the day of an aid just before solid aid and the purpose of this circuit and football and the reasonable Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said it is poor to live saw me Mina love we are Rafa

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or Padma to Lille Moroccan. It is a purification for the fasting person from Thal eel language, from filthy language. You know, Ramadan, you must have spoken something wrong. You must have spoken something that is not pleasing to Allah azza wa jal How do you rectify this? How do you clean this zakat photo? It cleans this away for you. And then the be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the second wisdom for the cattle for is for me to little mistake in it is food for the poor and the needy. Because on the day of aid, the best thing people enjoy is food. Now it is full but you must break your fast you cannot fast the day of aid and also the poor and the needy should join in this

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celebration and this joy and have something to eat. So this was the wisdom and the purpose of the cattle photo. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive our sins, our shortcomings we ask him Subhanahu wa Taala to accept from us and to grant us the ability to continue to worship Him until the day we meet him in the holy Adeleke or other rally or SallAllahu wasallam Opelika ala Nabina Muhammad wa while early he also be Germaine