Reda Bedeir – Can A Woman Touch Quran During Her Menstruation

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The customer is asking the agent about wearing gloves when praying in the prayer area. The agent explains that the woman must wear gloves without a barrier, and the sister must wear gloves or cover her mouth. The customer also asks if a woman can come to the mosque for the hallahan, but the agent explains that the prayer area is a multipurpose area and cannot be kept in the basement.
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Okay, I have two questions. I'm gonna answer them quickly here. And then we're gonna do that.

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Before I give it a cliffhanger and they are from sisters so bear with me. Can a woman on her prayer touch the most half without gloves? No.

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If the sister has the courage, she has to wear gloves if she wants to touch the most half and the most half means the Quran in Arabic only that one here. Can you give me one?

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Yeah, the most often Arabic. Okay, this one, it cannot, it cannot touch without a barrier. You have to have gloves or anything a cover like a barrier between you and the Muslim. But if you have a translation of the meaning of the Koran, and it has both English and Arabic,

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this is not called overall because we give it to the non Muslims and they can have it and they touch it. Okay. Is that clear? So a man who has like intimacy with his wife and he does not like he did not take the shower yet or a young man who has a weird dream. I did not take a shower yet. The same thing applies to me cannot touch the most half without a barrier between him and the Muslim. Is that clear? Okay. A brother asked me one time he says

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Can I go to the washroom with my iPhone?

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I said yes. It's about it has put on.

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I said yes. It's a chip. I'm saying my phone has put on I said yes.

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You know, sometimes you think that the shape is done right. And then for the first time said, Chief, I heard the one time saying you know, he cannot take the Quran into the washroom I said, Yeah, this was happy cannot take it to the washroom, because this is the words of Allah. He said, what about the phone I have put on there I said, Brother, let me do it to you then. Do you mean by some Quran is said yes. I said inshallah, when you go to the washroom, cut your head, leave it outside, go to the washroom and then put it back in shallow when you come back.

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I mean, you give them the answer, but they're not convinced. What should I do? You have to go literal, right.

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Okay, so we're on your iPhone is exactly the translation. You know, I'm saying this is not a Muslim.

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Okay. Now, the second question was, can a woman on her prayer come to the mosque for the hallahan? Yes or no? Yes and no. Yes, you can come but not sit in the sanctuary in the place where we pray in the prayer area. But you can be in the basement because the basement is a multipurpose area. It's used for schools, it's used for other stuff. But this place the masjid and the place for the sisters where they pray No, you can come and sit in the basement and inshallah I think they have a camera directional light and you can be following up what we're doing. But you cannot sit in the masala the place where we pray. Because Allah subhana wa Taala said, You know ilibrary Sabine, if you have

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Geneva, you can only just cross the measure like you know, the left for example, you come in from that door and you want to go to the other door just absolutely just crossing that you cannot sit for reciting the Koran and you cannot sit to attend. Haha, but you can sit in an area where it's prepared for that purpose, but it's a multipurpose place. For example, I think we use the basement as a as a multipurpose list, right? Okay, so that's it.

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