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Dr. Hisham, a lecturer in Eastern politics and history, introduces Dr. Hisham, a doctor in Eastern history and history. Dr. Hisham talks about the prophetic legacy and its connection to talent, balance, and culture. He also discusses the importance of individuals being a symbol of Islam and balancing their behavior with their son's "slowism." The segment also touches on the history and character of the Islam community, as it is crucial to achieve something.

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I'd now like to introduce Dr. Hisham, our D. He will be speaking on the prophetic legacy. Dr. Hisham was born in Kuwait and was educated in the United Kingdom. He did his BA Masters and PhD in the field of Middle Eastern politics and history in various British British universities including the University of Cambridge. He is also he also has a diploma in Islamic studies from the Institute of Islamic Studies, Cairo, a journalist and an author of numerous books, including the western response to Islamism. He is a lecturer in Middle East in history at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies in the united in the university University of Exeter, United Kingdom. With that being said, I invite

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Dr. Hisham to the stage. So now when he called on to lay on 109 101 a stain on a steady Honister

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surely I'm pushing up from Seattle Marina Maria de la

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Renta de de la jolla. Mashallah Mashallah Luna Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah

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Abdullah Nana, Belarus Allah, Allah,

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Allah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Sharona Maria Masato Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata manana clonality.

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Brothers and sisters Sarah Monica, I would like to thank all of you and mass in particular for giving me this pleasure to an honor to come and address you. And as you see, I'm a bit tense. I am not used to talking.

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Maybe this is a difference between London and the states while food is being served. my appetite is not helpful in that respect. And so you will forgive me.

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In this talk, I will be presenting lots of names. And I shouldn't do that. But I just thought that it might be helpful to introduce these names that I will be talking about in relation to the prophetic legacy. Just to by way of introducing you to these names that are part from our heritage as Muslims. People like Abdullah had an Anglican Alas, Lima. They're heavy about the Sandman and heresy and Hassan al Masri Abdullah Abdullah Mubarak al Bukhari well known as Shafi. Hassan has been sabotaged to live in la calidad de da de la verdad basmati bingeable Abdullah Hammond, Masood Zayed bin sabot and Bishop Adnan Hadith or as he is sometimes known bishal haffi.

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Okay, how am I going to introduce these names?

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I hope that my my talk will, we'll be able to I will be that organized in time management, which I have a problem always with

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will be divided into two parts. One is talking about balance, prophetic legacy with regards to talent, balanced and comprehensive comprehensiveness etc. And I feel that this point have been now exhaustive talking about Islam way of life concept, comprehensive religion, etc. Although for the sake of completeness, completeness, I will address it. However, what I will also want to address something that is not that clear in the minds of some Muslims and that is an another approach to balance, another approach to kawasan or comprehensiveness. And I would like to, and this is where it becomes a little bit practical. Let me at the outset, introduce the concept of Taoism in the life of

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the Muslim and then maybe the second part, which I'm which I say you will need some explanation that there wasn't in the life of the Muslim community or the Muslim society and they are related by the way, even in so far as what relates to the Muslim community relates to the Muslim individual and this is where you come into the equation.

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Now with regards to the concept of balance, that the individual has to be concerned with his dunya in the same way that he or she is concerned with

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his or her.

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The Foreign

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Secretary till Merida says las panatela and we will talk about the Quran, the Sunnah and the Sahaba. And in relation to a Taoism, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, yeah, you know,

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not to hurry up bottom Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah you have been watching. Oh believers don't make haram upon yourselves the pure things that allow me to learn for you, and don't transgress. Verily, Allah does not like the transgressors. If you look at us Babu, or the reason why these verses were revealed,

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they were revealed in response to an extremist trend that has arisen among some of the companions that decided to make haram on themselves. These things that were highlighted

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One of them said, Well, I will not eat meat. I hope we are serving me today. I will not eat meat and the other person said I will not sleep I will continue to pray and make the head good day and night. And the other said I will not get married

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the story is known by the way it's it's known in the minds of many Muslims in relation to our salsa Selim coming and talking to them. But you will be amazed to know that not only are also are seldom countered this extremist strength, but there were verses revealed to the Muslim community and to the Sahaba and to the entire Muslim oma to counter this extremist trend. And when the Quran comes to reveal verses, it tells you how significant the event and how significant The situation is. So Allah subhanaw taala immediately said, Yeah, you Allah Dena Amano all of you, not just these three or four companions do not make haram on yourselves that which Allah subhanaw taala made 100 so this is the

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Quran the sooner we've made it easy now, I saw Selim came and spoke with those three people. And he said, I'm not an alpha Sumo Wallah.

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Me a kuhmo

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and Misha I fast Yes, I don't, it's not that I'm saying don't fast I fast, but I sleep.

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I, I wake up, but I also sleep, I fast and I eat and I get married and I marry women. So Samira, as soon as he follows me, whoever goes away or does not do pursue these things, he is not one of me.

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or social and did not only address these intentions, they have the intentions they did not do it. But he also countered practical

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trends of extremism.

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the first thing that I introduced was course the son of

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Abdullah having interesting figure because he was among the young companions. So we are talking about a young companion, and he lived years after arasaka salah and he met a lot of barbarians, and he introduced and educated them about the symbol of Prophet Muhammad Salah, this young person. He got married at such an early age and

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according to Abdullah, he says my father got me married when I was young, but he had tremendous love for anybody that even a woman would not change his attitude. Unlike some, some the situation of us today he's active etc. But once he gets married, he he deserves activism etc.

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So he got married, but practically and he did the Lima and wrote the contract and everything but practically he was not married. And

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his fathers came and visited and spoke to his wife.

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days or months after they married, they said how's my son?

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She said to him, your son

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has no desire for the junior

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Mashallah, he is a much the head he is arbit in the noise, he is fasting and in the evening, he is not sleeping, he is making 200 I would have lost understood the implicit complaint. He spoke to Abdullah his son and his son did not listen he was not persuaded.

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Further escalated it further because it's a significant problem that needs a powerful person to solve it and who is more powerful than Arsenal sallallahu wasallam so he went todos wa sallam said Yana Salalah my son Abdullah is doing so and so and so.

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So Salah, went straight away to Abdullah

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and just imagine me speaking to a young boy

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and negotiating with him a contract of balance attitude and balanced approach to Islam. He says to him read the Quran, I

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would read the Quran every day, the entire, the entire meaning, the amount of Quran that was revealed at that time, not the entire three, just 30 just because at that time, the 30 Jews were not complete. But whatever was revealed that that time was right on a daily basis by I am boring. And this is okay. If this talk was about youngsters, I would have mentioned the story of our beloved nun. And last but it's because about balanced and not being extremist. I have to bring him again into the story. But actually it's a very interesting character, Abdullah

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so he said to him Yara Salalah I read the Quran every day. He said read it in its entirety once a month. He said you're a solo.

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And this is literally what he says. He says Yasser Allah Ghani is tempting, because he was shabby jasola la let me utilize my power, my strength and my young age. This is a statement that I think should be adopted as a program of reform by all of you. Enjoy, enjoy your food, yes, but utilize your power, strength in the bother of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He said, then read it in 20 days. And the law says jasola law in the UK law actually means Alec Yasuda law, I can do more than that. He said,

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then read it once a week. And Abdullah says no jasola. Look, a young person is saying no, which says which means that there is a negotiation process taking place. It's not imposing, it's not threatening. I am the Prophet Shut up. Who are you to speak? Then he said to him, jarocin Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. He said, then read it in three days. He said, more than that, come on, Abdullah, you're leaving it in one day. So three days is good. No, no, you can do it more than that. Maybe he wants two days. But also Selim says, not less than three days. And he signs the contract. And he accepts that. Then he says to him, you got married, you have to spend some time with your

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And then he said,

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fasting about fasting, He fasted every day. So he has to lie on too fast every day. He said no, first three times, Monday and Thursday, whatever. And then they agreed and he signed the contract of acceptance that I will fast one day, and the second day I will eat and this is the some of

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the best song. You might know this story. You might know this incident but what you might not be familiar of that Abdullah asked when he grew up and became an old man.

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He says something that is very interesting. He became extremely weak and ill and he says Layton he tabula rasa Rasulullah sallallahu said, You wish I've accepted.

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What I saw Selim have ordered me to do because I became weak as a result of this continuous fasting and environment. They're heavy in Sierra Nevada comments on this statement by saying what khulumani manlam

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useme on epsa houfy tabooed summit in Abuja yen demo yasumasa

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Hi, Ron Kathy. Indeed he should be sorry, he says Mr. Mr. Happy seventh or eighth century commenting on a companion. He says indeed he should be sorry and anyone who does not abide abide by the signal of Prophet Mohammed Salim will one day be sorry. And when one day miss a lot of good End of story. Abdullah have an additional

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five minutes seven, seven, I will skip the story of Abu Dhabi and Abu al Rifai. Although it's an interesting story, but maybe one day we can maybe next year when I when I get a visa for another 10 years. I will say you this story. Okay.

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Those are the companions What about the tell us some some stories about the moon and hassanal bursary.

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Well known Taipei, but probably most of you know, and Hassan el Masri and a great side. The Sufi celebrate him as a great Sufi. Yes, indeed he was. But you know what he also was, he was a great fighter, a great fighter that in any army, the halifa, or the ameerul momineen, will place him in the front row, because he was so powerful, so muscular, that he will fight the enemy in a powerful way. And then we he will retreat back to the mosque, and we'll say all these God, Sufi statements, do you feel Allah remember that etc. But the following day, he will be fighting in the battle field, not only as an adversary was like that, even Abdullah Mubarak, who again comes across as as our head

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and as a Sufi, great, great hockey, but what you might not know about him, that he was a great Mujahid and he will fight in the battlefield covering his head, covering his face, and no one will know him except one day. By shock. He shocked everyone and he took his face. He's whatever he was covering his face with and everyone says I cannot believe that this is sheer. Barack who has given us Juma hope by yesterday.

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Before all our A B etc. The Marathi was a Mujahid if anything this shows balance

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and Buhari is known as a great one, but you know what else alcohol used to be good at Spears throwing he used to throw spears and just

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will target his objective very correctly and very powerful. Who was agree great spear thrower also Imam Shafi mm Shafi will not miss

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one through, and he says I am a master in space throwing, and his students would say, you are even more Master, in fact, and in HD heart, these are role models, I'm not talking about imaginary characters. And those these characters used to engage in society is to sit and talk, people knew them. So people did not need someone like me to lecture them about the comprehensiveness of Islam, because the very lecture on the very teacher, the very manabi encompasses this comprehensive attitude to

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to Islam. Okay, this is the easy bit this is trying to prove to you how comprehensive is Islam?

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Now, the final point, the second part, balance in the Muslim community in the Muslim society, and indeed balance in the Muslim character itself. Okay, fine.

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You are telling us that all the companions were comprehensive, etc, etc. But realistically speaking, they will not holiday

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is different than a boiler is different than Abdullah bass is different than the bingeable? I would say, Yes.

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You see those people.

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They attained the minimum in being comprehensive, meaning what?

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In aqidah, they were comprehensive, and they were balanced in the minimum of the MSR. They were comprehensive and balanced, in the minimum over a bother they were comprehensive and balanced.

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But then there remained a gap.

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This gap was filled by the different potentials and the different capabilities and the different mentalities and the different preferences. So that was like Holiday Inn praying five times a day and having the correct key there and making rebar in the proper way. Yes, but then this gap differentiated between them collignon, Waleed would say to me, fighting the enemy is far more better than if someone gave me the good news that I had a baby son, or if someone gave me the good news that I'm going to get married tomorrow for me entering into the battlefield in an extremely cold weather and frightening the enemy to me is better than now. This is not better for him. For a Buddha

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to say la ilaha illAllah. Wa every day 100,000 times is better than anything. Cairo Amina dunya wala Fie. Two minutes. So look, Hassan even said it in the field of media. Abdullah Abdullah raha in the field of media, military and fighting college narrowly avoided

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at all costs in the for guided caliphs, Abdullah bin Omar Omar

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Ibn Abbas, Madhavan jevin, Abdullah Massoud, even in languages, learning different languages, you have they been tarbet, who learned Hebrew and Latin in 17 days, approximately two weeks. So what I'm trying to say I'm trying to say this, so seldom so and appreciate it and recognize these different potentials. He did not press them, he did not

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delete them. He did not deny them. No, he escalated them, he initiated them he encouraged them, after securing this balanced attitude and comprehensive attitude to Islam. And this is exactly what all of you should do. A you should secure this balanced, comprehensive attitude and approach to Islam. This is where you come as an individual. But then if we have a medic, Doctor, if we have an engineer, if we have a sister working in the hospital, this is based on preference not based on imposition, and for some, you know pressure. If this happens naturally through development, through training through encouragement through initiation, we will attain the comprehensive

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society, the comprehensive community. Just one minute I will end with this story because it's it really summarizes all of our

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I'm trying to say, you see, in addition to preferences in addition to human

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preferences, and this is by very important, I mean don't feel inferior when you listen to a hockey. I say I want to become a hockey or I want to be you listen to an impressive presentation by a medical doctor. I want to study medicine. No, you have, especially for young people, you have to decide what exactly you are capable of and pursue it and be the best and the master in it. One minute this story of Bishop Abigail Harris, and it's very relevant to the fund raising event. Bishop will have he or Bishop will Harris is a great great Zaha who lived during the time of Muhammad had been handled with the law. He never got married, but nothing against marriage or anything but he

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just this is his life and his attitude. Great Zahid great 40 and great muhaddith and Mr. Miyagi says how the shaken carrier Yakubu great master. So it wasn't a deviant to anything like this as some people might want us to believe.

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Bishop Malhotra A man came to him. He said, Yeah, Bishop I'm going to make you to make any advice anything anything you want from Mecca or Medina.

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This person wants to do Hajj soon. No, not as far as he did. He did Hajj years ago, but he just wants to go again.

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He said, How much are you spending? He said I'm spending 2000 gurhan. He said this is the first time or the second he said no I did the first time a long time ago he said okay, let me ask you this question. Do you want to please Allah and make him happy while you are in your?

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Okay, that's it ceremony.

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Just one minute.

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So as to please be sure because he will be upset if we didn't say the story. So this year says to him, would you would you like that? He said yes. If I stay in Alaska or an El Kufa and go don't travel, they didn't have aeroplanes, by the way. So it will take months said Yes, why not? He said, I will tell you what, you take these $2,000 home and give 100 Dirham to someone who is in debt and give another $100 home to someone who has got lots of children and he is poor. And give another $100 home to someone who

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is taking care of an orphan.

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And this is finally he says he says and if you want if you want give the $2,000 home to one person that needs that money extremely, because at least you will put happiness and joy in his heart and like this, you get lots of reward initially, at the end, the person did not listen to him and he went actually to have an additional half He smiled and he said something that is very interesting, but no time to to say in comment of this attitude. What I want to say is this, people here who are capable, to give money to mass and to every organization that does its utmost effort to preserve and to protect the identity the identity of the Muslims should do so today and immediately, especially

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if they done had specially if they attained the comprehensive attitude and secured the minimum. Then after that, they should then see what they are capable of. And if they are capable financially, they should invest in that to be masters in the field.

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Zach molokhia thank you very much and have a lovely evening.