Can A Muslim Be A Hypocrite

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The importance of faith and proper faith in one's heart leads to margins in Islam. It is crucial to not give up on promises and deal with people in a professional and authentic way to achieve success in Islam. The need for deership and respect for people is crucial for achieving success in Islam.

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To say that we believe in a lot of us

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You heard the rule of law when

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they try to deceive a lot. And the believers

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or people, they don't know that online knows what they're doing, and the believers know what they're doing.

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So they are deceiving none but themselves.

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They don't realize that

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they have a disease in their heart. Why? Because they show something, and they hide something else.

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And he could eat the rest of the hat.

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Now, this is something in the Koran. The last talk about the velocity only

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know Allah revealed in entire surah was the one of

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the hypocrites, so number 63 in the Quran.

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And there's so much description of them again, in Adam performed when you read a loss of Paradise, it was either either home, or jacoco.

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Would you look at them, they look nice.

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You don't have to write them every saloon according to the law when he said he was a very good thing when which a Allah say when he Apolo with a smile, he called me when they speak, they speak very nicely. And he said that that's when they're telling the truth. But they have a disease in their heart. They're saying something and they're doing something else. Allah at the end of this I said, Whoa,

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whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, and like I said, these are the real enemies. Because the data is arranged in front of you with the browser is smiling in your face and stabbing event.

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Now, what are the qualities of will work? Okay, we said you can study the Quran, and you will see them for about eight to 20 insults and pepper. You can read the entire song over 63 when you go home, which was

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amazing enough,

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with a loss of Hannah was dialing up the processor, the names of the hypocrites, and the Booker's started in Medina, because

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there was no need. In fact, some Muslims, they were hiding the devil Muslims.

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When they went to Medina, this is why the way

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he was about to be the king of Medina, the processor emigrated to Medina, and then he became the leader. What happened? These are the letters that he doesn't like Islam. But for him to find some space, what did he do?

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He claimed to be a Muslim, but he was hiding this belief in his heart.

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But his actions betrayed him. Whatever he did all the time, he was power. So it was absurd, but he was acting in the dark, like all hypocrites, they will never do something, you know, during the day, they will wait for the light to hide somewhere, they will, they will

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smile on your face and give you a nice talk, they will give you what you want to hear. But behind your back, they began to talk the opposite. Now, how can I know if I'm a hypocrite or not?

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Present yourself to those if and if you're not one of them. If you have one of these qualities, or two or three, then you're hypocrites. Can I be a Muslim? And a hypocrite at the same time without knowing? The answer is yes. Give me an example. Listen,

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it's narrated in both Buhari and Muslim

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from the police have always worried about their loved one, that the prophets of alarm audio is an upset

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I had to go out to pizza lunch, the science of a hypocrite or three. What in sama masala? Was that a Muslim?

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Listen to this. These are the words of the Prophet, not my words. Even if he even if he fasts and praise and claims to be understood.

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Listen carefully to the qualities because if you have them, then you are and I'm going to show another body that will put the full picture in the heart.

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When he speaks, he lies. So if you go home and sit down and ask yourself, do I lie? So I have one quality

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hypocrisy, this is very dangerous. So you know, without knowing, because as I said, even if he fasts, praise and claims to be a Muslim,

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I told you, I believe the Bible, so the chief of the hypocrites used to fit behind the processor. And after they finish, they go out, and you go to the disbelievers, and tell them the secrets of the Muslims, and talk with him against Islam and Muslims.

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that's the first point the second, the professor said, we're either we're either

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if he promises you something, whether that promise was verbal, or written, they don't keep that promise.

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So he promised someone, I'm going to come and see what six, and you don't show up for some reason. They won't even have a reason for rolling. I apologize. That's hypocrisy. You have to call the person say, rather Sorry, I couldn't make it. This is why then you take yourself out of that.

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Your partner with someone, you have a comment, you have a contract and you say something, and then at some point, you say, No, I'm not gonna do that.

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So you break your promise. This is a typical person.

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We're either to win Ohio, third quality, which thrust into something.

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he betrays the Amana trust, and we train them to do one of two types.

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It could be something tangible, something concrete, you can touch and see. And it could be something which is abstract. What do you mean by that? If I come and say, brother, can I keep that money with you? That's something concrete you can touch. And then I come to claim the validity said I didn't take any money from you.

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The other time is if I share some information with you, so as to you, then you go and disclose that information.

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That's also betrayal.

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Or either Tomita Han.

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So the other funny observation from the editor of the light novel at the low end, in both Bukhari and Muslim, the processing upset at the Mirage at ARPA.

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He added one he said, the signs and mapusa are for

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former Canada he is

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from Canada, he had the facade of Canada, Milan, Seton Hall, Islam. Whoever combines these four qualities, he is a huge hypocrite. He is the sheer hypocrisy

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of unkindness,

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for whom.

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And if you have only one quality of these four causes, you will be still a hypocrite until you get rid of that quality. And then he is he mentioned the three that I mentioned in the first Heidi

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is 100 100. If he speaks he lies

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with the promises because they keep his promise, way that to me the harm. When he starts to something, he betrays that trust.

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And then he added, what is the handsomer version?

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We read this agrees with you.

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He will not respect anything. He'll be so corrupted in the way he talks about you behind your back.

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So these are four qualities, so we don't out from the crime. If you want to read the Quran, read the Quran. I understand what you're reading. Once you understand you need to act upon what you understand from the Quran.

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100 rely on your cover.

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Some of them are set up in Hyderabad De La Nina Stouffer. Why settle Isla de la voix de hula Sarita

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why Santa Ana Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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about the UN Villa

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From what I've seen with Apple, I have so much

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to lose by football, I would like to remind you of a bigger soccer that I gave a long time ago.

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So that you can put the picture together.

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What's Islam because the Muslim said, if a person fasts and prays and claims to be understood, the spirit could be a hypocrite. Because Islam is for an interrupted chain of components for parts, you cannot disconnect them. You can't have one and not the other can have to the rest.

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Islam is at the bottom to the assumption,

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believing in Allah supply or die, knowing the purpose for which you're lucky to do

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once you do this, the second is rebellion. You submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you worship him the way he likes, not the way you like.

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behind every bad that you perform, it should change you to become a better person. Because you could be the most devout worshiper Mashallah, but then you love the way you behave is the first time then congratulation for depriving yourself of food and drink, you get nothing quite a bit of fasting, Congratulation, for the physical exercise, go up and down your salon, you get nothing out of that. If your salon does not stop you from saying or doing something wrong, then you don't understand the meaning of praying. And you look at the rewards, walk in a salon. Why? What's the purpose in a salada type?

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structure? Well, if it doesn't, then your prayer is to show off in front of people.

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So the third component is your embed, that does not change.

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Then you don't get anything out of this deal.

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If you pray and stick out the budget and start backbiting or lying, or gossiping, or whatever was delayed for so long.

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So now we disconnected the third component of Islam. How can I see your artwork is manifested in the way you deal with people, whether they're Muslims, or non Muslims.

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That's the essence of your being. This is why you always need to deal with either the essence of the deen is not arcada. That's it. It's not that bad. And that's it? No, it is how we deal with people.

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And this is why many people today come to Islam. Because you treat them islamically the way it should be. You are kind to them. You're honest. You don't engage in backbiting. You're always away from all the vices of the community. This way people say man, you're different. Why? Because of our Muslim. Once Islam is a company of copper, I come and listen to lectures, then they become Muslims because of the religion. Or how many people today are turning away from Islam because of Muslims.

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And the way those Muslims behave, then the worst ambassadors of Islam.

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And one of the problem today is in this oma is that somebody and I know lots of young people, they just come and they start practicing Islam. There is a book or two and they become scholars Mashallah they start labeling the scholars or the chef and so on Saudi Arabia, they talk about big names.

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Oh, this one is not

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Who are you

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have an engineer but I read two books in Islam, and they start the Alibaba Sharma. And they become very shy. And they have their YouTube channel.

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We have to respect specialization.

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Yes, you're supposed to give our but within your limits within what you know.

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You can make yourself a scholar

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by just reading a book or two. And then you start getting fed up to live

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without some people used to come to him with a question and you'd say come after a week. They

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come again after two weeks.

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They would say come again after a week. They said come on. You're a student of the processor center. You don't know how can you attack well.

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What does he used to say? used to say actually do them and

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tabula rasa

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Would you like to make us bridge

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Over his fire, you cross on top of our backs to gender and we end up falling in gender.

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Ask anyone now, an engineer, a lawyer here in the book was

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like, what's the legal consequences? Oh, this is fine.

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How? How are you saying this? Not just me. I'm writing a book in my hand. I read two books. I listen to 100 lectures and hamdulillah that doesn't qualify you to do this, because a sharp reaction or loss it man, can I say fu Quito turtle telco.

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In the educational system, there are three pillars for education. There must be a teacher, a student and a textbook. If one of them is missing, there is no successful that education process. So if either of you depend on the book to be your teacher, you are likely to make more mistakes the right things because you will need somebody to explain to you what's in the book.

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whatever a lot, a

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A lot.

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A lot.

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A lot more.

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A lot more.

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Was it even by that moment? A lot more clearly is when I was a Latina she pretty much I mean, a lot of money could include him on the cover alone, which I

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do. Yeah. Illa Illa Allah, Allahu

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Allah. Love.

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when Viva love

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was often the man