Zakir Naik – Falsification Test of the Quran – Abu Lahab and his Wife will Burn in Hell

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The scientist who studied the story of Abuggab, the father of the flame, has created a false ification test. The test involves proving the theory wrong and finding out if the Prophet's words are true. The scientist believes that even if the Prophet's words are true, they will never be accepted and will never be recognized by Muslims.
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As far as the scientists are concerned, they have a different philosophy.

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They have a different approach. This approach is known as the falsification test.

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The scientist, they are so busy, there are so many new theories coming about, they don't have time to analyze it. They say if you have a theory, first, give us a way to prove your theory wrong. If you come about with a new concept, first, give us a way, show us a way how to prove your theory wrong.

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Evidence Einstein in the 20th century, he proposed certain things, how does the universe work?

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Along with it, he gives three ways how to prove his theory wrong. The scientist they examined for six years, and then they read was right. Now anyone who gives a fortification test, it deserves to be heard.

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It doesn't mean the person is great for the work is great. It may be right may be wrong, but anyone who give the false ification test it deserves to be heard. There are innumerable falsification tests

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mentioned the Quran, you want to prove the Quran wrong, it is very easy you try it out very easy.

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There are some false ification test, which was meant only for that time. When the Quran was revealed, some is meant for today. Some it remained till the last day.

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I just mentioned about four or five, because of lack of time.

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One very good example is about the story of Abu Lahab.

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Abu Lahab he was uncle of the Prophet mama Salah Salem. And he was given this nickname Abu Lahab, the father of the flame, and he was one of the staunchest enemies of the Prophet. Whenever we saw anyone speaking with the Prophet, he is to wait a moment the Prophet left. He used to go to the man and asked him What did the Prophet say? Did he say black?

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is white? Did he say day? No, it is night you to speak the opposite.

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He was one of the staunchest enemies of the Prophet.

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He went out of their way even light many times just to prove the Prophet wrong. Now there is a surah in the Quran

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by the name Surah lob, chapter 111, which all of us know very well is the sight of many times in the Salah, Tabata, Bella Vita, etc.

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In this Surah it is mentioned that Abu Lahab and his wife,

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they will burn in the hellfire, indicating they will never become Muslims. They will never ever accept Islam. Now this surah was revealed about 10 years before the death of Abu Lahab.

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When the surah was revealed, only thing of Bulava to do

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was accept Islam.

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And the Quran would have been proved wrong. Not actually many of his companions were friends. In the span of 10 years they accepted Islam.

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Abu Lahab later on after 10 years, he died in the battle of other 10 years he had time.

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The Prophet was constantly reminding him for 10 years.

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You accept Islam and the Quran will be proved wrong. So easy. Only thing he had to do I say I am a Muslim

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finish. Not that you have to behave like a Muslim.

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Not that you have to offer Salah

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only thing you have to say I'm a Muslim and finish the Quran I've been proved wrong so easy.

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Very, he had lied many times against the Prophet he had to lie once again and the Quran would have been proved wrong.

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But he could not because the author of the Quran is Almighty God. He knows that I will have will now accept Islam falsification test, then use

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