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Can we see shavon? And everybody said no, except my assistant. I said yes. And everybody's like it all. How can you say this? I think we answered this question already right.

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shaitan sometimes takes the form of animals

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and this is why inshallah later on once we finished off in fact, we're going to go into the last use of the Quran and we'll come to Surah number 111

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no 113 that sort of Allah right? 113 Allah Subhana Allah says for our

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fellow men, shall we, Reema. Holla. Woman Shangri La sippin either woman, Sharon Neff. 30 amin Shanley hustling,

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do you understand every word of this?

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Some brothers?

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Some say some say.

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Okay, so we're going to go into detail into every single word. And we're going to refer to that, that the process has told us that at the time of the Prophet Selim in Medina, he said, I know some,

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you know, snakes and some animals, that the jinn during the life they take their forms, he said, I know that these are Jen. So this is why I don't mean to scare you. But between Marin all the way to fudger. Don't mess around with animals.

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Would you like to stay here till Monday?

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Yeah, okay. So, I'm serious, you know, don't you know, if you see an animal don't hate them. Sometimes some people smile, or they have that, you know, animosity with animals, they can stand them, right. Don't do that. Because many cases that I know of, that were sometimes possessed because like they saw like a cat. And they tried to chase the cat and hit the cat and somehow after that, they suffered. Okay, another tip when you go home.

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First thing you do say Bismillah

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because if you go home without saying Bismillah shaitan says adrafinil maybe we have a hotel for the night.

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This is why no, this is it. This is why

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you go home, you forget to say Bismillah you start a small battle with your wife and then it turns into the third world war. And because Satan is there is he was like no keep keep going. You know if he says something, you say something back, you say something bad. But suppose I say Bismillah Of course there's a long drive but at least say Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah you can buy a small booklet inshallah can bring it to you here inshallah. Maybe it will cost to the last I would say that three or 420 dollars inshallah, I mean, just to so that we can force you into Asana, this booklet called the fourth of the Muslim has no Muslim it has all these that I'm going to be talking

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about inshallah all the days. Okay. So once you say Bismillah shaitan says, We have no hotel for the line. You don't say Bismillah Chetan says, we have a hotel for the line. Then you go for dinner, you sit down, you forget to say Bismillah shall we say? We have

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a hotel, and we have breakfast. He's sleeping that day. They're sleeping and he's having food too. Because if you didn't say Bismillah the Baraka of the food will be taken away. Is that clear? So if you go to the kitchen or to the to the washroom

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once you turn on the light, say Bismillah

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say Bismillah because if there is anything what happens is once you say Bismillah it's a warning for them, they leave. Is that clear? This is to protect ourselves inshallah. So don't hit an animal anytime during the night. Whenever you go to any place, say Bismillah. This is a warning for them. This is how they get a warning and then they leave the place they wouldn't harm me.

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Is that clear?