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Juz 30 [Quranic Gems] – Nouman Ali Khan


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The loss of time is an important priority, and speakers emphasize the importance of prioritizing our time and not waste it too much. The speakers also emphasize the need to prioritize learning to handle time and hold back from distractions, and encourage young people to register for courses that don't conflict with their time. The speakers also remind people to make offers to cover expenses and suggest making offers to help cover expenses. There is a call to action for students to register for courses that don't take away their time.

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I will relay min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim while lastly in Luffy, who's inland levena a man who I'm you know, slowly hurt you whatever else I will be in the water well, so we'll be slub

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ala l mursaleen. Radha le he was a PHP, semana

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jamesville Rahim, Salam Alaikum Quran Weekly, we've reached our 30th day. And I know this was pre recorded. So I don't know if this 30th day is already going to be either not. But regardless, I felt this last reminder should be my favorite sort of the Quran sort of answer. And interestingly enough, it is in the 30th shows. So that's what we're doing today. And I think it's an appropriate conclusion to our, our series. Because if nothing else, we realize how quickly time goes by. I think all of you that are listening to this probably already know what socialists are means that Allah swears by time that is squeezing away from us that is running out. That is that is dripping away so

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so quickly, we can't catch it. How quickly did the last 30 days go? How fast if you look back, it feels like a week, we just started Ramadan is gone already, you know, one loss. And we lost that opportunity in Northern Santa Luffy has no doubt about it, the human being is immersed, drowned in a state of loss. That's what that's the reality of every human being.

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And the biggest loss we have is time for what we just lost is the time of Ramadan. Or we're just about to lose, you know, this, this blessing month, this opportunity to be forgiven. So now that you learn what loss is like, as a believer, don't let another day go by and procrastination. If you know what sort of loss it is, it's the summary of the entire quote on and if it is a summary of the entire quote on. And there's one thing you got to get out of sort of loss is respect for time. Fix your day, go to sleep early, wake up early, pray fudger on time, pray with a 10 into a good good attention. Don't waste your time, don't be by herself on your computer. Don't be up late at night,

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even if it's to watch Islamic videos. If you're a young man, try to get to the machine fresher.

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Try to get to the machine for fudger. If you can do that at least pray shot if you're at home, get other friends together and pray together. You know

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human beings are continually and forever in loss in the Medina amanu. Except those who believe you know, whether we like it or not, we're all marching towards death. All of us. There's not a day goes by that I don't get closer to death, that my wife doesn't get closer to death that my children don't get closer to death. All of us are on a march towards our mortality, our end, whether we like it or not, that loss is coming. One day has just been taken away from my life and I'll never get it back. One month has been taken away, I'll never get it back. I'm never going to get younger, that's not going to happen. I'm only gonna get older. And as old The older I get the closer I get to my final

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day on this earth. That is a fact. If you accept that fact that all human beings are constantly losing their or their time, they're losing their opportunity. Because all we have in this world is time, right? Money, house all of it. You're going to enjoy it in time, aren't you? If you don't have time, none of this matters. none of this matters. Somebody is told they're going to die in an hour. No wealth in the world matters. No food in the world, nothing matters now, because you all you have is an hour. So we we have if you've internalized this message of the Quran that time is the biggest asset you have, and you better make good use of it in this world. Then you will have new respect for

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every day for every hour for every evening. There is not going to be a you know a loose attitude towards weekends. There's not going to be any chance you get just wasted away sitting watching the screen. You know, play some video game or things like that you'll do productive things with your life. He says a Latina armano the only people that are not going to lose out are people who believe Who are the people who are going to end up in a life where there is no time restriction.

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Because if time is the biggest loss, who are the people who won't be losing out, people who believed what he had, and the people who were

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And as a result of their belief, they did a few good things last time to do a slightly hot as I mentioned in more detailed lectures is just a few a handful of good deeds, it's not a lot less not asking for a lot. He's asking for a little

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he's asking for a lot less than up for from us throughout the year than he does in Ramadan. You're not going to do what you did in Ramadan the rest of the year. You wish you could I wish I could, but we're not gonna. And he's not asking us to either he's asking a lot less, a lot less. So do it. A solid heart, what our soul will hug and encourage each other enjoying each other counsel each other advise each other equally concerned LLC actually means equal concern. Sow would have been one one dominating the other tawassul means we're both on equal footing. I know I'm not better than you, you know, you're not better than me. We're looking out for each other. Find good company to keep your

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faith alive. To keep your value of time alive. Somebody to check on you. Hey, you didn't come fresh out yesterday. We were you Everything okay? Hey, I haven't seen you for a couple of days where you've been. I'm worried about you. You're not coming to class, I haven't seen you. That's the worst, he will have told tell enjoining each other reminding each other while you're on this earth, how you're supposed to have a good life in this world without ever forgetting your purpose, but also the sub. And when these distractions come and these temptations come and these trials come in life. You got to hold on to your faith because somebody is not just over difficulty somebody is also over

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temptations. Somebody is also over distractions, you got to hold yourself back from indulging, you're going to have to have to have that view to that real self discipline. If you don't have it, you're not going to be able to survive this challenge. This is the beginning of our new life. All of us are confident today that Allah because of our efforts in Ramadan and our sincere desire and the tears that we've shed has given us a new start. We have to believe that that Allah and from here on out, we understand the value of time, and we're really going to make the most of our lives. That's what we're going to do. You're going to make a schedule, you're going to see when when you're going

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to memorize Hold on, when you're going to learn to recite better, how are you going to wake up for prayers and make sure you have time for prayers? If you're a college student, how are you going to register for courses that don't conflict with Juma time

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but you're able to find time for every single prayer without messing up. You know, how are you going to find the courage to tell your employer that I need a prayer break? Take care of slot first slot is the ultimate reminder of the value of time and you know salata, kanatal Mini Nikita Ben makuta. That's the slot on the believer is a law that keeps his time. It's a fossil is important to us and salata is important to us, you know, you have to keep track of that you have to be on top of it. Those of you that are young, that are just in college or high school. And if you find yourself having a lot of free time, either fill it up with memorization of Quran or fill it up with by

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getting a job, do something with your time that's productive. Don't waste your time. It is free time that destroys most people's faith. There's nothing else it's free time is that free time that goes into dating, is that free time that goes into clubbing is that free time that goes into drugs. It's free time. Don't get a few if you're weak. Don't give yourself free time. keep yourself busy. And keep asking Allah for help. And I pray that Allah grants all of you good company, good judgment, wisdom, strength of character, that Allah helps you fight your temptations. Allah removes you from the people who are bringing you the sin or taking you into sin and gives you company of people that

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make you better and better and better human beings. And eventually Allah makes you strong enough that other people come to Allah because of you. That's what you want to be. You want to be the people who do Tomasi bellhawk who do Tarceva sobre metallisation make us of them and May Allah not make us of those who are in loss and other makers of the exception barakallahu li walakum Hakeem, when a family we are coming at you, please make the offer myself and my family for putting this series together. I certainly benefit from studying Quran and even talking about it as a reminder to myself, and I hope you benefited from this reminder. And the only thing I asked an exchange is that

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you guys make lots and lots and lots of sincere doll for your brother and ask a lot of forgive my mistakes. Does that come along? I know salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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