Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P30 304A Translation Al-Fajr – Al-Balad

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah here. We'll get through

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the who in a slightly louder city. He's getting a Murad Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish La Jolla solidity away a Sidley Emery why on earth that on melissani Of the who Cody webinars in our inner circle such as number one to 30 TRANSLATION

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One such by the dawn when a erlin and knights are ushered in den was suffering and by the even when we're three and by the odd one lady and by the night either when yesterday it journeys on her is fee in there Lika that person one and OT levy lady for possessor she didn't have intellect

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and um did not tell her, you see, gave her how Sarla he did. Or Booker your Lord beer iodin with odd Iran Iran that possessor and rumored of the lofty pillars ality which lamb did not use look it is created with flew her like have it fee in lb read the lens was a who the answer mood Alladhina those who Jabu they carved of Safa the rocks that word in the valley or feeder owner and fit her own the possessor owner, l o dad of the pegs and Lavina those who thought oh, they rebelled fee in lb read the lens for XL so they increased fee her in it. Alpha said the mischief the corruption for sub so he poured are laying him upon them while Booker your Lord solfa awake or that of punishment. In

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indeed a burqa. Your Lord Lubin middle sod surely in the observation for unlearn so as for I will Insano the human being either whenever Ebert Allah who he tested him, or boo his Lord Koroma, who, then he honored him when Irma who and he blessed him for your Gulu. Then he says, Love Be my Lord, accompany he honored me. Well, and as for either whenever Ebert Allah who he tested him for other than he measured out, then he restricted or they he upon him that as a whole His provision, fail cooler than he says, or be my Lord, a hen and he He disgraced me done no bail rather less not decree Mona you will honor Alia team the orphan where Allah and not the * buena you all encourage one

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another. Our Allah upon feeding, Ole Miss scan of the needy. What that Kaduna and you all eat a Terrassa the inheritance act learn an eating a devouring llama entirely, greedily.

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WaterShed buena NDR love Omala the world Herban are loving jinma boundless, immense

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color more either when

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it was crushed, it was ground above the earth that can a grinding the gun are grinding.

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And he came Rob Booker your Lord, while Melaku and the angels suffer, enroll, suffer, enroll, or G and it was brought Yoma is in that day be Jahannam with * Yonah even on that day, yet other Kuru he will take heed our internal the human being or a nurse and how law who for him? A vicar the reminder. You know, he will say yeah, oh, law later ni word that I asked them to. I sent ahead. Li HYAH T for my life for Yoma even So on that day, love not your are the Boo, he will punish or the Abba who his punishment or her Don't anyone. Wala and Nora use his group. He will bind with alcohol as his binding or her Don't anyone yeah

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yet to her, or enough soup, the soul ultimate in the one at peace. If Jerry you return Illa towards love beaky your Lord probably a ton one well pleased mightily yet and one approved sodoku LEE So you enter fee in everybody My servants are the holy and you enter Jannetty my paradise

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that's this is the recitation of these verses

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was Jeopardy one what's the one lady that is

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healthy the

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lady hated Adam

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boo caviar

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lengthy for me to know

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word you want to give

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back and I believe you all

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gonna be

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to three moon

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behind me mystery

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mood and

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of do that

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that go

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to soft

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well gee

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here with EB

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to rehire de Valle

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D'Ivoire dabba who OLG Viki

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for easy.

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No, Cosimo, I swear be has a witness, Albert, the city

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and you shall learn one who resides

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alone, free of restriction.

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Be Heather in this umbrella, the city

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and while it in farther, warmer, and what while other, he begat

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certainly Harlequinade. We created Al Insana, the human being see in gathered in hardship does yes so will he think that learn not Jaco do He has power? Or may he upon him or her? Don't anyone? Your guru, he says bad luck to I destroyed or a HELOC to I exhausted Mellon wealth lumada in abundance

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does yes sir will he think on that land not your who he sees him or her Don't anyone? Elon did not measure we make low for him. Or he named do eyes when he sign in and a tongue or chef attain and tulips

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What Are They Now who and we guided him an edge today in the two ways, fella so not equal Tahoma he crossed for it with a hammer, he broke through, unlock all the steep mountain paths one and what are the rocker it made you know, man What is Aqaba? The steep mountain pass

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through it is freeing rocker that in of an O or ilter I'm on feeding fee in Yeoman a day, the possessor must lover of severe hunger, yet Iman to an orphan, their possessor macabre of near relationship, oh or miskeen and needy, their possessor Matoba of dust so much then Ghana, he was men from a Lavina those who are Manu, they believed what our soul and they enjoined each other this sub with the patients what our soul and they enjoined each other bill more hammer with the Mercy Allah Iike those as herbal or companions, l Mei Mina have the right side one Lavina and those who care for rue de disbelieved the AYA t now with our vs. Home the US have our companions el Mosh Emma off the

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left side or lay him upon them now on a fire further one enclosed

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with a center the recitation

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movie had

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be had and why did you

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it Irani we

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know that

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poor father Jean

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Dimas law that he he Gina

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I will miss Judy

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again I mean

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what allows all of us

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will be the mother of

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name Anna. One lady who will be

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whom else have a mesh

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