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Juz 29 [Quranic Gems] – Nouman Ali Khan


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A representative from Muslim Central talks about the benefits of asking for forgiveness, including a richer life and a better life for everyone. They also mention the importance of asking for forgiveness to encourage others to do the same. The representative encourages viewers to donate to help cover their expenses and future projects.

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I will relay him in a shadow analogy.

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Hold to stealthily come in

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you'll see this

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rubbish actually somebody were Silly me Nakata melissani Coco de la hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a h mine, Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly 29th jos and we are looking at solar new, the 71st solar of the Quran, I chose to share with you today the 10th 11th and 12th Ayat of the solar in which new harness

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is actually telling Allah what he did with his nation, what he's already accomplished, and how things haven't been working out. Things haven't changed for them. But electrical is dimensioned this passage, and in it, there's a beautiful gift. And that gift is what do you get when you genuinely make stuff up? When you ask a lot of forgive? Obviously, you're asking a lot of forgive. So what you should get in return is forgiveness. But there are actually additional benefits to asking Allah for forgiveness that are mentioned in the ayah. So the obvious gift of asking for forgiveness is the actual forgiveness itself. But it has some worldly benefits in even this world, you will start

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seeing the benefits of asking a lot forgive you. So what are they, for call to start a funeral or a back home in the who can afara then I said seek forgiveness of your master no doubt he is one that continually and repeatedly and extremely repeatedly forgives and forgives and forgives and forgives and forgives.

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You will see this summer.

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If you do ask forgiveness from your master, then he will send rain upon you that will be full of life. Notice rain came upon the people of North. This is north talking rain did come but it was full of death. He says you ask a lot of forgive He will send rain that will be filled with life. You are living in a city that has a drought.

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What's one way to get the rain to come? It's still hot.

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humid make so far level sand rain from the sky. He says well you did Gumby and wily woman. And he will extend your means when it comes to money and children, all kinds of monies and all kinds of children. You will live a good wholesome worldly life full of all the blessings you can enjoy what is it? What are the blessings rain from the sky? monies kids were drawn from Jonathan and he will put it in place for you gardens where john knuckle Manhattan and you will place put in place for you all kinds of rivers.

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Our Dean comes with worldly benefits packages to is still far genuinely asking a lot of forgive and a level shower your life with worldly blessings. While you are getting ready for the blessings of the Hara. What a beautiful religion. What a beautiful then you didn't have to ask for the rain. You didn't ask for children and you don't have to ask for children in money. You don't have to ask for gardens and rivers in this world. You don't have to ask for that. You genuinely have to ask Allah to forgive. He's so happy with you asking for forgiveness, he will give you this stuff anyway. This stuff has nothing to him. This is a big deal to you is nothing to him. What's the big deal to him is

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that you would ask him for forgiveness that's valuable to him. There's a sense of perspective as given in these beautiful art of what what is treasured to align what is treasured to us. You know, go to South Florida back home in LA who can have a new city summer article Megalodon, it can be unbelievable money when

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I was talking to what kind of people are kind of people that are engrossed in skin and sin. And they think if they obey Allah, and they ask a lot of forgive. Obviously, if you're asking a lot of forgive, you're not going to do crimes against a lie anymore. If we don't do crimes against the law, how are we going to make our money? How are we going to get a good life? How are we going to enjoy our family life? Allah says you don't have to think that obeying the law means you want to enjoy our life anymore. You'll actually have a better life than you could have had.

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Because when you are trying to make a good life for yourself, only you are on your side. But when you ask Allah for forgiveness, allies on your side, Allah will provide the furnishings. Allah will provide the resources Allah will provide the children Subhana Allah May Allah make us truly make us a people of his stefarr and through it not only clean, you know make our dunya better, but of course grant all of us his wonderful wonderful forgiveness and judgment a barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate