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Al-Isra 61-65 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 61-63

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under the name of the ship on the agenda for him, that's number 146. So total israa is number 61. To 65.

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What is canal mela ekati. And mentioned when we set to the angels are prophets are louder as Alan mentioned the people when we said to the angels when we commanded the angels, when did we command the angels after the creation of Adam or the sinner? And what was the command that the angels were given?

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was due to the Adam, all of you should prostrate to who? to Adam Edison.

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And this sector, as you are aware, is not of worship, but rather it is of obedience to Allah soprano.

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Because when the angels were told to Prostrate to Adam, they were not told that they should worship Adam. They were told to prostrate in obedience to the command of Allah soprano.

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And some have said, this was for the purpose of greeting Adam or his Sunnah. And it was also to show the superiority of Adam and SLM over the rest of the creation. So what happened for surgery do so they all frustrated except for who in that he believes, except for a belief and a belief is who he is a gene, but he was in the company of the angels because of his biology.

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And what did he say?

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Allah He said, in a tone indicating contempt that us Judo Should I prostrate Lehman for whom calacatta you have created leanin out of clay, you want me to prostrate to something that you have made out of clean.

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In other words, he is objecting at the command of almost apprentice.

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The story of the creation of Adam artists and it is mentioned many times in development at least seven times. And over here we are reading it for the fourth time. And if you notice, every time to the story is mentioned, all of the details are not mentioned.

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There's only a certain aspect which is being focused on because that is relevant to the context. And through that aspect. Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us a very important lesson.

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Over here, the focus is on what it is on showing the enmity that a blaze has for the children of Adam or

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the enmity that Iblees has for human beings. And this enmity is actually a very ancient one. This enmity Iblees developed when Allah subhanaw taala commanded him to illustrate to Adam or Mr. Lamb, and he refused.

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He could not accept the fact that someone could be superior than him.

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The fact is that a loss of personal data can create whatever he wills and he can give preference to whosoever He wills in whatever way that he pleases. We as a creation do not have the right to object at the decisions of the most apprentice. In the previous if what did we learn in number 55 of the same surah that were Abukar Allah who be Manfred sama what he was, what could have been a variable in the beginner on about, we have given preference to some profits over others. Even within prophets, Allah subhanaw taala has given preference some over others,

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and then wish to gain of Makkah, what was their problem? They were not willing to accept that this man who lived amongst us is now a messenger of God. They objected that why isn't the messenger, one of the elite, one of the Chiefs from either Makkah or a part of why Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam?

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But what do we learn? That it's up to Allah, to create whatever to choose whoever in a way that he pleases? We don't have the right to object. And if we don't accept other people's superiority, then what are we doing? We're objecting at the decree of Allah. We're objecting at the decision of almost a penalty,

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which only leads a person to failure and loss. Because at least when he developed this enmity, when he refused the command of a loss upon Garner what happened, it led him to going farther away from a loss.

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It didn't lead him closer to Allah, it distanced him completely from Allah, to the point that he is called a regime. Every time that we seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala, how do we describe shavon? a regime The one who was a cursed, the one who was distanced from the mercy of Allah. So this is what happens to a person who objects at the decisions of Allah, that instead of going closer to Allah, what happens? He falls, he goes farther away. And this is something that we need to reflect on as well. There are many things that happen in life, many things. So

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Sometimes commands decrees that are shorter, and other times gonee. Sometimes religious commands, and other times things that happen in our lives.

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And we are not willing to accept them sometimes, because of the difficulty that we have to go through, or because they completely go against our nuts. If we accept it, if we bite the bullet, if we go against our nuts, then what's going to happen? Ultimately, it will become easy for us, it will be for our benefit.

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But if we don't, if we resist, if we disobey, then what are we doing? We are distancing ourselves from the mercy of Allah soprano.

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For example, in the previous ayat we learned about let's have to do oladipo do not kill your child.

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And if you look at it, Allah soprano tada is the one who gives this gift of this blessing of children. But many people, what happens to them, they're in denial. They say we were not planning this child, we do not want to have a child, or I have been divorced by my husband, I don't want to continue with this pregnancy. And many times people, they abort the pregnancy because of such petty reasons. I'm amazed that since we have done these I had, several people have approached me regarding abortion, because they themselves or somebody who they know. I'm amazed This is something so common, and sometimes it is just due to petty reasons.

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And when a person does not accept the decree of Allah, what is he doing? He's going farther away from Allah.

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Because Allah out of his mercy, he gave that to you. out of his wisdom, he gave you that command. And if we don't accept, who are we causing harm to? Who are we causing loss to only ourselves, and the example of a police as presented over here

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that look at how he rejected the command of Allah, and look at what became of him. Look at how he ended up. So in this is a great lesson for us.

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So primarily, this is referring to the machine of Makkah, because they were not willing to accept the superiority of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but after the Michigan of Makkah, there's a great lesson for each and every single one of us. And we say that it bleeds, why is it that he refused? What was the reason behind that?

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Because he considered himself to be superior. He said, I'm too above this. This does not suit me, this does not fit me.

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Like, unfortunately, some people, they will avoid your pregnancy just because they got married and soon after they became pregnant. And they think it's a cause of embarrassment if people find out that they just got married and already they're expecting a child who has set the standard, who has said that it's below their, you know, level, their rank. It's just all made up.

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Allah has given that blessing of a child and we think it's against our pride, our status, our image in front of people that if we have a child immediately after, it's a cause of great embarrassment, it please also considered himself to be too great. too great to accept the command of

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that just because he was made a fire. He thought he was superior to Adam or do we learn in certain areas and number 12 and a hiatal Minho. calacatta nema neron wahaca hoomin clean, I am better than he You created me from fire and you created him from clay. So I much better than him. Allah He said. Now, please, he remarked out of pride out of extreme jealousy, he continued, he said, a tiger. Have you seen Have you considered tell me this expression, or a deca or ATIA literally means what?

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You saw, it's from the word Rukia and Roja is to see, but remember that when the word Rukia comes with a stiff arm, like over here,

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then it doesn't give the meaning of seeing

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but rather it means a forbidden me. Tell me inform me.

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So in other words, have you seen think about it Tell me why is it like that? What does this mean? Why did this happen? And you notice the cafeteria graph means you but this graph over here is for the purpose of emphasis and it's actually a Mohatta me the one who is being addressed. So it pleases addressing boo, Allah soprano Tada. So enca mentioned twice for emphasis. It's like as if someone is saying Hey, you, you listen Tell me. Why is it like that? You you what a person repeatedly mentioned the pronoun addresses the person, it is for the purpose of emphasis. So he says an attacker, have you seen Have you considered Tell me why is it like that? Why did you say this? Why did you give

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this command have led this

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Being who he is pointing towards, at the very center, this being who got lamda you have honored our layer above me. Government, you can remove the cream, which is to give honor to someone do give respect to someone to treat in a very noble way.

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So at least says this being this thing has led this person who meaning other morons to them that you have given preference over me.

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Or Ateca. Tell me, why have you given preference to him over me? Why is it like that? Why did you give preference to him over me when you have created me from fire? And you have created him from clay?

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Just look at the arrogance. Look at the pride that he says Why? Why have you given superiority to him? Over Me?

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It's not because Oh, he's saying what were you thinking? Now?

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But the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala is an Hakim. He is an early he is accorded let us allow our Maya further, he is not question about what he does. He cannot be questioned. Because no matter what he does, there is great wisdom and justice behind it.

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So he says a doctor had a lady column Talia, why have you given preference to him over me? Let in a half Tony. Surely if you give respect to me 120. The new Nepean indicates me and ahora you trade is to delay to defer.

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If you give rest by to me Illa yo malkia Mati until the day of judgment. In other words, if you let me live until the day of judgment,

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if you gave me the opportunity to not die to live to continue to live until the day of judgment, then what am I going to do? I am going to let any can surely I will definitely control? Surely I will definitely destroy the yetta who his offspring whose offspring of Adam are excellent in Candyland except a few. Look at the vow he is making. If you let me live, I am going to destroy I will do an eyelid all of his Ria except for just a few.

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What does this word left an economy? The African economy is from the roof letters, her noon calf.

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And the mustard is a dinner?

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What's the was dinner?

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And if dinner has several meanings, first of all, it means to completely destroy something

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to completely destroy something. And it's derived from the statement. Donna can Gerardo Zahra

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Danna Cal Java para Gerrard

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locusts and what is azada

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crop? So, Donna cultura de xira, meaning the locusts, they have completely consumed the crop, leaving nothing of it behind

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nothing of it. Now the crap may be a bit difficult for us to imagine.

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But think about you know, sometimes you have some clothes, or some documents or some books in a box in a bag and perhaps you have stored them in the basement. And it's possible that when you go open it up, what happens all of it is destroyed. How that even if you have a piece of cloth even if you have a piece of garment and if it has been eaten from one side, is it worth anything? No. is there's a hole here a hole there a batcher back there is it worth anything nothing at all.

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But this is in particular when everything has been consumed fully. So that nothing at all remains. So that actually can meaning I will surely destroy I will ruin I will destroy every single one of them except for just a few. And what does it mean by this distraction that I will lead them to hellfire.

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Secondly, if dinaric also means to overpower and to misguide someone,

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what does it mean to overpower and to misguide someone. Hand crocheted hand is to understand something

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to understand something very well.

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When you understand something very well, then you can do with it whatever you want.

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Like for example, if you understand a person very well then you know which strings to pull, how to talk to them, how to convince them, how to make them understand. But if you don't understand the other person's personality, then can you ever convince them about anything?

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No you cannot. So hand crochet is to understand something very well.

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Similarly handcut dabba

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dabba is what?

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Animal creature, but remember that the word dub in particular is used for writing beasts as well, writing animals as well. Like for example horses and mules. camels, okay. So handcut de, is to join the lower jaw, of a horse with the upper jaw.

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And to tie them both together with a rope

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so that the master can take the horse wherever he wants to.

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So Hancock Dabba is what it is to tie a rope around the jaws of a horse, in order to control it.

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If you ever notice horses that are used for riding, there's always a saddle on their back. And there's always a stair up as well, right arraign as well. And that drain, you know, you have it in your hands, but what is it tied to, to the mouth of the horse so that it is completely controlled. And when you have that rain in your hand with which the horse has died up, then the horse cannot go anywhere. It's completely in your control. If you turn it sideways, it's going to listen to you. If you turn into a particular direction, it's going to listen to you. And if you don't have the reins, then the horse is free, then the horse is completely free. So the actor Nicanor meaning I will

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definitely control them, just like a horse is controlled by its master

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that I will tell them to run and they will run I will tell them to stop and they will stop I will tell them to do something and they will do it. I will tell them to continue doing something and they will do it. They will follow my instructions. I will ride on them. Just like an expert rider rides a horse that is steamed that is trained that is fully in control. This is how I'm going to lead them astray. That I'm going to keep them in my control. tonic another realtor who in Laconia. So yes, the human beings are supposed to be superior than me, that I am made to prostrate before Adam. However, I will dominate I will control

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what does it show the utter defeat of the human race before he believes that how Allah subhanaw taala has given honor to human beings, but look at how shaitan with his wasa and with his constant leading people astray how he's dominating them.

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So we see in this ayah, that a blaze has vowed to lead Adam and his children astray. He had vowed to gain mastery over the human beings to treat them like horses, to destroy all of them, so that only but a few survive.

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What does it demonstrate the extreme enmity that Iblees has towards human beings.

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Sometimes it happens that to people, they will have a fight, and they will become enemies to one another. One person gets over the other person does not get over it. And what does he do? He tries to inflict harm on him on his children, and he continues and the harm. He does not even spare his district relatives from he attacks him he attacks his children, he attacks his relatives. What does this show the extreme enmity that this person has for you. This is the kind of enmity that a police has for human beings. What is your to us, that humanity is at war with who will change.

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This is like the entire human race. shavon has vowed that he is going to destroy them, that he's going to control them that he is going to wipe them off that he is going to take them to hellfire.

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This is a crisis. It's a very major situation. It's a very major difficulty that all of human beings are being affected by. So what is our responsibility that we have to become aware of this enemy of ours?

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If you ever find out that some enemy is attacking you, once you first step, that you take measures to protect yourself. And you also learn what tactics that enemy is using to harm you with because only when you learn what he's doing, then you can fight him. If you don't know what he's equipped to it. If you don't know what his goal is, then how can you protect yourself. So this is a mercy of a loss of panel data that he's telling us how it bleeds will attack us how a police will try to lead people astray

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into little hedges either 39 and 40.

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We learn Allah Allah BB ma white ne, La Rosa Gina, nella, whom fill early when the ovarian edge marine in their Eva come in human losslessly. Except for who the more closely illa cadila.

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And who are these few people, the more closely those who are chosen by Allah, those who are sincere.

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Those who hold on to Allah, those who take refuge with ALLAH Subhana.

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So we see that it's our duty, that we must become aware of this enemy of ours, that we must take him as an enemy. And we must save one another, from this enemy. It's our duty.

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If a people of a country are under attack, then what happens? They become united, they come together. Even if they have differences, they forget about them, they come together because they have a greater threat to face a greater danger that may come upon.

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I'm sure you all have received or heard of that story is when wish this man, he was volunteering at one of the camps in Japan, after the tsunami and the earthquake. And he said that how he was at a particular place where food was being distributed, and remember the exact details. But there was a child who was standing alone, at the end of the line. When he took his food, he said to the child, why don't you take it because his story was really sad when he had lost his family, the child was alone, completely. And the child, he took that packet of food, and we put it where the rest of the packets were. And he said, I cannot take this because these people have been standing since before.

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So what happens at a time of calamity, at a time of difficulty. When people know that they're under great danger than what happens. They come together.

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They help one another.

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They don't give preference to themselves, they prefer one another.

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And this is the kind of well wishing that we must have for other human beings as well. If we see someone going astray, if we see someone making a mistake, how can we become proud over that, that at least I'm not doing like the seat? They're at fault. I'm not at fault. I'm perfectly right, they're wrong. How can we be proud about that? How is it possible

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when we know that our own brothers and sisters are under the attack of Chevron?

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So it's our duty that we must care for one another because it bleeds has vowed to lead all of human race astray.

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Kala he said, Allah subhanaw taala said to at least it has to go go from here, meaning go and do whatever you want. It has worthwhile Mercury, do whatever you wish.

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And this word, this gives the benefit of the understanding that at least was given respect that he was allowed to live until the day of judgment.

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It hooks into the thought 80 and 81. We learn bonafide, inika Minh el mundo de la yo mille Joaquin marylu. Allah said to him So indeed you are of those who are given rest bite until the day of the time, that is well known.

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So it has go fermented Erica, so whoever follows you from among who may home from among them, meaning from the human beings, whoever follows your orders, whoever comes under your control that you control over them, just like a person controls horses. For in then indeed, Johanna Hellfire, just as your Recompense. Johanna is your Recompense. Hellfire is your reward

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for all of you, you and all those who follow you. And this recompense is just that a recompense that is more food Oh, that is ample. That is plenty.

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More for isn't the real clutter as well, Felder,

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and waffle will full is to be abundant. When something is sampled when something is in abundance.

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What follows is used for the its man, the completion, the perfection, and the abundance of something. So mo for one that is made abundant, one that is made complete, one that is plentiful.

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So Johanna, is your Recompense. And Johanna it has plenty of room. It is a complete recompense for you. Nothing of the punishment in Hellfire will be decreased for you.

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So we see that a please What is his goal, he is determined to misguide human beings and take them to wear this jersey.

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And Allah subhanaw taala is also very funny.

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He's very funny, he's rich, he is free of any need. He does not need people to worship Him.

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He does not need the worship of men, because it pleases. By these words, he's threatening a loss that all of these people you will create for your worship, I will lead them to hellfire. They have been made so that they can worship you. I will use them, just like horses are used. They will obey me, just like a horse obeys its master. But also panatela He is so funny, he is unharmed. He says go do whatever you want. Anyone who follows you, even if there are many a number. Remember, I have prepared a recompense for you all and that is Johanna. And Johanna has plenty of room

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using if you take a lot of mankind to Hellfire, it will not be sufficient. It will be sufficient. Because in Johanna, this is just a mavala there's plenty of room into rocksolid 84 and 85 we learn Aleph unhelpful will help a coup. Allah said the truth is my oath and the truth I say I'm a Nigerian nema minca woman man tabea are coming home a marine that I will surely feel hell with you and those of them that follow you altogether.

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And remember the meaning of the word mill that I will fill up

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it has plenty of room similarly in sort of the sharada is 9495 we learned for Kabuki boo Fie her home well her wound, what do you know do you believe that edge Maroon, so they will be overturned into Hellfire? They and the DVD cutters and the soldiers have obliques altogether. Many people will end up in Hellfire, but Johanna is just a mahfouda

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until the calf is 30 we learned yo menaquinone Johanna Helen Keller t waterco to help members eat

00:26:48--> 00:26:50

the day that we will ask Hellfire Are you filled up?

00:26:51--> 00:26:59

Are you filled up? And Johanna will respond? Is there any more meaning I have plenty of room still. Jessica Mafalda.

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But unfortunately, what is the state of human beings that were completely heedless of our enemy, we're completely heedless, of the harm that this enemy wants to inflict upon us. We see the signs around us, we read the Ayat of Allah, we know that must be done what must be avoided, but still we do not use our mind. Over here we see that at least is commanded is a go, meaning go you have the permission, lead people astray. And in the following ayah Allah, Allah tells us as to what kind of tactics shaitaan uses to lead people astray.

00:27:39--> 00:27:42

That first of all, is this insight.

00:27:43--> 00:27:57

Julie, rally on shadek share, worried the home and promised and threatened them. Social plan uses many ways to lead people astray. Now before we continue, I want you to notice one thing

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that Allah subhanaw taala is telling a police in hubco

00:28:03--> 00:28:10

So does this mean that if it bleeds leads people astray, he is doing so in obedience to the command of Allah subhanaw taala

00:28:12--> 00:28:14

because Allah is setting him up God

00:28:15--> 00:28:31

was test this Allah is commanding him go and do this inside them to senselessness, Sherry comb, share with them their wealth and children. Allah is commanding a blease, go and do this. So does this mean that if it pleases doing this, he's doing it in obedience to the command of Allah know,

00:28:32--> 00:28:41

this command is like a threat that go and do whatsoever you wish, and soon you will find out

00:28:43--> 00:28:50

what recompense you're going to receive. Soon you will see what happens with you. Soon you will see your result.

00:28:52--> 00:29:03

And this is just like the various threats that are lost upon God has given in the Quran in the form of commands. Like for example, Ponce de matar because freaka called Isla

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de matar go and enjoy.

00:29:06--> 00:29:23

Because Africa with your Cofer Pauline and a little bit doesn't mean that a person should enjoy his life with COVID This is a threat. Go and enjoy whatever you wish, how much will you enjoy? Soon you will find out what's going to happen to you. Similarly intimate, frustrated, if 40 we learned it maluma

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or people of Makkah, do whatever you want. Doesn't mean they have the permission. No, it's a threat. Go and try to do whatever you wish. Similarly in terms of cost is 29. Allah says from insha Allah human woman chat affiliate.

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Whoever wants you can believe in whoever wishes he can disbelieve. So it doesn't mean that if a person does believes he's using this choice that our last presenter I gave him and does, he is obeying Allah. No. This is a threat. This is a warning.

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So we see that he believes has been given complete freedom, a long life. He will not die until the day of judgment.

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And in this long life, he has been allowed to use various ways to lead people astray.

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He has been allowed to do so.

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And this is respect for him. And this is also a warning for us. It's a threat for him as well. How is it a threat for him that do whatever you wish soon you will see in the Hereafter, what happens to you

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will listen to the recitation

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Come on.

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If you look at this word,

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look at how confident he is

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that I am going to lead them all astray. I want to control all of them. And you see this word is in particular used for controlling a horse with a burden, completely controlling it so that the horse listens to everything that you command, every instruction that you give.

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If you've ever done horse riding, in order to ride a horse properly, you have to have a lot of confidence.

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If you don't have confidence, the horse will sense it.

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The more confidence you have, the more obedient to horses, look at his confidence that I will delete them all history. And we treat them like horses, and we to ride them as horses, and when to make them run and they will run to see.

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And we do make them bent and strive forward to disobedience. And they will do so I will tell them during right they will turn right I will tell them during left, they will turn left, I am going to rule over them. I'm going to have this much authority over them this much control over them.

00:32:36--> 00:32:54

We see that objection to one command disobedience to one command led to so much wrong. And this is a great warning for us. Because sometimes we say okay, it's only one command that I don't like to do, I don't like to follow. It's only one thing I don't understand. So I'm never going to implement.

00:32:55--> 00:33:02

But the fact is that even one can lead to so many. It can distance a person so far away from a loss predator.

00:33:05--> 00:33:16

Even it's within the set earlier on where we have learned about how it bleeds, said that I'm going to make them change the creation, that they will cut the ears of the animals, so on and so forth.

00:33:17--> 00:33:43

All of these words Love, love. Oh, there's so much emphasis in Oh, surely I will definitely and this gives the meaning of custom that will lie by Allah I will definitely do this. Look how determined he is. Look how much confidence here. And we see that so many people he's riding on today. He's using them like horses. And unfortunately people think, you know, if they don't obey the command of Allah, they have been freed, they are liberated.

00:33:45--> 00:33:52

But the fact is that when a person comes out of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala, then he is no less than a horse that has been dominated by Satan.

00:33:54--> 00:34:04

We see that one shavon and look at his agenda, look at his goal. And look at his success as well. The 999 out of every 1000 is going to lead to hellfire.

00:34:05--> 00:34:07

One creation, one being.

00:34:09--> 00:34:13

So we also need to see our effort, our determination, our confidence.

00:34:15--> 00:34:29

When a person does not even recognize the enemy does not recognize the tools that the enemy uses the tactics that he uses. Then how can he defend himself? So it's necessary for us to study? What kind of ways does shape on us to lead people astray?