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The Makkan Mindset

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The speakers discuss the importance of Islam's connection with the human being and how he has used various methods to connect with them. They also touch on the historical and cultural impacts of Islam, including the use of "monster" in religion and the "any" label in religion. The speakers emphasize the importance of revisiting the Quran and reexamining the way it is used, as it is used to push people to believe and act upon the world. They also discuss the use of "imran" in various context, including the Day of Judgment, the signs of the Day of Judgment, and the "how alive" titles in the book. Finally, they touch on the concept of the "how confident" teacher's message and the "how confident" teacher's comments on children.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Welcome to another session about the themes of the Quran. And in the last sort of session we talked about the human recognizing Allah. So Allah azza wa jal, you know, we've said in the past that Allah has given us a balance has given us

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an opportunity to connect up with him, he's revealed to us this quarter and has got everything inside that we need to connect with a lot. And Allah azzawajal will use different methods to try and get us to connect up with him. So one of the things is that he's going to use

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the past and it's going to tell us about the the past nations and how they've been dealt with. And Allah Allah is saying to us that if you're the same, that the same thing will happen to you. If you're the same as for example, the people of Iran, the same thing will happen to you if you're the same as the people of universalism who believed in Santa Santa, the same thing will happen to you and so on so forth. Another one Allah uses is to tell us about the the gifts of Allah so Allah has talked about many of his gifts in the Quran, and tried to make us think that how Allah has been so kind to us and he's asking us to connect up with him, because he has provided us with all of these

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gifts. And another one is to tell us and to warn us about what is going to happen in the life after that is coming. We my brother knows everything beyond death. And these are major parts of the Quran Allah is using to try and roll the human being towards Allah. They now this this comprises of the many different verses Allah revealed in McCallum karma. See when you get to Madina, munawwara and the Quran changes its style in Medina the Quran style is different in Makkah and the Quran style is different in Medina. in Medina you find a lot of gel is using the term yeah you have Latina m n O you who have believed Okay, this is in Madina munawwara again and again yeah you're Latina Latina

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I'm an oh you have believed because in Medina the people that have already established the man but in my karma karma ally saying yeah, you are nice people. Simply Yeah, you are nice oh people why? Because Allah is connecting with the the servants of his who have not yet believed in him, or who have haven't got that email, even though they might have an email lesson. Yeah, even us old people. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal is is now connecting up with the human beings on this earth by telling them you need to believe in Makkah, and Madina munawwara lie saying that you've already believed. Now I'm asking you, you know, you who believed do this, do that, do this, do that. Okay.

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Now the difference here is

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for us to get our Eman we need to be able to have a set of things that push us to a man. Okay? He man is there less than all of us who are listening to this. We're all believers. But we are very lucky. We are very, very, very, very, extremely, extremely, extremely lucky because most of us listen to this 99% of the people listen to this. We did not have to strive for it, man. He man came to our door without even having to ask for it. We were born Muslims. Okay, so behind Allah I just just reminds me of one of the things my chef says in his door. He says Allah,

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out of all that you have created, out of all that you created. You could have created me as anything.

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But it was only your love out of your love that you created me from the most beautiful of all creations you've got, which is the human being.

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And out of all the human beings that you created.

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Out of all the humans you created in one in every six households, listen to this one in every six household. You you make that baby a born Muslim, and five of every six households when a baby is born, it is born as a non Muslim. Yes or no. Guys, yes or no.

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or lie you have been so kind to me

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that out of the six babies that would have been born. You may

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come to a Muslim house. You know how lucky that is?

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It's like, I mean it is sometimes when you sit down you think about it is unbelievable how merciful Allah has been to us, okay? And then Allah you could have created me from any of the nations that you created. But you could have created him from the people of Abraham and from the people or nor from the people of who that is and anybody. But you created me from the people of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam from the comb and from the oma of Muhammad Allah which is the best of all nations. So how many gifts Allah has given us? So when you're listening to this, we've already got a man. But what you got to understand is that Brian has come for people who have got a man and who

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haven't got a man. The Quran is not just for Muslims. This is a big misconception of the Muslims that the Quran has only come for the Muslims. The Quran has come for all people. And it's unfortunate that many of us treat this Quran as if it's just for us and it's not for anybody else know, when a Lazarus will reveal those verses in McCullough mukarram. I said, Yeah, you are nice, old people, old people and they're in the Quran. Why? Why those versus days because Allah azza wa jal has given this grant primarily for the non Muslims, and then the Muslims, because you're a man of the Tron. Now for your email to come. This is the point I was trying to make for my email and

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your Eman. It is something that comes after understanding.

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A lot of us have a lot of us this is the reason why a lot of Muslims are in a bad shape. You know, throughout the Muslim world you see you come across a lot of Muslims. Why are Muslims in a bad shape is because they've got this valuable thing which is a man a man is very very valuable. It's in us it's ours. Allah gave it to us for free.

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First we don't know how valuable this man is. And second is because we never worked for that man and there was nothing that we had to do to get that he man we don't really appreciate that a man as we should have and we don't have the requirements for that he meant to become very valuable inside us. So let me let me give you let me give you another way of explaining this.

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allows the region filled the verses in Makkah al maka, Rama he filled them with talking about the Day of Judgment talking about you know how he destroyed the people before talking about his gifts, talking about what he gave, gave people talking about the rains from the skies and talking about from the the way I live feeds the human being and talking about how the human beings has been creating, talking about again saying that, look, your forefathers, Adam, you came from there and you've got a mission, which is you're going to end up on the day of judgment and the day of judgment is coming and a light talks about the Day of Judgment again and again with all the different

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details. A lot talks about this again and again. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal is trying to create the mindset in McCallum karma, through all the stories of the prophets, through the gifts Allah has given us, and through the day of judgment and remind that you're coming back to me, you're coming back to me, and this is what's going to happen to you. You're going to rise yo mukaiyama you come to stand in front of me, Allah said yo Melissa the day I'm going to take you to account yo moto Jonah Li the way the day you're going to return back to him, when he lays in ma serum to him is the final return. You only return when Allah azza wa jal is saying this again and again. And again. He is

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preparing this human being for to become a believe and this human being is now taking this information in. And this information is scaring the human being. It's frightening the human being what I'm going to be brought back life again. I know all of us sitting here believe is and we already believe you're going to, you know, come on the day, gentlemen, but let's think of it from a human experience of having this court and come to us and you know, ally saying all of these things. He's saying fine. What are you going

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to find?

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Where are you going?

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Yeah, you're insane. Are you being Mahabharata Veronica Kareem? What has deceived you from your noble Lord? Imagine these verses coming down and waking our consciousness up. Imagine us being addressed like this. Allah says Kela Bella to criminality. You don't look after the You don't look after the orphan. What the hell do not apply miskeen you've evil evil. You're just here for this world. You don't even want to encourage one another to feed food to people are takuna terasaki llama and all you want to do is you want to take the inheritance and consume this earth inside you want to hit Boone and Marla have been jamaa and you you love wealth and great love you have inside you for

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wealth to love

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Do cattle conduct nothing more but wait till the whole earth starts to shake violently,

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which are buka. While molecules often suffer, when you see that your Lord has come and all the angels have started to align up in lines with G i, you may even be Johanna. And the day when even john will be dragged in front of you.

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Yo, Maya tobacco in Sonoma, in Santa Ana Allahu decra. That day, the human you will start to remember what you did, but it's going to be too late. You're

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condemned to the hierarchy, the human will say, which is us the personalized direct addressing, when you will say on the Day of Judgment, yeah, like attorney whoa to me, add them to the hierarchy. If only I did something and I prepared for this day, and I send something forth for this day. For you my email la de bois de who I had, for on that day, Allah will not punish anyone. Allah, the way Allah will punish people, no one else will punish like alarm that no one else would have ever punished. Like the Way Allah azza wa jal punishes you as the Buddha who had neither before that, nor on that day, nor after that you will ever see punishment of that kind, while I use the OVA who had

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and no one would have ever made a stronger link with Allah than those basically who've made the link with the laws that mean that Ebola rescues us rescues you, but if you punish is you you've got you've got a great torment that is waiting for you. Imagine all these verses coming down, that there's an afterlife that I'm going to have to I'm gonna have to face it. And if I haven't prepared for it, then Allah azza wa jal is going to seriously punished like no other punishment I've ever seen. Then unless is

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a muscle in also out of all the souls on this earth, allegedly addressing the person of the day Jasmine. Yeah.

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Oh, the one who has reached contentment with a law, the one who made himself content with a lazur within his heart connected to the law, her heart connect with the law. It was really Robby key raw, Viet and Maria, heart of all of these people who are witnessing a punishment that nobody else has ever witnessed that kind of punishment out of all these people who are who are regretting what they did under their judgment, and they haven't prepared for the Day of Judgment. Allah says you, you will also it will really come back to your law. Raul. Maria, you are pleased with me and I am pleased with you for the hooli fee baddie. So join my other servants who have pleased me what the

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Holy Jannati and also enter the garden that I prepared for such servants Subhan Allah, you know, you read this is this is, by the way at the end of sort of agile, can we hear this in the HR Salah again and again, but it's very powerful. Okay, this is a very, very powerful, they give you an entire scenario. They tell you look, if you don't listen, you've had it.

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And if you do, listen, you've got the best thing coming. And what happens is in mccalman, karma Allah azza wa jal revealed these verses and he prepares the mind.

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Oh my God, if I don't do Oh, I you know, wrote to me if I don't do this, then I'm, I'm finished. I've got no way way out of this. Allah says, Allah says, you know the many verses Allah say mahalo Quran about the Day of Judgment, which he makes that human beings think

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that Who do you think you are? Okay, I'm going to give you a verse, some verses, um, they're very, very striking when you understand the meaning. Now, this is where the Muslims unfortunately we Muslims have failed, which is

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we read the Quran, which is fine. Many of us read the Quran and we need to read the Quran in Arabic, that's fine. And no Muslim should ever, you know, let go of reading the Quran in Arabic. But you know, the unfortunate thing is that we haven't grasped the actual power of the Quran by looking at its meaning. This is this is the this is the big problem that Muslims are fall into. If you understand and you understand how the Quran talks to us, and the Quran wakes you up. La ilaha illa Allah it will make you have tears rolling down your cheeks, because you understand what the Quran say Nana Look at this, for example, one of the enemies of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who

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attacked the prompts Allah, who in a mock team who mocked the Quran and who said this is nothing not the Quran that we've got. This is nothing as arterial away these are like you know old stories Why?

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Amazon Alexa histogram.

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He says Mohammed is only talking about his old stories at table giants in the past that got destroyed. What are they? There are some old fables that we heard in the past these things happen. What is he talking about? Is he trying to make people you know believe in his message by these old stories now Subhana Allah Allah is talking and this enemy of God is saying that there also is now look how Allah deals with him. This is a Surah Surah 74 and allows Michelle says in our number 11 he says he says Vani woman Hala vida, Allah says Leave me alone with the one that I created on my own.

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Leave me to him. Let me deal with him myself. Romney now romney is is a word is it doesn't mean not romney is like completely Leave me alone. Man holla to wahida the one I created just on his own, what john Tula who man am Duda and then I gave him wealth, which I extended I I gave him wealth, which was which was increasing, while Bernina shuhada and I gave him boys I gave him children, particularly I gave gave him quite a few boys on my head to loot Amida and I prepared and I gave him everything flourished in front of him. So my job tomorrow and as he and then he wants me to increase it for him. He wants me to increase his children increases wealth, color never in who can and the

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ayah Tina neither he is someone who has stubbornly denied my verses. So all Hippo who saw older I will make him climb this this place called sarada what is sold,

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okay, so, this is a mounting in jahannam. In fact, this individual he used his thinking faculties Wakanda he made an estimation about what I revealed for cotulla Cave adara May he be dead for the way that he has fought and made his own arguments about Mathurin faculty lemons May May he because or May he faces death, not that Ally's killing him but a lie saying that he might as well die, so Nakula then again, he might as well die kafer Katara How did you reach his judgment? So he looks through my eyes and that he frowns on our muscles and he frowns?

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he turns his back round was that not only becomes arrogant, sakala in English,

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he says that this is nothing. This Quran is nothing except for a magic that has got some effect in in Bashar, these words are not the words of anyone, except for the words of human beings have losses, mostly his soccer I will throw him throw him into Hellfire, while madaraka soccer drachmas What makes you think about soccer is soccer is one of the words one of the names I use for janam lad to buki. While tomorrow, it will not give him some relief, nor will he nor will it ever leave him. It will never give him a way of relieving himself within there or making himself feel relaxed. No wait, let him Let go of him. levoir had to leave Russia, it will strip and it will completely you

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know, tear the skin away from his body.

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It has got 19 angel guarding it. So if you think about these verses how one person denies the Quran, hey, how Allah has used these verses

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to talk about what's going to happen to this individual. And it's a very serious Battle of the Quran is a very serious matter. Many of us believers, okay, we've come up with this religion. We will never think of these things.

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We just take it for granted. I'm a believer, fine, you know, Hong Kong, my ticket agenda. Okay, I'm going there.

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I've got my ticket to Jana, as if, you know, none of this matters to us know, what we forget is the mindset that is needed for a person to hear all of this is a very important thing to have before you've got your email.

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I know we've already got an email. So now we're not going to get rid of an email.

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And then get the mindset but know what we need to do is we need to revisit these verses. These were the verses Allah revealed in McCallum Quran again and again one after the other, how Allah shook them up Shut the people of makara of making them think about what they're doing where they are, you know whether, you know what's in front of them what the life is about. And then through that Allah azza wa jal then woke them up. And then they came to a man, they came to a man. Now after all of these verses, if you if you think about what Allah is doing through these verses, you got a different type of Eman because you didn't just come to Islam, or come to start to believe in the

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faith, just because you wanted to just because you were, you know, you felt like you know, you would have to listen to these verses, you become a person thinking you know what,

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I am going to believe in this because I need this, I want this and I want to make this my real life and I want to make this my future. See, once you you have a mindset inside you that you know, these are the reasons why I'm believing in Allah, then you're ready to do all the Amal and the action that a man requires then you're ready to act upon and do the thing the Quran has told you. Now let me put it another way because this is a very important part I'm telling you in this in this session, which is

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you and me will never act upon Islam. Unless we have a man that pushes us to do Eman that pushes us everybody's got a look there's one point I don't know 4 billion Muslims on the earth today

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but only a few million Eman few million Muslims that he man pushes them to do and practice the Qur'an and practices sooner Why?

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Because only those Muslims those few million few 100 million Muslims across the world that's that's what it is. Okay most of the most of the oma today have gotten must have got Muslim names. And they've got a few Muslim things that are in their lives, which they consider a habit they don't even do it because they're trying to please God.

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Do you guys understand I'm trying to say Are you done? Let me give you an example. Okay, I met I've met for example I've met some Arabs and bro brothers row sisters there's no you know racism anything intended. But I've met some Arabs who've told me that all our lives we thought religion you know was just you know, religion is something which is in our house. You know, my father used to say Alhamdulillah to everything. He's to say inshallah, in every other word, okay. The dad used to say, inshallah inshallah inshallah. inshallah. inshallah. Okay, and then hamdulillah Mashallah. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, okay, the whole Arab world, even many of

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the non Arab world, they use these words as if it's part of the language, but what they're doing is they don't use it to connect with allows origin.

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You guys an assignment or an essay, these Arabs have told me they grew up in those houses thinking that that's it, that's what is that means a few times you bow down to allow, you know, jumari whatever, you know, same as many non Arab, you know, countries a few times, you know, you have the musala suggest that this be civil suggests you have some is on the on the wall. That's what Islam is. That's it, you know, now some Muslim comes, okay, who's practicing? You look up to me, wow, the guy is wearing a hat, or the woman is wearing a hijab, you know, wow. Then you respect them. They're the holy people. They're very holy people. And what you do is from those holy people, you tried to

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be really good to them. And you think, wow, you know, I know we're not thinking like this, he must be the right but do you realize that there's about an 80% of the oma out there that are like this.

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That's how they see they see the mustard as a holy place, as it is colonial holy people, and we just respect them when they see the Masonic Masonic, yes, the girl respect in the house for us, and for the people who go to the mosque, but you know, their religion of Islam is the Muslim by name. They have a few artifacts of Islam in their lives, like the Civil War, the, the, you know, the peace of Muslim law that they do set out on and might be in the house. And somewhere in the house, Quranic is on the wall, okay. That's it. And then few holy people around and they know the machine is somewhere down the road somewhere. And that's it. That's what it's done is and it's very unfortunate they live

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their entire lives.

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Not understanding that that a man inside them supposed to push them to try and change themselves and to act upon the Quran and act upon the sooner so when we look at it and push you to do something, the Quran will only push you a certain way when he man so when he man push you to do something, he man will only push you to do something, if you've got a mindset. And that mindset is only created when you actually come to the Quran. And you see what the Quran is actually saying to the human being. It's not a it's not a,

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you know, small, small thing. And today's theme, one of the themes that we're discussing is how Allah has used the eye ads of the era to push the people to believe and to make them feel that you know what, this is a very serious matter. And I better do what I have to do. Now I'll give you another

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example. Imagine these people who don't believe in a lawsuit and imagine even asked to these verses for us as well, the believers, the people who believe these verses are for us, because it makes you think Allah azzawajal says

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when una Mata has a lot in quantum solder, and this is serious insert number 36 and number 48 but look at our laws or phrases it while coluna in quantum sadiki they ask a question to you or Mohammed and they say, when is this promise going to ever be fulfilled of this day of gentlemen, if you ever really true Miam Garuda Allah subhanho wa Hadith and to whom amico Simone. Allah says they won't see anything. But there's going to be as a sound that will be a catastrophe ik sound, this great sound will seize them, while they're even trying to argue about if it's going to seize them. Fall is of the honor tosia they won't even be able to write or leave a will behind what you're doing. They

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won't even be able to return back to their families when death comes when death comes game is over one of your heart, your soul, and then later on when the horn will be blown.

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As death in Arabi me and Ceylon, they're going to be from their graves returning back in entire lines, lines of people to Allah going to flow like the waters that comes down from the sky and they flow into rivers and streams the streams and rivers is on that's how they're going to flow back to Allah lujah Waylon and they will say Oh, woe to us. Mama salami Medina who woke us up from our resting places had the rock man, this is exactly what the Most Merciful promised was. saloon and the a and and the messengers have spoken the truth in Canada, Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says, Only one sound will come. Fade down Jamie, Allah Dana, one call one shout, and everybody will come. You

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know, like the way you know, you know? I don't know if you if you if you ever have Have you ever got a family member in your house that you know what when that family member shouts and says, Hey,

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Korea, everyone just just comes I got a family member like that in the house.

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And anybody?

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I had my dad like that. May Allah have mercy on me when my dad, okay, when my dad said

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Now, that said, Man, that was it. You dropped everything huge and the whole house forget the allies in Bangladesh, even though my dad was at something when he said that the whole few houses came together.

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And Eliza just says that when I give one shout the whole of the human race everyone from the graves will come together in front of me fell young. This is the de la la mouche nafcillin che che none of you will ever be wronged. On this day when I took zona Illa Ramadan, and you will not be given anything except for what you've done. And you've prepared and you've done in terms of actions in us haven't done nothing. yome official In fact, you would surely today the people who have been people have Jelena people have earned the garden they will be in they will be you know, beaming with laughter and they will be very happy and joyful in the things that I'm going to give to them home.

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What as they and their wives few will add in Allah Allah I can protect you and in shades they will be reclining on cushions. Comfy have phakisa in there for them. I have prepared many different fruits while omega down and whatever they will ask for they will receive Salam. Allah says peace to you, Colin Rhonda Rahim. This is me

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law, the load the Most Merciful One that says Assalamu alaikum. To you.

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I've got peace with these people. One tears we'll do a demo. But today, I want all of you sinners who sinned, to separate yourselves from these people that I've just mentioned. lm Ahad la ku, Mia, Bernie, Adam,

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all sons and daughters of Adam.

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Everybody, this is the rest of human the human race.

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Do not make a promise to you, and did not make a covenant to you and did not warn you, that you should not follow or worship or obey or become subservient, or become a servant to the shape for the to the shape and to the Satan himself in the hulak model, that is your clear enemy. When your Buddha told you to worship Me and to listen to me and to be my seven had a certain theme and this is the straight path.

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He has already led so many different nations before you astray Flm Taku Taku did not understand how he Johanna this is this is Hellfire allotey continue to do the Hellfire that you have been promised is slow. Now jump into it. We may come to the forum because of the denial that you had a Yamanaka mohalla for him today I will seal your mounds what to call you wanna add him your your the today I will seal the amount and their arms and their hands will speak what I shall do I'll do no harm their feet will give a witness the man can we explain to all the things that they have committed on the earth while I'm gonna share and right now if I wanted to do this, well Michelle hola como esta la

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are you I could make them blind if I wanted to faster across Europe, then they would lose their path if and

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how would they see if I make the blind? What if What if I wanted to learn masana Humala mechanical mechanic team if I wanted to I could paralyze them in the place that they are Thomas Abramovich. They would not be able to go back or return to wherever they want it. Woman Mohammed who will help but as your life moves on, I make you start to become weaker and weaker. In creation. FLIR alone, does it not really hit them inside the heads, what is happening to their bodies and to the to them that eventually they're going to be coming to an end, or my alumna who shot over my Emory, Emory law, and this brand that I've given. We did not teach Mohammed

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poetry, they think that this is this is just poetry they think that this is just you know, somebody saying some some kind of good words that they put together some together, what am I ambarella is not even possible for him to make poetry in who are in the

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movie, this is a reminder movie and it's a very clear, clear plan. And Allah, Allah He talks about the human being How

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you know in this in this surah like, the way a branch will slowly slowly start to lose its beauty and become drier and drier. Okay, because the water starts to dry out from from the branch, the way the brand starts to become more dried, dried, dried sauce become crooked. Law says the human being is also as he's going through his life, his back has become more and more crooked.

00:33:40--> 00:34:12

There's an old man needs a stick to hold himself up. Why? Because his back is becoming crooked. In the end, the branch comes to death, the whole tree comes to death and the laws of Delhi saying that you're going to face your death as well. Now, if you just listen to those verses, again, talks about the day, a dozen talks about how allies going to treat the people who listen and those who will not listen. But these are verses for us as well. What is a lot trying to do allies trying to tell us and create our minds to say, look, this is very serious. In fact, when you look at the Quran from beginning to end, there's not a single joke in the Quran.

00:34:13--> 00:34:56

It's a very serious book. And he's got some very serious warnings and ally saying that if you don't listen, then there's going to be some serious consequences in the next life. And if you do listen, there's going to be some serious good things for you happening now. So behind Allah, some of us might sit here and think here that why does Allah have to punish so badly? Okay, those people who are not listened to him, and why does he have to give so why does he have to be so kind to the people who actually obey Him and listen to him? is one of the questions of the modern day, modern day, yes or no? Guys, yes or no? That is it fair for Allah to you know, to talk about such

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

punishment because I know some people have been listened to this and they're gonna say how am I

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

Oh my god is is that what the Quran says Subhanallah you want to give to our tourists he you know, we published a whole set of books and we still publishing these books.

00:35:15--> 00:35:53

These are books for children, okay that from suffer publications, some of you might have come across those books. If you haven't then just go to the to the internet, suffer publications sa FA our publications.org and you'll see a whole set of books, a lot of adults a lot of people who are grown up also learning their religion from from these books that we've prepared. It's taken us many years to put together but anyway, what we did in these books is every single book we put something about the Day of Judgment something about the Acura something about jahannam something about you know, Jana, something about motor death, the good side, the bad side, people who get punished at death,

00:35:53--> 00:36:11

the people who get you know, relieved at death with something about you know, what happens to you in the afterlife, whether you got relief from the Day of Judgment, whether you got punishment on the Day of Judgment, we put both of them, every book has got something about that, okay. And each book, we've got different references from the Quran and from the Sunnah, in those things. And what happens is this.

00:36:12--> 00:36:51

Our books ended up in America to the States, okay. And we've got humbler martial law in our books have ended up in many different countries, but we've got some places in the states isn't there's not every single place Alhamdulillah martial law, many, many places in them in America have also started to adopt this in their syllabus. But we've got some places in America so holidays in America is a total liberal world. Okay, there's a there's a super liberal world in America, and things have been watered down and watered down and watered down for the for the children, like in America, like the life you look at the kids that are growing up in America, and I'm not saying all the kids but

00:36:51--> 00:37:22

generally there's it as a vibrant as a culture there that, you know, there's very little respect that they have for their, for the elder community, for their, for the parents for the you know, elders in their life, in the household and so on. And the society is such that it's very liberal. It's like it's given them this, strike that right and they've got the right to choose between, you know, this, that and whatever religion they want to follow, no religion they want to follow, they can do what they like with the bodies, they can do this are x y Zed, okay? This is the liberal world that we're living in. Now, what happens is this.

00:37:23--> 00:37:58

They have in a lie the law, I have to say this Hanalei II visited America this year, and one of the states in Chicago, they they put three of my talks together. One talk was about death. Okay. Another talk was about the Day of Judgment. Another talk was about the signs of the Day of Judgment. Okay, so those three, three things in the in Chicago, one was about, you know, the signs of the Day of Judgment. One was the death, and one was the day of judgment. And I delivered the speeches, but Subhanallah you know, what I heard?

00:38:01--> 00:38:11

You know, what I heard and this, this kind of makes you think line Allah, I heard that for nine years, speakers in America have not had those kinds of,

00:38:12--> 00:38:24

you know, themes that they thought talked about those kind of lectures for nine years, because in America, they're more interested in the current situation, you know, talk about what's going on right now talk about, you know, which is fair enough, which is good.

00:38:25--> 00:38:31

But they're stopped more or less talking about what's above the sky, and what's beneath the earth.

00:38:33--> 00:38:34

Okay, because like, you know,

00:38:35--> 00:38:41

man can do you know, that's not happening right now, man. Talk about what's happening now, man.

00:38:43--> 00:39:24

Okay, so then the dev gentlemen, and beyond, Jeff, on so on. Is that something that you don't talk about? Now? What, what's the effect of that? And what's one of the reasons why they don't talk about it? Is because they kids have, you know, I'm not talking about all the kids, but I'm talking about generally in America. Okay. So this is talking about a large population of their children, for them, you know, things have been watered down so much. It's like, if you talk about some of these verses that are just mentioned, the way I've mentioned is that I don't, dude, that's too much, man. Yo, man, that's crazy. Man was talking to me, man. Why Why should God do that to me, you know?

00:39:26--> 00:39:47

Do you guys understand is that they've moved so far to the left, that these things seem like wow, this is like, this is like what? How can this How can God be rather and do those things? There is no question from the end. So what happened is when our books went to some of these places,

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

some of these places are holiday like, is this real, like Warren said is we've just translated the verses from the Quran that we might have translated the verse of the Quran and said how alive

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Going to, you know, punish a certain people on the Day of Judgment. But we haven't just put the punishment there. We put also how Allah is going to treat nicely those people who believe in the message. So we put both of them next to each other in the same book. But when they can come across the jahannam sort of description, like some of the things that I've done, I'm talking about La ilaha illAllah. They're all about Moulton about death is like, Is this real? Is this true? So I remember one of the teachers came running out from one of the schools Okay, I was I was visiting the school on the teachers came running out of the of the class and just to meet me and say, the cinema, like

00:40:36--> 00:40:49

one says one exam. And she said to me said, I just want to ask you a question. One of our students is asking a question, she's, she's saying, oh, he's saying that, is it true what you've got in this book in this particular hobby, is that true?

00:40:50--> 00:40:55

And I said, all the references are there. They're from the Quran. They're from authentic source of the Hadith.

00:40:56--> 00:40:58

I said, but is it true? Is that going to really happen?

00:41:00--> 00:41:28

I said, Hey, listen, let me let me say, let me say one thing here. And then I had to explain. And I said that, that Listen, you know, if you stop talking about these things here in your society, and if you stop talking about in America, and you've watered down the level of what these children you know, this will get scared. These children should not you know, sometimes they don't even bring the janaza body in front of the children, because the children might get scared of a dead body

00:41:29--> 00:41:31

to get scared of a dead body.

00:41:33--> 00:41:40

If you think about it, what in the world are you man? You crazy? Is this child never gonna die.

00:41:42--> 00:42:04

Or these people never gonna die that you stop showing them janaza bodies because the children are gonna get scared. So sometimes I have this policy, the mustard and and so much of the year I've started this, some machines here in the UK have started this, that afterthought if there's a janazah and they will school before the law or madrasa before the law. They will tell all children to go first.

00:42:05--> 00:42:48

Go home, kiddies. Go to your parents have your little lollipops, and buy a little ice cream when it comes down to you have a nice day. I always kids go and they will be gone. And then they'll bring the body out and the Mussolini's will do the janazah half an hour after the Salah starts half an hour after Why? Because the kids might get scared of a dead body you mad or something? That kid needs to get used to that dead money because that kid is gonna die one day. And as the problem that we're facing, you know, all these knife crimes that will go around Why? Because death is not real for them. Death is a game for them. They play, they play all these games, and they play with seeing

00:42:48--> 00:43:31

death everyday like the stabbings and shootings and the you know, on the games, it's like it's like oh, yeah, I got shot. I shot you, man. I shot you, man, you know, through the games, but they kind of see this as a game is not a game that is real man. Once you die, you're dead. So anyway, that teacher came and said that to me, and I said, Hey, I just want to stop you for one second year. I said if just because you your society might have stopped talking about these things does not mean now that we have to re align how we give them the religion. I said anywhere in the Quran, you find the mention of jahannam you will find the mention of gender. And any way you might find the mention

00:43:31--> 00:43:33

of gender you will find the mention of Johanna

00:43:36--> 00:44:20

but why is Allah because Allah is seriously trying to make us be balanced with seeing both worlds. You can't just talk about Jana and not talk about Johanna you messing people up. Just like if you talk about giannone and not talk about Gemini you mess people up. You have to get both of them together. It's a mixture that goes together and in several places the Quran we're talking about 10s and 10s and 10s of plays in the Quran. Allah talks about both together. Why and these both are exactly as they are like for example in one place with the Quran in and this is in our books one place the Quran in Surah Nisa it says coolamon novel yet julu him Okay, every time their skins will

00:44:20--> 00:44:59

burn in hellfire. But then now julu then we will we will give them a new skin liangzhu Hydra colada so that they can face and feel the punishment once again all over. This is sort of for eye number 56 This is about Jana straightaway. The next verse is one levena Amano and those who believe Well, I'm sorry. And they do good actions, some of whom Jana we will enter them into gardens tragedy metadata and how rivers will be flowing right beneath them Holly Dena fee habitat they will stay there forever and forever loan fee as well.

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

They will have you know, clean and purified, you know, spouses that they will reside with one of the Hilah, who's in love vanilla, and we will enter them into a wonderful shade.

00:45:12--> 00:45:57

Now, both eyes are there, but you can't emit one and say the other. What I want to say is vanilla. You know, it kind of scares me because in one sense, if we stop talking about it, as the Quran has given it to us, then you're not even creating that mindset, how will we get our E man to push push us to do actions? How the only way is to start discovering these verses, listen to these verses, read these verses, understand the meaning of these verses, as the Quran has come down, understand it and Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah no one is able to change your plan. Do you know what would have happened to the Quran in this day and age if the Quran was was able to be changed? You know, what

00:45:57--> 00:46:10

would have happened? I mean, would have been distorted earlier on if a law never protected the crime? But do you know what would have happened if if anybody could change this plan? This plan would have had all the jahannam is gone.

00:46:11--> 00:46:15

Cool, the punishment is gone. Right? And this

00:46:17--> 00:46:34

lovely is left, okay. And the Jen Jana mods would have probably been changed to some very, you know, very watered down version. Or if you do something bad, by the way, you could think so you may be may me could face some punishment in the next slide.

00:46:35--> 00:46:46

And I'm going to answer that question that I asked you a little while ago in this text, which is why do you think Allah has given such punishments and such great Niermann gift to the people who believe you know why?

00:46:48--> 00:46:51

Because the human being is such

00:46:52--> 00:47:21

that the human being once he breaks one limit of God, one limit, he can break another easily. When he breaks another easily, he can break another one easily. When he breaks that one easily, he can break another one easily. So for example, the people who have stolen a small stolen little pencil, that person who stole a pencil, tomorrow can steal an entire coat, or steal a wallet. The one who stole a wallet

00:47:23--> 00:47:46

can steal some, you know, whole bag of money or something or jewelry, the one who's done that can rob a bank, the one who was robbed the bank can kill for that money. The one who's killed once can kill again and again and again. The one who's lost the remotes in his heart to kill he can kill the entire human race if you had to.

00:47:47--> 00:48:12

Do you guys? Do you guys understand this? Give me a few more minutes. I'm done. Do you guys understand this? Yes. This is the human being that you're dealing with any human being can do this. Any one of us sitting here I'm telling you, you know, we Marsha Alhamdulillah very good civilized people that are sitting here in the mosquito, okay, if you move away food from us, if we were in a country where there was a drought, if we had no food, then you'd see who we are.

00:48:14--> 00:48:50

Do you guys understand that you don't understand right now Mashallah, your bellies are full. Mashallah Alhamdulillah. The fridges are full. If the fridges were empty, the supermarkets were empty, there was no food for us to go around. Then you find out where they were they returned to cannibals and whether we turned to animals, if you take away from us the system that we've got, whether it's money, whether you take off the law that you've got, you take that away from us, you take the police away from us, you take the you know, you take the courts and the system away from us, then you find out who human beings are, I'm telling you right now, hey, all the civilized place

00:48:50--> 00:49:33

that we're in, more than 50% of the people are will turn into animals overnight. There's been cases in America cases happened over and over again. McDonald's, for example, the lights went off, right? They had a power cut for maybe 20 minutes in those 20 minutes, right? People got you know, the tools got robbed. Okay, in those 20 minutes, you had, you know, chickens and things. Well, you know, you're taken in those 20 minutes of fights and bloodshed in those 20 minutes, all that happened. Why? Because that aparcar civilized people tend to animals. Why? Because if you if you want to see what human beings can do, then you just take away some of the laws and things that protect them. And

00:49:33--> 00:49:56

then you see who the human beings are. Why Allah has given such verse in the Quran, that every time the skin burns, I'm going to replace it with the new skin is because if Allah does not give such punishments, then many humans on this earth would not become true humans and they would not believe and they would not have a guilty conscience to stop what they're doing. Many, many humans wouldn't do that.

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

The whole thing is that when you got the

00:50:00--> 00:50:03

mindset so today's theme is about the the the

00:50:05--> 00:50:48

we'll call it the makan mindset okay the maca maca mindset. What is the maka, maka, maka, Rama? Allah gave this mindset that you're going to you know you're going to have the Day of Judgment coming and if you want to call today's theme you can you could call it something with that is relating the maca mindset relating to the Day of Judgment why Allah azza wa jal gave so many verses about the day of judgment about the after death about how things don't happen whether it's good or bad why is because if a lot doesn't make this mindset take place, then there's no emotion and that emotion will not push you to do some good actions and to become a good human being only when you

00:50:48--> 00:51:30

have this mindset and you go over and over again Subhanallah that's when you start to realize that you know what, it's a very serious life I've got there ahead of me and if I don't do what I'm supposed to do then I'm finished. And and I want to say this that before we end is that the Quran has repeated it is about Allah and about the Day of Judgment again and again and again in different ways the plan repeat You know why? Because the human is conditioned that whatever you repeat to the human being, he will be a person as a believer of that thing. If you repeat it to him, he will believe it subconsciously, consciously he will enter his system if you repeat anything. So for

00:51:30--> 00:51:37

example, if I showed you right now, a big yellow m like that what's in your mind right now?

00:51:41--> 00:52:03

You see that? I just said a B yellow m m d you said what is the model because you've seen the animals on your life you've seen this so many times so many times that that's it the big yellow m in my mouth if I show you red with white writing on it, okay to do fancy white writing on it with a nice red background but in your mind

00:52:05--> 00:52:45

two things either Coca Cola or KFC Okay, okay, because these things have been repeated to you so many times right? strategy if history as that is KFC is a fancy right in them is Coca Cola and I read is there and you you know that straightaway, okay. Now, why do you think that this is modern, this modern world where advertisement you know, the whole world of advertisement is based upon repetition is just repeated repeat again and again and again and again and again and again. And then these people are conditioned to always see the color even if you see the color red of coke. You know straightaway that there's Coca Cola there Why? Because it's been repeated so many times. Now why am

00:52:45--> 00:53:21

I mentioned this? The reason why I mentioned this is because Allah azza wa jal has given us repetition, the Quran again and again about their judgment. Again, and again, you're gonna find about some prophet than another prophet, than the Day of Judgment, then about death than about afterlife, then about our lost power, then again about another prophet, then again about you know, afterlife, then again about something else about Allah, Allah as gifts, and again about again, repetition in the luchador Christian God. Surely Allah has power over everything. In no Allah condition, God, surely he has power over everything while while opposition party and he has power

00:53:21--> 00:53:38

over everything in nacala Christian God, surely you have power of everything, power power, or less power or less power, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. If you read the Quran, by understanding it and you repeat it to yourself again and again and again, and you understanding it will revolutionize everything inside your system.

00:53:40--> 00:54:15

It will change you from top to bottom, because our repetition makes you a deeper believer, a deep and deeper believer, and inshallah what we're going to do in the next session is we're going to talk about belief itself in the next session next week inshallah. So today's thing was the mindset that the Macan you know, the maccha mindset that basically, you know, uses the Day of Judgment, to push people to to create something that pushes you to become someone who wants to believe and that a man will push you to do some actions. And next, next next week, inshallah, we'll talk about the actual

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