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AI: Summary © The representative from Muslim Central discusses a donation campaign and workshop on protecting Islam, emphasizing the importance of maintaining faith and guidance from Allah. They stress the importance of feeling grateful for the way one has gained and not losing faith in oneself. The speaker also shares a story about a woman losing everything she owned and losing everything she owned, and emphasizes the importance of maintaining faith and not losing everything. They end with a call for donating to cover expenses and future projects.
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number one gene.

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Alpha meme we'll see but in in, in in

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probationary summary we are silly Emily Dr. Melissa Lee of Gokhale and hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He was a big man, Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly, we are now on the 28th chose and very difficult just to pick an IRA from but I've picked an IRA from Robin and I that I still remember when my teacher dr of the seminar taught, I sat there crying,

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the 11th I have sort of Darwin. So number 64 that is, when Allah says masaba mean we'll see but in no calamity of any sort ever, ever, ever strikes you masiva is calamity. But a Saba in Arabic also means to target to target. Allah is teaching us by use of this word

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that nothing ever happens to you that wasn't actually meant for you. It was specifically targeted to you and it that difficulty hit its target and and we'll see but cannot necessarily isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's something that Allah wanted to have happen to you. And Allah lets you know in love if ninja get it through the word MA in the beginning of the IR is actually a refutation. Don't you ever think that it was anyone other than Allah that puts you through what you're going through? It was always a lot It is a lot of permission that allowed for what happened to you to happen to you good or bad. It was a laws will directly if you're not happy with Allah's Will, which will be called

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Masha Allah, whatever Allah wills of the to be lie or the to be Mashallah I am pleased with the will of Allah, whatever Allah wills, whether I'm suffering as a result of it, or whether I'm overjoyed as a result of it, I am pleased with the will of Allah. That is that is truly accepting that I am a slave of Allah, that he is my master. Unless as there is not a single calamity that hits you, except that it's by Allah's permission, well, may you member law, and throughout that calamity, whoever can maintain their faith as a conditional statement, you know why it's conditional statement. Because when calamity hits is when people lose their faith. That's when you start questioning God. That's

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when you start questioning why would Allah do this to me? If he loves me, and if he created me and he wants to take care of me? What kind of man is this that is putting me through these things. When that happens, then you no longer have faith. Allah says whoever can maintain their Eman during calamity. Yeah, the Cobra who Allah will give him the there's one gift. If you had this gift, you don't need anything else in life. Allah will give that gift to this person. Yeah, the Cobra, who He will guide his heart. There is nothing more valuable in this world than Allah guaranteeing someone guidance. There's nothing, nothing, nothing more valuable. I don't know if I have guidance. You

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don't know if you have guidance. But Allah tells us this. You go through hardship and you maintain and strengthen your faith in Allah. And Allah will give you the gift of real human real faith inside of your heart. It won't just be something you say on your tongue. Yeah, the callback will guide his heart. He'll guide his emotions, he'll guide his remembrance. Allah will become your guide in everything that you do yet the Cobra who Allah didn't even say yet he He, He will guide him. He said, Yeah, the Convo He will guide his heart, every beat will be full of guidance. Every beat that heart takes will be with the remembrance of Allah. It's such an amazing thing. It's such an amazing

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thing. Everything in this world on the one hand, and the guidance of Allah in the heart of the believer, yeah, the elbow, and where does someone feel the pain of calamity and sadness in their heart? Where do they feel that in their heart, and I will remove it from their heart. My teacher used to tell us the story of this woman. This married couple who had only one child and they had a child late in life and you know, on the day of

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his graduation the child's graduating from high school, he had a motorcycle on the way home. He got into an accident died 18 year old kid, like in Pakistan somewhere, you know, as a young kid, and he died just like that. And this kid is their life is their choice, their pride as the day you graduate, The news comes that he's gone. And they just go into serious, serious depression. And then the father eventually comes to the wife after a few weeks. And he tells her, you know, Allah gave us a toy. And he let us play with it for 18 years.

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And it was his it wasn't ours. And he took back what was his and instead of being grateful that he had us enjoy our lives for 18 years, we'll be we're being like this, we should be grateful. This is real calamity and maintaining your faith. That's maintaining your faith. Because when you when calamity hits, you start feeling like I owe Allah owes me something. Like, Allah owes me health. Allah owes me my children. Allah owes me my wife. Allah owes me my happiness. Allah always be my job. Allah owes you nothing. You owe Allah everything. I don't own these fingers. I don't own this face. I don't own a single tooth. I don't own them. These are Ally's gifts. And he can take them as

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he pleases. And when he does, it is a reminder that it's not yours. That is not mine. When he takes anything, and when the people the people who don't really believe that a lot owns everything, they're the ones who lose their faith and say it was mine. Why did he take it?

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Why did he take it? This this, this will enter your heart. When this faith enters your heart, then you will understand the IOD. Allah owns everything in the skies and the earth is so easy to say right? So easy to say our loans everything in the skies in the earth. What does that mean practically for you and me? That means I owe nothing. I don't even own myself. You know the thing we say to each other as I close the thing we say to each other when we die in Linda in nyla Hello john, we belong to Allah.

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To Him we are returned. If my entire being belongs to a law How is it that any part of me or any any gift I have in life can belong to me if I don't even know myself?

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This is the realization of human. This Surah Surah totalboat is a surah of the fruits of Eman. What is it? What are the things that a person internalizes when they really really really have a lot real faith in Allah. This is what this is about. This is why this is one of my favorite I out of this Surah Rahman uberlandia the Kaaba, I pray that Allah guides all of our hearts and I conclude with the conclusion of the Iowa lobby conditionality. And Allah fully knows everything that goes on. Allah knows what you're going through. It's not like he doesn't know. He's the one who created that situation. He's the one that's testing you with it. May Allah azza wa jal give you strength through

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your difficult times. And may Allah give you the ability to maintain and strengthen your Iman in the middle of those insanely difficult trials so that you get the gift that nobody else in the world has, like you do, and that is the gift of guidance into your hearts barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim central.com forward slash donate

Juz 28 [Quranic Gems] – Nouman Ali Khan

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