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AI: Summary © The representative from Muslim Central emphasizes the importance of helping others to encourage their faith and to turn themselves into people that have a relationship with Allah. They stress the emotional and cultural association between the foundation and people, and emphasize the need for people to turn themselves into people that have a relationship with Allah. The segment also touches on the tragedy of the Quran and offers a personal appeal for those who want to avoid appetite, with a promotion for donating to cover expenses and projects.
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below him in a shape on YG lm ye Nila Dena Malou Tushar kulu home Li karela de la mina

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when I aku can la Vina Mouton? kita Burmese Kabhi neufeldt Allah Allah Ahmed

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sample set onobu homework at

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home first

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law how you feel about the multi

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core Debian como de la la quinta de leeuw

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rubbish everywhere silly emri Nakata melissani fo Cali al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy to mama but Salaam Alaikum Quran Weekly, we are on the 27th jos and we are in Sultan Hadid surah number 57 I recited to IR to you is number 15 or other 16 and 17. Sorry. And these are the very powerful I mean, these these Madani solos that are at the end of the 27th chosen, they go on into the 28th shows

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are all supposed to take a nation of Muslims that are weakened faith, and they're supposed to shake them up and they're supposed to revitalize their faith. And Allah just has this, this way of speaking to us that if you just if you like read these ions, while you're conscious of the fact that it's a lot of talking to you, they're just really life changing. I got I love ya Neely levena

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hasn't time yet come for those who believed? Is it now the time for those who believe on duck shockula boom Nicola, that their hearts should be overwhelmed with our

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by remembering Allah, because of the remembrance of Allah, that their hearts should be filled with all because they want to remember Allah also, in order to remember Allah.

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What am I and how do they want to remember a lot one man as elemental Huck. And their hearts should be filled with all because of what came down from the truth

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that they're just listening to the Quran should just overwhelm them, that they should just feel this are we 27 days we're going to be listening to we've been listening to thought, are we those of you that have been going to trial we're listening to Quran. Allah is asking the question, isn't it time that you felt something? Didn't time you felt overwhelmed that Allah is talking to you through these words, when I aku can Latina otol kita Berman kabhi. And they better not become like those who the book was given to way before them. For Allah, Allah, He will Ahmed, than a long period, in parentheses, a long period of deterioration passed over them for kosaku, boom, their hearts became

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hard, then you could read the book over them, it wouldn't make a difference. It wouldn't affect them. They weren't emotionally connected to their book, learning in this ayah we're supposed to have an emotional not just an intellectual relationship with the Quran. We're supposed to have a relationship that moves us to tears. We're supposed to constantly be like, Allah is talking to me, when you're listening to Quran. That's the drive I want to have with Quran that is this month's opportunity to make this the month of Quran that's what that's what we're leaving behind. The opportunity to really turn this ourselves into people that have a relationship with Allah. And the

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rope that connects align us together, is this book and every time we experienced this book, we feel this closeness to Allah that just moves us to tears. Their hearts should be overwhelmed with the fear of alive with the constant the art of a lot of grander of Allah, their muscles should become numb, that's part of the meaning of who should have muscles to become numb. You know, you just feel the sense of being overwhelmed.

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Or Cathedral, minimum class support and so many most of them are corrupt. So many of those are corrupt. In other words, there are people who will have a relationship with the book, but it won't be emotional at all. It'll just be ritualistic. And that is a tragedy. That is a spiritual tragedy, when our relationship with the Quran is nothing more than ritualistic. You know, and that's this is the complaint of this ayah and, you know, when the hearts become hard, it's like the hearts are dead, right? So the next is shared with you guys.

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I want to share with you

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an La Jolla in Ahmedabad. mot Ha. Look at the placement of this ayah you had better No. Allah gives life to the earth after it had died.

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What is this I have to do with the last time? The last night our hearts became hard. They were dead. And Allah says I know how to bring the earth back to life. You don't think I can bring your heart back to life? God made

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me happy Don't

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you know Lancome torqeedo we're clarifying the science to you so you can apply your intellect think a little think a little think what I was saying when he says we can bring the hearts back to life. The you know plants back to life, the dead Earth, there's a season that comes and it comes back to life. Why am I bringing this up? You know there's a purpose. There's a particular season when the earth is green.

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The earth comes back to life is dead for a while and then the season comes, spring comes. And it's just a beer. It's the spring everything rises. And everything's you know, like lively and beautiful and colorful. Ramadan is the spring of our hearts. Ramadan is when our hearts come alive. Because we are connected to the Quran in Ramadan. That's what it's supposed to be. And this spring doesn't have to turn into a fall. That's up to you. Allah concentrated these 30 days. So you can avoid other appetites and focus on your spiritual appetite. But from here on out if you can, if you and I can carry this relationship for you keep reading a little caught on every day. With reflection with

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serious pondering. If we can just take in a little bit of reminder every day, a little bit more I understand about this book every day, a little bit closer and closer to it like at every day, then I won't have to be like those who are long period passed over and they were completely desensitized to their book. This is a very personal appeal for to myself and to all of you that we don't get lazy with Quran that we don't allow Quran to become a passive relationship, that it remains an active relationship that every salop comes to life. And we outside of salon, we try to understand the language of it, we understand the meaning of it as best we can. And a level opened those doors for

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you, I promise you, a lot will open the doors of understanding and the rules of remembering the meanings and the doors of like being caught conscious of what's being recited in the prayer. All of that will start coming into place. You just have to have the right intention. Allah says isn't a time yet as though he's waiting. I am yet he is in it now. Isn't it yet time. So this is the time we respond to Allah, Allah. It is time. It is time that we turn back to you. It is time that our hearts soften melasma would have given all of us soft hearts that tremble and that are overwhelmed by the remember by his remembrance and by his Koran, and melasma which will make the score on a case and

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100 in our favor on Judgement Day. Another case against us barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Juz 27 [Quranic Gems] – Nouman Ali Khan

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