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Ta-Ha 41-76 Word Analysis and Tafsir 48-55

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In that, indeed we so what's that warning that massaman Haruna restaurant gave to Pharaoh, that in now are the owner here, Elena, in fact, it has been revealed to us. Meaning we're not saying this, of our own accord, we have not invented this stuff, rather it has been revealed to us, we have been taught by Allah, what that and then are there but that indeed the punishment is on who I am. And

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it is on the one who belied, who denied the guidance that Allah has sent, called it and I was the one there and he turned away, turned away from the guidance that Allah has sent you refusing to accept it.

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So the set that Allah has revealed to us that punishment is prepared for who, for those who reject the signs of Allah, and turn away from his obedience.

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And remember, this is not just forfeit our own and his people, but rather it is for everybody, that anyone who denies anyone who turns away, he will face such an outcome.

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Instead of Nazareth is 36 to 39 we learn what Buddha till j mu Lima Yara and Hellfire will be exposed for all those who see for mmm Baja, What on earth are higher the dunya for in Ninja Hema, he will not work. So as for he who transgressed and preferred the life of the world, then indeed, Hellfire will be his refuge for who, the one who transgressed and prefer the life of this world, meaning get the bottle Allah.

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Similarly, through too late, I have 14 to 16 we learn for and out to come now until Allah lay your head in Lashkar and who is Alaska and lady got the water well. So I have warned you of a fire which is blazing, and none will enter to burn they're in except the most wretched one who had denied and turned away the exact same words have been used over here I am and what I wonder.

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So we'll start is Thurman, Helena and Sam, they went to Rome. And they told him, they delivered the message that Allah had commanded them to deliver to him.

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Now if you notice, if you go back, Allah subhanaw taala says to Yahoo for Kula in our smaller or bigger team and say this this to him, give him the message, give him the good news and give him the warning. And then after that allows the panel Darla mentions the response of it are part of a model of bukhoma yamasa.

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It hasn't been said so musasa then went and held on rent. And then they said this to him, because it's quite understood from the context. This is the beauty of the Quran, that it's very brief. And where detail is necessary, detail is mentioned. Where it can be implied by the context, then unnecessary words have not been mentioned.

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Allah He said fit on replied that from honorable coma. So who is the Lord of YouTube? Yeah, Musa Musa.

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Now, I'm listening to all of this. What is he asking about? Who is your Lord? That Missouri? Listen, I'm saying anything like that. What did he say? That the Bani Israel? May peace be on the one who follows the guidance? So he says okay, so who is your Lord Omarosa?

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And notice, he addresses only musasa

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whereas both of them had gone? Why did he address only musasa? Two reasons.

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because firstly, musala Sarang was the principal bear of the message. Remember that how lunaris and musallam. Both were messengers. Masada said and prayed what actually could be ugly, also making a profit.

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However, of the two who was in charge musasa

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and Hello narisawa Zoo is was it

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was your only was Ilan Minh le para una Hi.

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So this shows us that even if there are two people, even if there are two people who are doing some work together from them, one should be clearly in charge. Clearly, that it's clear to both of them. And it's clear to everybody else as well. That from these two people who's in charge,

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generally what happens? There are two people we think what's the big deal? We're just working together. But the fact is that even when there are two people there has to be one in charge, because otherwise it will be chaos. Like for example, even in a family where there's a husband and a wife, there is an in charge, isn't it? The man has been made the cut

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because of both become confirmed and what will happen like it's happening today constant conflicts right. So one has to accept the superiority of the other otherwise the car cannot move. There has to be one

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Only one driver even if there are two people sitting in the car,

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one may be given the directions. However, there is only one driver who makes the decision of whether we go right or left or we go straight.

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Secondly, he addressed only massada salon because fit our own head, read musala salon he had brought him up in his house. And he knew musasa

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so when he asked him, Who is your Lord almost.

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It's like as if he's implying, I am the one who brought you up. I am the one who took care of you. You grew up in this house and now you say you have another Lord besides me.

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You understand? Like for example, elsewhere in the Quran also, we learned that later on said I learned a lot bigger phenol walidah did we not rare you up amongst us while you were Walid while you were a little infant, while you were little baby, did we not take care of you. And now you come and say you have another Lord besides us.

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Allah, Messiah ceramtec robina Our Lord is a lady, the one who are for Kula Shea in Hong Kong, who, the one who gave each thing its form. So my mother, and then he guided as well.

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So he tells him, that our Lord is the Holic and the Heidi, of every single thing that exists.

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Because fit our own also claim to be God, didn't he? But musallam describes a las panatela in such a way that these qualities fit our own did not have these characteristics that our own did not possess. And it was known to fit our own it was known to everyone as well.

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Just as Ibrahim alayhis salam when he was speaking to them, Ruth, what did he say that are blnd you're here where you meet, he gives life and he gives that what are the mood say, I also give life and also give that cerebral hemorrhage. So don't say that my lord is one who brings a son from the east. So you bring it from the west. Right? So similarly over here, Mozart, Islam said, Robin and Lady Aqua cola in Hong Kong, samata, cola Shea, everything he has created and everything he has guided.

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Now, this has been understood in two ways. First of all, that ality are a thought coalition in Hong Kong, meaning that Allah is the one who gave galusha in everything, to Hulu, to his Hulk.

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Do you understand that Allah is the one who has given everything to his creation, meaning everything that is necessary for them, everything that they need in order to survive

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every single thing that any creation needs, who has given it to it.

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So, for example, if the trees need oxygen, if the trees need sunlight, if the trees need some water moisture, who has given it a loss of control,

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similarly, if fish need water, just women who has given that water to them a loss of power, right, similarly, in the body of everything that exists, whatever it needs, like the blood or the bones, or the wings or feet or legs or anything, that any creation needs, who fulfill that need almost

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so mahadasha and then he also guided it guided it to what to what it needs. So for example, that say for leaves for plants, sunlight is necessary. So Allah subhanaw taala has provided that sunlight

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and then he has also guided the plants as to how to receive that sunlight. You may have noticed that if you have a plant inside your house, you will see the leaves turning towards the windows. Isn't it amazing? hotels them turn towards a window so you can get more sunlight, hotel them, Allah subhanaw taala has put this within the plants right. So he has guided every creature as well as to how to get to what they need.

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Similarly, we see birds, that how they migrate in the winter, to warmer areas, and then they come back now who has guided them that this is the way you fly to. And this is how you fly this is what you're supposed to eat before you go and this is where you can stop who guided them to all of this allows the presenter. So he has provided every creation what it needs and he is also guided as to how it should obtain it.

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Secondly, design has been understood as that Robin Allah de Otto coalition in Hong Kong,

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meaning he is the one who are Athol Kula Hulk in Hong Kong.

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So Shay gives the meaning of Hulk thing gives the meaning of creation that exists. So he has given every creation what Hulk who is Hulk, meaning its form, its body, its appearance, its soda, the way it is. So every creation has been granted its own appearance, its own unique form, that differentiates it from the rest.

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that differentiates it from the rest, so are about cola Shay in meaning cola halkyn Hulk.

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So Mahadeva. And then he has also guided every creation, meaning he has also guided every creation, its function, its purpose as to what it should do, and how it should do.

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So for example, the trees who gave the trees their form, unless the presenter,

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and then he has also guided the function as to how they're supposed to function when to grow, when to shed leaves. You know, for example, when winter comes when fall comes, why do trees shed all of their leaves?

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We think because it's getting cold. So because of the cold, the leaves dry up, and this is why they fall to the ground. Whereas if you think about it, there is water, there's sunlight, why do they shut their leaves?

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Because the tree knows that it cannot survive the winter, when it has to feed so many leaves.

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So in order to survive in order to go into survival mode, the trees begin to shed all of their leaves. So this is the diet that Allah has given to every creation.

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So our upper canola Shay, in Hunter, who is given every creation its form, and then he has guided it to its function, how it's supposed to live, how it's supposed to grow, where it's supposed to grow, where it's supposed to live, how much is it supposed to grow in which direction? So we are no one's to object? We are no one's to object that why is this tree like that? And why is this plant like that? And why is the grass like this? And why is this animal like this, we are no one's to object, because Allah subhanaw taala has given every creation its form, and he is also guided it to its purpose.

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And we see that color shade includes every type of creation. It includes animals, it includes birds, it includes plants, it includes clouds, it includes angels, jinn, human beings, from the smallest of creation to the biggest of creation, every creation, Allah has guide

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that He has given everything its unique form and unique form is such that not even two flowers look identical,

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they might be very similar, very, very similar, but there will still be some differences perhaps in the sides, perhaps in the shape, perhaps in the number of petals, there still will be some slight differences. So every single creation, who has made it a little surprised, we cannot even count all of them. We cannot even number all of them. This is how complete his knowledge is. And this is how complete is power and abilities

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on film onset such a beautiful explanation musallam game, that if you begin to reflect upon this, there is no limit, isn't it? If you begin to discuss this idea, there is absolutely no limit because cola cola in Hong Kong, this is endless. Right? Now fit our own. Instead of reflecting upon this, he says former colonial oola then what is the case of the former generations? So you say this is the Lord of every single creation. Now what about all those people who came before us our forefathers? Who practice idolatry? Who did not worship Allah splendor? What about them? What do you say about them? They're going to hellfire.

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Do you understand why he's asking? Why is he asking to change the topic

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and to also create fitna

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to gain the support of his people and to turn these people against Masada center.

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That look, he says, your forefathers are going to hellfire. Imagine, would you listen to him? Don't listen to him. I say they were right. So you give me support.

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Now, this is something very common that you're talking to someone. And all of a sudden somebody asks a question that is completely irrelevant, completely irrelevant. It has nothing to do with the topic. And why do they ask in order to create fitness in order to turn people against the religion in order to turn people against you. Now at that time, use wisdom, dislike musar listen and

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what does he say? color in my hair or in

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rbv keytab layer lindora Alliance, its knowledge is with my Lord, my Lord does not forget, nor does he make a mistake. So Allahu Allah. So in such situations, what should you say? Allah knows best? For example, you're sitting somewhere telling somebody about the deen. And all of a sudden somebody comes in asks, so what do you say about nail polish? And you see everybody's wearing nail polish on their needs. And if you say, you can't pray with it, then everybody's gonna say, How dare you say that? Right? It's gonna turn everybody against you. I remember once I've gone through this lecture with my mother, it was a group of students who had just graduated from college or something like

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that they had just received a degree. And this lady comes in and she says, could you please explain it number 15 is sort of ourselves.

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And that is about niqab.

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Now, these girls are graduating, yes. They're all looking extremely beautiful, extremely pretty. There might be non random around. Why are you saying at this point that please explain the if

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it's not relevant to the subject at hand? Yes, it's extremely important, very important. However, it's not relevant over here.

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So I remember that she just said that you can listen to cassette on this tire. All the explanation is there, and immediately went back to the topic. Because if you say such offensive things to people, or not necessarily offensive, but even if you say something like you know what you're doing is wrong. You shouldn't be dressed up like this. People are not going to listen to you. They're not going to be inclined to what you have to say at all. You say one thing that goes against them, and that's it, they're going to get completely turned off from the religion. So this is against hikmah. And there are some people who deliberately bring such questions do create facade to turn people

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against you to turn people against the religion. And this is exactly what

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he asks a very controversial issue. right he touches a very controversial topic. That fermat Bell Clooney Lula adored ban is from the fetters bow lamb.

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And it has two meanings. First of all, it means called What does public mean? news information.

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This as we learned, introduces that use of Redis and I'm asked for my balloonist Swati right. So what is the state of the women who try to seduce me? So bad is used for the present state the present condition that someone is in?

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Like for example, it is asked

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that How are you? What's your present state? What happened to you what's going on? Okay, so from our battle colonial Allah, what is the affair? What is the situation of the previous generations? Meaning what is their current state right now? Where are they right now? Are they getting punished? Are they Hellfire? Are they being rewarded? What is their state what is their present state?

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Secondly, the word Bell is also understood as fixed. Thought. Such a thought that passes through the mind of a person that a person thinks about. They for example, is that hot or be barely? Meaning I have thought about this. I had a thought.

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So from Oban, Corona, una, what is your thought about the previous people? What do you think about them? What is your opinion?

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Our forefathers, the previous people, what do you say about them?

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Ana, Messiah Salaam, said, are even more hair. It's knowledge, meaning the knowledge of their state, the knowledge of their present state is in the lobby. It's with my Lord, meaning Allahu Allah.

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Now, did Messiah Salam not know the answer? that anyone who dies on shake his abode is Hellfire did not know the answer. Of course he did. So why did he say this? That Allah subhanaw taala knows

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out of wisdom?

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Because if he gave the answer here, then what would people do? They would get turned against him, they would not listen to what he would have to say. It would create a lot of fitna. So we see that sometimes the truth is, you know, even if it's known to you, it does bite people, right? People don't want to listen to it. The truth always hurts.

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So, it doesn't mean that you should tell them something that is false. But what does it mean that you don't openly say it? Because they're not ready to accept it. They're not ready to accept it at the moment.

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So at that time, what's the best way of getting yourself out of the situation?

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saying Allah knows best. Allah has full knowledge about it. He doesn't say I don't know. Notice, he doesn't say I have no idea. What does he say? It really will not be

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Allah knows best. He is the judge. He knows his creation best, he is the most generous, he is the most just, and he is the one who decides if I say something, if you say something, we are the ones to pass judgments, judgment is completely in the hands of Allah. So Allah interrupt the fee tab in the book, which book is this local muffles lay a lot of B My Lord does not. He does not make a mistake, meaning he does not make a mistake with regards to where they dwelt, where they're buried, the kind of actions they did, he does not make a mistake with regards to that. Well, I answer nor does he forget anything at all.

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So Allah knows, he is the best judge and his knowledge is perfect. So in these situations, how should we get ourselves out of problem or how do we save ourselves from turning people off from the dean? by referring the knowledge of a to Allah soprano,

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saying that Allah knows best

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and then he goes on explaining about who Allah is back to the topic.

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You see somebody tries to say something completely irrelevant. Go back to the topic. He says under the gentleman

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who is your Lord, the one who has made for you the earth Madonna as a cradle as a bed. Mat is from the mattress name had admitted is a suitable place for resting a suitable place for residents alumna Journal of Domi had so he has made the earth for you a mud a bed a cradle meaning it's perfectly fit for you to live in. It's perfectly fit for you to rest in.

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Was Sarah Kala calm and he has inserted for you see her in it meaning in the earth supervillain pathways, roadways, sarcasm, Nero fettucine lamb guff and silica is to enter upon a course and continue to walk upon it.

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And then it is used for it's both lasme and with rd. So it is used for inserting something

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making something enter upon about about a course.

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So silica Lacan, meaning he has channeled, he has threaded he has paved for you in the earth supervillain pathways, meaning natural pathways through mountains through valleys so that you can get from one place to the other you can travel easily in throttle MBI number 31 we learn what your unathi have feugiat and sibulan that allow me to do when we have made they're in mountain passes as roads that they might be guided

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what unzila any ascent down minister man he from the sky mat and water

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how in the form of rain. In through the National I attend we learn one lady Angela minister Emma Emma and local men who shall Robin woman who shuddered on fee to see moon that from this water that comes down you drink from it. And through it is also the growth of various plants Sharon fee to see more in which you pasture your animals

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for allergen So, we brought out B with it meaning through this water we have produced as wedge and bears gyns men of nevadan plants that are checked that that are different that are diverse, various,

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as well as the Florida zones and zones is one of a pair but remember that as well It is also used for guides and different kinds of something. So he has produced through the rainwater from the earth he has produced different kinds of different categories of plants, vegetation, that are shed, that are various shed there is a plural of shotcrete from the roof machine data

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and shed shutter speed is one that is different from the other. And shutter, as a plural is used for the various different parts of one thing.

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The various different parts of one thing as a whole it's one as a category. It's one but it has several components and these components may also differ from one another like for example about the hood we learn a lot of data sets there are several them Jimmy one will call Lucia you think that they're together but in reality their hearts are shut that they're split up. They're diverse, they appear to be one they have the same fate. However, they are diverse, they are different from one another. So as where Jim in Nevada and shatter What does it mean together that he has produced categories of various plants.

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You understand

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categories of various plants, so Nevada and shut the various plants like for example

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One is a vine one is a tree, one is grass, another is, you know small shrubs, but from the shrubs from the grass from the trees from the vines also he has made what? as well, different different guides. So you understand

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that it's not that there's monotony in the creation of a muscle that they all resemble one another they're boring know that he has created different kinds of plants. And within the different kinds of he has made various categories.

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For example, you have a category of fruit trees, but within the fruit trees you have apples and then you have berries. Within the apples you have different types of apples within the berries, you have different types of pears. So much variety has created this has.

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Now again, he gives such a description that is nowhere in federal. It's not at all in federal, it's only in almost

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insolate fatten I 27 we learn and I'm Tara Anima, Angela minister, Emma Emma and for a holiday Nobita, Marathi telephone and when to her, do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and we produce thereby fruits of varying colors. So it's not just that the differ in their characteristics in their appearance, but it's also in their colors, in their tastes in their textures.

00:26:30--> 00:26:36

kulu all of you eat what are and pasture and nomicon your livestock.

00:26:37--> 00:26:47

This is something I've understood it to be the statement of a loss upon without addressing the people of Makkah, because they were being told about the story of musasa

00:26:48--> 00:27:13

and some have said that this is a continuation of what musasa was saying to fit our own and his people that cooler water or an aroma come eat yourself of the various plants that Allah has created. And at the same time, it aro anomic will also make your grazing livestock eat. When you eat you will benefit when your animals will eat again who will benefit you will benefit.

00:27:14--> 00:27:17

And the word waterfowl is from newsletters. Our idea

00:27:19--> 00:27:21

is to look after a living creature

00:27:22--> 00:27:24

is to look after a living creature.

00:27:25--> 00:27:28

Does it require more work? Does it

00:27:29--> 00:27:58

for example, you have a table and you have a cat who requires more work from you, your cat, your table okay? You will dusted once in a while you clean it with a wet cloth. That's it, but your cat you have to feed it you have to do so many things for the cat. So this is what very used to look after a living being and looking after living being involves two things First of all, feeding it and secondly, protecting it as

00:27:59--> 00:28:15

a chapter protected from dangers from threats. This is why the word vari is used for a shepherd who is a shepherd. He feeds his grazing livestock animals and at the same time he also protects them he also preserves.

00:28:16--> 00:28:21

So kulu What are anomic come over here it gives a mini go feed feed your grazing livestock

00:28:22--> 00:28:24

meterological Wiley an article

00:28:26--> 00:28:37

in the feed Alec Allah is indeed in that are shortly signs for who Leola knew her for the possessors of intelligence for those people who have new hair.

00:28:38--> 00:28:46

new hair is the plural of new hair, new hair known hi yah Tama Buta, Nokia

00:28:47--> 00:28:52

and Nokia is used for intelligence for understanding reason,

00:28:53--> 00:28:55

any other word from the same root

00:28:56--> 00:29:01

name What does it mean to stop differ a bit? So, what does reason do?

00:29:02--> 00:29:05

It stops you from doing something wrong.

00:29:06--> 00:29:21

It stops you from taking a wrong step. So, the aka the intellect of a person, the one that is sound, the one that is Selim, what does it do? It stops a person from committing wrong things

00:29:22--> 00:29:31

from the same route Na Na is to reach the maximum of something India to reach the maximum point of something

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and Nicola Yan who is to be very intelligent. So, no here is such intellect. That is Carmen, that is very good, that is complete

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such intelligence that is very good, because he takes the right steps and he stays away from doing wrong things. And this comes with experience. This comes with having a lot of knowledge. So the

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People who have good reason those people who are really intelligent, who really have some understanding for them, there are signs in this

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Minghella Kanako, from it we have created you from what from this earth from which we created and brought out all these plants that you eat, and also your animals eat. So may now how can I confirm it we have created you How?

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How have we been created from the earth

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that our origin meaning Adam or s&m he was created from the earth. He was created from Toronto.

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And secondly, from it, we created you how that our nutrition comes from where

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our food comes from, where

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from the earth, what do we eat?

00:30:49--> 00:30:57

Either plants or animals. And both of them come from the year the animals where do they take their nutrition from, from the earth

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and what we eat becomes a part of our body isn't it

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it becomes a part of a summoner Hello canal come from the earth we have created you were fee Henry the GM and in it we will return you.

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Meaning once you have completed your term of life, you will be returned to where

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we're back to the earth under the soil. What mainhand did you come and from it we will bring you out when

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at the time of resurrection on the day of judgment that often another time data from newsletters data. And data is like our time. So we will take you out of the Earth at another time.

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We learned that there was once a companion who passed away. And when the people buried him, the prophet SAW a lot of sudden he took a handful of dust to throw it onto the grave. Because when a person is buried, you have to cover the grave with mud right.

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So he took a handful of dust and he threw it onto the grave in order to cover it. The first time he threw a handful of earth he said Minghella Conoco and then he took another handful and he threw it and he said we're fee Henry. And he took another handful, and he threw it and he said woman had no clinical data.

00:32:20--> 00:32:25

So this earth is our beginning, and we will be returned back into this earth.

00:32:27--> 00:32:32

So why assume arrogance for the short while that we're walking on the surface of the earth.

00:32:34--> 00:32:40

Think about it, we were a part of the soil. And then after some time again we will become a part of the soil.

00:32:41--> 00:32:48

For the few moments that we're walking on the surface of the soil will become so arrogant. It doesn't refer to human beings.

00:32:49--> 00:33:11

Instead of I 25 we learn on a fee has the halona Wolfie had to move tuna woman had to her June. He said, in it you will live meaning in the earth you will live and then you will die and from it you will be brought forward. We learned sort of the most solid is 25 and 26. And I'm not sure any other lucky fatta are here and what

00:33:12--> 00:33:19

have we not made the earth a container, a container of the living and that,

00:33:20--> 00:33:29

that in this earth are the living beings and in this earth are the dead ones as well. That from it come the living and they go back into the earth when they die.

00:33:30--> 00:33:36

This is our reality. And these are the signs. These were the evidences that were given to

00:34:39--> 00:34:41

Bernie is

00:34:51--> 00:34:52

big was

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00:36:34--> 00:37:09

we see that masala Salaam who pray to Allah, that rubbish rightly surgery that Allah you open my heart for me and tell me what to say make me understand, give me the confidence and when musallam came to speak to fit around, look at his confidence that won't fit our own is trying to make him slip. Make him say even one thing that people will be very offended by Loki does not forget the wisdom. Look at the way he responds. So this is the help of Allah, which comes to a person when he relies upon Allah and not himself.

00:37:10--> 00:37:41

Masada Sam didn't think yes, I must be very smart that Allah chose me. He still realizes that he's weak. So he prays to a lot of darkness already. And both of them prayed that in and a half we fear that fear is going to become very aggressive against us. So when a person prays to Allah, Allah will protect him. And the wisdom in the way that masala isn't under Dawa, that he mentioned, I add Kony, which are visible to everyone from which they can relate to which they can see. And no one can reject them.

00:37:43--> 00:37:59

We see over here that musala Sam said to fit around that liability will be well I answer my Lord does not make a mistake, nor does he forget. And this is in the context, it's about that he does not forget any person any of his actions, what he's done. So in other words, he's fully aware and he is the best judge.

00:38:00--> 00:38:21

But we see that Allah subhanaw taala, does not forget. And there are people who when they forget Allah, Allah forgets them, forgetting them means that Allah does not care about them. And if you notice, in the following, if what is mentioned the signs of Allah, if you remember Allah, he'll remember you. And if you ignore him, he will ignore you.

00:38:23--> 00:38:47

And akula bucola legend, this is extremely important. And at the same time, it's also very difficult. That many times that happens, you're talking to someone, and they may be older than you, perhaps they're your own parents, and to begin scolding you, and they begin to say something harsh to you. And at that time, if you become the same, if you start yelling at them, if you start arguing with them, then what's the difference between you and them.

00:38:49--> 00:39:05

And always remember that the person whom you're talking to, okay, they know less than you, perhaps they're not believers, but at the same time, they have some kind of self respect, some kind of respect that other people give them that perhaps Allah has given them.

00:39:06--> 00:39:09

And if you don't acknowledge that, then they're not going to listen to you.

00:39:11--> 00:39:23

Like, for example, the emperor of Rome, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called him or Lima Rome, didn't he? He didn't say anything else. I mean, he accepted his status. And this is a part of only you.

00:39:24--> 00:39:34

Similarly, if it's your mother, if it's your parents, Allah subhanaw taala has told you to respect them. So regardless of how they behave with you, how they speak to you, you have to be gentle.

00:39:36--> 00:39:54

And always remain focused on the topic, that many distractions will come people will start talking to you, they will try to distract you, but always remain focused and this is something that we seen with our listener, and he was told Latin efe recurring and see that constantly Who is he mentioning Who is he talking about? A loss of hand

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

because sometimes when we're doing our we forget who we're calling people to work.

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

We start projecting ourselves, we start projecting a person, we start projecting a place where the fact is that we are calling people to Allah. So Allah should remain the center of all the discussion.

00:40:13--> 00:40:20

And older lay in again, in the way that he's giving them warning that inaka Ooh, here, Elena and

00:40:22--> 00:40:39

Ireland and Canada weather when that if you look at the wording, it doesn't say that Allah will punish such and such and use your debit or carbon. There's Hellfire, there's such kind of punishment prepared over their wisdom code and the human because warning can also be given by dental words.

00:40:40--> 00:41:24

And fear is something very natural, especially if you're facing people. Fear of talking to people, talking to people who will oppose you. It's very natural. But at the same time, a person should have some trust upon Allah. That they said Nana hoffa, we are afraid but Allah, Allah said, Let the hoffa because I am with you, and I hear you and I watch you and nobody can harm you. Nobody can do anything harmful to you. So have trust upon me. So we see that when it comes to Dawa, a person must have trust upon Allah. Without this trust, he cannot do anything. He cannot say the right things, he cannot face the difficult situation, you won't be able to do anything. It's a trust of Allah that

00:41:24--> 00:41:25

gives confidence to a person.

00:41:27--> 00:41:44

And we see over here in Effie Delica, I only know her for those people who have intellect who have intelligence for them. There are signs in this now sometimes what is it that clouds the intellect? What is it that blocks it? It's arrogance and arrogance refuted in the following

00:41:46--> 00:41:52

that you have come from the earth and you're going to go back in it, why be arrogant? Remember your origin and remember your end.

00:41:53--> 00:42:04

And one more very important thing that we're musala Sam, he introduces a loss of data to fit on and he says that abouna lady alpha cola in Hakuna Matata.

00:42:05--> 00:42:20

So, anyway, indirectly, this statement is saying that if every single creature is functioning, the way it is supposed to function, it knows its purpose, every single thing, then the human being, should he not know his purpose,

00:42:21--> 00:42:40

if Allah has guided the plants, that they should face the sun, if Allah has guided the birds to fly a certain direction, if Allah has guided the water that it should flow in a certain direction, then will allow not guide the human being as to what he should do as to who we should worship, what the purpose of his life is. Of course, you

00:42:42--> 00:42:43

will listen to the recitation and then

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in any monokuma as

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leaving home

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me half Allah Bona komaki

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