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Adnan Rajeh
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To find them to the point where we cannot benefit them out benefit from these verses outside of the story, but they do give us enough context for us to understand what was being said. And the verses that I recited were revealed during

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the sixth year of his Yola, the Prophet alayhi salatu was saying to us and he said, This is the sixth year.

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This year was a difficult year because a lot of social

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sorry, put it up a little bit or what's going on with

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a lot of social challenges presented themselves in for example, the fitnah se da Aisha EULA Honda, the accusation of Adi Aisha, the prophet Ali assaulted on marriage of se designup. And these are these were problems that sprint that were social in nature and the Prophet alayhi salam struggled with them on a level that was different than maybe battle. For example, if you go going to battle that's one that's a that's a military struggle, but then social socially, it's actually I think we worse I think the Prophet alayhi salam found these integrals to be much more detrimental than than battle. So here's, here's the context of the story. I'll tell you the story. And then we'll go

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through the verses and see if you can appreciate Michela the beauty of what we're what we just recited.

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There was a man his name is botad Nakata was a early Muslim, many Muslims so I say early Muslim for the for the people of Medina. That was me, he accepted Islam during the time of Muslim Nomade when he sent during the the 11th and fourth year of Bertha, because obviously the people of Medina did not were not presented Islam until a bit later. So he was an early Muslim in terms of the many, many Muslims out there the number of the Lord who is known he has a hadith that he's narrated and this story is narrated in both Mr. Demand Muhammad and a Muslim and certainly Imam it didn't meet the so that's where you can find the actual story that I'm going to tell you and it has an authentic

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generation. It's narrated by God himself and by by even a person and another one.

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Just FYI. So Katara Debbie and I might had a an uncle isn't. His name was five and Zaid, his dad's name is Peter. I didn't know I might have been saved because of the gene.

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Sorry, and OSI and Wi Fi,

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revive and Zetas, also OSI so they're all from the tribe of hosts. And that's an important piece of context. Keep that in mind for a moment, I found out was an elderly man and he was almost blind, and had spent a long time trying to get his uncle to accept Islam. And that's also a piece kind of unfamiliar, that not all the people in Medina had accepted Islam even by the time he passed away earlier. So that was it. And there are still people in Medina who are wishing he came, who did not accept Islam and they lived there and that was fine. That's an that's an addition to them. We clean as a group of people that were identified in the Quran as well. So Rafa didn't accept Islam early

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and his nephew, who loved him a lot pushed him to accept Islam he finally did. So he was very happy with that he was a protective of the fact that his uncle accepted Islam.

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So alpha and alpha when they bought

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bought some wheat, and food and he put it in a martial law.

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It's called Gold the Biophilia to Darmok and this is a caravan of food that would come from from Sham to areas within Arabia selling wheat and selling barley and selling tomatoes and stuff for people would do a Munna if you know, when they would take food and they would put it in a in a shed or somewhere in the attic and just hold on to it for a couple of months. And then keep it there. So he did he bought some food and he bought some wheat and he put it in in a in a shed behind his house. Within that shed. He also had some

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he also had a sword and a device,

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which is a shield. You had a shield that he had hid there.

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After he did that the night he bought all of this. His shed was broken into him and it was stolen.

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He wasn't upset in the morning about the wheat or the barley. He was upset about the dinner about the shield. The shield was very expensive. And back then

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arsenal and armor. This was hard to come by. You find good metal. For example, Damascus steel ever heard of Damascus steel?

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Had you dimensionally was something that was difficult to come by? And if you hide it, it was worth a lot of money and you did not almost you never sold it. So well. If I had lost the dealer No, it bothered him a lot. So he told me But Daddy says But forgive to Allah Imani. He was scared for his Deen because he just accepted Islam. And now someone's told him. So yeah, someone just robbed him. And I was like I need to so he went they did some investigation to figure out who stole it. So he followed the trail of wheat because whoever picked up the wheat bag it was there was a whole area and there was a trail of wheat so he followed the trail of wheat and it took him towards a

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neighborhood and after that after that wasn't clear anymore, but jump towards the neighborhood.

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So we asked around and they said in

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obey rep, but it's still good to bury him in la parte amo Allah. I'm early Allah Malik refer that we heard last night there was a fire and there was food in the family of about

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100 G family another piece of information that you should hold on to for a moment.

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And we don't think we know that they have almost nothing. So I'm pretty sure that whatever food they were eating was whatever they stole from from Rafah.

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But obeyed, or three brothers Bashir and Beshear and Mubasher

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Bashir was unknown Manasa

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that doesn't mean anything because we're not 15 who lived in Medina, we're not people you could call them we're not talking to their faces the Prophet Allah he says, I've never used that. That strategy, even though he knew who they were, but you never did. So when we say I believe in a wave and said it was a normal Now, that doesn't mean the Prophet alayhi salatu salam pointed him out during that time, nor did

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nor did any of the Sahaba ever pointed him out to be one during their lives. We just know that now. But back then, he was a Muslim like everyone else, he was treated equally and he was you couldn't you couldn't defame him or or speak ill of him. So Bashir was known for people to people because God he was having to be Alia. So it was time for money, he would you would say poetry and defamation of the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet today, so some for wealth. So he was known, but obviously you can point them out to be so. So but at the start of this, he got very upset, because they're Muslims. So he goes back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he tells them, this is what I found,

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was done masuleh salah, and he got very upset that he saw to Islam. Why? Because I was in college, because Rafa is oC. And these brothers are from lunch, he came out here salatu, salam to Medina. And there was a setting of animosity between these two tribes has emerged being the bigger tribe,

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or being the more aggressive one.

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And this became quite known around Arabia, because the wars went on for over three decades. When I say wars, I mean, not actual armies, but rather ratings.

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A couple of people would gather up from this tribe and raid house in this tribe, killing few people stealing stuff, and then they would do the same. And it goes back and forth for a couple of decades. And then the blood count just piles up over over a number of years in the in the pile, and the number of killed was over a couple of 1000.

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So I think it's awesome came to the medina with this problem being quite prevalent. And he worked hard to change that need to change that reality.

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Now for someone from owes to be robbed by someone from college, this is going to bring it all back again. And the examples of this is known, the Prophet alayhi salam, another a number of different incidents, he had to he had to stop the fighting between us because even sometimes from Sahaba, were credible, like so great men, great Sahaba would allow their sometimes allow that that animosity that's been there for so long, to cause them to say something they probably wouldn't have said outside of that context. When the Prophet alayhi salam, once I remember, during the same period, when I Isha was spoken by many I thought only miraggio they knew Colombia and then he early who can

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I need to protect me or or offer me a way out from a person who was harming me and my family. So of course our beloved obedience it was because of it. So a person from O stood up, but also Dolla dolla now I know he never going to tell us who he is. Everyone knew who it was, tell us who it is, and we will slightly we will chop his head off. Because everyone knew who it was and management because when he stands up God, I know Allah, he is a knockout. Oh, no, no, we will cut your head off and your father's head off in the valleys. And he does we'll forget about I don't want any help. Let him see it this way speak and let him say what he wants. So he had run into these problems before. So he

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got very upset. Now,

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here's the twist of the story.

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Ben obaidul. One of them was standing on the roof. When Pachala was snooping around. He saw him snooping around asking questions. So he came down and said, I think we've been made.

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So we need a plan.

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They gather, and Bashir says, I need you all to go and testify with me that we know who actually took the data. It wasn't us and we've been falsely accused.

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So the two brothers said yes. And there was a cousin who said no, I'm not gonna go lie to the Prophet Alia sauce on his face. So they asked him Can you at least hold your tongue? Just don't say anything. You don't justify with us but don't justify against us. So we agreed. So they go to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and they said yes to Allah. We heard that pathetic came to you accusing us of theft. And he had nobody, you know, he had no real evidence to that we did it.

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And it wasn't us. It was

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man called ze dignissim EAN and the accused a man, his name is Satanists semi.

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He was Jewish.

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And this was a strategic move.

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What they did overnight is that they took the shield and they buried it in this Jewish man's backyard.

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And they went to the Prophet Allah is I'm very upset. You know, we are Muslim Islam now. And we have been with you for years. And now some guy comes in he accuses us there's no beginner, there's no evidence. And we know who did it we saw we didn't want to say anything because we didn't want to start Robert was it was that was

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a funny piece of the story and it exists in in one of the narrations is that they first of all try to accuse a man called libido and Sal was an OC man was a man from the same tribe. But he was a troop it was Muslim. And it shows you a little bit of the aggressive piece of

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OC people. So he say we think he's probably put on so he hears this for Carla,

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Carla and Quinn to construct for that region. Maestro, Cardi B. See how the sake of I took it. I'm going to return it with the with the tip of my sword in the next of these are the people who are saying it's me. So they said okay, no, no, I'm fine. He's not you. So the flipper someone else. He was too aggressive for them. So they chose Zaidan. This Amin, which is a Jewish man who lives quietly on his own, and he's not from the same faith. So this is perfect. So they say this to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, who then puts together an investigation team.

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And he sends people to ask questions. And he asked for permission from this man to look around his backyard, and they were able to retrieve the data from the backyard. Now the Prophet Ali's saucer has evidence. There was a trail of combat that was going to his house that but it will be artificially put there. And they found that there are so the five values start to cause Qatada. And he he started telling the story, and he chastises him. Dini the table Batum in beautiful muslim in his study, what are the units HELOC? You came to me and you abused a house of Muslims of theft and robbery had no evidence

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Cariaco Lakota terminate lonely and fuck to murli Kulu the unmade Well, I'm gonna call him rasool Allah, so I don't have to do your message. And then I enjoy I wish that I had not brought this to his attention at all. I just went and bought everything back from my uncle put it in his shed make him made him happy and ended the whole story so I wouldn't have to deal with it. And I didn't talk to him because I I felt so bad about myself. Because But dad himself felt that Yeah, everyone was convinced that it wasn't, but it will be it wasn't these three brothers or one of them. It was this man here and there was a misunderstanding or misconception of what occurred.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam intended after fajr to send on them in butter and to do tabria wa Amin is to exonerate but she had been obeyed, and see that we there was a false because the rumors, rumors spreading and communities want to exonerate this gentleman from the accusation of robbery and to point out as a as the person who ready who still and command him to return the whatever he still, etc, etc.

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In the middle of the night up, we'll come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, which was probably the only documented story that I have them coming midnight mean waking them up from asleep, get up.

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Read and then he recited upon him the verses that I shared with you and for sure, in Zina, illegal keytab will help

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the Takoma bein and nursing the male like Allah, indeed we have descended this book to you with righteousness.

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So that you may judge amongst people with that which Allah subhanaw taala shows you

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as, as justly as you as you can, he can only be as just as he can as a human judge under his Salatu was Salam whether they could live in in a hostel Eema and do not defend the traitors. Those who betrayed

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was stolen villa, ask Allah for forgiveness in the law who can have a four or Rahima and did Allah will grant you His forgiveness in his mercy because the Prophet Allah is intended to defend obey Shira below maneuver Europe and point zero so he's telling the Prophet alayhi salatu salam do not defend the trader and ask Allah for forgiveness for attempting to accuse someone who didn't do something of doing something are you understanding that some Allah is using them? He's just following the evidence.

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went to jail Jad in Isla de nyata Nuna and foster home and don't argue on behalf of those who betrayed themselves

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in Hola Hola, yo, hey boo mankind a Hawaiian and Athena dilemma does not love those who are traitors and are sinful. Yes telephone I mean a nurse as they hide themselves from people from the eyes of people. When I used to have food I mean Allah and they're not hiding themselves from the eyes of God when they do so well who amerihome as he is

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They're with them if you bet you do wanna Nyla yellow boy I mean Alcoa as they say at night and agree to do something that he does not okay that he does not accept and he is not okay with what kind of love will be my yeah my lewd mo HIPAA and Allah either encompasses all of the aspects of what they're doing her and DOMA Hola, Joe Delta man whom Phil hayati dunya here, here today many of you defending them in this life. From Aug I did Allah and homeo Malka Yama was going to argue on their behalf on the day of judgment to Allah

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amania calling it him Wakita Who is it was going to be there were key they're going to take care of them and speak on their behalf.

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I mean, yeah, MyLSU and Oh, yup, limb NAFSA

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don't may stop Philly La Jolla, je de la la for or Rahima those who do wrong or oppressed themselves and then turn to Allah asking for forgiveness will find a lot to be very forgiving, and full of mercy. Well, my next tip is known for endemic Cebu Island FC Heba can Allah wa Lehmann Hakeem and those who do something that allow them to hold bring sin into their lives, that Allah subhanaw taala is watching them as they do so they can hide it from Allah subhanaw taala the third one will maniac Sybil hopefully attend Oh Eastman film My alma de Berry, and then someone who goes and they

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they practice and they do something wrong, and they do a hopefully, they fall into a mistake that is clear, an ethical one. So may Allah may be he buddy and then they go and they accuse someone who is innocent. He speaking of Zaidan assuming person from an outside the faith, a person from a faith that has always brought and brought problems with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam This was after been on the lead and buy a new car a new car and buy new Corolla had betrayed him it is Salatu was even tried to kill him all three tribes. All three tribes had tried to kill him out of your Salah to some at this point.

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And Haber was on his way after this story, however, happened. Like within a month of this story, he went he had to go to hybrid where they were they were there Jewish tribes at all gathered trying to remove them out a salatu salam again. So from a person not only from outside the faith, but also from a faith that at the time was was showing animosity to him Alia salatu salam, the Quran would come and exonerate Zedi Miss Amin. So may Allah may be here buddy

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Berkadia actor Malibu, Medina, then this person is caring about done which is worse, the worst type of lie, a lie that has no basis to it and a lie that you're going to be carried out held accountable for your milk I'm going to be punished for what isn't the movie and clear sin whenever we felt Lulu Aliko and it wasn't for the bounty of Allah upon you. I Naika speaking to the prophets of Allah Allah He was telling me specifically what is meant when his mercy upon you the hammock ba if I don't mean whom angle the loo there was a group of them who are trying to misguide you. Well Michel de Luna learned for sermon they can only misguide themselves when they have a rule neck and in shape

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they cannot harm anyone but themselves they can they got RMU wasn't is it Allah Who are they equal? Kitab was a committer Well, I lemma canal I'm talkin tanam and the book has been descended upon you and wisdom has been given to you and Allah taught you that which you never knew what kind of felt Lulu here i Lika Aleem and the bounty of Allah upon you has been great. Now Hi yah fika theorem in the Java home Ilam and Mr webisode of cotton roofing and begging a nurse most of the time there is no higher in the network people when they gather and they inspire and talk in the darkness is very few Hi there. Unless Unless Ilam and MLB sort of accept if you're doing that with the intention of

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agreeing on giving sadaqa secretly to someone without them knowing Oh, my God ofin or doing something doing a good deed for someone who's in need of it. Oh, it's like him being a nurse or or conspiring to bring people that have fought for a lot many years together again. Well, my EFI that hiccup de la medulla Tila and if someone does conspires quietly in the night in the darkness for that reason for so phonetic D. There's a lot of visual for them for that when you show up at the Rasul you see Bashir, after these verses were revealed, left, noted, he committed apostasy and he went back to Mecca, and he fought with the Quran issues and he died there.

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And he lost his dunya and his archaea.

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But surely we know better.

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The rest of his family stayed quiet. We don't know what what came of them. But this will mean you share that there was student a person who puts himself and confronts or is in confrontation with with the Prophet, embodiment to be in Allah who who the after guidance was made clear to him. Were to be a virus obedient me and he follows the way of those aside from the believers knowingly Hema to Allah will allow this person to go in the direction they want to go. When you sleepy John and Melissa will see you and then you will have them interjecting them. And that is the worst of

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The Quran came to the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up in the middle of the night to exonerate the Jewish man.

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And show the guilt of a Muslim man from an different tribe, from a different tribe, and point out to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam that you must still Videla.

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You must seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa Tada for, for making. He didn't do anything wrong.

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He did nothing wrong. You follow the evidence? That's all he did. He had no way to know. I'm telling you this story very confidently because I know what happened after he didn't. He didn't.

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He could only follow the evidence. And the Quran refused

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for the night to go through with a

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innocent man being accused of something he didn't do. Even if that meant that you're exonerating someone from outside the faith and accusing someone from inside the faith. Even if that meant that the two tribes are going to have animosity, the animosity between the two tribes is going to be fueled even more. None of that matters. None of that matters because all that matters in Islam is that justice is served. That is all that ever mattered within Islam in the same in the same Surah a few verses later. He says yeah, you had Adina Manu, who Oh Amina Bill crispy shahada, Allah He, whenever Allah unfussy Come, I will lead he will call Robina in your company and OFAC Iran Allahu

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Allah behemoth, our anti de Loup, we're Intel whoo Oh, to remove in Allah, can you imagine maluna hubiera are those who believe be advocates of justice, and testifiers for the sake of Allah, even if that means you must testify against yourselves, or your parents, or your family members.

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Whether they are wealthy or poor, strong or weak, Allah subhanaw taala deserves that from you.

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And deserves from you. The advocacy of righteousness, the advocacy of justice, you imagine, I could have told you this story differently. But I don't want to take all the mourning for you. I could have given you a scenario. I'm gonna just extrapolate from this story. I could have told you you have this garbage neighbor.

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A horrible human being not Muslim, someone who just you just don't enjoy it all.

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And he gets robbed.

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And another neighbor gets accused of it. And you'll find out that it was your brother or your

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or someone who's ever laid to you. What do you do?

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What do you do?

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You don't like the person so you feel that they? They had it coming?

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You just cover the robbery in turn financially never let justice What do you do? You're standing at a light and your mother has to be driving by and she

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hit someone.

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But you testify and say in court.

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This is the worst scenario that could exist. These are these scenarios are horrible. They are horrible. Like these are so bad that you make dua all your life yada but do not put me in that position. You almost want to preserve our friend members is the worst thing ever. To be in a position where you saw someone you love do something wrong? Are you able to testify? Are you able to say the truth? If you have a hesitation even for a second, then you have not understood?

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Then we have not understood what our deen is about. If you have to say even for a moment, even for a moment, you're like, No, I can't and it doesn't matter. Because it's an idea that is idle. And this is what the story is the story in Sudan, because of the dinner, the story of the shield of the stolen shield is there for this conclusion that it's always you're always obligated to speak the truth you're always obligated to stand by justice even if that means you're gonna harm yourself and harm your family members. And we don't have that doesn't exist in the in the law system here. You understand that you're not you're legally ethically in this part of the world. You are not obligated

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to say anything that will incriminate yourself, you know that

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you are not obligated ethically in this criminal

00:24:27 --> 00:24:35

system here criminal justice system in Canada and the states to say anything that will incriminate yourself, even if you're a criminal.

00:24:36 --> 00:24:44

Even if you did the crime you're not obligated to say ethically I think we forget legally legally you don't have to do anything but ethically you don't have to say that will incriminate yourself

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because you're allowed to defend at least yourself the Quran says whatever and physical even against yourself. You must testify for the truth if you do you even against yourself. Yes, you'll incriminate if you're if you did something criminal then you will incriminate yourself

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this is this is the key difference that we have of how we see these things now, do we practice it? I don't know.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:24

I don't know. But this is the story of Zaidan, histamine and blueberry. And there's Jewish man's aid, and the sons of albedo and how it all

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turned out as a nice piece of the story at the end is a five inch aid after he got his

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his shield back and all that ended. He gave it away of sadaqa Bacala Qatada, Volume Two and the man who's Takala. So I knew that his Eman was strong and that he didn't he's not like I was stolen by Muslims. You know the guy that that type of person comes in and like he hasn't prayed for years and your lifestyle suddenly because he comes he prays and his shoes get stolen from the masjid.

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And then he like you brought me I prayed I have no shoes anymore. Go buy me shoes and do not and next time you want to take me somewhere and maybe a church or some or some other

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and they lose their dean because like, here's what I get from Muslims. And he was scared of that. Now that's it's not right. But that's what I thought I was scared of. And then his uncle gave his sadaqa for Muslims. So it was happy that his uncle held on to his knee inappropriately. I hope that story was of benefit to you. May Allah subhana makers advocates of justice and righteousness alone. I mean, what's that Allah who was telling him about like, I don't have enough Muhammad Ali was talking to me just like on one lucky robotic Allah if you come and show the data we will have our breakfast and gentlemen will be in this in this part of the masjid and the sisters and go up front

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and they'll bring in sha Allah with whatever food

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