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Allah states that if we want to be people who enjoy everlasting goodness and happiness in the afterlife, then we must stay away from the most serious of sins (dealing with interest, alcohol, adultery, gambling, drugs, pornography, etc.) and all forms of shamelessness.

Major Sins & Shamelessness [Juz 25] – Nouman Ali Khan

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kombucha, SLE MD Nakata melissani of koko de al hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah, he was he in Somalia, come on weekly. This is now the 25th Joseph 100. Now we are in sola to shoot us around number 42. And I'm sharing with you IRA number some things about iron number 32, or 36. Rather, now,

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Allah says, Whatever you've been given is utilities of worldly life temporary things to enjoy and use, that are highlighted in yellow and the light.

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And whatever Allah has is better and last longer, while not being a token. And these are the people that put their trust in Allah. They constantly trust what Allah has is better and last longer, you have a ride, Allah has a better ride, and it'll last longer, you have a house allows a better house, it'll last longer, you have a spouse, Allah has a better spouse, and that relationship will last longer. You have children that will give you better children. In other words, they will come back to you in general, there'll be better and they'll last longer, they're not going to lose. Like I feel that that's one of my favorite parts of this ayah because I want my children back, because I tell my

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oldest daughter, I miss you. She's like, why do you miss me? I'm here. I miss you. When you were one. I missed that age. Did you go pick up cheeks? When they go, you got skinny and tall. And now you talk back to you know, you missed you look used. I see the pictures of my children from the earlier years. And I'm like, wow,

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they were mine. They're so cute. are so adorable. Because what Allah will give you agenda will be there forever. You get to enjoy forever, it won't change. Change is painful. You know, we look back. I mean, I look back and like, you know, where did the last 10 years ago, I don't even know how to look. So quickly. Life passes us by whatever Allah will give us We better it's gonna last longer. Well, a lot of our crew and they completely trust that Allah what Allah will give them in the Torah is better. Even if you have a good life here. Even if you have a good life, not just if you have a bad life. Even if you have a good life, what Allah will give you is better and last longer. That is

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the faith with which you have to live. Now. Allah describes these people that have trust in Allah. And the first two things that they are able to accomplish in life. That's the only thing I want to highlight before you guys and latinosdelmundo Kumbaya.

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These are people that are able to avoid major sins.

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And they're able to avoid shamelessness, all forms of shamelessness. So Allah mentions major, major sins and shamelessness. You know, there are small sins and their big sense. There are sins like, you know, rushing through the prayer, not doing the best rule. There are things like not lowering your eyes fast enough.

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There seems like maybe making fun of someone not realizing you cross the line. That's the sense now, it's not good. You know, there are sins like reciting the Quran, but not reciting it properly. Small things. There are sins that you can not even realize you're doing. But then there are major since the consumption of heroin, like you're drinking a beer,

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you know, the, the, the Zener of the eyes. It's pretty major actuales in a killing somebody consuming rubber, earning rubber. You know, endorsing it saying something that Allah has made hard on that it's no big deal. It's okay. It's what Allah will understand things like that is a major sense. Allah says, you want to be people of the afterlife. Number one thing you give me is don't do major sense. cabal ism, stay away from the big stuff. You can refine yourself and work on the smaller things over time and become better and better and better as a Muslim. But the first order of priority is the major

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Major sense. If you're dating a girl, you're in major sin. If you're dating a guy, and major sin, you need to stop before you worry about anything else in Islam. If you're addicted to pornography, you're in, in a deep, this is a bad place a deep problem. It's a deep, deep spiritual problem. You need to get away from it because there's in the eyes will lead to other kinds of Zener.

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II to stop. That is the first thing you have to address if you're addicted to alcohol, if you're taking drugs, if you're smoking weed, if you're doing pot, or worse, you know, if you're doing this stuff, you need to stop if you're stealing money, if you're stealing money from your parents, if you're stealing money from your job,

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you need to stop if you're investing in what you know, are haram industries, and you're making money in a way that you know is not, you know, permissible by by our Deen you know, and if you're even if you even if you're like, Oh, I'm in an innocent business, I'm in real estate. Okay, that's innocent enough, but I rent out my warehouse to a club.

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Okay, you're not clubbing, you're just renting it out to them. You are perpetuating evil. You may not be the fastest, you may not be the corrupt one, but you are the cause of corruption. Without you renting it out, it wouldn't exist. So you're complicit, you're complicit in that.

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Stop doing the major stuff first. And then the second line of defense personally with all forms of shamelessness, you need to stop. And I particularly highlighted shamelessness as I was talking to you dating, pornography, this sort of thing Why? Because a lot took major sins, and immediately after highlighted in particular shamelessness and all forms of it, any act of it, any manifestation of it, anything that takes you close to it, avoid it altogether, without mahadi Bohemia and when they get angry than they are able to forgive.

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These are the things that we need to prioritize and these are the goals you need to set for yourself. How will you surround yourself with people that will help you avoid major sense that will give you Fresh Start a fresh company good company that keeps you on the right track and when you're slipping, they're able to stop you and pull you right back in. I pray all the best for you and I pray that inshallah your life becomes better and better and better as a Muslim and that you and I are able to stand in front of Allah successful on Judgement Day and be able to congratulate each other because we help each other make it Monica lovely welcome as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa

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