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Fussilat 25-36 Translation 25-36

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de la de su de his Karim Ummah beret fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Rubbish Ronnie slithery were silly and MRI, washed Lola rock data melissani of koko de Robin as ignor in Lesson number 261, sort of facilites is number 25 to 36 Translation

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waka Yagna

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and we appointed

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the home for them, foreigner companions, friends, fuzzy, you know, so they adorned the home for them, man, that which bainer ad him before them warmer, and that which call for whom is behind them, what have ended became justified, or lay him against them alone, the word fee in human nations in fact, harlot it past men from family him before then mean Elgin from the jinn while in and the mankind in the home indeed they can they were called serene ones who are losers, what color and he said alladhina those who care for all the disbelieved left do not the smarter you are, listen leha to this, Al Quran, the Quran, one Whoa, and you all make noise fi in it, learn the comb, so that you

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tell the Boone you all overpower

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fell into the unknown, then surely we will definitely make to taste alladhina those who cafaro they disbelieved, or there been a punishment. Shed Eden severe. When an edge is the unknown and surely we will definitely recommend to them a SWOT worst unloving which ganhou they were garmadon they do.

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Their legal that just is recompense our the US enemies, Allah of Allah announced the Hellfire now home for them, see her in it, the home and hold of the eternity jezza as a recompense Bhima because of what Kanu they were bi atina with our signs, yet your whodunnit, they deny

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what color and he said and levina those who get out of their disbelief Rob banner, our arena show us Allegheny those two who about learner they lead us astray men from Elgin the gym well in and the mankind. Nigel Homer, we will put them we will make them do that, under akademin our feet, Lee akuna so that they do become men from especially those who are lowest

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in indeed, and levina those who do they said rabona our rub Allah is Allah so much then is the power move. They remain steadfast that Anna Zulu it descends are they him upon them, Alma aka the angels, Allah that do not the harmful you are fear. Wala and do not touch the new you all grieve whatever she wrote, and you all rejoice bilgin with the paradise and Lottie which kuntum you were to a dune, you all were promised, national way earlier welcome, your close friends, see in the life adonia of the World War II and in an era of the Hereafter, welcome and for you see her in it, man, whatever sesh the he it desires and for sukham your souls. Welcome and for you see her in it, man, whatever

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that their own, you call for you request New Zealand hospitality. Men from a foreign most forgiving, bohemian, always All Merciful woman and who

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is better or will end in speech, man than who

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he called. He invited in Allah to Allah wa Urmila and he did saleha righteous walk Allah and he said in the knee indeed I mean from Al muslimeen

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Those who submit voila, and not just the way it is equal, and Hasina the good, Wallah and nor a say the evil indifferent rebel bility with that which here it is a son best for either then suddenly a lady who binaca between you webinar who and between him or that Watson and enmity. Ghana who as if he were to use a close friend, how many more intimate friend warmer and not you will call her he is given in the except. And Medina those who suburu they endured with patients warmer and not EULA for her, he is given it in that except do possessor have when have a share of abortion, or leam. Great. What Emma, and if the Enza nucca it definitely provokes you. It definitely tempts you men from a

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shape on the shape on nuzzling a temptation faster than seek refuge biller with a ma in who indeed he who he is a Sameer the always on hearing and Arlene the all of us on

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this edition

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it is