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Qur’an made easy, delivered at EIC masjid.

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi we come to use number 16. And do 16 is again finishing off surah Kahf where Allah azza wa jal has explained that you do not look at the power that you have today, but you look at the you look at the extent of where you're going for tomorrow, and what you're going to have in the end. So one of the stories here is of masala Ravana.

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And what happens is that every time musashino comes to something, Allah shows masala ceram, that he either knows something of the unseen that is way beyond what most Iser knows. And again, all these three events that he goes through show that fact and then we'll name again this power that he has the power of traveling from the east drunk to the extent of the East, traveling to the extent of the of the West and traveling somewhere in between, and then meeting.

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So if you look in from Isaiah number 83 onwards, his whole story is there. And again, what it demonstrates is that your judgment judge had a power on the earth and the power came to seize, but then the power comes back again before the day of judgment, and then he seizes again. But when you get around, you kind of feel that there is no way that you can take this group of people on, but each time both of the times I love brings about a group while he brings about the content the first time and the second time we bring a salad salad to finish them off. And the surah finishes off by showing that only by having ones if lost or sincerity towards Allah, one can have no one one can be

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with true power, unless is right at the end of pseudogap. That firm cannot do the power of the whosoever yearns to meet his load than he should do with actions and should not assign any partners with his Lord Subramaniam starts straight after that. And sort of Maryam again is a beautiful surah that shows that where there is where there is no hope. Allah brings hope, where there is no hope and Labyrinth hope. So it begins with the Korea ally Salah money story of having no hope. I'm basically had hope. But from the readers point of view, it's almost like there's no hope of him having a child because he's his own. He's got white hair, his wife is barren. And he carries on asking a lot, he

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hasn't lost hope. Because I'm asking Allah that Allah eventually in the end, gives him the good news of yahia alehissalaam. And number seven, when you look at Maryam her story, his thoughts are the lohana. Her story starts on line number 16. And what that demonstrates, again, is that Miriam, she had no contact with any man so how you going to have the hope of her having a child that is going to be on this earth. And Allah brings again, a miracle where it's the birth of the cytosol. Now these I add something got from it number 17 1819 onwards about money and what they allow Hannah and Her miraculous birth. If you can recite them to a Christian, they will be amazed because this type of

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detail of the birth of these Allah Salaam is not found anywhere else, not even in the Bible. So then you come to the story of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. And what he find what we find here is that he brought this quote, calling his people and in calling his people he gets nowhere. They're basically his father throws him out. This is in item 46, or 47. He threatens his life and says, You know, I will I will stone you to death. So he has no hope of I mean, we've Emerson hasn't lost his hope. But from the readers point of view, again, there's almost like there's no hope of these people accepting but what you find is that he then travels and on his travels, Allah gives him you know, he gives us

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two sons, and from those two sons, it gives more and more and more until finally, so Hannah, like Alvin, he mentioned so many profits that have come

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straight from the seed of Abraham, and I stood out to them and eventually they come and take take over this whole vicinity and they start to change the whole area. And Allah says, there are two different people that come from this. This is an EIN number 59 for holofil embody him have that are different people come some who have actually abandoned salah and who follow their own desires and who follow you know the pathway that they will actually be thrown into hellfire. So Allah says, that's one category of people and the other ones are those who actually do Toba who repent to Allah. They believe they do good actions, they will enter the garden. And by mentioning that that allows it

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comes to a point in Surah Maryam where he tells us about and he wonders about

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These routes are the bridge. And this is in a number 7071. Where a lot explains that there's going to be on the Day of Judgment, every one of us passing by the bridge, say there's an I shall be a law on how when she used to recite this verse

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in the nighttime 71 verse number 71, ceremonial, she's to cry throughout the whole of the night, because it means that every single one of us has to pass by this bridge. And it shows the critical point that whether you have hope of something or not, the greatest thing that we need is the salvation of the afterlife. And the salvation of the afterlife allows wizard a says that it is by being in with the true faith of Allah azza wa jal, and there is going to be nobody who will save us on the Day of Judgment enema 87 that she says, not even any chef our decision can save us, except if Allah wants to save my day and when we come on that day, every one of us is going to come alone.

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This is mentioned in number nine, number 93. So again, the whole point of the surah is that whatever happens only in the belief of Allah the devil we have salvation. By the mid part of the of this juice, use number 16. You find Sora hasta la Sula Taha is a surah where Allah shows from the beginning. It's a lot about Dawa, and it's a lot about calling people towards towards the truth. So in the beginning, what you find is that Allah talks about his greatness. Then he talks about Musa Lama coming to the fire and he gives him the message that he's a prophet alayhi salatu salam, and musala Sonam first is a bit apprehensive and he doesn't know how to deal with this. So he says that

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could you give me Harun as as a as a backup? Well, eventually Allah gives him the very ingredients that he needs to give down. Now, what are those things? Well, first is that he tells him about the very first and foremost is the person has to have the belief in Africa, I'm number 15. Then I number 26. And 27, Allah tells him to make da da da,

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da da da, I number.

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straight after that. Allah says, I number 3130. To 30. If your song is that he should not fail in doing the dhikr of Allah. So when you want to give Dawa, you need dhikr of Allah, then after that Allah reminds him of his past and sends him to frown when it comes to frown. Again, Allah mentions him, he says, I mentioned to him says don't fail to mention my vehicle, which is an AI number 43. And finally, when it comes to Iran, and he tells him about releasing the money slide around starts to accuse him of a person who's forgetting about the forefathers and says, What's your what's your belief about the forefathers, our forefathers now without answering this, because film was a big

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politician, without answering this musasa hasn't given data. So one of the principles are given our is not to be diverted in futile, you know, arguments. And then fit around brings a whole circus together of magicians to try and, you know, challenge

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musala Sullivan, again, what it shows is that in the face of data, you're going to find a lot of challenges. And in that when he has actually got fear in his heart.

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And I mentioned this in a number 67. Then he tells him drop your drop your stuff. And when you drop this stuff, it shows the greatness of Alaska, how it swallows all the ropes and sticks that all these magicians have made. And what it shows again, is that in the hour, whatever happens in the end, allows a lasting will prevail on the earth. And then musala is around he he leaves his his people for a little while. And he put her on Allison, I'm in charge. And all of this you mentioned in 83, older to 1991, and so on, what happens is that heroine slmc, that these people have taken a golden calf as their Lord, and the worshipping is going

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away. He's actually you know, 40 days on the on the mountain. And when he comes back, he's very angry with heroin and says, oh, heroin, why didn't you stop these people from worshipping the golden cup? And he says, because I didn't, I didn't want to split them up. And I do want you to accuse me of doing this or did that. But by splitting the balance for him, and musallam gets to the matter straightaway, because it was somebody who's the one who brought the golden cow. So again, what we learned from Tao is that within your own kind Indaba, you will find people that will bring corruption. So first you fight the corruption from the outside, like he fought for sure and from the

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outside, but eventually from within his own followers, he has somebody standing up and doing the wrong thing, and you have to deal with this. Eventually what allows you to does in the surah, is that he gives us

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he gives us the story of Adam alayhi salatu salam, and otherwise tell us along here the story of him and it leaves. Why is that again because otherwise raw salami sent to the earth, at least it will send to the earth as Muslims his Tao is going to be to the truth and English is our is going to be towards for

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Wood. So if you look at item number 116, you will find that the story begins. And and eventually Allah says, Well, that's the beginning. And that's where the real real battle of the truth and falsehood begins. And it all ends up on the Day of Judgment. And on the Day of Judgment, there is no way anybody is going to come with any excuses of other people blaming other people is every man for himself for what you've done. And this is quite clearly explained by the end of the surah. And Allah says one crucial thing is that don't forget to call your family towards Allah. If you're praying yourself give Dawa to your family to praise Allah as well. This is an EIN number one to be too and

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that's more or less the end of the US to Ohio Solomonic motto

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